Wednesday 23 October 2013

[Watch] Britney Spears Whips Alan Carr's Minions into shape

Do you ever feel like those around you aren't giving all that they could when in your glorious presence? That your family, co-workers, and/or friends just aren't pulling their weight when necessary? I used to be like you, but then turned to the Britney Spears "Work B!tch" program to whip those layabouts into shape!! Now no longer do I have to put up with anything less than 100% from those I surround myself with! Just watch Britney demonstrate her incentivising skills on television personality Alan Carr's slacking lackeys!!

Silliness aside, this little skit from his interview with Britney  had me giggling like an immature chimp- mainly because of her ending each crack with "Work B!tch". The reason why she was putting her whip to use wasn't out of sheer randomness though, but to demonstrate the "skill" she learnt while filming her latest promo.

Check out that clip and the whole interview, where Brit didn't seem half as awkward as usual, below. Hooray for almost there, but not quite, Britney!



  1. Flawless post, flawless queen. I should whip a few people too :P.

  2. what is it about his woman I could watch her all day do nothing, I have no idea why but I have always wanted her to do well,be well and be happy. She emits something I can't put put into to words no matter how she lip synchs or has a bad performance I root for her time and time again. Long live Britney Spears such a beautiful soul.

  3. I think you got it. Her beautiful soul. She's like a kind little girl you want her to be happy. Even with all her past she exhudes a kind of shy purity.

  4. Can we talk about Britney revealing the album cover for Britney Jean and her fan letter that made me ugly cry while I was in the middle of Pre-Calc class?