Tuesday 1 October 2013

[Watch] Katy Perry Performs @ 2013 Itunes Festival

Katy Perry closed the iTunes Festival yesterday, performing a selection of her hit singles for the packed audience at the Roundhouse in Camden. The Diva, who seemed to have adopted a rockier edge, also performed a few cuts from forthcoming album Prism- including latest single Roar.

Vocally, Katy was pretty much on point. Her voice was close to those laid down in studio for much of the set, but I had a personal problem enjoying the wobbly, weak tone in the midrange (which was most notable in first song, Walking On Air). The voice was definitely more impressive when Katy warmed up and left the midrange, with the belts and head notes sounding surprisingly good. Fireworks, however, still sounds a note or two too high for her live range.

I'm no expert on Katy Perry's live voice (is there such a thing?), so I'm not sure if this would be classified as a good showing for the Diva. Perhaps some of Katycats can inform me either way in the comments. I thought it was serviceable enough. After all, Katy isn't known for being a vocalist. I'm just surprised that at this point in her career, the stage presence isn't quite there.

Random thought: What was with the dark and dirty Dark Horse!?  Absolutely Loving that! (Just took a listen to the studio version, for some reason wasn't feeling that...weird).




  1. I only listened to 3 of the performances (Walking on Air, Dark Horse and Firework) because that's the extent of my masochistic tendencies. With that said, I do think that for Katy these were good live vocals, however she has yet to do justice to "Firework" with ANY of her live performances. I still also think that in "Walking on Air" she sounds like she's doing an impression of someone (vocally) but it is a good song ( I am partial to the early 90's vibe) and actually don't mind it.

  2. That was amazing, a wonderful performance. The better live set of Katy Perry i would say. "By the Grace of God", was amazing. I mean she sang almost all of her songs pretty well. Knowing every live she's done in her career, these can for sure being called "excellent".

  3. Umm, her performance of Firework was on point.
    What the fuck are you talking about?