Sunday 28 July 2013

[Watch] Celine Dion Performs New Music, "Loved Me Back to Life" Live

Celine Dion new music 2013

Celine Dion, the Diva who has been ruling Vegas since 2003, is finally back with new music for us ignoramuses who don't parlez Francais (the Diva released French album Sans attendre last year for those who do). Premièred at a concert that I have no more information about, the singer gave the lucky audience a live rendition of the title track from the October-due English-language album, Loved Me Back To Life.

It's not the best recording- no shade to the YouTuber- but from what I can hear, it sounds like Celine has managed to contemporise her music without sounding like she's blatantly playing to a different demographic. A tough ask for writer Sia and producers Sham and Motesar, but they seem to have pulled it off with Loved Me Back To Life. Her voice also sounds amazing, but I haven't watched it close enough to discern whether it's lipped or not...perhaps one of you can help me with that (Read: I'm not poking any hornet's nest today).

Take a listen to Loved Me Back To Life below, and let me know what you think in the comments! Also, what do you want to hear from the new album?



  1. First off, yep, it's live :-) she goes flat on a few notes, and the big belt is a little strained.
    I've always loved Céline, as well as Sia, so I was thrilled when I heard about this. As far as the song is concerned, I love it. Sounds really good, tho I need the studio version to judge. The concert took place in Québec city, it focused on her french hits and a few English hits as well, she decided to sing Loved me back to life two days before the actual concert.

  2. The song I think your description is perfect DD..." managed to contemporise her music without sounding like she's blatantly playing to a different demographic."
    But for the vocals I am going to reserve judgment until I heard a better recording.
    Did seem live singing to me though.

  3. She's always been my favourite of the vocal trinity, it's exciting to see that the first new song off her new album seems like it's repeat material!

  4. Luiz Henrique Oliveira28 July 2013 at 23:37

    How can Divas devotee say this is a live performance? Are U NUTSSSSSS?
    She's been lip-syncing the hell of her Las Vegas ETERNAL concerts. At
    0:55 of this video, she takes a long deep breath, but we can't hear it.
    Try again, divas devotee.

  5. That's a little sad, isn't it ?

  6. It's the same guy who defends every lipped Mariah performance, I wouldn't worry about it.

  7. The typical brainless Mariah stan who has NO idea what he's talking about. Celine performed 25 songs in that concert and only 1 song was lipped (It's all coming back to me now/The power of love MEDLEY) + the big note of All by myself. We got 23 completely live perfomances (even My Heart Will Go On was live) which is MUCH MORE than your fave, Mariah, has EVER done in a live concert... (in her entire career). Celine's Vegas concerts (again, OUT of Mariah's league) are almost 80% live which is still a great portion of live singing. You can hate Celine all you want, but posting invalid crap on the internet? While you're an adult? Pathetic.

  8. It's not bad at all! But I find the way she sings very tacky as usual. I feel the song asks for simplicity and purity, like the way Sia would sing it.

  9. Luiz Henrique Oliveira30 July 2013 at 00:37

    LOL hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Celine is REALLY great! I give you that! Great at lip syncing. People really believe she can sing 23 songs, and perform 5 concerts a week... hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

    Even her former drummer said once that this Bitch is fake. Keep on beeing delusional, pal! hahahahahahahahahahahaha Pitty!

    Mariah lipped performances were all HORRIBLE and I said it several times here. But when she sings, she delivers some divine and angelic sounds; not those nasal crap - the llip sync queen - Dion does. uh!

  10. Luiz Henrique Oliveira30 July 2013 at 00:38

    sad to see a person thinking the lip syncing queen Dion is still something close to who she used to be. Sad.

  11. Luiz Henrique Oliveira30 July 2013 at 00:39

    cut the crap, pal! If you don't like the truth, keep on living on your magical dream, where Celine sing 23 songs live... kkkkkkkkkkk hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL!

  12. I remember Luiz hating the american idol medley performance. He doesn't defend every Mariah lip synch performance.

    Still don't agree with his opinions on Celine though.

  13. Actually i think is a great song !. It sticks with you and gives her a kind of new sound . The performance for me is real , live . It seems she cracks in the belt note and you can hear the breathing . But whatever shes doing on stage , Im having a ball with it . Great for Celine , I really like it ......

  14. Oh. You are worse than I thought. Read slowly: If we say she sang 23 songs live in THAT concert in QUEBEC , it is because she did so. Nobody talked about the Vegas show OR about performing 5 times a week. Her Vegas show is around 25% lipped and I can cite the lipped songs any time. Still, we get about 75% in each concert which IS a good portion of live singing.

    Funny how Celine wasn't even nasal during her latest performances and that she's still a far more reliable and respected live performer than Mariah has ever been. Tell me when Mariah is asked to perform @ the Academy or Grammy Awards ceremony or when she's able to sell out arenas or even surpass the 40.000 mark in ticket sales.

    ''diving and angelic sounds'' LMFAO. By YOUR standards this must be the new word for ''whispering and going out of breathe''.

    The Whitney tribute was lipped. See? I'm not here to lie.

    Now go get a brain.

  15. LOL You mean she lipped at a tribute to the woman who lipped the National anthem? I'd say that is a perfect tribute.

  16. Don't bother with that annoying ass. He will only become ruder and more inane with each reply. Believe me, I've tried...there's no rational response coming from him.
    He is original though. Not so much stanning for Mariah as against anybody but Mariah but then occasionally be just as rude about his own idol as well. I think he is trying to be a troll actually.

  17. Here's Sia's demo version :)

  18. I just listened to Sia for the first time really and was quite taken. Wonderful voice, good song ( Day too Soon)
    But listening to this demo and even with the poor audio, Celine video,...I definitely prefer Celine's rendition/stylings. :-)

  19. I don't even think Mariah would like his stanning.

  20. A point I made to him in the past. Mariah has class, even when pissed off. I doubt she appreciates his kind of language. And I most certainly doubt she would appreciate any man calling any female singer a " whore".

  21. Mariah certainly respects Celine. She wouldn't like him talking about her like this. They both are real singers.

    I'd love if pop stars would denounce their stans publicly. Mariah loves her fans. But I'd think she'd hate these types of people

  22. Not just popstars who have stans find them amongst fans of artists of all genres. Even Alison Krauss has stans amongst her fans. I know one who is positively creepy and whom, many of us regular fans believe, surely is on her security list.

  23. Luiz Henrique Oliveira31 July 2013 at 00:35

    Hoes are so pressed! Mariah still can blow Celine out of this planet whenever she wants to. But this post is not about Mariah; ti's about Lip sync Queen Dion.

  24. Luiz Henrique Oliveira31 July 2013 at 00:36

    U always beeing a bitch. There's no cure for that. I guess.

  25. Luiz Henrique Oliveira31 July 2013 at 00:37

    I liked the new sound, but this nasal bitch still can't have me. Lip sync queen.

  26. That's quite sad actually. He's just saying irrational non-sense. Why would he be so virulent toward an artist he's never met?

  27. Oh yes there is hon...try not being an ass and see how nice I can be. :-)

  28. It's beyond me Mark. :-(

  29. Celine's rendition/stylings? Celine didn't change a THING from the demo....

  30. So you don't hear a difference between Sia and Celine's singing this? Well, I do. And I prefer Celine.
    Especially in the end when the line " back to live" is repeated. Sia's sounds a bit sad, Celine sounds happier about being brought back to life.

