Wednesday 15 January 2014

[Battle] Demi Lovato Vs. Ariana Grande - Which Is The Better Singer?

ariana vs demi

New segment time! Get out the decorations, it's party time! Done? Now put em away! Ain't nobody got time fo' no party! So what's the new segment? Well it's something I've previously avoided out of fear of the site being overrun by nutters- but I live in fear no more!! Why? Because all that drinking over the holiday season has given me some sort of brain damage and I now trust people to be sensible when dealing with Divas being pitted against one another!

So the first combatants in the ring are young guns: Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande! Thanks to a commenter over on the Free For All Friday post for suggesting these two Divas- well I think it was them, I can't be bothered to wade through the comments to check (sorry)! Holler in the comments if you read this post, I'll give you a hi five!

These two Divas are new to the music game but both have been former child stars. What separates them from the other Disney/ Nickelodeon ilk is that they can actually sing. One is a vocalist known for her floral delivery, elastic voice and youthful tone, the other is a powerhouse vocalist who has dynamics, vocal weight and a wide chest voice on thier side. (I'm sure I don't need to tell you which is which!)

In truth, they're both very different singers, so to choose one over the other is going to be about preference rather than one being a "bad" singer. So make sure to let me/the world know why you chose who you did in the comments.

To help those of you undecided, or clueless about who either is (!), below are a few videos to help inform!  And yes, that gif at the bottom is actually me. Sitting in my castle. Waiting for it all to begin! (This will be my follow up reaction if the post flops...)



  1. As I stated in an older comment, on the technical side of things, Demi edges out Ariana in the most important parts of the voice, such as the lower register, the mid voice, the mid belt and upper chest. But Ariana does edge her out on the head voice side of it all.

    Subjectively, I'd say Ariana has a more appealing tone than Demi. For many Demi's enunciation is where people draw the line. Not to mention, if this was 17 year old Demi, Ariana would completely mop the floor with her. LOL.

    BUT IMHO, both girls are unremarkable and real talent is wasted when you consider youngins' like Jojo and Tiffany Evans beat them both on a technical front and IMHO, a more subjective front but can't see the same light of day.

  2. I find Demi Lovato to be incredibly overrated.

  3. I find both girls to be ridiculously overrated. But I do like Demi more, mainly because she ain't cutsie....

  4. HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE YOU BEEN AT!

  5. I can't really remember listening to any Tiffany Evans! Must check out. Also, was it you who posted a Reggae song on the Free For All Friday post? I think it was a soundcloud link. It's been stuck in my head ever since!