Friday 8 November 2013

[Watch] Taylor Swift Duets With Alison Krauss @ 2013 Country Music Association Awards

taylor swift alison krauss

Taylor Swift performed a beautiful and stripped back version of Red at the Country Music Awards 2013.What made the performance extra special- for her I'm sure more than anyone else- was who she was joined on stage by: Alison Krauss and Vince Gill.

T-Swift may get slated by many for her voice (which was near enough perfect here) and the content of her lyrics, but she shouldn't care when her own idols are willing to get up on stage and essentially play her backing group. It speaks volumes to the impact she's had on the scene in such a short time, and at such a young age.

The whole performance was gorgeous!



  1. And you call yourself mature with that comment??


  2. I understand you're points but you're points are not true...

    Because many professional vocal teachers would disagree with you're opinions.. yes you are right, xtina has questionable techniques, there is no argument about it...

    however the people who do listen to xtina are amused by her artistic ability and musicality and other factors to her voice other than her method in vocal scientific abilities... musicality has got nothing to do with the techniques, And many professional singers and coaches don't always look for technicality in singers....

    This does not just go for singers like xtina... many others.

  3. Again art is not science, I don't care what facts you have on vocal technicalities when the singer is not an opera singer....

    When we are talking about Leontyne Price or other great opera singers who study vocal science then I get it, but pop singers are not required to do this and most of them don't. I find this truly unethical and a bit overzealous on vocal technicalities on his part. if he wants and requires great skills then he should be in an opera forum and getting paid for his comments...

    Is he getting paid for his "knowledge" and if those few courses he took in class makes him a "pro" vocal path? does his comments make any sense to a singer who probably does not care about vocal technique? nor studied it? No it does not..... What changed in her technique? She obviously did something right in her career and having a net worth over 100 million still speaks for her talents ( not saying that fame and charts make someone a good singer) but she is a good pop singer, some say great. And many other pop musicians have praised her voice, and its not her technicalities either....

  4. read my comment up, I have stated i actually think and liked you on previous comments....

    I'm just coming from an artistic point of view and you are all hung up on technicalities on pop genre singers???

    Laughable... unethical, and a shame to the opera genre.

    EX. how are you gna criticize a piano player for not being able to play a violin? How are you going to criticize a singer who bases raw talent on technicalities???

  5. You answered my question...

    You can't sing, sit down.
    You can't sing a xtina song, sit down.

    You don't have a career in music, sit down.

    Even with bad technique still can't hold a note like xtina sit down.

    Who praised you're voice recently by important people such as Patti Labelle, Celine, Even Whitney Houston! Sit down!

    You have ears and they hear well, and you don't particularly like xtina's voice, then sit down and go to other videos..

    Obviously taking time to comment on such gives xtina importance, and relevance. At least I like her so I can be on her vids all I want, what is you're excuse?

  6. Hate me all you like, I couldn't care less.
    I'm not bothered by someone throws insults (miserably) at me in a language she can barely speak.

  7. Is he getting paid for his "knowledge" and if those few courses he took
    in class makes him a "pro" vocal path? " I actually DO get paid for this knowledge as I do review work on the side, my words and opinions to make me a nice bit of money on the side.

    " And many other pop musicians have praised her voice, and its
    not her technicalities either...." Plenty of people have criticized her voice as well, she has also been criticized by Phillipe Jaroussky, one of the greatest singers of our time.

  8. Oh gawd, I'm by no means mature. You see how I carry myself here. How you ever at one point made the inference that I was mature is beyond me....

  9. I'm talking about the people who listen to her....

    The universal feeling and emotions is universal to us all not the connection with the singer however those people have a certain reason why they listen to a certain singer or artist mutually as a group and the singer has an emotional impact on them... Gawddddd your slow..

    If someone sang "row row you're boat" and it made 50 million people happy who are you tell them that their feeling are not justified?? Who are you? Clive Davis? When was the last time you sold over 50 million dollars of you're art??? or made 80 million of you're tours to people who appreciate you're art?


  10. The correct phrasing would be "Does it/that make you feel better?"

    Dearie, you aren't fluent in English. I'd barely place you at A2 level proficiency.

    No racism here either, maybe you should look up that word too. I don't sound racist because I'm not, I criticized your ability to speak English, not your race.

    I speak Japanese, Spanish (3 different dialects), Russian, German (2 different dialects) , Czech, French, and I'm currently working on Arabic. Speaking 4 languages does take intelligence, however if you speak those others like you do English... no comment.

    "When you have no life other than being a hater right?" No life? Alright, you are totally right, stranger who knows absolutely nothing about my life.

  11. By calling someone immature or pertaining it means you need to be mature...

    calling someone stupid means you are smart right?

    That was not a smart or mature comment just saying...

  12. Ok, I'm not going to read all that shit because I see you still failed to see the point of ALL of this. It's like trying to tell a brick wall why it is not a glass window. This is utterly hopeless. Everyone else has went off on a different tangent because you are not grasping the point and are simply rambling.

  13. At this point, I am done. Arguing is only tolerable when the other side at least has coherent points...

  14. Well then you can also stop replying... lol

    If a man don't work he don't eat. If you don't read then don't comment.

  15. OK... I didn't want to burn you out.

  16. I would like to see you're public reviews please share them...

    I know many vocal coaches and classically trained singers... Who would all disagree with you who get paid more than you and more relevant.. LETS SHARE BABY...

    And Phillip is a classically trained singer... Oh wow! BIG SURPRISE! lol...

    Like I said it's very easy to nit pick a singer who never studies voice, and if his oppinion is true then I guess Patti, Whitney, Celine, Bochelli are all bad musicians with bad ears telling xtina is a good singer... RIGHT?

  17. I feel bad for her... I mean she genuinely doesn't get it. To bad that ship has wrecked.

  18. OOOO such a great flaming lingo of words...

  19. Racism is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that consider the human species to be divided into races with shared traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, intellect, morality, or other cultural behavioral characteristics, and especially the belief that races can be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to others, or that members of different races should be treated differently.

    Belittling someone's intellect or their abilities to speak you're' "superior" language is racism... believe it or not...

    They teach you this in middle school... not to make fun of others english and culture... But I guess you are the product of you're environment.

  20. What part of I'm not mature do you fail to comprehend?

  21. Eh, not really. Glad of all of what I stated you understood that though.

  22. I know many vocal coaches and classically trained singers... "

    As do I, one of my family members was a noted opera singer in Germany, Ingeborg Hallstein :)

    "Who would
    all disagree with you who get paid more than you and more relevant..
    LETS SHARE BABY..." Darling, I'm 19 and make a 6 figure salary at my main job. Also, I don't care about fame or their opinions. I don't live my life to gain notoriety, I spend most of my time volunteering, making a contribution to this world.

    "Like I said it's very easy to nit pick a singer who never studies voice,
    and if his oppinion is true then I guess Patti, Whitney, Celine,
    Bochelli are all bad musicians with bad ears telling xtina is a good
    singer... RIGHT?" Well, Whitney was in the peak years of her drug use when she praised Christina...

    And I don't consider Patti labelle a talented musician, she has a lovely dramatic voice, but she is one of the least musical singers I've seen. Rampant oversinging, nothing she does builds the song, only shows off her voice.

    Bocelli is a laughing stock in the field of Opera, so I won't even go further there.

    I will say this directly to you now, feel free to comment back at me, but I won't grace you with any more responses. You aren't worth the collective 15 minutes I've spent responding to you.

  23. Wouldn't assume the fact that she got Alison,Vince and Sam (Bush) to join her on stage goes much to her musical impact in itself. Those guys will really sing with almost anybody who asks them. They are very nice people.

    The arrangements for this rendition of Red,according to Sam, were mostly by Alison btw. And I wish they had not included Taylor singing. Can't say I care for her girlish tone much at all. ;-)
    If not for that you see...I would have enjoyed this as a beautiful performance.


    thanks for ur honesty tho boo...