  31. There's no difference in the interpretation. The only difference lies in their voices.

    "Especially in the end when the line " back to live" is repeated, But generally Sia's sounds a bit sad, Celine sounds happier about being brought back to life."-

    What? How is that when Celine just does what Sia does? It sounds like you're equating the colors of their voices to differences in interpretation. Because there's nothing Celine does, vocally or musically, that even suggests a difference. It's 100% what Sia sings, note-for-note, nuance-for-nuance, time-for-time.

  32. "Imo Celine also has a more melodic voice than Sia"- That's lovely, but that doesn't equate to her singing her own interpretation.
    And I'd beg to differ, seeing as how Sia's dead in the pitch and Celine isn't.

  33. " how is that?" Really? Well,voices reflect personalities and moods. Obviously, Celine feels more optimistic about being brought back to live than Sia and her voice reflects that.
    Of bloody course I equate difference in their voice to difference in interpretation.

    But since you are all about is Celine matching sia "100%,note for note, nuance for nuance, time for time" while at the same time Sia is " dead in pitch and Celine is not".
    Guess you really should say she is 97% or 99% or 92% matching Sia. ( whatever percentage your textbook asigns to the not being "dead in pitch" factor)

  34. It most certainly does. Sorry that subtlety is lost on you but it's not on me.

  35. It really doesn't. That's like an artist tracing over a painting and coloring it a shade of pink instead of blue. That's not subtlety. That's just unoriginal.
    Subtlety is in the phrasing: the melodic or harmonic choices the singer takes, along with the rhythmic execution of the lines in order to tell the story or how they embellish or inflect the lines. Or the dynamic modes they choose to put in the song. Celine does none of the sort. She just totally copies Sia.

  36. "Of bloody course I equate difference in their voice to difference in interpretation."- LMAO.

    Voices reflect personalities and moods when the singer is SINGING in such a way that their vocal choices are reflective of a mood. You say Celine sounds more optimistic than Sia, while she's IMITATING her completely. So by that logic, SIA's voice should also be "optimistic". But if it's not, that's not because Celine interpreted it differently or because different voice= different interpretation, it's because that's just what you feel listening to Celine's voice. But how one feels listening to a singer isn't the same thing as the singer interpreting a song differently from another. It's the exact same interpretation, just with a different voice.

    "But since you are all about is Celine matching sia "100%,note for note, nuance for nuance, time for time" while at the same time Sia is " dead in pitch and Celine is not".- I never said she MATCHED Sia, I said she SANG Sia note-for-note. It doesn't matter if she's out-of-tune while copying Sia completely, she's STILL copying Sia.

  37. You lack the emotional understanding of music. It's not the exact science you make it out to be.

    "unoriginal" would be if one traced over a painting and stuck to the blue. Opting however for pink...that is an interpretation. And the subtlety lies in the person choosing pink rather than green for instance. The reason that person chooses pink and not green....their emotional connection to Pink and green and their feeling pink is a better choice than green at that moment , for that painting.

  38. See my above response.

  39. I completely possess the emotional understanding of music. That's why I have singers who I like and singers who I don't. Same goes for everyone who enjoys music and has favorite artists.

    "unoriginal" would be if one traced over a painting and stuck to the blue. Opting however for pink...that is an interpretation"- No, the unoriginality is in the fact that they TRACED the painting. An interpretation would be the difference in the drawing itself (ex. if the original painting had one tree, this new one has two or three, or if the left side of the lake was of a larger shape than the right, the bottom of the lake is now the largest).

    As for your "pink not green" story, you've gone from A to C without passing B.

    What Celine did is not interpreting, it's karaoke.

  40. By your logic every singer singing a cover would be " unoriginal".
    Having singers that you like and dislike is not understanding emotion, it's having an emotion.

  41. "But to some, " interpretation" goes to emotional content as much."- That's because of how YOU interpret it, not how the SONG itself is interpreted.

    Song interpretation=/=emotional interpretation. You can weep and cry at Celine's version and feel hard as stone listening to Sia's. That doesn't change the fact Celine just copied her instead of creating her OWN interpretation. Emotion is subjective and depends on the listener. What the singer is doing is not. And Celine copied Sia note-for-note. This isn't an opinion, it's fact.

    How you feel doesn't make a performance "different". Your reaction to the performances are different, not the performances themselves.

    I don't know why you're talking about specific notes like C5, when I never said anything of the sort.

  42. "By your logic every singer singing a cover would be " unoriginal"- Uh, no....
    When Aretha Franklin covered Otis's Respect, she did her OWN interpretation. It is COMPLETELY different to Otis's. When Whitney covered IWALY, she did it totally different to Dolly's. Again...her OWN interpretation.
    Celine copied Sia note-fo-note. Own interpretation? Not so much.

  43. My emotion is my preference for Celine's rendition. the REASON for my emotion is my response to Celine's emotions while singing the song.

  44. That's wonderful.
    But this was never about your "emotional" preference, but you erroneously stating that Celine's INTERPRETATION was DIFFERENT than Sia's when it wasn't.
    And as I said, I fully possess emotional understanding of music, which is why I am able to process and know why I feel the way I do about a piece of music or an artist. And I certainly do that when listening to music.

  45. Yes, those are very obvious differences. The reflection of one's personality is a way more subtle difference than those examples.
    Again, you treat vocal expression as an exact science.
    We have a fundamentally different view here. To me your approach sounds devoid of emotional understanding, strictly theoretical. That is an approach fundamentally oppositional to my view on life to the extent that we will never agree.

    Think we should leave it at this...I prefer Celine's rendition. And that preference is in no way a negative reflection on Sia's rendition.

  46. "Again, you treat vocal expression as an exact science."- No, I treat it with common sense. If someone sings a song that someone else did NOTE-FOR-NOTE, it's not an original interpretation. It's a copy, it's karaoke. That's not treating it like science, that's using COMMON SENSE.

    And BTW, all your talk about me "not understanding emotion in music" cannot use YOUR emotional reactions to music as the standard to which all reactions should be judged. If I don't feel what you feel when listening to an artist, it drives home the FACT that emotional reaction to music is SUBJECTIVE.

    What ISN'T subjective, however, is musicianship, which is what I've been talking about from the beginning. And as I said, Celine copied Sia note-for-note. Whatever personality you hear behind her singing is subjective, as there's no way to prove or quantify it. I could very well hear that personality in Sia's demo while you obviously don't. Again, emotional reaction to music is subjective.

    However, my claim that Celine copied Sia note-for-note is a FACT because it CAN be proven and quantified.

  47. Doesn't sound like that to me. Probably because I don't " process". Like I say above, I have a fundamentally different approach. I just feel. I process factual data but not emotion. :-)

  48. That's amazing. It really is.

  49. Process (verb)- to deal with something according to a particular set of actions

    Example: I listen to a piece of music, it reminds me of a nice childhood memory, I cry tears of joy...that's me PROCESSING emotion.

    Everyone does. There's a reason why people have different levels of emotional reaction to situations: it's how they process the emotion.

    Someone might get violent and beat the living daylights out of someone else, someone might take a deep breath every few moments and hum to themselves, some people might shove it in the crevices of their mind and not think of it again and others might cry their eyes out.

    It's like eating, breathing or shitting. Everyone does it. So for you to act like you don't is ridiculous.

