Tuesday 12 November 2013

[Hit Or Miss?] Mariah Carey- "The Art Of Letting Go"

ARGH! I'm out and have no way to listen to Mariah Carey's new song, The Art Of Letting Go, which has debuted on the Diva's Facebook page!! Please guys, take a listen to it at that link and let me know what I should expect by leaving a comment. I've already had one opinion-from a member of family- saying simply: "Auto-Tune". Should I be worried?! Or are they trolling me, knowing I can't hear it! If it is bad, please at least let the glorious strings and soaring whistles that were hinted at in the teaser be indicative of a quality production!

And if you can't be bothered to leave a long and descriptive comment, simply vote: Hit or miss?I'll try and listen to the song as soon as possible- which will probably be tomorrow morning now. PLEASE LET IT BE GOOD!!

Follow-up: Added the video

[On a different note, it's amazing what one can do with an internet connection and a phone (and whilst inebriated)!! It's just unfortuante it's too loud where I am to hear the audio stream from Facebook]


  1. Primo Uomo Assoluto13 November 2013 at 01:57

    No. I'm a vocalist myself as well as music producer/engineer. I know what goes on even on albums of jazz vocalists to punk rock to folk to country to mariachi, etc. Everything gets enhancement of some kind, EVERYTHING. Except classical music, which might get a slight corrective EQ and also be comped from different takes.

  2. Well, let's get started.

    The song is weak, forgetable, and BORING. Mariah's voice is not in top shape here. Horrible recording, just like Whitey's "I look to you". And what about the medoly? I sounds like Jennifer Lopez' song "Baby I love you".

    Oh, My God! I lived the day to see (hear) Mariah copying Jennifer Lopez? Now I know the world is about to end.

  3. lol You're such a drama queen.

  4. didn't you noticed it before? So lazy!

  5. so insightful. thank you.

  6. I wouldn't know. I don't listen to Mariah apart from what passed through this website. LOL.

  7. I did say "use as much use of these technical options as most of what you hear on the radio"
    Meaning I am not saying "none" but way way less than your average pop album.
    Of course everybody uses some enhancement. Hell, even the process of recording in itself could be considered an enhancement of sorts.
    But check out some of the work by Anouk or Shelby Lynne. There is minimal use there of technical tricks to enhance the vocals.
    And if you'll forgive me I am not going to put much stock in claims of achievements on the internet unless they are backed up with proof. Which albums have you produced and/or engineered? Where can we buy recordings of your voice?
    Frankly your tagname doesn't help in aspiring confidence either in such claims. You might be the sort who likes to exaggerate a tad. ;-D

  8. Admittedly that line might not have been clear enough as that first *use* should have been *make*. ;-)

  9. Whatever MC does is genius, there's no question about that. I love the belt at the end. i wonder why everyone (not u lambs) is saying as if she regained some "lost" voice. they must have not paid attention to the songs in E=MC2 and Memoirs. The belt in AOLG sounds similar to Angel's Cry belt. I just wish she had stretched it longer :-/

  10. Primo Uomo Assoluto13 November 2013 at 13:14

    LMAO, most audio engineers and music producers aren't working in LA or Nashville with huge names, most of us work in "vanity" projects for local artists. But some things you can check out I've work on is by Deborah Wedekind (you can also find her on iTunes under DeDe) and in the punk band Flatfoot 56's album "BlackThorn". And as for myself, I haven't officially released anything commercially yet, I'm 25 years old and been more concentrated on school (grad school) than on music in the last year and a half. But if you wish, here you can hear a sampler of some of my songs which I produced myself, they display versatility going from opera to pop to rock, as well as my 5 octave range. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1RX0I23T_w

    In any case, I got nothing to prove to you because...who are you and why should I care?

  11. I think that Mariah didn't lose her voice, just the buttery quality that it used to have back in the 90's, now it's somehow dry :/

  12. actually, u are right. I was listening to Miss You Most At Christmas Time few mins ago. her voice melts like butter in that one. thankfully, the tone is still there. well, we'll just have to wait for the entire album i guess.

  13. I think having set the bar so up high herself, MC's only competition is her former self.

  14. It's cool to see you here :P.

  15. Yes, but during each of those three takes she still hit the notes and did so successfully (at least for the F5s and F#5s in make it happen.) If she's displaying vocals like those, then I dont think it's a stretch to say she can perform this live.

  16. Really? I don't think that's exactly debatable though. I mean, in her Christmas Special, it follows the same trajectory but she paused and stopped the note earlier to catch her breath. That seems clearly live to me.

  17. She could sing the ABC'S and have the music arranged that she does her mellisma's and can even do her own inflections to every alphabets.

    I'd still die and she's is still my fave, she can sing to me with a burger in her mouth and id probably still find it to be the best thing in the world.

  18. This needs an update and a vocal showcase plz

  19. Yeah - I wish Diva would change this already....

  20. I'm actually pretty excited for her & Tony Bennett's jazz duets Aabum coming out early next year. I LOVED "Lady is a Tramp"... hope this album showcases her range and vocal versatility more.