  25. From San Francisco many queens say that... lmao

  26. Sweetie, the problem is not that your English is poor and your intellect equally so. The problem is you lack self knowledge as much as you lack knowledge on...well, anything you decide to comment on.
    You want to demonstrate that supposed intelligence of yours? Be wise enough to realize what you don't know.

    And no.."proficient English speakers"...not a "race".

  27. But yet you have all you're time here.... To spread you're hate for xtina...

    lmao, who makes more than you do... and is more relevant...


  28. I'm well aware of what racism is, I spend a good bit of my time supporting various causes that revolve around fighting said thing.

    "Belittling someone's intellect or their abilities to speak you're' "superior" language is racism... believe it or not..." Never once claimed my language to be superior, you should really learn to stop assuming things, it is only making you look like an ass :) In fact, my favorite language is not my native tongue, German is my preferred method of talking.

    "They teach you this in middle school... not to make fun of others
    english and culture... But I guess you are the product of you're
    environment." Haven't once made fun of your culture, I've only criticized your competency with English. I've stated that your English is not anywhere near fluent, that there are various problems with your syntax. That is not racism, that is pointing out facts.

  29. So you are right and all these relevant singers are wrong..

    Nice way to use you're commonsense...

  30. Obviously you did not "get my point' as you are retorting to things I never said. Other people here yes, me...not.

  31. Yes and being dark skinned is not only a black trait....

    It still is prejudice... define prejudice, and link it with racism...

    Boom! I'm smarter than many of you who see tunnel, and have no clue what it is ti look at the point of view from the outside..

    But I conclude you are all delusional... and I'm talking to crazy, racist people.. off to the next topic with less haters...

  32. Your - indicates possession.

    You're - a contraction of you and are; indicates a state of being.

    I broke my silence in the hopes that you'll eventually learn to use the two words properly...

  33. You have not claimed you're superiority by making fun of my english bec, you think you are better at it??? Honey you don't have to say it to make it factual. people usually make fun of people to feel superior...

    English is not my native tongue, so when you make fun of my new learned language you are!

    COMMONSENSE!!!!!!!!! wow you are slow.

  34. Still not getting it I see. And really, as Macabre also told you, you need to stop using words you don't understand the meaning off.
    Again, I am only "hung up" on technicality of singing in as far as I expect a professional singer to be able to sing on key and not be hurting themselves.
    Now personally, I think Christina can do both and disagree with a lot of the criticism heaved at her. But...I KNOW what I don't know.
    aAd I don't know all that much about the technique of singing.
    I therefor don't argue with those who make claims on that aspect.

    For me it suffices to state I enjoyed something or not and will leave it to those who do possess such knowledge to discuss those aspects.

    As for your question...How am I going to criticize a piano player for not being ale to play the violin? Easily, if he in spite of not being able to play that violin, goes around pretending he does play it. Now THAT would be an example of being "unethical"...pretending you are something you aren't.
    Which AGAIN I am NOT saying Christina does. Just answering your hypothetical question.

    Whether you liked my comments earlier has little to do with this conversation. I respond to the words you are posting in the comment I respond to.

  35. ROFLMAO Logic is really not your strong suit either.
    Please stop making a fool of yourself in trying to apply it.

  36. You remind me at this point of the guy driving and hearing on the radio a warning about a car driving in the wrong lane who then says to himself "one? I see dozens!"

  37. And again, no it's not a "prejudice" to criticize your English. Please go find yourself a dictionary already. The clue is in the prefix "pre".
    There's no "pre" here dear. You are being judged after reading your comments.

  38. I definitely don't see Taylor Swift as much a vocalist as she's an artist. Now I know I'll get shit for saying that, but I genuinely believe a lot of the songs on Red are incredibly well written and created. And even her more immature songs from previous years are endearing and I know middle school me definitely enjoyed them. I think she's also a smart businesswoman, she knows how to set a performance that people will enjoy. She probably gets the sense that she's not a favorite among the country crowd (or at least CMA watchers), so she enlists these (wonderful) singers for some help and street cred.

  39. I don't give a fuck...

  40. I am afraid you are wrong in some points here MikeyPop. Taylor has loads of credit in the Nashville country music biz. Hence that award was given to her. Just not with country music fans. And fyi CMA viewers...not country music fans. ;-)

    And the people on stage with her there are not the ones to pick if one wants to garner CMA fan street cred.

    They are the ones to pick if you want fellow musicians cred. And I suspect that is what she wanted to achieve.
    But more than that, I also think, even though she doesn't make Country music herself and imo lacks the chops for it, Taylor truly loves those artists she asked to join her and I am sure got a great kick out of working with them. Regardless of any other possible considerations.

  41. These guys are relentless. Please, run while you still can, 'cause it doesn't seem like they're gonna stop...ever lol. I will however tell you that there are a variety of lenses in which you can judge music from. Primarily, subjective & objective (Vocal Pedagogy - Science on how one is supposed to execute feats, vocally). You judge from a subjective stand point, which IS FINE. However, carrying subjective bias onto scientific ground leads to a dead end because you cannot counter facts with opinions. But, don't let what they're saying about Christina's technicality discourage you from voicing your opinion. Try to be open, but you can still stand your ground. This, though, is words (not euphemistically anyway lol) You have your opinion & don't ever lose it, alright? Just call it quits 'cause the band-wagon will increase.

    Ps, I like Christina as well =)

  42. Queens always jealous of someone better than them,....

    I agree with you, and they don't see that because they are using vocal pedagogy to have something negative to say about her voice... they are using technicalities as their means of a platform to hate on her.. which is predicable, and kinda sad... quite an ameteur if you ask me... and he gets paid 6 figures? Lmao... All the lies in the world dahallinnnn.....


  43. Seriously? Are you now throwing around anti gay slurs? Tell us some more about what is "unethical" and how we are racists why don't you. LOL

  44. Actually its illogical to expect a pop singer to know vocal pedagogy....


  45. you are musically unethical and you are racist along with you're master macabre...

    You are the puppet below him, sorry hun...

  46. And you still have not caught on I never claimed any such expectation.

    But aside from that..."illogical" ,another word you really shouldn't use until you grasp it's meaning.
    There's no reason to consider it "illogical" for any professional to know his/her craft.

    What amazes me is that you have an extensive vocabulary yet zero comprehension of said vocabulary. Where and how did you learn this failed attempt at English?
    And did you and your new buddy Sasuko attend the same course per chance?
    Here's my advice to both of you...stop using a language you don't understand. Try reading at least 10 works of literature and then maybe come back. Because really kids, memorizing a dictionary and a rudimentary booklet on grammar does not mean you "speak" the language.

  47. Yes you do!

    When you come here looking for different results and the comment is still the same you are still expecting something more than what the singer may not be able to give you....

    You throw out all this insults on my english but yet you being an english speaker still cannot comprehend that??? Im not the stupid one you are...

    An you are insinuating that xtina a successful musician does not know her crafts? Do you know how hard it is to study vocal pedagogy? Try it and bet you still won't get it right in the next 20 years...

    You are commenting on a tool you don't know how to use... It's easy to insult a piano player yet you can't even play one song from that piano, you are still the fool that does not know what he is talking about... At the end of the day you will never know what its like to sing technically or artistically... It's like a fat chic hating on a skinny chic, until you know whats it feels like to be attractive you will never know what it feels like, you only have an IDEA... Go to voice classes and tell me if you can sing as "terrible" as xtina in 10 years, just do it, you still won't be able to. Actually go to the best opera teacher and try to sing technically perfect, then we can all praise you for you're perfect skills here...

  48. You are rapidly reaching a state of desperation I see.
    Call me all the inappropriate names you like sugar. I am not bothered but I am saddened at the picture you are painting of yourself.

