Monday 5 August 2013

[Random Spam] Lady Gaga, Mel C, Jessie J, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey and Selina Gomez.

So some of you may or may not know that I'm currently up in Oxford helping a brother move! As so, I haven't been able to update the blog- Booo! However,  I've managed to find a laptop in his boxes and piggyback off a stranger's WiFi to quickly cobble together a post. Watch me get hacked (!)

Having been away from the internet for the week, I'm currently behind on what's going on in the world of Divas and music. Thus, to kill two birds with one stone (a post and catching up) I thought it made sense to do a varied Spam post.


Lady Gaga is stepping up the promotion for new single, Applause. Having released the cover art for it- which I love- Mother Monster has now teased fans with some of the track's lyrics. I'm not sure regular folk will be all that bothered or interested in this- just give us the song already(!)- but I'm sure it's having the desired effect on her fanbase.

The lyrics are visible on the image below, but if you can't see that, they read: "Give me that thing that I love / Put your hands up, make 'em touch".

The lead single from ARTPOP will be released on August 19 and its accompanying album will be winging its way to us on November 11. In contrast to the message-heavy Born This Way Gaga has called the new single "Full of happiness", which hints, along with other rumors/comments, that the project will see Gaga return to the fun feel of her debut album.

Mel C - Aka "Sporty Spice"- has returned to music with a duet with X-Factor Winner Matt Cardle. I had a feeling this was going to be like the Nelly Furtado/ James Morrison hit Broken Strings, and having just listened to it, I don't think my suspicions were too far off. It's okay, but nothing that I'll be rushing to download.

New music from J-J-J-Jessie J. It's My Party is the second single to be taken from her, as yet untitled, sophomore album. It's a little too bright and light for my taste- it kinda sounds like something One Direction would record- but it has far better crossover appeal than her last single WILD .

2013 was supposed to be the year of the Diva, but so far none have recaptured past successes with their new material. Maybe California Girl, Katy Perry will have better luck with her comeback.

A teaser for the first single, Roar, from new album Prism has been uploaded to YouTube. Unfortunately the video isn't playing for me. Hopefully you'll all have better luck. 

Expect more Hip Hop-inspired music from Mariah Carey's upcoming album The Art Of Letting Go. Grammy nominated rapper Wale has tweeted this to the world:

Wale Folarin ‏@Wale

Mariah x Wale x JD = coming soon

No surprises here.

Source: MariahJournal

And finally, congratulations are in order for young pup, Selina Gomez. The Disney Diva has just scored her first Billboard number one with fourth album, Star Dance. Is it weird- or perhaps terribly slack of me- that I haven't heard a single song from this Diva? I feel like I should be concerned about that...Oh well, below is the video for her last single Slow Down for those of you, like me, who are out of the loop.

Unlucky for me, once again, YouTube is being a petulant child so I can't actually listen/watch it. Maybe that's for the best.




  1. Please tell me that gif isn't Mariah?
    I beg of you...say it ain't so!
    Because I'd hate to lose respect for her but as a lesbian and a feminist, I cannot possibly respect any woman who cannot throw an itsi bitsy ball further than what looks like two meters at best.

  2. Please tell me that gif isn't Mariah?
    I beg of you...say it ain't so!
    Because I'd hate to lose respect for her but as a lesbian and a feminist, I cannot possibly respect any woman who cannot throw an itsi bitsy ball further than what looks like two meters at best.

  3. Not a clue what my post is posted under " guest"

  4. Don't know what the hell is going on but DD....feel free to delete my double post

  5. Problem seemed to be more with the release than anything, she practically threw it straight at the ground LOL.

  6. I'm not sure how I feel about Gaga yet, whether I'm excited or not, since it's been so long since any material and I feel almost sobered of her grandiose speech and hype. I'm just hoping for a fresh new song to close out the summer and then we can talk about how I feel about her. Haha.

    You were spot on about Loving You. And is it just me, or did anyone get kind of a Rolling In The Deep vibe throughout the whole thing?

    Jessie J was a fun, light romp. But it also sounded a little like, Raise Your Glass by Pink, or possibly even her own Domino. Or maybe my mind is just too muddled today that I'm hearing songs within other songs.

    To be honest, compared to Gaga, I'm really excited for Katy. She's seems to have a good sense of humor, burning her old Teenage Dream wig and all. Roar sounds like a really great title for a song, and I think she has a good voice to keep up. She hasn't really disappointed me yet with her songs, so I'm looking forward to the new album, Prism. (Also another Roar promo was uploaded today, she literally buries her old self in the ground.)

    Personally, I really want Mariah to do something in the vein of E=MC2 and Memoirs, all of her material is fantastic, but I just really felt those albums, maybe I'm just not into hip-hop/rap, maybe it's because I'm a bit younger than the crowd here, who knows.

    As for Selena. I know she's not the most vocally adept, but I really really dig her new album, Stars Dance. Super fun and dancey, sensual almost. She might not have Demi's pipes, but she's got a sexy alto thing she knows how to strut. It's a fun dance album if you don't have too many expectations vocally. Her past albums, coming from Disney, were of course not as mature, but Love You Like A Love Song from When The Sun Goes Down was a big radio hit for her. I dunno. Just my two cents on the spam.