  50. You know, I tried to end this conversation in a polite manner but you just won't have it will you?
    Of course I hear Sia's personality in Sia's demo. And I hear it's a different personality than Celine's. And I prefer, on this song, Celine.

    My point is, you can talk theory all day long but ultimately music IS subjective indeed.

    You put your finger on it there! " personality" and "emotions" cannot be quantified. And you seem to have a real problem accepting that.

    What you have been talking about from the beginning???
    I stated a preference for Celine's rendition. The word " prefer" already clearly stipulates I am talking about an emotion.
    You decided to respond to that as if I made the claim regarding something quantifiable.
    That is because obviously that is the only way you can relate to the world. Well sorry dude but emotion is not quantifiable.

    Now if you want to believe it is a quantifiable " FACT" that Celine and Sia sound the same, you are delusional
    I am pretty sure, if you want to go all " factual", that, would you put their voices on both these renditions through a'd see a difference as well.

    And I never said Celine doesn't match Sia note for note.(though the belts at that last " me" do not match actually) That was your argument in your effort to quantify what isn't quantifiable.

  51. ROFL obviously I didn't mean it like that. My bad, after this whole conversation I should have realized how literal you see things.

    What I meant was I listen to a piece of music, I cry tears of joy, I say this piece of music makes me happy. I do not go and try find a factual " quantifiable " reason such as "Oh that is because it brought back a childhood memory". Because dude, I would follow that path to it's actual end rather than the point where it satidfies mey emotional needs and would have to process why that childhood memory was a happy one which would eventually lead me to....nothing quantifiable. Just...emotion.

    Your particular " set of actions" is based on a delusional proposition.

  52. Don't fight over this, this is just a song. And I'm Brazilian, so my english isn't that good, but I think you can understand me, so... I was reading what you both said and I believe "Opie" is right in some points. When you are listening to Beyoncé's rendition of At Last, we see that she imitates note-by-note Etta's rendition in almost whole song, but her voice has different qualities, her passaggio is in a different place, the texture, the color... it brings to the song a whole different character. Some may like, others don't. And that's what I see here, two extremely different voices, even the accent. There are similarities? Yeah, a bunch of them. Is Celine trying to sing it like Sia? Yeah.

    But it sounds so fucking different. Celine is bright and nasal, where Sia's sound like she's drunk (and that's awesome too). Thinking straight to the meaning of the song, Celine's voice is the perfect match for me. You say that we can't measure emotion, so why in the whole world people will say that I Will Always Love You in Whitney's version is untouchable? A lot of singers can hold the notes of the song, but the quality of her voice was supreme.

    And do you really think that Whitney Houston didn't know how to used her voice to emulate emotion? That she woke up and said: yeah! Now I'm going to hold a big note for 20 seconds, do a vibrato here, a portamento there..., just because I'm feeling that way right now. LOL Every up and down had a meaning and that's why she is so amazing. And if you think like that about the meaning of this song here, the way Sia and Celine say some words, go up, go down, there's a reason for both sing that way, it's meant to build an emotion in you, to make you feel it.

    And Celine's voice sounds bright like a ray of light. Almost everyone that you show this will say that to you, her voice sounds like a "major key", open, live, much more happier. Sia's voice has different qualities, different accent... It doesn't mean you have to like it, you can obviously choose what you wanna hear, you're free. But when I'm listening, my interpretation of the lyrics makes me see Celine as a better one.

    That's my opinion, please don't hate me. :(

  53. LOL Was with you until you used Whitney and the song I personally feel she utterly failed to do justice to. But, that does go to the subjectivity of music.

    But other than that, yes, you and I seem to be in agreement. :-)

    And just to be clear for anyone reading this conversation...I simply prefer Celine but that does not mean I find ANY fault whatsoever with Sia's rendition. I do not.

  54. Oh yes ! It was always about my emotional preference. You responded to me expressing my emotional preference.
    You simply tried to argue, with a delusional belief that the experiencing of music is an exact science, that I was wrong in preferring Celine.

    If you are so great at processing your's about you process why you didn't just independently post a comment on how unoriginal YOU feel Celine's rendition is ( and btw I never called it " original" at any point).
    But instead chose to try and argue my ,as the word "prefer" indicates, unabashedly subjective opinion.

  55. "Now if you want to believe it is a quantifiable " FACT" that Celine and Sia sound the same, you are delusional"- You're an absolute idiot, because I NEVER said that. I said Celine's INTERPRETATION is the same as Sia's because she copied her note-for-note.

  56. "Your particular " set of actions" is based on a delusional proposition designed to satisfy your particular emotional needs that "life" is quantifiable and can be nicely ordered."- Why do you have the habit of jumping from A to 12 lmao? Complete and utter bullshit? I'm talking about music and give examples of everyday emotional processing (in music and outside of music) and you start talking about how you feel I view life. Have a seat.

  57. "When you are listening to Beyoncé's rendition of At Last, we see that she imitates note-by-note Etta's rendition in almost whole song"- No, she doesn't.
    Beyonce's sense of phrasing, her use of tools such as growling and melisma, the way she sings in the meter, they completely differ to Etta's interpretation.
    Does Celine add dynamic markings in her interpretation that Sia didn't? Nope. Does she vary her phrasing? No. She simply copies exactly what Sia does.

  58. I mean defending our fave is good but attacking without any reason like that with such harsh words... Some people take music way too seriously.

  59. "If you are so great at processing your's about you process why you didn't just independently post a comment on how unoriginal YOU feel Celine's rendition is ( and btw I never called it " original" at any point)."- Because my point had NOTHING to do with "emotion" lmfaooo. You said you prefer Celine's stylings, and I said "Stylings? She copies Sia note-for-note". This was never about your emotional preference, but the fact that she COPIED Sia.

    "And btw I never called it " original" at any point)."- Yet you've been arguing with me because I said it was just a copy and have been bringing up "emotional subtleties" to prove your point.

    If you had even replied "I know, but the emotion I feel in Celine's voice, I don't get that from listening to Sia", I wouldn't have said anything in response. Instead, you tried to act like your emotional experiences listening to Celine were some sort of standard. "Sia sounds sad, Celine sounds happy"- Seeing how that isn't a fact, a better statement would have been "I feel happiness coming from/listening to Celine and sadness coming from Sia".

    Instead, because I was focusing on the musicianship, you claimed that meant I didn't understand emotion in music lmao.

  60. And your use of the word "stylings" in reference to your emotional reaction made no sense. The emotion you feel when listening to a singer and the emotion you believe is behind the singing doesn't make a "styling", the vocal and musical choices do. That's why I said "Celine's rendition/stylings? She didn't change a thing".

  61. We got it the first and second comment, you're a blind stan hating on every other artist.

  62. " why do you have the habit of jumping from A to 12?"
    Did you ever take an IQ test, where you have to finish a sequence?

  63. I said "rendition/stylings"
    Nope I did not argue you on that.
    I did say that. You just didn't understand that.

  64. You clearly didn't, hence why I said what I did.

  65. Style:

    1. The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed: a style of speech and writing.2.
    The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic

  66. You didn't say that. You said "Sia's sounds a bit sad, Celine sounds happier about being brought back to life". Where is the "to me" in that statement?
    "Sia sounds sad"=/="I feel sadness coming from Sia"
    "Celine sounds happy"=/="I feel happiness coming from Celine"

  67. "The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic expression, execution, or PERFORMANCE CHARACTERIZING A PARTICULAR PERSON"- Thanks for proving my point. ARTISTIC expression or performance, not EMOTIONAL expression.
    And in this case, Celine's "artistic expression" is nothing more than a note-for-note imitation of Sia's. My point ALL along.