  49. Lol, you agree and are on his tale feather sweety...

    I don't need to make desperate comments when you and him are the desperate ones who need each other to back each other up... lol

    I can name drop every person I'm related to who is a known musician and me myself a trained singer (non classical) but why? So i can prove you wrong?

    Trust me I would sing circles around you, and when it comes to singing (non classical) I know what I'm talking about, my uncle has been trained to star in miss saigon, and le miz he himself trained a singer named Lea Salonga and Nora Aunor... But I guess I still do not know anything about singing... according to you... You still don't know what you are talking about. Don't pop a blood vessel!

  50. You remind me of that artist that told picasso he will never be known because he knows painting better.... and picasso did his painting differently, and the the guy had only one method of painting...

    Funny how that guy was never known and picasso's art is worth millions now...

    But at least the guy who told picasso he sucks paints, you can't even hold a note... lmao...

  51. Sweets, I have heard Christina blow my mind, I have heard her sing poorly. (And fyi I have never described her as terribly)

    But since I like her (still haven't caught on to the fact that I never was amongst those criticizing her technique have you? Even though I pointed out I know nothing of such matters and you try to use that against me in the same breath as claiming I critized Christina's technique) I always hope for the former. Especially when it gets the intro "stunning".

    AMazing btw how you still haven't caught on to the fact that I never was amongst those criticizing her technique have you? Even though I pointed out I know nothing of such matters and you try to use that against me in the same breath as claiming I criticized Christina's technique.

    Again with the illogical reasoning...I don't have to be able to sing myself in order to judge a singer.

    I criticize your English because you insist on responding to comments made in that language when you clearly don't comprehend a word of what you are responding to.
    Nor, as a matter of fact, the words you yourself use.
    And then have the chutzpa to tell others they don't understand English.

    And you really should stop with the assuming. English is actually not my native tongue.

    Now AGAIN, all I expect of any professional singer, whatever genre they work in, is that they are able to sing on key and not hurt themselves.
    The former is for most people really not that hard to learn (literally millions know how to do that), the latter even I at present could do by simply not singing in a way which is painful. Doesn't take too much "vocal pedagogic" knowledge to recognize pain dear. None at all in fact.

  52. But you are judging blindly...

    And if that is how you want to go on then you do so...

    But I'm just going to tell you right now hearing something and doing something are two different things...

    I can look at art and have my OPINIONS, But that does not mean i can execute the same painting as the original painter, or have the same people appreciate my art the way they appreciated theirs..

  53. Just tell me, do you at this point even bother trying to read the comments you are responding to?

    I never dropped any names nor claimed any training. Those are to me non arguments as this is the internet and anybody can claim anything.
    I DID state I couldn't sing myself "out of a paper bag" so yes, chances are it is absolutely true you could sing "circles around" me.
    Though like I said, it is a silly claim to make without the proof to back that up. You COULD actually be an even worse singer than I am for all we know.

    It either way though, is completely beside any point.

  54. But like I said a number of times now, I don't judge singers on what I don't know. Unlike you, I don't talk of what I know nothing about.

    How many times exactly do I have to point it out to you???
    I never criticized Christina's technical ability!

    And what do you think these comments on this blog are but "opinions".

  55. I know singing, and music.... been trained... And you accuse me of coming to conclusions... Self reflection much?

    I know more about singing than you would since you can't freaking sing...

    Nobody is stopping you from having an opinion, we are all here mutually to observe our faves or in you're case troll and hate..

    But you can't just spurt out opinions thinking we are all going to agree with you either... Opinions can be wrong or just plain crazy, and if someone has an opposition they can also state it...

    Take it and stfu.

  56. I accused you of making baseless assumptions yes. And if you had any comprehension of English, you would have understood that when I do so and follow it up with informing you English is not my native tongue, that accusation went to your assumption it is. It also went to your assumption I am an American and a "queen" .

    Again, if you want to claim you can sing, you need to provide proof or risk not being taken seriously.
    You once again failed to understand. I just stated that all anybody does here is give their opinion. I most certainly did not claim anybody was trying to stop me from doing so.

    Until now that is. Since you just literally told me to shut up.
    Like I said..logic is not something you should attempt.

    Nor did I try to stop you from giving your opinions. I just advised you to do so in a language you actually mastered sufficiently enough to be able to give your opinion on what is being said rather than what you imagine is being said..

    And no "opinions" can't be wrong. Claims of fact can be wrong.

  57. so why are you giving me a hard time when you know how hard it is to learn english??? yeah you sound like a fair person... NOT.

    I never claimed facts on vocal technicalities my dear, overzealous critics thread the thin line of being a hater is a fact. Sorry if that offended your hating ass...

    I can't comprehend??? Really? And you can comprehend a topic you can't even produce?? Gawwwd you really need to take several seats int he back...

  58. Actually, I am mostly self taught and didn't find it all that hard. I told you twice already why I criticize you.

    Had you been able to comprehend English, you would not have needed to ask this question.

    In fact, had you been able to comprehend English, you would have realised from the get go that I never said much of what you acted as if I did.
    It's exasperating if people who don't comprehend English nevertheless insist on arguing in that language.

  59. I have no problems singing a few lines to a song... I'm not bothered by it.

    But doing so will just fire up more BASELESS ''OPINIONS'' FROM FACELESS PEOPLE...

  60. Case in point : "I never claimed facts on vocal technicalities my dear,"

    I actually nowhere claimed you did. Certainly said absolutely nothing even possibly indicating that in the comment you just responded to with that line.

  61. "And no "opinions" can't be wrong. Claims of fact can be wrong."

    The only fact I made was macabre was a hater... When people have an opinion of a singer and disagrees with the post in almost all the videos to the point of argument in every xtina videos with other posters, that goes far beyond opinions, you can always disguise you're hatred with opinions. IT STILL DOES NOT MAKE HIM RIGHT.

    This is not the first time he got into it with another poster, so obviously theres one common denominator and its not me...

    If you're Opinion results in argument because you don't like people disagreeing with your opinion and you are throwing pedagogy facts, you are trying to prove you're opinion right. An opinion has not based or formed on facts, so whats with all the factual pedagogy comments then if its just opinions??? HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  62. What inappropriate words have I called you???

  63. That is arguably the best thing anyone has called me. I always wanted to be a gorgon! I love hominid-reptile hybrids!

  64. For me she sounded good. But i am a fan and i didn't study the human voice. Maybe she didn't show of her vocals (or try to that) but the result is mesmerizing.

  65. First Taylor performance that I really enjoy. I've always thought that she has a really beautiful voice but her poor technique and her constant going out of tune fucked it. However, this performance was beautiful, if she kept using this kind of instrumental instead of that mainstream electronic sound that nowadays everyone uses then I guess I wouldn't mind to hear more material.

  66. I’d been following your argument and agreeing for the most part, Macabre, but I couldn’t help noticing that you have a tendency to state your achievements in a manner that is pompous at best. Forgive me, but it does seem rather suspect that you are 19 and “make a six figure salary” as an undergraduate while spending "most of" your time volunteering and “making a contribution to this world.” Goodness, we should wish that all children be like you.

    In the real, adult world of employment and curricula vitae, these accomplishments are much more rigorously scrutinized than in the world of anonymous online comments. A person who in the company of strangers is so quick to throw around such weight, including the notion that he will someday attain a graduate degree even before he has earned his bachelor’s has, in all likelihood, self-esteem that is well out of proportion with his actual success.

    I’m sure that you, as a speaker of Japanese, are capable of the abject humility required to converse fluently in that language. Indeed, anything you say.

  67. LMAO.


    And the irony of it all is that if he is a man of such "HIGH PRIVILEGE", why on earth is he wasting his time on an "INTERNET BLOG", pointlessly, arguing with an unknown stranger?

    I smell shit.

