Wednesday 13 November 2013

[Spam Post] Live Performances From Black Girls Rock, The EMAs and The X-Factor

There has been a whole host of live events that I haven't managed to cover on the blog- most notably Black Girls Rock and the European Music Awards. I did consider just letting the events float by, undocumented, but decided you guys deserve more! So here goes!

Black Girls Rock:
I thought about uploading each performance separately in the post, but since the BET player doesn't seem to like waiting around for a person to actually press play before starting, I thought it would be kinder on your ears to have only one video autoplay when you opened the post- oppose to six! (The rest of the videos are accessible via the scroll bar at the bottom of the player.)

Below is  a short recap of my thoughts on each performance:

Jennifer Hudson- I loved this performance, mainly because it embodied the spirit of the show brilliantly. The stage was full of black women of different hues, sizes and ages just having a good time (and all without any twerking)! It was also great to see an all female band in the back.

Janelle MonĂ¡e: always brings it, but dare I say, she's starting to seem like she's playing it safe with her performances of Electric Lady. Still, it was pretty perfect.

Ledisi- this Diva is a chameleon. She looks like a different person every time I see her! However, what doesn't change is the voice. This is a confident Diva who knows her voice, so it's little wonder the vocal was on point during this rendition of I Blame You.

Amber Riley - The most startling thing- to me- about this Amber Riley performance of I Am Woman was how mature her voice sounds now. When I used to watch Glee- admittedly that was during series one- her voice had  a youthful sound to it. It's still there, but nowhere near as prevalent as it once was. She also demonstrated how she's grown as a vocalist, utilising a variety of different tones and textures throughout the performance.

Kelly Rowland ft. Sevyn Streeter and Eve- Wow, Kelly's voice sounded great, and her confidence was palpable. It's just a shame the song- Gone - is a little meh. Sevyn Streeter was also a surprise to me, her voice sounded effortless.

Patti Labelle - The Diva was missing some of her usual gusto. Even still, her voice was something to behold! It was an emotional performance of You Are My Friend from the Diva, and was dedicated to her publicist Patti Webster who died in September. The Misy Copland introduction was also a beautiful touch, bringing a little diversity to the show.

Celine Dion is out promoting, and the latest stop on the trail was X-Factor UK! The Diva gave an effortless rendition of title track Loved Me Back To Life, but though vocally accomplished, everything else was slightly stilted. A little bit of her zany personality/crazy mannerisms would have remedied that.

I haven't paid much attention to Little Mix since...well ever. I didn't even recall that they won the X-Factor last year until I watched the booming intro for this performance. However, their new single, Move, I actually quite like! It's got a great beat, fresh feel, interesting melody and lush vocals, which they did a great job recreating live on stage two weeks back.

Miley Cyrus's opened the 2013 EMAs this year singing We Can't Stop. I haven't been here/there/wherever for any performance of the song so far- they all just make me feel icky- and this one was no different.

What I was here for though, was her second performance of the night where she gave a stunning rendition of Wrecking Ball. I even had someone comparing it to the moment they heard Adele sing Someone Like You at the 2011 Brit Awards. I personally wouldn't go that far, but it clearly moved people- and that's what music is about.

Katy Perry was also at the EMAs this year, where she served up a pitchy slice of next single Unconditionally. I would like to have attributed the unsteady vocals to the heights she ascends to during the performance, but unforunately the problems were there right from the outset.

And that's your lot for today!  I just can't watch any more- I'm over-saturated!  I think I might explode..



  1. yay, glad you featured little mix, im hoping their future material is similar to move and less lack luster than their previous releases because they really are a tremendous girl group vocally ! :) i really cant fault them vocally.

  2. This is one of my favourites of theirs. Truly remarkable vocalists!

  3. Speaking of miss Cyrus' talents cop a gander at this dare I say perfect performance

  4. Ledisi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That woman can shut it DOWN! Most definitely! I don't really watch BET that much. I mean, the only time I find myself watching that network is when The Game is on (Brandy's on it now haha!) & Sunday's Best. Other than that? It's dry. Real Husband's Of Hollywood is an exception, sometimes. I used to like 106 & Park when Rocci and Terrence J were on it. Bow Wow? Meh, too bland. So yup, that's my excuse. Sucks, though, because I really wish I'd have seen that special. Jennifer Hudson, Ledisi AND Patti Labelle on the same stage??? That's SO rewarding as each of those ladies are extraordinary vocalists. Jennifer isn't as technically sound as the other two, but her extraterrestrial voice compensates. And Amber Riley was there too? That's unbelievable. Looks like I'll be watching BET more often =D

  5. Did celine lower her song? The key sounded slightly lower. Maybe that's why it was easier for her.

  6. EvilTroyandEvilAbed14 November 2013 at 01:27

    Completely agree. I hope DD spotlights them more often. Absolutely tremendous harmonies. They've really stepped up their game with this new album, and it's much stronger than their debut. Loving the RnB/90's RnB influence on this album. They've clearly been listening to a lot of En Vogue and Destiny's Child

    Song which sums it all up - "Boy". Take a listen. Razor sharp harmonies and clear DC influences. Unbelievable track. Love that they open it up a capella

  7. Hahahaha Perfect quote.

    But even though it's very true..that's my attitude as's a chance to practice and, hopefully, improve my English.