  21. LOL I am afraid you missed the point. Which was that you can just give your opinion without trying to claim it's somehow more valid because you are a producer/engineer/vocalist.
    Such claims you see are A: not really believable as anybody can make any claim on the net and B: unless you have made a living off it...you are not a "engineer", "producer" or "vocalist" in the sense that you can claim any authority based on it.

    So no dude. I wasn't asking you to proof anything. I was asking you to understand your opinion in itself is enough and to please not make any claim it somehow has more authority than anybody else's here.

    I btw checked out your youtube channel already.

    I fail to see, amongst those defensive words you say you don't need to post, any acknowledgement of the fact that you indeed misread my comment. Nor any response to my arguments. It looks like even though you "don't care"...the point you responded to was in fact all you cared about.

  22. LOL There was a reason they needed three takes. I don't think it's any stretch either that she hit some notes in the one take and some in the others. Which is not going to work "live". That is if one considers Live singing to be what used to be called live singing where something actually happens in real time as you are watching it so to speak.
    So yeah, she might and likely IS able to hit those notes but I am doubtful she can hit them all in one take and I suggest she herself is equally doubtful and considering her choices so far...isn't likely going to risk attempting it. Opting as usual for not singing it Live for real any time soon.

  23. A HIT simply.. This shows the raw belting and power that popularised Carey in the debut era which exploded onto the scene, I actually remember when I was 4 watching this tv show with my Mum I'm sure it was the David letterman on 1997 and it was the greatest live performance I had ever seen and my mum was a massive mariah fan I am inlove with mariah and back to her new single it is like she is re creating her self fro. Which she lost due to memoirs not being the best display of her vocals this songs is great

  24. Primo Uomo Assoluto14 November 2013 at 06:33

    Your comment lacks any logic because making money off of something doesn't make you actually good at it. Being a vocalist doesn't mean "making a living off of singing", being a vocalist means using the voice as an instrument with the level of control and skill an instrumentalist would have over this instrument, and that...I do.

    Being a music producer doesn't mean mapping some beats on fruit loops or garage band and then selling it to some rapper. Being a music producer means knowing about music, the technology of audio recording, the science of audio recording (all the different physics laws and electronics applied to it), and actually turning out high quality results. And that, I do.

  25. Nope, it's your comment which lacks logic. Who is talking about being "good at it"? I am talking about you drawing authority on a claim of achievement.
    The point is that one cannot claim a professional authority unless it is one's profession. AND even if it's one's profession it indeed doesn't mean one is any good at it. Which means in and by itself, even if your claims were real, they still don't have any bearing on your opinion perse.

    And what you "do" is make youtube videos. I am sorry dude but that doesn't make you a "music producer".
    Especially not with today's equipment . Equipment which these days also really isn't all that expensive.

    Again though, all this is still beside the point. You originally posted the claim " everything that ends up on radio is pitch corrected (simply because people now expect it), EQ'd, compresed, de-essed, limited, and sweetened with delay and reverb. That's why it's contemporary music as opposed to
    classical music."

    I simply pointed out not every artist in contemporary music uses these technical options as much as the average pop album does.
    I stand by that claim.
    No matter how much you prefer to push what a "Primo Uomo Assoluto" you are. ;-)

    Why don't you simply admit you responded thinking I made a more generally statement than I made because you didn't read carefully enough. I am sure it wouldn't make you less of a wonderful man than you are to admit you spoke hastily.The contrary in fact. :-)

  26. Uh, what. She hit an F5 in all three takes (well, one was just a really resonant borderline F5 but still). If that's not sure fire evidence for her vocals, then I'm not sure what is. My point was, she could probably work with this song live and not flounder with it.

    But I really do appreciate the condescending tone. Keep on being you, Opie.

  27. this apparently isn't the real tune...mc just released the real version...Hard to explain. Just read her post and listen to the video. to me it sounds a bit better, just because the vocals now match better to the instrumental. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151990844498180

  28. Primo Uomo Assoluto14 November 2013 at 18:32

    LMAO, now you are showing flat out stupidity. So you think my entire life can be reduced to posting videos on youtube I do for fun or to show music I've done? LMAO, wow, get psychological help.
    For your information, I have a Bachelor's degree in Music, a Masters in Audio Recording and I just started working on a PhD. I don't work with home equipment, I work with an SSL Duality which costs a quarter of a million dollars at recording studios such as Tierra and SugarHill (the latter being one of Beyonce's regular recording studios).

    Again, since your tiny brain has failed to comprehend it the first time: "Achievement" (and what do you even mean by that?) does not make you something...skill, knowledge and experience are what make you "it". And I have that. Do you think most audio engineers and music producers have won a Grammy? LOL, and for the record, I am part of the Grammy Award Association in the sense I do vote as a registered member.