  68. And actually I pretty persistently used the word rendition.

  69. LOL I shouldn't have capitalized the salient point there. As it is known that many people automatically skip too big a letter.
    Again just for you " characterizing a particular person"

    But now that you mentioned it...what really IS your point in arguing my unabashedly subjective statement as if I claimed to state some kind of fact?
    (Other than it being a fact that I prefer Celine's attention now...rendition!)

    You never did answer that question. Possible you are not done processing yet? A suggestion is it....42?

  70. LOl Yes I did, which is how I know why I can jump from A to C and skip B. And even better ... why I can skip from A to 12.

  71. Now see dude, THAT is the crux of the problem!
    You obviously relating primarily theoretically to what you hear..or read, fail to understand that "to me" is really redundant to most people. It is clearly implied by the phrase " I prefer".

    It would help matters greatly if you could develop at least the theoretical understanding that people relate to the world differently and that many relate more through emotion and less through theoretical analysis than you seem to do.

  72. LOL you just keep rambling on about something I wasn't even talking about. Where did I say you're not allowed to prefer Celine or that you SHOULD like Sia's more? You're arguing a point that was never in contention.
    You said you prefer Celine's rendition/stylings and I said her stylings are EXACTLY the same as Sia's, because they are. Celine's rendition is a note-for-note copy of Sia's, regardless of the differences in emotion that you feel between the two.
    Emotional reaction=/= rendition/stylings.

  73. Rendition=interpretation.
    Thank you, come again.

  74. Seeing as your question isn't an emotion, there's no feeling I need to process here. Whoops.

    But to answer it, when you say a singer "sounded" a certain way without adding "to me" or "in my opinion" to the statement, it implies that it's a fact.

    "Celine sounded happy"- No, Celine sounded happy to YOU.

    "however much Celine's and Sia's renditions sound the same to you, they do not to me."- That's wonderful, but I'm talking solely about musicianship, while you're speaking from an emotional perspective. So if the renditions don't sound the same to you, it's not because Celine actually changed it musically.

  75. rendition: 1. The act of rendering.
    2. An interpretation of a musical score or a dramatic piece.3. A performance of a musical or dramatic work !!!

    You're welcome, don't bother coming back again on this one. :-)

  76. Hopped unto the merry-go-round now I see. Don't make yourself too dizzy!

  77. Uhm you made my point since you clearly did not understand that definition. The artistic in that sentence relates to

    1. Of or relating to art or artists: the artistic community.

    That can be understood by the fact that it says "literary or artistic expression. It means dude an expression i.e. performance within one of the Arts. Such as music or dance or acting etc.
    The word " artistic" in this sentence is not meant as a value judgment.
    Since words often can be used in different manners and consequently sometimes have several definitions, the correct definition needs to be understood by the context.
    It's called semantics in contrast to syntax.

    Your obvious issue with semantics v. syntax is directly related to the same issue preventing you from understanding that hearing a person's emotions in that person's voice is not the same as projecting one's own emotions on a voice.

  78. Celine sounds different than I remembered. Less nasal. I actually really like it.

  79. "2. An interpretation of a musical score or a dramatic piece."
    interpretation, performance, reading, account, version"

    Thanks for proving my point lmfaoooo!!!! You seem to have a habit of doing that.

  80. "Uhm you made my point since you clearly did not understand that definition."- LOL no, what's clear is YOU didn't understand me. When I used the word "artistic", I didn't use it to mean "skill in execution of artistry". You clearly thought I did lmfaooo.

    "That can be understood by the fact that it says "literary or artistic expression"- Poor you. You thought that when I used "artistic", I meant "skill in artistry". LMFAOOO reading is fundamental, understanding is necessary. Next time, don't assume.

    "The word " artistic" in this sentence is not meant as a value judgment."- If that was the way I meant it, I would've said "Sia's artistic expression is the best, greater than Celine's" or "Sia's interpretation is greater than Celine's". Way to go, Captain Ob(li)vious.

    You were so confident and yet your post just ended up being a bunch of shit lmfaoooo. Try again.

  81. "Your obvious issue with semantics v. syntax is directly related to the same issue preventing you from understanding that hearing a person's emotions in that person's voice is not the same as projecting one's own emotions on a voice."- Says the person who didn't have the intellect to correctly interpret what I said lmfaooo (ooop! There's that word again...the one that's synonymous with showed that in your definitions a few posts higher...thanks for that once again :))

    As for your absolute CRAP about emotions, there is no VERIFIABLE way to measure the emotion in someone's voice when they sing. In fact, there isn't even a way to measure whether any kind of emotion is even PRESENT lmfaoooo.

  82. Keep adding 1+1 together and trying to make 3! ^_^

  83. "Your obvious issue with semantics v. syntax is directly related to the same issue preventing you from understanding that hearing a person's emotions in that person's voice is not the same as projecting one's own emotions on a voice."-
    You really are the limit lmfaooo! You already stated that your statements on emotion were subjective, yet here you are ONCE again acting like they're a verifiable and quantifiable standard.
    You cannot PROVE that emotion is present in someone's voice by listening. Emotion will always be, at best, STRONGLY IMPLIED. And even then, the fact that many people can listen to the same performance and feel different things drives that point home.
    Saying "This singer sounded happy/sad TO ME" is not projecting your own emotion's on a voice. It's telling us what emotions you "heard" in the singer's voice when they were singing. And once again, that is...subjective.
    What isn't subjective is a singer copying another singer note-for-note, inflection-for-inflection and not changing a thing when it comes to things that can be measured and PROVEN.
    You can prefer who you prefer. No one was trying to change your mind. However, what is undeniable is that Celine's rendition of the song was an exact imitation of Sia's. Her ACTUAL rendition (something that can be proven and measured), not her emotion BEHIND her rendition (something that is subjective and can't be proven or measured).

  84. I know I am. I'd love to say the same thing about you though. Or at least something along those lines. Maybe if I try harder, something will come to me :)

  85. Awww don't stretch yourself dude. You already said something along those lines when you called me "an absolute idiot".
    You just go back to comparing notes now. :-)

  86. Awww, I won't.
    You and your inability to differentiate.... when it comes to synonymous things, you say they're different. When they're actually different, you say they're the same. When I said "Celine's artistic expression was the same as Sia's", you thought I was judging their renditions in terms of their greatness. So when I said you were an absolute idiot, I was correct. And you've just continued to prove my point (once again, thanks).

    Maybe you're just trying to be witty, but my friend don't know him.

    You go back to pretending that unprovable emotion makes imitation renditions (or interpretations- there's that word once again) different :-)

  87. Those D5s sounded painful.

  88. Oh dear, I see I have to explain because other wise you will still be puzzled, and commenting in this thread on your deathbed.
    It's a term folks use if they want to assure a mentally challenged person they care about, that they are not mentally challenged, they are not "idiots"...they are " special".
    So yes trust me..when people call you " special" after you failed to comprehend a dictionary entry, they really are calling you an idiot. i.e. idiot=/=special.

