Sunday 27 October 2013

[Watch] Janelle Monáe Performs "Electric Lady" @ SNL

Janelle Monáe is one talented firecracker of a Diva. Enjoying (much deserved) critical acclaim with album number three, The Electric Lady, the singer took to Saturday Night Live to give the audience a taster of the LP's title track, where she not only impressed with her elastic pipes, but also her skills as a rapper. (Seriously, I would buy an album of her just spitting bars.)

The monochromatic wonder also performed Dance Apocalyptic, where she apparently knocked over her microphone (but recovered like a boss). However I can't find that clip on video sites, and NBC player won't let me watch it from my country! DARN YOU!  I'm sure it'll pop up at some point. I'll amend the post when that happens!




  1. Now this is one lady I will happily get off my lazy ass for and overhaul her profile. This "Electric Lady" album just showcased all her abilities in the soprano tessitura.

  2. Not really a dancer is she? ;-)
    also I am a bit underwhelmed at her vocals. A bit "shouty"

  3. Why? Cos shes not doing tap or ballroom? Get the hell outta here ---->