    Now please, show me a single commercial recording that has not been either (a little or a lot) pitch corrected, EQ'd, compressed, de-essed, run through time based effects (delay, reverb, etc), or has (not) been mixed + mastered or changed/enhanced in any way, just recorded and put out exactly as "is". I'll wait right here.

  29. Primo Uomo Assoluto14 November 2013 at 18:45

    Ah, and for the record, the name Primo Uomo Assoluto refers to the castrati singers of the 17th and 18th centuries, the name means "Absolute first man" and it refers to their position as part of the orchestral ensemble, they are the first musical instrument in a piece. The term is actually older than "Prima Donna", it doesn't mean someone fussy or bitchy or demanding, it means (originally) the first musician of the ensemble, the lead.
    Now sit your ignorant ass down and educate yourself before you run your mouth as if you know anything about anything.

  30. http://www.survivingcollege.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Mean-Girls-GIF-I-Wish-I-Could-Bake-A-Cake-Full-Of-Rainbows-and-Smiles.gif

  31. And where did I claim it meant "fussy", "bitchy" or "demanding"?
    What I suggested was that someone calling himself "absolute first man" as an internet tagname..is a bit full of himself.

    All your comments back up that impression with your bragging, claims to fame and name dropping combined with attempts to denigrate me and your utter inability so far to accept you misread my comment.
    It is further more backed up by a notable absence of a sense of humor.
    Now why don't you instead sit your ass down and try reading before responding to what your pathetic ego so quickly and mistakenly feels insulted about.
    You dude, at this point are a nobody in the music bizz. And I am pretty sure you are not by far alone . There are loads of nobodies with exactly the same academic credentials as you claim to hold.

    btw imo you have good technique and a pleasant tone but are not a really good singer. You are in fact the kind of bloke who proves there is more to singing than tone and what you can learn in a vocal class. By lacking that more.

    And you don't know anything about me doll. Just because I don't go around bragging or making claims on the net to people I say I don't care for their opinion and then proceed to demonstrate an inordinate care for...doesn't mean there's nothing to know. It just means that I truly don't care much what some meaningless joker on the net thinks of me.

  32. Dude you are still not getting it. I could claim here I have a Nobel prize in physics. This is the internet. That kind of claim means squat.
    But how much you aren't getting the point is evident by you thinking the dropping of a famous name who worked in the same studio you claim to work on your youtube videos means anything in the context of this discussion.

    Let me put it as plain as I can...stop bragging and realise it has no bearing on the correctness of my original statement. Which you really ought to try actually reading before you reply again.

    I never said any album is recorded and put out as is.
    I consistently said there are a lot of albums in contemporary music who use these technical options NOT AS MUCH AS the average pop album.

  33. Tell that to the dude who already twice called me names Marc.

  34. Seriously dude? Where was I "condescending"? I am simply stating my conclusion based on her actions the past decade. There was no condescending tone there at all. You're toes are awfully long if you read this in that comment.

    My point was that what she could notwithstanding...she isn't likely to sing it fully live anytime soon.

    The fact that she hit one of the notes in all three takes (and even that you admit was once borderline) means nothing in regards to what I said. If you can claim she hit say 90 % of all the notes in each of those three performances..THEN you would have a case for her ability. But still not for whether she is likely to opt for taking the risk of performing it fully live.

  35. I tried to but Disqus didn't let me post that same link twice :'(

  36. LOL I am sure there's another fitting gif. But okay, I stand corrected. ;-)

    btw I am not really the one who started out with all the huffing and puffing. I just made a simple correction on what I considered a rather bold claim and was responded to with a non reading but "stepped on his dick" as we say in Dutch, response.

  37. Well you know I love you both so I hope it's gonna be fine :P

  38. should of been called "the fart I'm letting go" dire!

  39. "btw imo you have good technique and a pleasant tone but are not a really good singer"

    ....you shouldn't have done that, Opie. You just opened up a can of worms by belittling his singing. I'm saying this because I'm human & within essence of humanity, I care: RUN NOW! lol

  40. It just has a whistle added to the end

  41. Honestly, although I don't always like you but I do always respect your opinions as you're so calm to handling stuff. Kudos, woman!

  42. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 01:50

    I know you are a 50-something year old nazi bitch too ugly to show her pictures online :)

    I claimed to be an audio engineer and a vocalist, I didn't claim to win the Nobel prize, that's a huge, HUGE difference, and the fact you can compare the two is absolutely ridiculous.

    I spoke based on my knowledge and experience as someone who has worked at the studio and recorded bands of different musical styles, that is all.

    And actually, I'm a pretty damn good singer, I have the versatility to sing genres of music so opposed in style such as pop/rock and opera, I have a finely tuned ear and I have such control that allows me to sing very challenging music full of chromaticism and wide intervals. So you will just have to deal :)

    And finally, not being famous doesn't mean someone is not good at what they do. If fame were all that mattered to determine skill as a musician, then Madonna would be the greatest singer to ever live.

    So, pardonnez mon fran├žais, but go fist yourself.