    It's called sarcasm and just like any form of linguistic wit, something you are clueless about because it cannot be learned by reading a manual. It emotional understanding of language, of semantics." wit" dude is no friend of yours. That's like a wife thinking her abusive husband loves her.

  89. It's been a while since I reviewed any of the recent Celine work. Those D5s did sound raw and throaty -- it could have been intentionally colored this was as the C5s seemed technically more polished. This modern, DJed style is very interesting to hear on her voice, especially since I associate her more with power ballads in my mind.

  90. The only thing you see is the delusion in front of you.

    You were stupid enough to try and refute me when I said "rendition=interpretation" and the definition you gave showed the two words were synonymous. So much for your emotional understanding of semantics. That same understanding failed you when you incorrectly interpreted the way I used the word "artistic".

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. And you're not even that good at it. As I said, you don't know him. Or better yet, he doesn't know YOU.

    You're boasting about intelligence and skills you clearly don't possess lmao. That's like you calling a brand new laptop trash while all you have is a broken junk desktop with Windows 95.

    "wit" dude, is no friend of yours.- If I wanted you to parrot what I said, I'd have chucked you an almond. You certainly take after Celine in the creativity department. I'd say kudos, but that's not something to be proud of.

  91. No dear, I was not trying to refute you regarding your use of " interpretation". I was pointing out that it is a word I didn't use. I used "rendition" instead and I did so for a reason. That reason being the definition of the word according to the dictionary being exactly what I meant to say.

    The special one is still you for trying to refute the dictionary.

    And while doing so only looking unable to grasp the subject.
    Which btw has nothing to do with IQ. You definitely strike me as being quite intelligent. You also strike me as possibly testing positive for Asperger's or some such issue.
    Which is not intended as an insult. But what does greatly effect a person's emotional understanding of language and such.

    The reason I bother arguing you is that it annoys me that rather than accept your limitation, you not only pretend it's not actually pretend the other has an issue when they actually are pretty good at the subject.

  92. "I was pointing out that it is a word I didn't use."- And I was pointing out that it was synonymous with the one you DID use. That's like making a fuss because you used the word "greatest" and I said "best".

    "The special one is still you for trying to refute the dictionary."- Nah, the dictionary just backed me up by pointing out that the word "interpretation" was synonymous with "rendition". Or did you not see it in the text that you posted? Not surprised. Let's repost it, shall we?:

    INTERPRETATION, performance, reading, account, version

    "And while doing so only looking unable to grasp the subject(because dude, you fail to even now understand you do not get the semantics. Not even those of the dictionary definition)"- How ironic, when you obviously didn't get the fact that I never said Sia and Celine sounded the same, though you claimed I said that. My actual statement was "Celine copied Sia note-for-note".

    From the beginning, I've been talking about musicianship. You brought in the talk about emotion, which had absolutely nothing to do with what I said to you. Your poor conclusions about me being unable to understand the emotion of music is unfounded, because it is completely irrelevant to the point I've been making: she copied Sia note-for-note. How you feel about her singing the song, how I feel about her singing the song, the emotion you hear in her voice and how that makes her rendition different to you etc., all that was never in contention or a part of what I was saying.

    Now let me repost my statement on Celine again: Celine's ARTISTIC expression was exactly the same as Sia's.

    You already pointed out that "artistic" means "of, or relating to art or artists", and in this case, the specific art is MUSIC (more specifically, singing), and if we get even more specific, this musical performance of LMBTL.

    So I'll rephrase my sentence, so that you can understand it: Celine's MUSICAL expression [pertaining to this performance] was exactly the same as Sia's. (I shouldn't have really had to replace ARTISTIC with MUSICAL, because the context in was clearly in reference to music).

    Makes PERFECT sense, both syntactically and semantically, both in its original and modified forms. You just failed to interpret it properly.

    Keep your "diagnosis", especially seeing as how you can't even interpret a sentence correctly.

    As seen, you're really not good at said subject.

    You said previously that you were leaving this convo. You want to tell me how my mind works when you can't even make yours up. Laughable. Save your pity for the mirror, if you catch my drift.

  93. Vinicius Ferreira Mendes3 August 2013 at 20:57

    Beyoncé sang At Last because she was actually playing Etta on a movie... So, if she tried to sing it on a different way, she sux.

    There's more to singing and music than just the notes and the rhythm... On those aspects, Celine sang like Sia, but that's expected considering she bought a demo for a song to sound on a certain way, and the way you sing has a huge part to it. The Sia's version isn't just an artistic expression of the way she sings, but also the guideline of how the song should sound on the original vision, and Celine followed it (probably because the original idea does sound awesome :V)

    But even so, different voices have different characteristics, what already makes both versions very different, and different people don't feel the same emotions on the same way. Sia and Celine singing on a "sad" way won't be the same sad as they feel and understand saddness on different ways, on the same way Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey singing on a "hopeful" way wouldn't be the same.

    And there's come all the subtley Opie is talking so much about. I actually prefer Celine's version too... Her voice has a "big" factor to it that makes everything far more dramatic than usual, and using her big dramatic voice to sing more restrained than her usual gave the song a very interesting effect.

  94. LovedmebacktoLife4 August 2013 at 13:05

    Celine does use pre-recorded tracks in her concerts since 1993, but you seem to miss some interesting facts. She had already paid her dues in live singing before she lipped a single note. Her first major tour was back in 1984 and till 1992 she had already pulled off around 250 live concerts. Also, given the fact that she sings live 70% - 95% of her concerts (that depends on the place cause her francophone concerts are mostly live, as she never pre-records french songs) AND that she's given over 1.400 concerts since 1993, you can tell that her LIVE SINGING to date is equal to 1.300 concerts, which objectively is much more than any other Diva has ever done. Add her immense discography of 24 studio albums to date and you see she is not relying on lipping to be who she is. The woman is hard-working and a marathon performer. Also, in my opinion, it is better to lip for the first time on your 250th concert than on your 15th concert like Mariah did during her Butterfly tour when she started lipping. :)

  95. Luiz Henrique Oliveira4 August 2013 at 13:55

    why U people think U can hurt me by using Mariah's name? Are you 12 or what? Grow up. EVERYBODY knows Celine is the lip sync Queen. At least, Mariah is honest; she could also sell several concerts around the world, just pretending she stil got it, like Celine does.

  96. Luiz Henrique Oliveira4 August 2013 at 13:57

    this single sucks, but I won't say she doesn't have a chance on charts, cuz nowadays this kind of crap sells as fast as water on a summer day.

  97. No dude, we think the mere existence of any other singers hurts you plenty. :-)

  98. Luiz Henrique Oliveira4 August 2013 at 17:01


    I LOVE my baby girls, sweetheart, honey pie singers. I'm just too picky. If you fall in love with any whore who can belt her heart out, ok, but I don't. A singer needs to be special, unique, influential. Celine is not, she's just like any other.

    Whitney, Mariah, Sumi Jo, Montserrat Caballe, Lara Fabian, Norah Jones... these are true singer, divas. I'll leave you with Celine, Leona Lewes, Christna Aguilera, these pale divas. I'm on another level, babe.

    Mariah is just one of many I love - the thing is, the others I love are not that famous, but they're all GREAT.


  99. Luiz Henrique Oliveira4 August 2013 at 17:04

    finally, someone with a brain.