  68. She has a pretty voice, and She def has star quality.... But Her music is more for artistic viewers for sure...

  69. I've worked hard all of my life, and I've had a wealth of opportunities at a noticeably younger age than some in part to that, and luck. I am proud of the things I have and the things I do, I'm sorry, I don't practice false humility :/ I work 2 jobs, the combined income for both lands me in the 100K+ ballpark, one is a translation job and the other is a for a hotel, and that also involves translation work as well. I work many hours in the week, truthfully I'm considering leaving one of my jobs, it is all a bit stressful being in motion from from before the sun rises 'til long after it sets.

    A side note, by "most of my time volunteering", I meant most of the time that I am able to allocate to it. I'm a busy person, but I at least try to get in a few hours a week. I volunteer because not as many people are as fortunate as I've been, I like to give back, is that something so wrong? I was just raised that way, since I was around 12 I was helping out at nursing homes. My mom thought it was a great way to keep humble, to appreciate what I have, to not take life for granted.

    I'm not fluent in Japanese, I speak at an A2 level. I have slight intonation issues and sometimes I'll stumble because I still haven't gotten accustomed to the word order (I'm used to Subject>Verb>Object, or having a case system). I'm planning a trip to Japan in 2015, I'm hoping to be at a B range by that time. It certainly is an effort on my part to learn, but there is so much to the culture that it is always an enjoyable experience being able to learn more and more about it.

    It's a bit sad that you come in swinging with this comment, thinking you
    have me all figured out, making assumptions that are false (Though I
    can understand your reasoning, still seems that you set out to "put me
    down" with this comment. Especially with the not so subtle dig in your
    last paragraph). You must have felt strongly about me, seeing as this is your first comment. I apologize if how I was with the other person (which was admittedly a bit frustrated, not as calm as I aspire to be. However, music is something I take seriously. I come from a musical family; I grew up immersed in music, played in bands, took piano lessons, etc. Talking about music in that way never sits well with me, and will usually illicit a not-so-zen response )upset you in some manner,

    P.S Sorry for abusing the parentheses commentaries.

  70. Lets be clear you are in no way humble...

    You are rude, combative, argumentative, overzealous, and a class A HATER.

    I don't care how much you make, I care about you're creds and where I can read these Voice analysis that you claim.

    If I say I come from famous musicians internationally which I do, I should have no problem giving some insight.


  71. I think you kinda missed the part when he said he's done with conversing with you over the topic....Come on now.... You keep missing points left and right...

  72. So y'all mad I called him out?

    Just a few weeks ago he started calling someone all sorts of name for praising Xtina, are you that delusional that you don't see how rude this fool is?

    And I can pull up other pages where he got into it with differences of opinion.

    And you and Opie have the nerve to tell me to respect opinions when you can't even help your fellow queen out??

    child, get your life!!!

    You can't even take your own advice.

  73. No, but I doubt he'll respond. LOL... You remind me of one of those hood rat girls running around Georgia thinking they have such a high intellect when they only have a 10th grade education and end up arguing with someone who has their shit together but can't handle the situation, so they feel the need to get physical...

    And calling him out? Learn the context of the phrase deary....

  74. I loved Greek mythology in school, so any comparisons to the characters within it will always make me happy :) Hope you two aren't jealous if I claim the title of Medusa, I'd love to be one of the many objects of wrath of Athena's :)

  75. Ooooou, I take it next semester. I'm basically gonna teach the class because my class mates have eyes but no brain.... I'm happy as Perseus....He killed you assssssah!!!!!

  76. Oh and how do you know I have not gone to conservatory of music san francisco?

    Because you are judging me on a language i just learned? Music has no language honey, music is universal, I know a lot more than you think.

    I know many musicians... singers, violinist, vocal coaches, and other people I am connected with, related even. So if you look at the big picture I made a comment because I am actually highly educated in music.

    Way to stereotype you're own race FOOL.

    And if your insinuating I'm black no, I'm Asian. who lives in san francisco, ca who got to the united states on scholarship, 5 years ago. So try again.

  77. Oh gawd.... I don't care much about where you went to school at...and I'm not judging you based off a language you learned...I'm judging based off of how you fail to apply this language you learned to these comments. And I personally don't care who you know. And here you go again.... I said what you remind me of....based off of how you carry yourself here.... And I'm glad you got the education you desired.... I'm glad you are highly educated in music...though I don't recall asking if you were or not.... May the LAWD guide you to the righteous path....

  78. And that's the difference between you and I right there. I am responding to things you post, you are responding to your wild imaginings which have little to do with anything I posted.

  79. Again responding to things I never said. And for the second time..I am not a "queen".

  80. " I have not said one derogatory word to you, opie, or macabre."
    Are you freaking kidding me? How the hell did you manage to memorize that dictionary with a memory that poor?

    Not even going to bother with the silly arguments. And btw seeing as you speak Tagalog and Spanish I am guessing you are from the Philippines.
    Interestingly of the two official languages of that nation...English! Taught there from the 4th grade of elementary school.

  81. I checked you out dear, you are a straight girl. Though I wouldn't put it past you to be the Bi for pay type.

    Queen is slang for a flamboyant gay man. It can be used in many ways. When a straight girl posts a line expressing a negativity entailing the words "Queens ..always"..that sounds like a hateful slur at queens.

  82. Since you started out on a false premise, it's pointless to answer that question posted at the end.
    Besides of course the fact that you wouldn't comprehend a single word anyway.

  83. Well then I'm going to claim Hermes. ;-)

  84. Words that actually do not apply to me. Even based on what little you could know of me, had you chosen to read my words and been able to comprehend them

  85. roflmao Taylor Swift's music is "more for artistic viewers"

  86. Meaning she's not much of an intricate singer.... So lyrics and the band itself is what makes her pretty to listen to.

    Where do you get off?

  87. Cuz i said nothing...

    that was your own conclusion...

  88. yeah cuz you know everything i said was right....

    Facts are here just go scroll rough other xtina vids....

    Are you sure ur not macabre with a second profile you seem to be his cheerleader... cheering him on while he bashes other people and spreading his hate and overzealous... you are no different.

  89. Nope.. wrong.

    It is a second language but even so people who speak tagalog as a first is by a landslide far more population.

    I never said i did not speak english, just said it is not my native language, and speaking it trough communication and conversations are far different from the intricate studies of the english language... Speaking it is very different from writing it.

    And many regions speak english differently like english would be my 3rd language since I am spanish/ fillipino decent and learned tagalog and spanish first so don't assume i would know it as well as someone who is born here and speaks it as a first or second. I KNOW THE BASICS AND I SPEAK BETTER THAN I WRITE.

    That was the most uneducated comment I ever encountered and since you said you are not of english native speaking tongue how come you don't know that? I'm beginning to think you are lying. Some of macabres lying about his 6 figure salary is starting to rub on you!!!

  90. And where did you get that info from??? who said i was straight??? lmao because you are judging my looks by my picture? I'm not butched enough for you???

    Using the words honey, darling, sweetie, passive aggressive underhanded insults is very queen like to me..

    No straight man or non flamboyant gay man ever spoke to me in such a manner... I call you queen with how you speak and the terms you use.. You are a QUEEN.

  91. Then don't assume where my educational level is or even come close to comment on it if ya don't care.

    And you carry yourself with dignity and pride and honor? honey child don't even try it.

    And yeah, you kinda asked what level my education level was by assuming i was not.

    So I corrected you... You're welcome.

  92. Yes, I am aware you once again demonstrated a failure to properly use an English term.
    "artistic" is not a synonym for "poor"

    The "band" is neither Taylor's nor is the arrangement.

  93. I really dont have much dignity or pride. I take no shame in what I do whether right or wrong.....And I definitely have no issue admiting my faults. In all honesty I'm not a very honorable human being... I'm quite sleezy and spiteful so I dont know where you got that "dignity and pride and honor" idea from... And I did not assume what your level of education was. The whole comment was referring to your constant arguing and not knowing when you're wrong... The 10th grade education thing was simply apart of the anology...take it how you wanna though... And why am I still trying to justify myself for you? I doubt you'd get even the first line...