  43. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 01:53

    The creature is very stupid :) how can someone have good technique (the most essential thing to be a good singer) and not be a good singer? And what makes the creature think it is qualified to give an opinion about what is or isn't good singing? Too many idiots think they are experts at music just because they own a radio. I've been studying music for almost 10 years and still I refuse to give voice lessons to people who ask me to because I don't feel ready to do that until I got sufficient experience (another 10 years) and this creature thinks it is qualified to talk about the singing of people infinitely more skilled than it is? LMAO.

  44. Them talons though... GAWD, you just went all out peregrine falcon on her. I've never seen someone on this site with your level of intelligence just go at it with someone else in such a way. DAMN... This ain't a pretty verbal brawl.

  45. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 02:15

    Actually you did. I made a statement supported by about 7 years involved in the field of music and about 4 years in the field of audio recording. A statement you cannot prove incorrect because indeed, nothing in contemporary music goes from microphone to pressed CD without receiving some form of enhancement. Yet you decided to try to discredit me and sass me as if you had any experience in the world of audio recording (do you?). It's as if I went to general surgeon and without the years of study or experience tried to tell him about how to sew someone up after surgery.

    Then you went on to make assumptions about my entire existing, talking as if my whole life could be reduced to posting videos on YouTube.

    And then you went on to try to talk about my singing as if you (again) had any validity to your opinion supported by either study, experience or personal skill. And mind you, I'm totally open to criticism - from people who actually have the knowledge to give it, as I still work on my voice with a professional voice teacher with 30 years of experience.

    But the worst offense of them all, the one that marks you as the lowest of the low, is when you equate fame with skill or quality. That's as basic as a mind can get.

  46. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 02:21

    LOL, thanks. I just feel it attacked me first and doesn't even want to admit it. I made a statement saying that everything in contemporary music is enhanced somehow, so there's no point on throwing a fit because Mariah's vocals might have been "tightened" as it is simply what's expected nowadays. And then the creature attacked me using such fallacy such as that fame = skill.

  47. I'll just sit and watch from a safe cliff free, feather free, talon free, stoop free, course free, pigeon free, and bird of prey free area. I'm come from hiding when the feathers become unruffled.

  48. LOL How? Well you prove how. Maybe you want to post that link to your channel again?

    That is again a response containing one silly remark, a bit of cheap name calling and a boat load of bragging from you.

    All because you simply cannot admit you misread my original statement which is in fact an absolutely factual and correct one.

  49. Although I'm not a regular user, I have sporadically been visiting diva devotee since its early inception. This thread definitely steals the show as one of the most ridiculous threads I have read here. You're ONLINE - on a forum claiming to be an expert. Realize how ridiculous you sound. This is not a peer reviewed scientific journal. There is no degree here that will back up your opinion.

    Your repeated references to Opie Ever 2 as "it" reminds me of a tantrum-throwing four-year-old who's had her feelings hurt because it's not her birthday, so she doesn't get to blow out the candles. It is too childish to be coming from someone as accomplished you claim to be.

    And I actually agree with your initial comment at the beginning of the thread.

  50. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 04:12

    Read what I wrote, did I ever write something calling myself expert? I called myself an audio engineer/music producer (which I am) and a vocalist (which I also am). Meaning I've been around audio recording for long enough to know what goes on into making an album, not just for pop music but for other kinds of contemporary music.

  51. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 04:13

    You do know that "pleasant" is a matter of opinion, right?

  52. So brave! Welp....

    In Loving Memory of Ope Ever2

    19somethin' - November 14th, 2013


  53. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 04:17

    I offered you proof of some of the things I've worked on :) I could also post pictures of the studios I've worked/recording in, some which MarkB has seen :) But you don't mean enough to me to even try.
    You made a huge assumption about me and now you are mad you called out on your fallacies. And actually, I could prove you are (at least) not a model, since you are so ugly you don't dare post your face pictures on facebook.

  54. Awesome. Good for you. Make good use of your knowledge! I personally don't like your singing and tone, although that's a rather subjective matter. Most people I know hate Mariah Carey's tone and attitude. I, on the other hand, love it. Someone out there is bound to find your voice enticing.

  55. Dude, for the very last time as I think I better let you be before your ego blows itself up...I never said there is any album in contemporary music which isn't enhanced in some way.
    I also never equated fame with skill in my life. I ,in fact, have been in many an argument on this very blog arguing against such a notion.

    The statements in question I actually made were

    1: that many albums in contemporary music don't use technical enhancements AS MUCH AS the average pop album.
    2: that this is the internet and such claims of knowledge and experience cannot be verified for real.
    3: that even if your claims are true they still do not mean you are very good and therefor this might not indicate a serious level of authority on the subject.

    Now go clean your kitty claws, this fight is over. :-)

  56. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 04:25

    Judging the singing ability of someone based on tone are incredibly basic. For example, I see Christina's fans claiming she's the best singer in the world based on her tone alone (which I find pretty but so what, as there are prettier voices out there). On the other hand, people like Patti Labelle, Mina, Barbra Streisand, Anastacia, Vanessa Amorosi, Monica Naranjo, etc have a "tone" that many find disturbing and even irritating. And the greatest example of that is Maria Callas, the greatest of opera divas, with a vocal tone many found disturbingly ugly as some found fascinating and incredibly moving.