  100. Your pathetic digs are unreadable. Whores? Ehm... Mariah would qualify for that title a long time before Celine. How is Celine not special, unique, influential? The things she has done are things not many others out there could do. You think Mariah could sell out a concerts for many years in a row? No, she couldn't. Whitney wouldn't be able to either. Every member of the vocal trinity has their special thing, which is kind of why they were "chosen" to be part of that title.

    Your erection for Mariah is nauseating and I wonder how you cope in real life considering you have a one-track, closed mind.

  101. Luiz Henrique Oliveira4 August 2013 at 18:24

    Celine is a show girl. LOL

    Sell out concerts??? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    So does Britney, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, The wanted. U placed Celine on the right level now. LOL! Thank U.

    Being a diva, a singer and influential is much more than that, pal.

  102. Oh honey, I do so hope you realize that you are just you?
    Some child in Brazil. You are not the singers you like.
    Any insult directed at them is not directed at you.

    And in the same light, any accomplishment of them is not yours to claim either.

    They are also not your babygirls or sweethearts. Much like Mariah they are mature women who don't know you from Adam, could be your mother age wise and really, if they saw the foul mouthed nonsense you spout, would sooner slap the seat of your pants than be flattered at you thinking they are "yours" .

    So get a grip already...please!

  103. ROFLMAO High praise indeed...coming from you. Especially since, considering your slippery grasp of the English language, you probably don't understand anymore of what this joker was saying than he does of what I have been saying.

  104. LovedmebacktoLife4 August 2013 at 19:00

    No, Celine lipped after pulling off around 250 concerts and Mariah started lipping songs after her 15th concert, the title goes to her. It is 2013 and Mariah hasn't even performed the amount of concerts Celine had performed back in 1992. I'm not trying you ''hurt'' you by mentioning Mariah, but since you love her that much, you should have some space for objectivity, right?

    LOL @ Mariah who is a LOCAL ACT nowadays being able to sell concerts around the world. You're SO delusional. She couldn't sell out 4.000 seats theatre in her home country. Why her Us are rarely sold out? Ooops.

    Celine pretending she still got it? Grossing 280.000.000 from her latest world tour and currently having the #1 show in North America proves you wrong. ''Celine'' show is a critical and commercial smash, like a journalist said ''Celine is here to kill it.''

  105. Most of Mariah's performances are lip synched... I don't understand why you keep bringing this up? An artist has to rest their voice, they can still sing live most of the time. Celine Dion is plenty influential, she is considered a legend.

    Still don't understand this hate regarding Celine. If it was someone like Rihanna or Katy Perry, sure, but someone who has proven herself capable to sing among the titans has proven herself to be far beyond your criticism. Please stick to YouTube where comments like yours are greatly appreciated.

  106. LovedmebacktoLife4 August 2013 at 19:10

    Britney, Bieber, Perry etc have never reached Celine's commercial success. Her first Vegas show grossed 400.000.000 $ and the tour that followed 280.000.000 $. Come again?

    Madonna and Celine have both sold over 200.000.000, they tour since day 1 and they both own the stage, hence people still buy tickets for their shows. Again, the vast majority of Celine's songs are live. In the Taking Chances Tour she sang live: Because you loved me, All by myself (except for the big note), Alone, I'm alive, The prayer, We will rock you, Show must go on, Love can move mountains, River deep-mountain high, It's a man's world, Fade away, Shadow of love, I'm your angel, Pour que tu m'aimes encore, My Love as well as part of Taking Chances. Songs that were added in some concerts were again live such as A song for you, Can't fight the feeling, Think twice, That's just the woman in me and so on.

    I know you maybe don't believe me, but I'm not lying about these songs, you can check YouTube videos anytime and see for yourself.

  107. Luiz Henrique Oliveira5 August 2013 at 01:04

    Like Barbra Streisand once said: "Music is much more than fire on stage and trick lights." She's right, she just need her voice and her mic. Celine is really like Madonna, she doesnt sell her music, she sells lights tricks, fire on stage, 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dancers, holographic images and other craps. She sold her soul. She's a shame. Celine has been using playback since 1992, there's lots of videos on youtube. She was never able to reach "The power of love" high notes, only in studio. She's fake, but great at lipping. The queen.

  108. Luiz Henrique Oliveira5 August 2013 at 01:05

    truth hurts. U are pathetic. LOL

  109. Luiz Henrique Oliveira5 August 2013 at 01:08

    LOL hehehehehe

    Mariah's tv's performances are lip synched, not on concerts. She does it on some tracks, like Fantasy. But Celine is the queen. She does it during the whole show. She's a cheater.

  110. Luiz Henrique Oliveira5 August 2013 at 01:10

    Girl, u need to spend sometime on a sex shop. You're bitter and I bet you're old too. Kiss!

  111. I ain't even gonna lie. You are my favorite stan here....The most agressive, and the most subjectively inclined to Mariah that I've ever seen...LOL... Honestly, IDK why but I like you.... Since I do, I'm going to entertain your shenanigans...

    We understand you have a preference for Mariah but damn, insulting Celine the way you do is just ridiculous. But then again, "mad stanning" is "justfiable" by your "standards" so I'm leaving it at that... :) ....

  112. Whatever I am child, it does not change what you are. :-)

  113. Was that an attempt to a slur at my sexuality child?

  114. That must be why Streisand recorded with Dion and Fabian said in an interview on French TV that she respects and admires Celine.

  115. Mariah needs 3 live takes though, to come up with one compiled version good enough for her lip sync to on television. ;-D

  116. LovedmebacktoLife5 August 2013 at 12:27

    LMAO @ the Barbra example when Barbra rarely tours. Try again.

    Celine has reached the Eb5 note in tons of her perfomances, it's not like she couldn't do it live. As of 2013 she sings that note at the ending of ''All By Myself''. It's obvious you have no clue about singing, so give it a rest.

    In facts, every Celine tour during her commercial peak (1993-1999) had no ''light tricks'' (LMAO), nor dancers, the vast majority of her shows were very simple. She just went into theatrical shows in 2003, so you really really REALLY need to get a grip.

  117. LovedmebacktoLife5 August 2013 at 12:33

    Celine never lipped during the whole show. A 75% of her concerts has always been live and she started lipping after she pulled off 200+ COMPLETELY LIVE concerts. How many live concerts has the True Queen of Lipping, aka Mariah, pulled off to date? 14?

    200 > 14, idiot. If there is a cheater, then it's Mariah. Deal.

  118. LovedmebacktoLife5 August 2013 at 12:38


    ''It is an honour to work with you'' Barbra to Celine.

    ''I followed your musicality when I started singing''

    Lara to Celine.

    ''The power of love is a CLASSIC'' Mariah on Celine.

  119. Been away for three days, and look what I find lol Nothing left for me to say to answer this kiddo ! Damn you, Opie ! :P

    Muncher, huh ? That was funny xD

  120. I apologize. But no worries, next time Mariah or zceline get mentioned in a review.....he will be back spouting the same old, same old. I will leave him to you then. :-)

    LOL looks like the little boy is also a fan of Lizzie the Lezzy

  121. Luiz Henrique Oliveira6 August 2013 at 01:18


    Mariah was referring to Jennifer Rush, the first to sing The power of love. U dumb ASS. Celine covered the song, U ass.