  7. Oh Opie! Didnt you know? Mariah is not only an infamous Diva, but is also known to be extremely effeminate, girly, youthgrubbing, and not great at lifting the slightest finger less she be achieving a whistle note! Must be something about the soundwaves that lift her hands in the air...LOL.

  8. So I thought I'd pay a short visit and my oh my we have another spam post! XD Believe it or not DD these tend to be my favorites. Born This Way dissapointed me to say the least so im going into new Gaga territory expecting nothing. Im assuming Katy is going to go in a much darker direction with her next album, the burning of the california girls wig symbolizing her moving on from the big bubbly production of Teenage Dream. I hope I enjoy her new sound! I actually like that new Jessie J song. Its the only new release since Domino that ive enjoyed. And As for Mariah...That Gif is perfect! XD I couldnt believe my eyes the first time I saw that when it first started circulating. It sort of kills my soul a tad bit to know my favorite musician is not only very talented but also extremely ditzy and glammy.

  9. Luiz Henrique Oliveira6 August 2013 at 01:13

    Please, Mariah. Stop with the rap crap! Enough, girl! We don't need another Triumflop!

  10. IT LEAKED!!! A SONG FROM ARTPOP HAS LEAKED! It's called 'Burqa' (NOT the lead single)

    I'm posting these links but doubt they will stay up very long

    This really is not my kind of music (it's very EDM I guess), and if the entire album sounds like this would disappointed. IMO the best part of this song is the chorus and I wish the rest of the song sounded like the chorus

  11. i enjoyed katy most during her one of the boys days - teenage dream for me was just the epitome of commercial brainless pop
    she worked with dr luke the most generic producer in the world and although all her songs charted well - i just didnt get the craze except for teenage dream cuz thats a pop gem
    this goth look shes going for is kinda bleh - i mean its katy perry how deep can her songs get

    as a gaga fan im going into this era with no expectations
    and to be honest im glad shes not building the hype like she did with born this way
    i just want the song already but i fucking hate the single cover art and i hate the name - it sounds like a slow ballad about her fan base - i really want a club banger for her return

    i dont really mind mariah collabing with rappers and im stoked for her new release - i just hope the general public support her

  12. So it IS Mariah? Tsk tsk tsk. I cannot imagine even the girliest of girls being that bad at throwing a ball. Must be an act. ( see, I am still hopeful I won't have to relinquish ALL respect LOL)

  13. Yes, let's go with...she was aiming for the ground. ;-)

  14. Hey DD, due to your brotherly activities, you must have missed this one? Least I think it must be recent since it was posted on her Vevo channel just a week ago.
    But maybe it's just the video that is recent?

    Anyway, personally I fell quite in love with it...

  15. i quite this little leaked demo even though i dont like the beginning but then the chorus kicks in and its all camp and great lol :) .

    As we've said before gaga's damed if she does and dammed if she dont, if its all dance and fun she's gonna be seen as fake and not truthful to born this way or if its all messages and "#upyourownarse" its gonna be seen as unpopular and boring. thinking back to 16 year old me when i first heard lady gaga the thing i liked was that the music wasn't trying to be anything it was just fun, she took the image of a pop star and made an exaggerated version (badly dyed blonde hair,crazy clothes,a paris hilton esque baby voice that was different to her current sining voice). then born this way came and some songs were great but it was no fame. this whole artpop hype has kinda rekindled my love for her but i just want the tacky overly tanned pop singer not some social rebellion.

    in terms of jessie j im kinda done with her haha her material is all sounding similar and i love that voice but gurl needs some better tracks, im also kinda done with katy perry tbh i just dont get where her music fits into the pop landscape but i dont dislike her so who knows i could love her and hate artpop.

  16. Well then, judging by that Burqa track which is definitely a case of "#upyourownarse", looks like boring it is.
    Sounds about right because that track sounds pretty unimaginative to me.

    The video link btw was " not available". Same thing happened to an earlier Soundcloud link within a few hours.

  17. This song stays on my mind :)

  18. I've heard the song is called 'Aura', and it seems (to me) to be a play on words of the Arabic term "Awrah/ عورة‎"

  19. Which is the kind of thing you read in descriptions of the definition of "hipster", why I hate hipsters and why this was my second thought hearing this tune.

    I feel your pain Serendipity! :-)

  20. It's the wonderful melodic passion I would think. That kind of song always stays on my mind anyway.

  21. I feel you'd appreciate this then :) The whole show takes many shots at hipsters lol.

  22. LOL I KNOW! Loved the first season of the show and then somehow...lost interest enough to download it.
    But the hipster jokes were a hoot and I actually just referenced the show less than an hour ago in a conversation about a Skylar Grey.

  23. Damn, gaga is serving me with straight up Lykke Li realness with that cover art. And it is NOT appreciated.

  24. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan7 August 2013 at 18:15

    Maybe GaGa wants people to expect nothing and when she releases something good people go nuts for it and POOF she's back. LOL.

  25. I actually agree with you, it seems that the formula for her is well overdone now. I would just love to hear her do some stuff that pushes her own genre envelope as well as bringing back her fuller voiced sound such as in Almost Home, I fear though that my wishes will be in vain! :|

  26. Jessie J's effort has left me feeling rather underwhelmed to be honest! Hopefully the album will sway be back into the fold but as Wild and this one has uninspired me I am slightly dubious! I wont give up just yet though :)

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