  57. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 04:34

    No one is trying to scare you, I'm trying - at your 50+ years - to teach you about logic. The fact that you assume my whole existence can be reduced to posting videos on YouTube and that you claim "making a living off" something makes you "it", then well, well...I don't know how can you even talk about IQ :) your fallacies are immense, and anyone capable of logic can notice that.

  58. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 04:41

    Are you dead yet? then the "fight" is not over :)


    You did claim that "making a living off" doing something makes you it (audio engineer or vocalist) and I so happen to get paid for either of both when I do it. You also asked "who are you in the music industry" as if I had to be Clive Davis or David Foster to have any knowledge or experience in the field of audio. Such statements are fallacies.

    I made a statement that everything in contemporary music gets some kind of enhancement, and that is 100% true. You chose to start a fight by trying to discredit me.

  59. What makes you think you know my age dude?

  60. Actually..still here and it's November 15th 2013. ;-)

  61. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 04:47

    The fact you tell it to people online? Or you could be a 12 year old, which would make more sense considering the things you've said :)

  62. Thanks, that's all I needed to know, I only told people in private and seeing as there is only one person we both know I now know Marc cannot be trusted and will be removed from my friendlist.
    Glad though you are finally starting to grasp the validity of online claims. :-)

  63. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 04:56

    Saying someone "cannot be trusted" coming from someone who hides her face.

    Don't be hard on the kid, he pleaded with me to leave you alone as you are an inoffensive old lady. He knows the extent of my psychopathy and was just trying to protect you.

  64. "Psychopathy is defined as either an aspect of personality or as a personality disorder, characterized by enduring dissocial or antisocial behavior, a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse, and poor behavioral controls or fearless dominance."

    And here was me thinking you simply were a tad arrogant. Thanks for setting me straight on that. :-)

    I don't care for the excuse. He shared something said to him in private. He's history to me.
    It's thankfully not my concern whether you are now sharing his actual words and betraying his confidence or whether you are antisocial enough to throw your supposed friend under the proverbial bus here with a lying claim he called me an "inoffensive old lady".

  65. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 05:45

    He didn't call you "inoffensive old lady", just said "she's always been sweet to me" to which I deduced you were a woman, in another post you mentioned you are Dutch, and he mentioned as passing comment that you might be over the age of fifty which was never told it was a confidential secret, so I deduced the rest.

    You are quick to feel betrayed even when someone meant no harm, that seems very borderline personality disorder.
    And you hide your face and your name, seems like you got self-esteem issues.

    You see, I wasn't planning on being a bitch today, but you happened to cross me and tried to discredit me, so, here we are.

  66. And you continue with the betrayal of confidence.

    You are btw mistaken if you think i am going to bother responding to your insult attempts.

    I told you already, I really don't care what some joker on the internet thinks of me. Hope one day you too will be able to say that. :-)

  67. Btw dude, if someone tells you somethingt and you then repeat that, that is not called "reducing". It's called repeating.

  68. Primo Uomo Assoluto15 November 2013 at 07:49

    You don't care? So what do you call this whole hissy fit? LOL

    What was said, was not said as a secret or a confidence, merely as a short line as part of a long conversation about something else, no one was "conspiring" against you, you are not so important. Get over it.

    And I truly don't care about you, the difference is that I am a professional and my word has some weight (at least) when it comes to audio and music :) so I simply defend what's truth.

  69. Dude the correct use of quotation marks is to indicate...quotation.
    Please refrain from putting words in my mouth.

    It is unsurprising that a person with your "psychopathy" (see how that works?) would not understand such concepts as the fact that a private conversation is assumed to be private.
    Or the lack of ethics in using third party conversations in petty fights on a music blog.
    Consequently I am not going to even bother trying to explain my views on such ethics to a person such as yourself.

    I am afraid, after all your posts solely focusing on defending what your ego sadly perceived as some kind of major attack, by clearly lashing out wildly, while ignoring any other points mentioned, it's a little too late for your claim you don't care about what I say.

    ps pitch correction was rarely used prior to 1997 and Allison Moorer famously put stickers on her 2002 album stating "Absolutely no vocal tuning or pitch-correction was used in the making of this record."

    And don't think your claim every recording these days is heavily processed combined with your claim of "producing" your youtube vocal efforts with the most expensive equipment in a professional studio, doesn't lead to the logical conclusion for anybody able to put two and two together. ;-)

  70. And at Mark .... I am not angry with you. I simply feel ours is an internet connection only and we therefor only have internet exchanges. I lost confidence in you keeping private conversations private and it is therefor pointless to have those.
    But I am not hating you or anything like that.
    If it is true you did so with good intentions, thank you. :-)
    From my side...I hope we can simply return to the cordial status we always had on the blog and leave it at that.