  122. Luiz Henrique Oliveira6 August 2013 at 01:20

  123. Luiz Henrique Oliveira6 August 2013 at 01:32

    200 playback. Celine does it since the start. That whore. She's the queen. Even one of her musicians said it once. She's fake. And U delusional. Sad.

  124. Luiz Henrique Oliveira6 August 2013 at 01:33

    just like u need three bucks to bye a hoe to go down on U.

  125. Luiz Henrique Oliveira6 August 2013 at 01:35

    young, beautiful, smart. U? silence.........

  126. Luiz Henrique Oliveira6 August 2013 at 01:36

    two polite ladies. Celine is a shame to the Music industry though.

  127. Luiz Henrique Oliveira6 August 2013 at 01:39

    u need a man, right now.

  128. This bitch....
    You failed to understand anything I say, since intellect is clearly out of your reach. I say "Celine copied Sia" and you read it as "Celine and Sia sound the same". I say "Celine's artistic expression was the same as Sia's" and you think I'm making a value judgement. I say "I don't care about your emotional reaction/the emotion you hear" and you conclude that I don't have emotional understanding of music. You must love getting fucked by irony. Have several of anything that isn't good for you.

  129. "You put your finger on it there! " personality" and "emotions" cannot be quantified. And you seem to have a real problem accepting that."- LMFAO! How? When my point was on MUSICALITY, not emotion? YOU brought up emotion.

    "You decided to respond to that as if I made the claim regarding something quantifiable."- And that's where you go wrong. My response was in reference to your use of the term(s) "rendition/stylings", not in response to your preference, hence why I said "Celine just copies Sia note for note". I didn't tell you who to prefer or who you should feel emotion from. When you say "I prefer someone's stylings/rendition over someone else", that implies that the person brought something different, musically or vocally. Emotion is not a styling, nor is it a rendition. It is a factor that may drive an artist to give a song a certain styling or arrangement, thus creating a new rendition. It, in itself, is not a styling. So as we can see, I was ALWAYS coming from the MUSICAL perspective, and was addressing the words you used pertaining to MUSIC, not emotion.

    "I am pretty sure, if you want to go all " factual", that, would you put their voices on both these renditions through a'd see a difference as well."- Well as I said, Sia's intonation is more accurate.

    For all your alleged skill in understanding language, you do a piss-poor job.

  130. LOL See, slippery grasp of English. I said child, that you will still be you. What I am has no effect on what you are. And what you are is a foulmouthed child.

  131. LOL Taking a leaf out of the book of your new fan are you.

    What I said was I prefer Celine's rendition over Sia's. You decided to argue me on that with a demonstration of your inability to grasp emotional understanding of both language and music.
    ( because hon, if you make a statement regarding " artistic expression" you are most certainly making a value judgment. Even that you fail to grasp.)

    If you don't care what I prefer, you could have simply not responded to my statement of subjective preference and instead voiced your dislike of what you consider a lack of originality by Celine in an independent comment rather than in reply to me.

    Now you can think all you want of my abilities sweetie.
    Much like Henrique's, it is an opinion worthless to me since I have my own opinion on the ability of either of you to judge such things as command of the English language and IQ levels.

  132. I see you concur she needs three takes. :-)

  133. LOL "ass" twice? He must really have gotten to you.

  134. STOP calling women whore. Don't you have respect for anything?? If she lip sync or not, WHO CARES. She's not less than anyone Diva in this blog because of that.

    That's a difference between discuss a theme and bashing just for attention.

  135. "I mean , for Pete sake! You actually didn't get I am done with responding to your inane arguments against my preferring Celine's rendition over Sia's rendition."- You are one stupid bitch lmao. I didn't argue against you preferring Celine. I made comments on your word choice referring to her approach to the song in regards to her musicianship. I really hope you're not as stupid as you're showing yourself to be. However, if you're kidding, that's an even bigger shame because it shows that you're spending your time acting a damn fool.

  136. LOL Way to come back dude..with some more of your "opinion" on me. Because like I said in the comment...I care so very much.

  137. That's wonderful. Go get yourself a cookie, enjoy it, get a car, drive and find someone on the street that gives a fuck, cos I don't. But I'll be sure to inform you if I come across one who does. :)

  138. How can I like this ? lol

  139. Yup, that about sums up what I told you in my last two comments. Thanks for the recap but you know, you didn't need to do your processing of my words in public.:-)

  140. Hahaha I love the cartoons of Lizzie.

    I am thinking of ordering the T shirt. Or maybe two and sent one to the foulmouthed one.

  141. or


  143. Look at you trying to "Celine" me lol. Inept, ineffective imitation. Didn't you say you were done with this convo? Yet here you are again.
    This is why I laugh at your so-called "understanding of language". You obviously have struggles understanding yourself.

  144. Dear, you have been effectively dismissed by me some time ago.
    The moment in fact when you jumped on your own little merry-Go-Round, tried to replay your arguments and I stated I was not joining you but told you to simply scroll back to read my first time replies to said arguments..

    Which is also the moment I said I was done....with replying to arguments already replied to!
    And is the moment I left any emotional involvement in this conversation behind.

    Even posted a really good gif but lost the maximum effect by posting it twice. Making you look to care just a little too much.
    I came back with the perfect response to your trashy looking alter ego...and you still try to get at me.
    Due to your inability to emotional understanding of language, still oblivious to the can't.
    Because unlike your false claim of " not caring" while obviously continuing to care deeply, I meant it when I said I don't care. :-)

    And btw sweetie...that is not Celine.
    It is a roll of the eyes over you choosing to continue this path.

  145. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan8 August 2013 at 19:25

    No idea who you are, and I might be a bit crazy as it's waaaaaaaay past midnight here, but hello you look cute in the photo... (if that is you)

  146. haha, thanks ;-)

  147. Yikes, didn't know posting this would incite the hundred years war.

  148. Yes, you GET my point of view Vinicius. :-)

  149. LOL I never expected to be in one over my innocuous and highly obviously subjective expression of preference and the words I choose to express it in.
    But you know..I AM from a people who fought an 80 years war against Spain and in the end we "won" what we had fought for.

  150. So your post is lovely and all that, but THIS comment is golden!

    "And btw sweetie...that is not Celine nor was it intended to remind you of Celine in any way."

    You really are an IDIOT LMFAOOO! I know that's not Celine. I used Celine's name as a synonym for the word "imitate". Keep up lmfaooo! And all this time, you've been bragging about your understanding of language, but your posts continue to tell a different story.

  151. She's doing this can watch it here, and you can follow her lips movement that synch with the voice..

  152. Really dude you should have read the full sentence.
    It said or " or remind you of Celine in any way" .

    Now sweetie, there is a difference in failing to emotionally understand language and failure to understand gibberish.
    That latter would constitute a literal failure. But hardly one the reader is to be blamed for. :-)

    Unless your "imitate" referred to my replying to your gif with a gif as well, your Celine reference was gibberish.

    Even if it was referring to that, the act of replying with a gif to a gif can hardly be used to accuse one of "imitating" trying to claim it is...again goes to demonstrate your inability to emotionally understand language.

    It is also yet again a demonstration of how stretched you are. As is your exaggerated use of "lmfaooo".

    Now hon, I have not been "all this time, bragging about" my understanding. I don't need to. For me it sufficed to simple give you the facts on that the one time.

    What I have, all this time, been doing is point out your inability to emotionally understand language.
    Superfluously of course, as you continue to demonstrate it in every single post you make.