  8. Another lie because you argues me a while back over the term "butch"

  9. Pardon the typo...*argued*

  10. the harmonies are perfect ! love love love !.

  11. This Little Mix doesn't seem to have much more than good, though basic, harmonies though. Individually they are very bland singers imo.

  12. Now THAT's The Goods delivered!

  13. btw DD both the Miley vids have been removed it seems. Lucky for me I saw it and downloaded Wrecking Ball vid already. Excellent performance.

  14. EvilTroyandEvilAbed14 November 2013 at 06:33

    Disagree, but I guess that's the beauty of music. Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and especially Perrie much more remarkable singers than Miley.

    Also, listen again because those harmonies are on par with MKS and Destiny's Child. Just listen to their song "Boy"

  15. Well, you are free to disagree. :-)
    The Miley reference however...bit childish and pointless.

    I mean "defending" your faves by saying it's all subjective and than throwing shade at someone you know I like???

    I of course completely disagree with that claim.

    Suffice it to say ..Miley is making it as a solo artist. Are these girls? We don't know at this point.

    As for the harmonies my referene point on this is not MKS or Destiny's Child but Bluegrass harmonies.
    Now I tried to find a live version of Boy but couldn't find one so had to make do with the studio version. I still say that's good but basic harmonies.
    My reference point for harmonies btw is not Destiny's Child or MKS but Bluegrass.

  16. Sorry about the repeat of some lines. I fear I will be forced by my own inattentiveness to make a Disqus account again because these guest comments unfortunately can't be edited after posting. :-(

  17. I loved J. Hud's performance. Ledisi was just feelin' the song she was singing and it was definitely a fun to watch. The whole show was so calm and suddenly just when Patti appeared everyone just stood up! That just shows how influential she is. Whoever Alice Smith is, her tone is at the same time quite special and a lil' annoying.

    DAMN I wish I could sing like a black lady.

    Celine gave a superb performance, but is it weird to say I preferred her in the link you provided where she sang in the toilet?

  18. RE: Black Girls Rock - J-Hud is definitely sounding a lot better recently, with better control over her voice and Patti Labelle was still as great as ever (definitely still the best example of a vocalist who has maintained her voice over the years) and it's good to see Kelly Rowland getting more recognition for having a good voice because she and Michelle have always been behind Beyonce's shadow (though I have always far preferred the richness and solidity of Kelly's voice and timbre). I'd have love to have seen the brilliant Queen Latifah perform too - she is probably the ultimate example of great rapper who is also a great singer, which is rare. The only other person who comes close to how talented she is at doing both is probably Lauryn Hill.

  19. Her voice suits this song perfectly.

  20. I've been listening to the iTunes version... so I have no idea of the difference.

  21. I don't hear much difference at all. She's almost as bad as me with being a horrible self critic. I didn't know she beats herself up like that.

  22. The only kind of differences I hear are very minor. Mainly with the layering of her vocals along with the effects. Idk. The official version sounds much less "fake". Also there's more clarity in contrast with the main vocal and the background vocals. But its nothing to really point out and kill yourself over.

  23. Almost identical. I think you're your hardest critic. I just think it's sorta funny how people "say" there is a major difference when in reality most people won't notice. Idk, maybe this person has insanely keen hearing and does notice dramatic differences but I personally don't. Could be the average fangirl.

  24. No, she wrote it herself, the iTunes version is the final one.

  25. Having been lucky enough to see Lana perform live twice, I have to say Miley's version at the very least eclipses her's vocally.

  26. Can anybody do a vocal showcase of the song?

  27. "To cut to the chase, a mistake was made by a brand new sound engineer whose only task was to press the space bar and upload the song to Facebook", what a condescending thing to say. I wonder what happened to whoever was at fault. smh.

    btw, press 'space bar' to upload media on FB? lol.

  28. i think this one sounded better due to a better blend between the melody and vocals but still i don't think it will be number 1

  29. She is the queen, and anyone that says different don't know music. lol..

  30. Ledisi got THIN!!! Wow. A weird site, but she looks good nonetheless. And those G#5s were on point. And then that Bb5? My heart dropped! To sing at the top of her range with the amount of ease she does while maintaining resonance (most of the time) along with such a Balanced mix? What an impressive feat. She's a fantastic vocalist!

    Amber? I felt she was okay. The song was nice, but I'm not sure if she pulled the charismatic quality off well. Nice attempt, though. Vocally? Nothing stellar, but it was solid. That's definitely applause worthy, I think.

    Kelly??? Where do I begin? I call dibs! She's mine! That's my future wife & baby mama right there! lol

    Patti was phenomenal. Oh my goodness! It never ceases to amaze me that after ALL of these years this woman STILL has a seemingly peerless voice. Emotionally, that was out of this world. And the vocals? Bb5 & Bb6??? Words cannot fathom how great that performance was, in all aspects. Bravo Ms Labelle. You did it again! That was at the highest degree. She was a transcendental being at that event!