  71. I did a showcase for the Lady is a Tramp :)


    I'm really hyped for this new album on january.

  72. I really enjoyed the song from the very first time I listened to it. I don't mean to sound like I'm still stuck to the past, but it has some resemblance to Mariah's first albums. Her voice is clear and full. The final belting is limpid and kinda reminded me of We Belong Together and Angels Cry. I don't see it as a potential hit but it doesn't seem to have been released meaning that. For me - who is sick of all that "canned-electro-full-of-autotune" songs that have been thrown down our throats for a while - it's kind of a relief. It's pleasant to hear something like this song nowadays. She seems to be at her full shape (not only vocally speaking, by the way). And I really liked the instrumentals.

  73. There is no weight to any opinion here. Wake up. You're online. You're no expert. Or are you now? I could give a rat's corpse about the weight of my opinion on a forum to a singer wanna-be.

    And yes, stating that your tone sounds like screeching tires is entirely a matter of opinion.

  74. Your comments are as obnoxious and arrogant as your entire online persona, and this entire thread is an absurd exemplification of that fact. If you plan to one day become a recognizable name in the industry, this might not be the way to go.

    I don't care if I'm judging your voice in a "basic" manner. You don't need to point that out. I don't need to judge range, technical ability, etc, to be able to enjoy music. I don't have a bachelors in music, I am not in a doctorate program in music, I'm not a "professional," and I'm not producing music in a expensive studio as you so pompously claim to be. I'm just one of the "Too many idiots [that] think they are experts at music just because they own a radio."

    If I don't like your tone, I'm not listening to you or buying your album. Period.

  75. Right on Andrew! We are..the audience! And some people make the mistake of being arrogant about an audience before they even have one. It's not the experts who are going to buy albums and concert seats.

  76. lol you're funny plus i admire you with your self-proclaimed knowledge - i totally believe you, of course. btw i have a little sister she's 5 and we're wondering at what age should she start learning how to properly sing? cause she's really good and we want her to learn as early as possible because we don't want her to end up like other singers *ehem* Xtina lol.

  77. okay so i just saw this and wow you're amazing.... the first song is from blood+ if im not mistaken and i thought you sound really well but im not liking your version i think mainly because it doesn't suit your voice but other than that it was great, you're great. good luck in your masters? or was it PHD?

  78. Amen, my thoughts exactly!

  79. OMG Opie dear you're over 50!!!! never thought of that.... i always thought you're in your 30's or 40's but that's just number...

  80. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 06:10

    12 years old is a good age to start singing in choir and taking voice lessons, the voice shouldn't be abused though, no heavy belting and not going too high/low. Truly, a female voice shouldn't be exploited till after puberty, say, at 18 years old. Otherwise when people start singing too young it's like when ballet dancers start training too young, sometimes they develop all the wrong muscles and wrong coordination.

  81. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 06:14

    LMAO, awwww, you mad bro? Obviously.
    First, I never claimed to be an "expert", I claimed to be an audio engineer which I am given I a bachelors and a masters on the subject, and none of my claims are improbable. Second, I am a singer, fame or not it doesn't matter, a singer is a singer as long as they sing well = technically well, in tune, with resonance, proper coordination, control, etc. Again, if you think a singer is only someone who is famous, then you must think Madonna is the greatest singer to ever live.

    Again, only someone very basic would think tone (extremely subjective) is all there is to a good singer.

  82. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 06:21

    You talking about me putting words in your mouth? LOL
    I said everything in contemporary music goes through some enhancement, which is absolutely truth. Even minimal EQ is an enhancement. That was my point.

    I told you where to find some albums I've worked on production wise, you keep ignoring that :) And actually, the stuff in the sampler I posted sounds pretty professionally done :) professionally mixed and mastered, which I did myself, so you can have several seats. But not on my dick, your old pussy is too dry to be riding me like that.

  83. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 06:24

    LMAO, and I'm supposed to break down in tears because you don't like my singing? Seriously, get over yourself.

    So now a singer or a musician is not supposed to be aware if they are good at all? Seriously, GTFO. You, obviously, suffer from the French Revolution syndrome...whenever someone rises their head higher than yours, you - in order to not feel mediocre - feel the need to try to cut them off.

  84. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 06:28

    My voice is capable of what it is capable whether you exist or not, approve or disapprove, like it or not. It's plain and simple.
    That goes for every vocalist, they sing and will sing whether you like them or not, get over yourself :) unless you have the experience and knowledge to actually criticize from a technical point, your opinion is worth less than nothing, and you could buy a million copies of someone's album and that still wouldn't make them any better of a singer/musician than they already are.

  85. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 06:29

    Thanks! I'm just starting my PhD, and actually taking a quarter semi-off to deal with some citizenship stuff :P
    The Blood+ song was originally written for a soprano, so of course my version is very different, but I think in that sense it's interesting, I suppose an acquired taste :)

  86. Not sure how you meant to come off but this is how you sound to me..


  87. Amazing how much you feel the need to demonstrate you "don't care" what people say about your vocals.

  88. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 06:42

    LOL, it's not even about MY singing, it's about the ignorance in general of some people who think that because they dislike a certain timbre of a singer, that the singer is a bad singer.
    Or that because they like the timbre of another singer that the other singer is a good singer. I'm speaking simply on principle.