  94. Although I agree that she used the word "artistic" incorrectly, it's a bit offensive and generalizing to say that her music is more for "poor" viewers.

  95. Oh yes you did. You claimed you only first learned English five years ago. Which is when you supposedly came to the US. (and "here" is the internet. Try to get it through your head... the www is not the US).
    The liar is you dear. And this is not the only time either.

    And no I am not wrong.
    From the CIA worldfactbook :
    " Languages: Filipino (official; based on Tagalog) and English (official); eight major dialects "

    And where in heavens name did I ever assume you would know it as well as someone born in the US? Another display of you not reading and not comprehending what you comment on.

  96. More proof you are actually not comprehending a word in English. I told you in previous argument that I am a lesbian.

    ( though seeing as you can't even remember the insults you posted less than twelve hours ago, it's not surprising you don't remember something many more hours ago)
    Which is also why I can see from just the little bit of research I did on are a straight girl alright.
    Like I said before..logic is also not your strength. It requires an ability to take in and properly process information. It is abundantly clear you are incapable of either

  97. And another lie from you.
    I understand you lack the ability but you should realize other people here CAN read and saw your comments.
    Are you really not even that much aware? You don't realize anybody reading this thread can see you are blatantly lying

  98. Premise is still false dear. That quote did not refer to you calling macabre a "hater" but to your general statement in the comment I responded to with said quote.
    You took it out of context and applied it to things not even said in that comment I responded to.

    And it's a general statement from my side. Opinions are ..opinions. You may disagree but they cannot be "wrong" because's an OPINION!
    Yet another word you fail to understand well enough to use properly.

  99. That's not what I said at all Ahmed. I said that Nicolet mistakenly uses "artistic" as a synonym for singers who lack technical skill.
    Though as you know, I think Taylor is a poor (as in not good) singer, in this case it wasn't me saying so but Nicolet.

  100. What? I said she is not an intricate singer... When did I ever say poor?

    Vocally she is simplistic, and her voice is pretty. And I'm the one who can't comprehend?

  101. No I did not use it wrong, because i find her music actually well written and can see why her fans love her artistry... Even though her voice is simple, because I know some people would rather listen to technicalities and ornate which they won't find in her voice. It's not a bad thing.

  102. Actually it's a fact that many and most people listen to singers for artistic purposes ands not technicalities...

    So nothing I said was wrong, nor was it an opinion. It is a fact.

  103. You, Macabre and black robin does not count...

    Quote me a line of me saying anything rte motley close to derogatory that is not based on your vocal or your insults towards me...

    I did not just call you queen out of thin air, you are acting like it so it was appropriate... You mad???

  104. Thats why my Facebook said i was into men and women, way to do you're research... lmao

  105. Don't even try it...

    You argue with a lot of people, and don't act like this was you're first time arguing with someone, should i pull out all your arguments in previous posts?

    This was my first time arguing here and it was just a statement to macabre, and YOU Injected yourself into it...

  106. So because we can communicate in english we can articulate in english perfectly?

    Communicate is to share or exchange info.

    Articulate is to speak fluently and coherently.

    And yeah I did learn english 5 years ago because I had to take english class as part of my scholarship, But that does not mean I could not communicate in english and even if i did it was the bare minimum, there is so much you don't know and you are just again having this idea of what you think it should be but it's just not. Just like with singing, you have a Knack of suggesting or criticizing topics you don't know about again!

    When I came here I did not know most of the english language I was only taught what i needed to know to communicate with non tagalog speakers, and even then I did not practice english since my household is primary tagalog and spanish speaking.

    That world fact book also does not say that many english teachers there actually teach it wrong in many regions, and they fail to also say grammar and composition is not reachable to the majority of people outside of business and government jobs.

    You are still wrong.

  107. And you are incapable of tolerance and allowance without verbal conflicts with others and its not just on this post...

    Common denominator is not me...


  108. OK I get your point now.

  109. Her ability to emote despite the poor technique is amazing imo. I think her phrasing and expressiveness is a natural thing that can't be acquired by training. There are some top-notch vocalist who'd kill for her expressiveness imo. That's not to say that technique is not important or doesn't affect the overall quality of her music though.

  110. I like this performance.

  111. Yes, you are the one.
    Because Taylor is a poor singer because she is one of those who is even challenged by the basics like singing on key. Even her biggest fan here,Ahmed, agrees with that.

    We know from your other comments that you equate that with being "artistic". You are not comprehending the term "artistic" and are using it incorrectly.

    As for her voice being "pretty"..that is totally subjective. I happen to think her voice is near unbearable and certainly falls short on the "pretty" scale next to Alison. But again, that is subjective.

  112. I disagree with the first part of your comment but I agree with the second part. In fact I think a singing ability as poor as Taylor's greatly hampers a singer's expressive range.
    Phrasing btw can be learned and is usually learned by singers through experience. If they have that natural talent you speak of.
    You can note this in the career of many a singer, that their phrasing improved through the years.

  113. Vale, en vista de que soy el único con el que podrás tener una conversación sin destrozar la vista de los demás a base de errores gramaticales y ortográficos (Sería buena idea que aprendieses la diferencia entre "your" y "you're") voy a intentar hacerte entender lo que Opie, Robin y Macabre te están diciendo.

    De lo que Robin y Macabre se quejan no es de que a la gente le guste Christina Aguilera, sino que la gente asegure, sólo por esta actuación, que en realidad sí que tiene una técnica fantástica y la califiquen como la mejor cantante de la historia, cuando 1. La canción es demasiado simple para decir tal cosa 2. Aun siendo tan simple la cagó un poco en las notas "agudas" (Y digo "agudas", entre comillas, porque hasta yo puedo darlas con facilidad). Ninguno ha criticado que alguien pueda sentirse emocionalmente vinculado con ella.

    Tu principal problema es que te has puesto enseguida a la defensiva. Has saltado con argumentos sin sentido (Lo del racismo se ha llevado la palma) y no has querido escuchar los suyos, que por cierto tienen una base bastante sólida. No digo que los tuyos no la tuvieran en un principio; cuando has hablado de la conexión emocional y del uso de la mala técnica por decisión artística tenías un buen punto (aunque lo de la mala técnica es cuestionable, la verdad) pero te has desviado del tema completamente. Esas dos cosas son las que te han criticado Opie, Robin y Macabre, nada más.

    (For those who don't speak spanish, I'm just trying to reason with her in a language that we both dominate)

  114. This is what I call a pretty voice. In fact, imo THE prettiest voice in popular music today.
    Here's how Alison an Vince sound without Taylor

  115. Good luck Leith! :-)

  116. Lo que estaba haciendo era mucha gente que viene desde el punto de vista artisitc no les importa o escuchar Xtina por sus habilidades de ópera, El género del pop no tiene un estándar y técnicos no importan especialmente a sus fans y oyentes. Ellos simplemente no lo consigue!

    Se fueron tema y empezó a hablar de Inglés y la gramática, y cheque y todo tipo de cosas idiotas estúpidos que ni siquiera se relacionan con este post, que en realidad sólo quieren troll y ofender a la gente, y si nos fijamos en otro post Esto no es el primero.

    Macabre no le gusta Xtina, y su obvia que es un enemigo, y quiere tener siempre la razón, incluso cuando está muy mal. La música es la formación no clásica, si ése es el caso, el mundo sería aburrido, y el punto que estaba haciendo es el hecho de que este últimos días que pasaron a escribir un libro sobre esta entrada significa negativo o positivo, Xtina sigue teniendo un impacto en lo suficiente como para hacerlo.

    Los tres me recuerdan a las hienas de El Rey León.