    Btw you constantly accusing me of something I just pointed out you THAT would be a case of imitation.
    I haven't kept exact count ( don't care enough. Sorry! ) but that "your post continue to tell a different story" must be, at least, the third time you imitated me. And before you are going to pick the last sentence there to put in quotes and use to again demonstrate your issue....I know I didn't put it in the exact same words when I told you the same earlier. :-)


    You don't care enough? But the length of your posts says "yes, I do care". "Pot, kettle, black" is too simple to describe your BS.

    "Really dude you should have read the full sentence.It said or " or remind you of Celine in any way"- I did. And you OBVIOUSLY thought that I thought that woman was Celine. So you might have tried to cover all the bases with the second half, but your thoughts were clear (go figure).

    "It is also yet again a demonstration of how stretched you are."- Better stretched than pressed (you're the latter). Lmfaoooo (just one more for the road ;))

    One of the things you said to me when I said Celine imitated Sia was "If you think Celine and Sia sound the same, you're deluded" Bitch, keep your understanding of language. It's been clear that it's nonexistent.

  154. Luiz Henrique Oliveira10 August 2013 at 02:45

    lol try again.


    "Pot, kettle, black" isn't even enough to describe your sheer hypocrisy and stupidity. You say you don't care, but your post says something completely different.

    "Really dude you should have read the full sentence.It said or " or remind you of Celine in any way"- All you did there was try to cover all the bases. What is blatantly obvious is that you thought that I thought that woman was Celine Dion lol. And THAT'S funny. Lmfaoooo (one more for the road :))

    "Superfluous of course, as you continue to demonstrate it in every single post you make."- Now, isn't that rich lol! When I said "Celine copied Sia", you thought I meant "Celine and Sia sound the same". HAHAHA! Let me just refer back to my first sentence of this post.

  156. Oh no don't you dare come for Mimi.


    Those insults were UNCALLED for.

  157. I'm subjectively inclined to mariah... :P

  158. Can DD block him do you think?

  159. have a look on this singer.

  160. Hello Opie :-)

    Remember you wanted a HQ version to know whether you liked the song or not ? Well, it's out now :-)
    I for one would love to know what you think about it !

    And BTW, my moving back to QC went great, so I know have time to die into Alison Krauss :-P

  161. I like it a lot. Sounds a bit different then Celine used to sound but hey, it's definitely Celine(not Sia LOL).
    Thanks very much for the link and good to hear the move went great. :-)
    Here's one Alison Krauss video I recently uploaded. This is live and a cappella .

  162. And we finally have a studio version! Still loving it :)

  163. It's also on youtube on her Vevo channel. Nelapsi posted it a bit further down :-)

  164. "But even so, different voices have different characteristics, what already makes both versions very different, and different people don't feel the same emotions on the same way. Sia and Celine singing on a "sad" way won't be the same sad as they feel and understand saddness on different ways, on the same way Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey singing on a "hopeful" way wouldn't be the same."-

    This was never in contention. However, none of this stops Celine's version from being an absolute copy of Sia's.

  165. You do care enough, hence this post of yours lmfaooo (one more for the road ;))

    Your ramblings on language don't mean shit, especially when you can't differentiate between "Celine and Sia sound the same" and "Celine copies Sia note-for-note".

    "Btw you constantly accusing me of something I just pointed out you THAT would be a case of imitation."- The idiocy that runs through your veins. Accusing someone of doing something that you do is called HYPOCRISY, not imitation lol.

    Please keep your understanding of language to yourself. It doesn't do anyone else favors. It barely does you any lmao.

  166. Hey linguistic genius! You just can't refrain from making an ass of yourself I see BZ. ROFLMAO

    One month later you are back to demonstrate your inability some more.
    Nope dear, it's most definitely imitation. Ya poor sad sod.
    If I say you are a poor sad sod, like I just did and you reply with calling me a 'poor sad sod" ..that will be you imitating me.

    Now when one replies to a post today, and to the same post tomorrow again and then a full months later to the same post again while accusing the other of caring "too much"...THAT would be called "hypocrisy"

  167. Vinicius Ferreira Mendes6 September 2013 at 05:01

    You are pathetic and you should be ashamed of that.

  168. Beep! Wrong again.

    You repeating my words..that's you imitating.

    You accusing me of doing something, you yourself are guilty of....that's hypocrisy.

    Though you are guilty of both, I was focusing on the former with that quoted remark. Because it tied in with your criticism towards Dion. ( I should have known that would puzzle you)

    Like an example of the latter would be you responding two or three times to the same post, getting no response, coming back a full month later (WTF dude????) to accuse me of caring "too much".

  169. LMFAO @ your idiocy. I said "Accusing someone of doing something that you do is called HYPOCRISY, not imitation lol" and you respond with "You accusing me of doing something you yourself are guilty of....that's hypocrisy".

    A quoted remark is not imitating LMFAO. A quoted remark is REFERENCING. "Quoting" is not synonymous with "imitating".

    However, responding with someone with a gif when they posted a gif before you did IS imitating because you are following a "model" that THEY set.

    One whole month and you're still such a dumbass.

    I hope you're only pretending to be this stupid. I really do.

  170. Dude, just tell your breakfast served by people in white?
    Because you are seriously mentally deranged.

    One last time correcting your mistake but that really is it. You will have to find some other way of entertaining yourself.
    Try listening to music for the purpose it was intended instead of looking for the highest note maybe?
    I understand reading a book is out but maybe watching cartoons is another options for one with your affliction? Those on the children's channels should be geared at your level of understanding.
    Anyway, here it goes....

    You quoted a line I posted. That line went to your resorting to repeating my words. "imitating" me.
    I explained to you that is what it went to. (" I was focusing on the former with that quoted remark" )
    Not to the content of my words you were repeating.

    As for the responding with a gif being "imitation"?
    That would first of all be like saying me responding with words to your words is me "imitating" you. It's also, an that is the part you lack understanding on, totally the socially appropriate way to respond.

    It is ALSO hypocrisy to use that occurrence in order to accuse me of imitating when you had already been imitating me by throwing the very accusations at me I had just thrown at you in my previous comment. Which is the occurrence which lead me to post the line you now , one month later , came back to demonstrate your inability to understand language with yet again.

    Is there really no responsible individual around to prevent you from making the giant fool of yourself, you keep making?
    I guess in that case, sad as it is, it's going to have to be the person you decided to focus your obsessive nature and inabilities on.
    I won't be responding anymore from now on dear.
    Really! Try the Cartoon Network for your mental ability appropriate entertainment!

  171. LOL if thinking that makes you feel any better, I'd like for you to feel that way.
    You can't differentiate between simple terms, so what you think is "obvious" is actually irrelevant, unimportant and useless. I'd rather be harmless than meaningless. You're the latter. And to top it off, you're as bright as a broken bulb.
    Anyway, here's to hoping Celine actually gets some kind of musicality in the future and refrains from copying people note-for-note.

  172. Actually no, it doesn't make me feel "any better". I'm not that callous.

  173. It also makes you even more dull and deluded. Congratulations of such talents. Shame they're ones nobody wants. Toodles.

  174. Great. Go put your feelings in a box, get a cookie, sit in a corner and eat it all by yourself, because I don't give a damn.
    Better harmless than useless. You're the latter. Not to incredibly dull and deluded. What "wonderful" gifts. Shame they're ones no one wants.