  89. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 06:46

    Good. I'm more of a Hannibal than a Billy though.

  90. I checked out the credits for that punk album and that's why I say I am not buying your claims.
    You are definitely not the producer and the engineer is someone who also wrote a song recorded by Cheryl Cole. I highly doubt a bragger like you would have foregone mentioning this already.

  91. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 07:06

    LMAO, if you checked out the credits at allmusic.com they are wrong. They list the Engineer as Roy Warren, when the main engineer's name is TROY Warren, and I was his assistant engineer at the time. Troy Warren also produced some albums for some major christian artists.

  92. What you actually said was "Now...everything that ends up on radio is pitch corrected (simply
    because people now expect it), EQ'd, compresed, de-essed, limited, and
    sweetened with delay and reverb. That's why it's contemporary music".

    To which I simply replied that in some genres of contemporary music they don't use these technical options AS MUCH AS on your average pop album.

    You took off on a combination bragging and vitriol rampage from there

  93. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 07:13

    My point was that in contemporary music the sound is enhance either a little or a little, but it is ALWAYS enhanced, that's one of the main differences between contemporary and classical, while in classical there might be a slight corrective EQ but for the most part the "EQ" is done with mic placement.
    You sought to discredit me and attack me as if I made made some outrageous improbable claims, that's why I got upset. It's not like I claimed to be some famous produce Grammy winner or BFFs with a celebrity or something. Perhaps if you had not been so quick to offend me, if you had not tried to discredit me without knowing a thing about me, if you had not tried to reduce my whole existence to just posting videos on YouTube (something I do just for fun), maybe we wouldn't have gotten into an argument :)

  94. And there you have my point in a nutshell ..you cannot simply believe something just because someone posted it on the internet. Not Allmusic when they post album credits, not you when you post personal achievements.

    And Troy or Roy...you are not listed and therefor ..no proof on the net for your claim.

    Which makes it a pointless bit of bragging in an attempt to set your views up as those of an expert as opposed to other posters here.

    Now dude. as you may have noticed..I did not bother with "correcting" or responding on almost any of the things you claimed about me in your efforts to get at me.
    You know why? Because I know who I am and my friends know who I am. What a stranger on the net says is not important enough to let get to me.
    A little advice...the more one protests, "defends" and "corrects" the sillier one looks and worse the more dubious. Because truth doesn't need to be defended with such vehemence. Such vitriol generally is only displayed when one is either very insecure or actually not really truthful.

    I really am going to leave this thread now. Take a tip...move on as well.
    Anyway, your choice but just so you know...I for one will not be reading it any more.
    Have a nice life dude.

  95. Primo Uomo Assoluto16 November 2013 at 07:39

    Except I never claimed "achievements", I claimed EXPERIENCE. Very, VERY different things.

  96. Merriam-Webster :Achievement : something that has been done or achieved through effort

    Oxford dictionary: Achievement : 1a thing done successfully with effort
    I was presuming you put a little effort in those diploma's, engineering and production jobs you supposedly did. Thus they are achievements.

  97. I am not mad at all. It's a web forum.

    I'm upset the USA has technically halted job creation since 2001. Through all the ups and downs, job creation since then rests at about 100,000K. That's a reason to be upset. In the same manner that you don't care about my views, I don't care about yours. Making claims online are similar to farting underwater. The more you claim to "BE" the more self-absorbed and pompous you sound. This is a forum.

    I don't think a singer is someone who is famous. If anybody made that claim, it was not me.

  98. Please, don't break down at all. I'm just another fellow here. But I think you just described yourself entirely with this last post. I pointed out somewhere else above how self-absorbed you are, and I think a little self examination would go a long way here. This entire thread exists because Opie Ever 2 dared disagree with your initial comment. So "whenever someone rises their head higher than yours, you - in order to not feel inferior due to your insecurities - feel the need to try to cut them off."

    Might I point out that I agreed with your initial comment. There's an up vote from me there when I first came to this thread. Go check it out. Might I also point it out that Opie Ever 2's comment isn't mutually exclusive with yours. I might have up-voted her too. If not, I will soon.

    My reason for doing any commenting at all arose due to your level of absurdity. If you're a good singer, let those here judge. I don't like your vocal tone. So listening to you sing is out of the question for me. Although, as your say, far too basic a form of judging someone's singing (here I am agreeing with you again), it's the ONE that counts for me when listening to music. I'm not listening to SADE, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Adele for their vocal acrobatics. I suspect if you ask most people what they listen to in a singer's voice, they will tell you TONE.