  117. I agree! its nice to be technically good, but it's not everything...

    Specially in the pop genre.

    there are more factors to a singers voice than just her technical abilities.

  118. No idiot she is a poor singer in YOUR opinion!

    And artistic is having or revealing a natural gift of creativity. Artistic has got nothing to do with her vocal capabilities.

    Writing, and composing which she does!!! takes great artistry and that is what fans appreciate her for.

    I "think" her voice is pretty, I never said her voice is pretty and its a fucking FACT, you go off and just want to argue about everything.

    You have convinced yourself that you're opinion is the only important one and the most relevant, you are the most ignorant person here..

  119. Sorry to report that we've now been downgraded from monsters in Greek Mythology, to minor villains from the Lion King. One could infer that she's also calling at least one of us mentally impaired, as Ed clearly suffered from something. But don't worry this can't be the case, she has NEVER said anything derogatory towards us :)

  120. "I definitely don't see Taylor Swift as much a vocalist as she's an artist"

    Thank you! Opie is an idiot and she says I can't comprehend....

  121. LOL@the last part. I see the comparison haha. But not Robin, he's the least harsh of the two.

  122. Who said I was even talking about this arrangement, I'm talking about the music she writes and what made or gave her recognition.

    People who listens to her know her voice and they won't deny that she is a simplistic or basic singer, nobody is arguing with that, but many great singers still cannot wrote or compose. She can, and does it well..

  123. People are buying her music and going to her tours and the reason why she's a multi millionaire at that age is because of her natural gift. She is not a "poor" singer to the ones who who spent their time, money and dedication to support her, just because some person like opie hears it differently does not make it a fact, Because he can't even sing or sell or even have 1 percent of her artistic abilities, she knows nothing, and she thinks being self taught makes her legit.

    She is a great artist, I give her that. Even whitney, Celine, and other pop greats need someone else to write for them to have a successful chart hit.

  124. You are right he is the pumba...

  125. They were all sinister, that's the thing lol Robin isn't sinister-like. You just have to rub him the right way =D

  126. Opie is definitely not an idiot, although strong-headed at times. But please, I'd rather not get caught in these crossfires.

  127. Not asking you to get in crossfires just going further into what you were saying...

    I actually meant that as a reply to opie, Sorry...

  128. Again with the lying babe. I never spoke "highly" of any "English courses".
    I spoke derisively about where ever you and Sasuke learned English. And I stated I was mostly self taught so no courses there I could even have been speaking highly of. ( and it is "speaking highly of" not "highly speak about" )

    As far as comprehension goes, still lacking severely babe. :-)

    First off all that comment was my reply to MikeyPop. I am sure he understood it perfectly since he knows how I feel about Country music. He most likely got the sarcasm there which you of course missed.

    I also doubt he felt I was disrespecting him or his opinion/views. That is dear, because I don't. Unlike your nonsense and gibberish..I totally respect MikeyPop's opinions.

    "writing a subgenre makes her more mainstream" what a nonsensical statement. First off all in itself of course because a sub genre by it's very definition is not "mainstream". Secondly...what Taylor makes IS today's mainstream country. She has the fans of that already in her pocket.

    Alison Krauss however gets practically no airplay on Country radio. Nor does she get many nominations for CMA's because...she is not popular amongst the mainstream country fans that favor Taylor.

    The fans of Alison Krauss, Sam Bush and Vince Gill are people who generally have little to no respect and consequently no interest in Taylor because they are mostly way past their teens and haven't been fooled by nonsense above the music for many years ,if ever.

    Minimally gifted as a vocalist and instrumentalist Taylor is therefor not ever going to increase her standing with such fans by these collaborations. Only a marked improvement in her musical skills will accomplish that.

    I think, unlike you, Taylor is well familiar with those artists and their fans and actually knows this. I believe Taylor works with them because she loves and respects them.

    But Taylor never "had" the fans of what is now considered "classic" country nor the Bluegrass fans. So NO, she didn't "sacrifice" them for mainstream success. She always was and went for today's mainstream country. Those fans have standards that are set by these kind of chops...

    The girl never had "roots" in classic country. Just because you like a genre doesn't mean you have "roots" in them.
    Having "roots" in a genre means you played it and mastered it. And that is where imo Taylor lacks the chops for because her instrumental and vocal skills can't compete with most who do have said "roots".

  129. No sweetie. She is a poor singer by anybody who has the minimum standard of a singer being able to sing better than a non singer.

    Can you please at least remember your own previous comment and refrain from blatant lying? This is what you posted "Vocally she is simplistic, and her voice is pretty"

    I see no "think" in there.
    Unlike in my below comment which does clearly states I am talking subjective personal taste.

    Fact seems to be yet another English term you fail to comprehend.

  130. ROFL I think you have just proven who is the one here who knows crap all about music and art.
    Measuring those things by salesnumbers and claiming Taylor Swift is even comparable to people like Celine or Whitney,even suggesting a greater artist..because she writes chart hits.
    Enough said about your "expertise".

    Btw where can we purchase your musical fruits then? Oh wait, you don't share those with us "idiot" masses.



  133. She is a simplistic singer, simplistic by no means means poor lol you came to that conclusion.. lol

    at this point I think ur hilarious!!

  134. YOU said poor, I did not.

  135. Missing the pouint once again cupcake. I was responding to your claim she is only a poor singer in my opinion. Like I said , even her biggest fan here, admits she is.

  136. At this point I couldn't be less impressed by anything you "think" by lack of a better word on any subject.

    She is "simplistic' because that is the best she can do and even that much of the time ..not in tune. Otherwise know as a "poor" singer.
    I will leave it to any reader exactly how amusing they think you are trying to argue Taylor is not a poor singer

  137. Who said she was better than those singer?

    ART- application or expression of human creativity or imagination.

    ARTISTIC- having or revealing natural creative skills

    SONGWRITER- a person who writes popular songs or music for them.

    COMPOSER- a person who writes music for professional occupation.

    SINGER- A person who sings professionaly

    ADMIRERS- someone with a particular admiration for someone or something.

    If the person is not capable of producing art and admiration from fans then they won't be successful, therefore she is successful. Nobody said she was a better vocalist than Whitney or Celine. but I am saying she is a better writer/composer than many vocal greats who do not write music.

    Nobody used the words- Pedagogy, Classical, Trained, Better, Superior, or Opera.


  138. True it may be the best she can do, but apparently her best made her successful...

    And NON CLASSICAL MUSIC really has no standards of technicalities or vocal expectations from artist who can produce such artistic skills in singing, performance, writing, composing, expression, rapping, dancing, or playing an instrument.

    There no mold to be made, no basis of any pedagogy requirements, nor are they expected to be perfect.

  139. Im making it clear YOU said poor, and I am making sure you are not speaking for me, you can keep your opinion but do not speak for me or think for me.

  140. Exactly were you are most failing...communicating. That is because you fail to comprehend English well enough to do so. In order to communicate people need to have the same understanding of the meaning and proper use of a word. You fail in those aspects.
    You respond to things I never said, ignore most of what I did say and misunderstand the little you do respond to. You also use words incorrectly in your own statements.

  141. paraphrase, because anything I say with no factual backup is an opinion.

    i don't need to say "I think" for it not to be from my opinion or point of view.

    I was not trying to convince you if her voice is pretty or not, I made a comment and said her voice is pretty, wether you agree or not is up to you.

    Nobody is pointing a gun to your head to think diffrent. Logically if everyone thought she was a poor singer, she would not be a successful artist.

    Not everyone has to agree with you Opie.

  142. Ay mija, you really have no life do you? What does that have to do with music or my opinion about macabre being an ass?

    You veered of to a different topic just to attack me on a topic non related to this.

    i don't need to communicate well to tell or find someone rude.

