Tuesday, 10 September 2013

[Listen] The Weeknd Samples Emika's "Professional Loving" on Own Track "Professional"

emika weeknd

So I was minding my own business, taking a listen to The Weeknd's new album- Kiss Land- when  I got a very pleasant surprise. Two and a half minutes into opener Professional, when the track begins to wind down seemingly to its conclusion, the song unexpectedly starts up again. Now that's not the kindly surprise I was referring to before; it was actually the choice of sample used-  Emika's Professional Love- to build the coda that made me pause and smile [Don't click on that link if you plan to sleep, EVER].

I suppose I'm just agog that he's even aware of Emika, since her début album wasn't a big seller. But the two artist do share a dark and melancholy sound, so perhaps it's not so unexpected that their musical paths would have crossed eventually. Seriously, if you like The Weeknd's brand of atmospheric electronica, you'll probably enjoy Emika's 2011, self-titled album.

Check out Emika's original and The Weeknd's subsequent use of the sample, below.



  1. So glad you posted on this! I was excited for The Weeknd's new album and thought nobody else cared...

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