  99. :) There's something off here, don't you think? Going back to old threads, I realize the discord seems to have increased. Aggrandizing claims of superiority just ruin a conversation: "I am this or I am that, I did this, or I'm doing that, therefore my opinion supersedes yours." Even the site's main moderator will correct previous erroneous information. And all of this is done in humility for the pure enjoyment of the masses.

  100. Primo Uomo Assoluto17 November 2013 at 04:39

    Look at your choice of words though :) the fact you compare my vocal timbre to "screeching tires", which is a gross exaggeration, shows you are very upset.
    Then you called me "wannabe singer", as if a singer is only someone famous, and then you went on to contradict yourself. Seriously, get some psychological help. Whatever inferiority complex you have that drives you to attack whoever dares to rise their head higher than yours, it's not my problem. I'm not Sigmund Freud and I'm not your mom, take your traumas to someone else.

  101. Primo Uomo Assoluto17 November 2013 at 04:43

    And yet you talked about where can you buy the stuff I've worked on as if everything had to be released commercially or had to be commercially successful. Your choice of words betrays your original intention :)
    I simply spoke about my experience being around the studio and what I saw goes into making an album. It is you who decided to attack me (why?). And yet, my original statement that everything in contemporary music gets enhanced a little or a lot, still stands as fact.

  102. Primo Uomo Assoluto17 November 2013 at 04:51

    No. I made a couple of statements which are factual and someone (without the necessary experience or knowledge) disagreed, and I corrected them by reiterating the truth.

    Then you sought to attack me (why? obviously, because you felt my self-confidence makes you feel somehow inferior, otherwise you wouldn't have bothered). You chose to use gross exaggerations to describe my voice (really? describing a baritonal tone as "screeching tires"?) and you sought to offend me by calling me "wannabe singer".

    And then you go on and on about your opinion as if it holds some power over me, as if my ultimate goal should be to please you and to have you like me. If anyone has a strange self-aggrandized concept of himself it is YOU, assuming the whole purpose of MY art should be to please YOU in particular.

    Vocalists like Monica Naranjo, Anastacia, Patti Labelle, Mina, Barbra Streisand, Maria Callas, etc...they are still great singers, no matter how many times some people called their voices "ugly". On the other hand, singers like Adele and Norah Jones are still pretty average singers, no matter how many times someone called their voices "pleasant".

  103. I can honestly tell you I'm not upset over this forum or your message. It simply a forum. Nothing more. I'm sorry for comparing your voice to screeching tires. Truthfully, that's how unpleasant it is to me. But I have also been honest enough to admit it's only my opinion and that somebody is bound to find your voice "enticing." Have I not?

    The attacking here started from your side, by childishly calling another user "it." It's obvious for all to see where the inferiority complex comes from. It appears you don't have a masters or phD in psychology, so you should refrain from diagnosing others. And even if you did, an online forum isn't a place to make aggrandizing claims of superiority. That's what two, three users have been attempting to get through your head.

  104. LOL Very descriptive!

  105. Primo Uomo Assoluto17 November 2013 at 06:45

    I don't believe in false humility :) I ask again, is a singer not supposed to be aware if they are any good or not?
    And yes, it is very much about inferiority and superiority, I never said that being a good singer makes someone a better or worst overall human being or gives them some kind of divine status, that's something you seem to believe since you felt offended by me being aware of my skill level as if I had loudly stated "I am better than all of you because I can sing", which is ridiculous.
    And yes, I do enjoy destroying someone who has annoyed me, do you not? do you not defend yourself when someone seeks to hurt you or offend you?

  106. I think this is her best songs to date for this era and one of the best from the most recent years. I disliked Triumphant a lot, thought Almost Home was alright and #Beautiful was good, but this is better than those three put together - musically, lyrically and vocally.

  107. What about Celine? I liked the lyrics to this song but I get what you mean, but I prefer these lyrics (even if they might sound strange in some parts) than to her other recent songs.

  108. Actually I told him to leave you alone because you were a nice person and you've always been sweet to me. I also told him that you were not some stupid teenage girl but a smart middle age lady. But whatever I should have stayed out of this petty fight that you BOTH fueled. I am disapointed.

  109. And I thank you for your efforts Mark. :-)
    But indeed, it's one of those life lessons we all hit upon at some point...always best to stay out of such fights. Who ever gets in between will always draw the shortest end of the stick.

    I don't feel really this fight was "fueled" by me in any other way than being foolish enough to bother responding when my remarks were so clearly misunderstood but if anybody views it differently...that's fine.. :-)

  110. Did ya all already seen this?

    That were fucking amazing, one of her best performances ever.

  111. Primo Uomo Assoluto20 November 2013 at 08:49

    You are a fan of Christina. That explains your stupidity too :)

  112. Dude, you need to start reading what you comment on.

  113. And you are so in love with yourself. That explains your stupidity too.

  114. She has really good intonation live. Probably one of the best I've heard in a while.

  115. lowest note is a Bb2

  116. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6Pw7q3FyIM

  117. Another amazing vocal performance *-*
    I'm totally in love with this acoustic version.

  118. lol, I was just about to post this. So amazing!!!