  143. Ah yes, because we can always believe what people say in their facebook status.

  144. LOL Nope..NEVER!!!
    Yes, a sorry downfall we made indeed. But my guess would be that she only knew "gorgons" from some children's cartoon as well. ;-)

  145. If I can't communicate then you would not be having this conversation with me...

    you seem to understand everything i'm saying fine since your replies all indicate so. Sit your ass down!

  146. better than believing your self taught or self researched information that says nothing about my sexuality.

    Show me the link that says I'm straight...


  147. I replied to what you said in the comment doll. Which was this big attempt to justify your lie about your lack of English comprehension being due to you having "only learned it five years ago".
    You should have your brain functions tested. It's getting worrisome how quickly you are forgetting what you just posted yourself.

  148. It's better than you're self researched and self taught info, show me where it says i'm straight?


  149. My gaydar ain't the best but it's not that bad dear. I saw more of you btw than your facebook account.

  150. oooooo im so hurt because my english no so good because you so smart me leo mad to you, cuz no english better than you...

  151. Sweetie. real life is not the internet. There are no "links" in real life.

  152. LOL you need to have mastered the language a bit better before trying your hand at sarcasm. If you had, you'd have known this just made you look even more foolish.

  153. you so smart and you so important, you more important than taylor swift and you so talented... You have many fans right?

  154. LOL "communicate" another word you fail to really grasp. Nope sweets, we are not communicating "just fine".

    Much of what I say I have to repeat because you fail to comprehend it and much of what I am saying to you is about how this communication is failing and why. Not even that much you understood.
    The fact that I nevertheless understand what nonsense you are stating is due to my intelligence. Not your ability to communicate in English. Sorry duckie, just "stating facts". :-)

  155. eat fruits and veggies, drink lots of water and lay of the high fat foods your blood pressure is to high.

    An eat lots of fiber grains you are constipated.

    You're welcome

  156. Again I say...stop trying to apply logic! You are hurting yourself with that hopeless straining.

    Yes I am smart. That happens to be a tested fact.

    And once again you are making assumptions which say more about you than me. Achieving the "importance" of a popstar and having "fans" may be something you hope and dream for but I don't. Trying to insult me thus is therefor a failing mission.

    Ps If that is what you dream of, maybe you should rake up the courage to display your musical talents and stop trying to make it as a model willing to pose nude.
    Though the latter does imply you already have the attitude to become an "important" pop star with many "fans". Try sending a tape posing your many...."talents" to Rihanna's manager!

  157. Again with the baseless assumptions. You seem to think you are having any physiological effect on me.

    Sugah, you are nothing but a little harmless and meaningless distraction.

  158. Rhianna still sings better than you! yikes...

  159. thats why you write a book just to defend your master macabre...

    A slave gotta do what a slave gotta do right? Go cheerleaders!!!

  160. Once again a reply which is not in any way connected to the comment it's in response to.
    And now I'm a racist slave.
    Yet more proof how little you comprehend, the way you bandy around words anybody with even a rudimentary understanding and personal ethics would be a hell of a lot more careful of throwing around willy nilly.

  161. And you heard me sing did you? Nope. You are just taking my word on that. Which goes to show how silly you are considering you think I think Christina is terrible (which I actually don't and never said) and I said I am terrible..for all you know I sound just like Christina.
    Two things in this world there are no ends to...cute cat pictures and your inept comments.
    just to give folks a rest from your endless ineptitude

  162. Primo Uomo Assoluto11 November 2013 at 05:40

    LOL, Christina sounded good for the most part...then in the one upper note she had...scream! Awful. The woman has a pretty timbre, and that's all she has. And I've heard prettier, much prettier voices.

  163. You cannot back up your singing with facts and research... so i gotta trust u on your word.

    I have Facebook profiles, youtube, and other forms of research pages that states i had a 3 year committed GF.

    I had no basis to prove you wrong, you did, but you failed. Probably one of the most stupid thing someone said on this site.

  164. I speak in the accent and humor on myself.

    It is my own culture i am comedically pertaining to, thats not racist.

    I did not speak or mock your cultures accent or way of speaking.

    And reading the context, it was sarcasm pertaining to your racism of my english speaking.


    how old are you?

  165. And again you missed the point and showed your lack of comprehension of the English language and culture.
    At least my ignorance of Filipino culture comes from my only info being the net and my interactions with a dozen or so people from the Phillipines. You claim to have lived in the west for 5 years and to follow it's cultural expressions and are still clueless.

    Love Rosie!
    She's brilliant and funny.

    ps do you at all realize you just once again showed your derogatory views of gays. Safest bet in the world you don't.

    Here's another kitty to counter-weigh yet another inept comment from you. :-)

  166. I have 126 facebook pages and 5 youtube accounts that state I sound like Christina so it must be true. Give me an hour to set them up and I will provide the links.

    You "proved" nothing dear. Claiming something on the net doesn't constitute proof.
    Yet another word you don't understand "proof".

    We are going to need couple of cute kitties to counterweigh that bit of ineptitude from you.

  167. You said you can't sing, so why are you defensive when i restated what you already stated?

    it's highly offensive to say your are lesbian and I'm accusing you of not being one...

    Being a lesbian you know or should sympathize how not so easy it was for me being from the Philippines a roman catholic nation to come out, so when I state such, who the hell are you to take that pride from me?

    And you say you're smart?

  168. Girl it's not a claim, its a fact.

    My birth certificate states it, my passports, and my schools...

    5 years is never enough time to settle into anything specially a new language, or culture...

    Girl bye!



  169. i don't really find taylor that creative or artistic, well she is, but if you compare her to others such as the people she sang with here - not so much. i like taylor and she can sing her songs when properly rested or prepared but sometimes im just bored at her and for me also, i don't see or hear her as a country artist, maybe 95 % pop and 5% country and i think the reason why she is so famous is that she's young, pretty, a good role-model (bar the boyfriends), and lastly which is the most important nowdays, RELATABLE* to her young fans. i really wanna see in the future on how will she evolve into a mature artist. anyway her performance here is decent enough.
    *there's not even a word like that till these pop artists came

  170. lol opie can't stop laughing with "And I wish they had not included Taylor singing"

  171. pop music is very subjective, well most are, but doesn't because taylor sells more she's better in writing/composing to those artists who have garnered less success IMO

  172. Your birth certificate states you have lived in the west for the past 5 years???
    Another demonstration of the lack of comprehension on your part.
    Now what I am wondering, how does anybody "study" in a language they misread so completely?

    And fear not! You are not my type. :-)
    I don't crush on superficial brainless twits with the tendency to stroke their own hair constantly.
    That's 4 major turn offs for me right there.

    And I told you before, no need to shout. It doesn't make you right.

    Hmmm let's see, how many cute kittens do we need to outweigh your effort this time???

  173. Sweetie lesbians are not interested in sleeping with men.
    You are not a lesbian so, no, we are not in the same position.

    And I am not being "defensive". I am simply using logic to underscore, needlessly I know, how foolish you are.
    Are there any words at all in the English language you mastered a correct understanding of after "5 years"?

    If you had ANY good sense you'd stop trying to defend your supposed sexuality to a complete stranger on the net.

    I am beginning to fear not even the supply of cute kittens can match the supply of inept comments from you. But happily for now...we're good.

  174. ps just repeated the demonstration!
    When you think you can offend a gay person by calling them angry lesbian or butched or jealous Queen or just Queen, you don't think highly of such yourself.

  175. Primo Uomo Assoluto11 November 2013 at 15:21

    If he's a hater, you are a blind and deluded worshipper :)

  176. Vale, primero de todo me gustaría saber cual es de verdad tu idioma de origen porque está más que claro que no es el español. Ese texto está claramente sacado del traductor de google, y para más señas está traducido del inglés al español. Si vas a poner la excusa de que eres español/filipino para justificar tu mala redacción sería un detallazo que al menos escribieras bien el idioma que aseguras dominar.

    Segundo, lo de la ópera fue un EJEMPLO, simplemente una comparación para recalcar que no había nada que aplaudir en esta actuación ya que es una canción ridículamente fácil. Obviamente nadie va a ir a ver a Christina para escuchar sus habilidades en ópera (mayormente porque dudo que sea capaz de cantar dicho género), y por supuesto Macabre no dijo tal cosa nunca. De nuevo, lo que el dijo fue un EJEMPLO.

    La música pop no tiene un estándar en cuanto a instrumental, contenido de letras, entrega emotiva... pero todo tipo de canto tiene un estándar que es el de apoyo diafragmático, colocación del sonido en los resonadores, laringe neutra, etc. que todos deberían cumplir. Eso es un hecho. Un hecho que si no se cumple puede acarrear serios problemas para la salud vocal de quien no lo cumpla. Debo decir, no obstante, que no estoy 100% de acuerdo aquí con Macabre, ya que creo que mientras el sonido producido sea del agrado de sus oyentes, no importa que ella se destroce la garganta: es su problema, no el mío.

    Por supuesto que Christina sigue teniendo un gran impacto en la música (aunque se ha visto brutalmente mermado desde que Bionic salió a la venta), creo que ninguno de los aquí presentes (virtualmente hablando) lo ha negado.

    Añado también que has sido de lo más irrespetuoso que he visto por aquí desde cierto stan de Mariah Carey que todos los que llevamos más de dos días aquí conocemos. Aseguras que no has faltado al respeto a ningún miembro, pero yo te he visto hacerlo en varias ocasiones. Además, pones palabras en boca de otros cuando ellos nunca han dicho tal cosa (asegurabas que Robin te había llamado stan cuando nunca había dicho nada parecido)

    Me gustaría saber de paso por qué comparas a Robin, Macabre y Opie con las hienas del Rey León (y sobretodo me gustaría saber si entonces te consideras a ti misma como Mufasa)

  177. I always think that people have a rational side that you can appeal, although sometimes it looks like you're talking to a wall...

    By the way, is it me or has Disqus changed its way of working? Old and new messages appear all mixed in the posts, and I don't know if it's my computer's problem or a (crappy) change of the program.

  178. ". Ese texto está claramente sacado del traductor de google, y para más señas está traducido del inglés al español. Si vas a poner la excusa de que eres español/filipino para justificar tu mala redacción sería un detallazo que al menos escribieras bien el idioma que aseguras dominar." LOL.

  179. what's up? did I say something wrong or are you seconding my opinion?

  180. All hail to xtina then, because at the end of the day worshipper or not, I doubt any of you would ever get her musical recognition...

    Just saying.... I mean no shade, but writing or criticizing a singer on blogs does not make you significant... I'm sure it makes you feel good though.

  181. I agree, artistry has more to do than just singing alone.

    of course I advocate for proper singing training, but its not everything, I mean if the person has no emotive, lyrical or connective artistry then what good is technicalities?

    there are just some things you can't learn and it is by human life experience.

  182. Anyway putting all this aside...

    I like her voice, and she is one of the top 5 singers i always listen to along with Mariah, Toni Braxton, Whitney, And Jennifer Hudson.

    For every singer there are going to be fans and Haters, so It's just part of it. I am just curious to why singers like her are now being taken over by Miley, Riri, Katy... I cannot say they are bad singers because I try to refrain from that type of stuff, but I wish singers like Xtina and the rest of the above get the chance for more radio and airplay.

    And I hope that xtina will come back up like she used to in her stripped and back to basic era and make that kind of music because honestly the lotus and the bionic cd I was not feeling....

  183. Taylor swift is not a great vocalist or performer but her music is relatable to this generations' general public which is why she has made such an impact - still don't think she's anything special but I applaud her for making her mark in the industry

  184. Her vocals are processed (no autotune tho lol), but they're also undeniably solid. I really don't think that processing can change the strength of the vocals.
    As for the riffs and runs, they seemed edited- like they were in MCIIY and #Beautiful and Almost Home.
    Lyrics kinda meander, she fits sentences into lines. The melody kinda meansers too.
    It picks up towards the end.

  185. It's absolutely beautiful towards the end but the verses are kinda wordy. Her vocals might be processed (it's a very blurred line for me. I thought they were processed in MCIIY but she performed a large majority of the processed parts obviously live and it sounded eerily similar so there you go) but they sound strong and in tune throughout.

  186. Her vocals are pretty good but I'm not quite sure if the runs are edited. After all, a lot of the runs for MCIIY that I suspected were edited she actually hit obviously live (the whistle notes in Oh Santa! come to mind). #Beautiful's vocals weren't edited (from about 4 different sources) to improve tonal quality. Almost Home's though.... well, they were.

    It's definitely something that grows on you with each listen and it's a shame since the vocals are beautiful but they don't seem to match up with the production sometime. But, then again, it was kinda foolish to expect greatness from Darkchild.

  187. I don't hear auto-tune, and her voice is very clear and strong throughout it all. Lots of belts, and some runs at the end too. Some people are comparing it to Vision of Love (although let's not get carried away). The strings and whistle notes in the teaser aren't heard, so maybe those were for a different song on the album, this song's piano led at first with a soft drum beat, then strings come in (although not the same as the teaser), with a little pick up at the end. I for one enjoyed it, I don't see it being too much of a commercial success, but it's fun to sing and jam to.

  188. I agree, it's a nice ballad with a great lyric towards it. If you're referring to Reiko's comment -- he/she said processed not autotune, just clarifying! But, they seem authentic to me. I'm finally glad that she is deciding to stick with her mid range and extensive lower range, her voice is so nice down there now that age has gotten the best of her belts, I don't think she went past an Eb5 but she did phrase in the fifth octave around the 2 and a half mark for quite some time. Whistle notes aren't what they used to be but honestly I can't complain. I don't want to be the one to cause a flame war, and as much as I would dislike to say this, I can sorta see why people used to call Ariana the next Mariah. Ariana is definitely not up to par technically or artistically or vocally, but her songs have a Mariah-esque ring to them. Can't deny that.

    Definitely a hit. Beautiful is nice but this is >. Good job Mariah! I wonder why she decided to right the song, anything happen in her life recently o.o or was it just for the heck of it?

  189. well, you must have dumb family members to hear autotune on a crystal clear track.

  190. Whoever told you she's using auto tune on this... slap them. She's not. She has great vocal strength and clarity here but the song itself is not very commercial. I think it's very much biased towards her fans rather than the charts, which is fine by me. It's a great song that gets better with every listen.

  191. It's a beautiful song, strong vocals but it's not commercial at all, and it's ok like that :).

  192. Autotune? For SHAME. Mariah "Never" used Autotune! Teehee. We all know practically all contemporary pop singers have and does use Autotune to some degree...however this track wasnt autotuned. At least not in the sense that the Technology comes with. Her vocals sound very strong in the track. And her runs are amazingly fluttery. The belted Climax is just gorgeous with the best sounding resonant vocals weve heard from her in a long time. The lyrics are also very good as well. :p Just wait to listen to it yourself DD. It might not necessarily be a "hit" but its a very good song. One of the best shes written in years.

  193. Im thinking the strings and whistles are for an interlude of somesort. :) Since Mariah does love her variations of songs afterall.

  194. Auto Tune my ass, her voice as absolutely no studio effects going on!

  195. What about Almost Home's vocals were edited?

  196. Lav the song. Aweshum. But It's not really a hit or miss. It's like a mix of both. Singing about letting go is hard. Talking about it is hard enough for me. That's of course in my opinion.

  197. I for one enjoyed it, I don't see it being too much of a commercial success, but it's fun to sing and jam to.

    I had the EXACT same thought.

  198. Her voice was obviously filtered and lacked any of the usual warmth her voice is associated with. She sounded electronic in the verses and her belts were cold and distant. All characteristics which are unusual for Mariahs voice.