Tuesday 25 February 2014

Mariah Carey "Sings" "You're Mine (Eternal)" @ 2014 BET Honours

We already heard the leaked recording of Mariah Carey singing You're Mine (Eternal) at the 2014 BET Honours after some cheeky chappy uploaded the audio straight after the ceremony was taped. Well yesterday finally saw the show televised, giving us the opportunity to watch Mariah belt out the ballad for the first time ever.

Not having had the luxury of seeing Mariah's actions/ mannerisms while singing, or even having heard the song prior to the leak, I initially thought Mimi sounded live when I heard the audio. However, watching the accompanying visuals, the whole thing looks lipped- and almost comically so.

Now, I'm not sure if that's down to the editing, or if they went in and dubbed bits, but it looked SOOO lipped. The oddest thing about it was how consistent the voice remained throughout, despite the microphone being at different distances from the Diva's mouth. Along with Mariah's tell (hamming up a performance), I couldn't help but come to the conclusion that Mimi was lipping to a pre-recorded track.

Anyone hoping this showing would be the one that reignited interest in the flagging song, prepare yourself for disappointment.


  1. Vinicius Ferreira Mendes25 February 2014 at 21:18

    Still, there's several different ethnic groups native to the Caucasus (not all white), it's like calling all white people Italian or something :P

  2. I heard it was dubbed. I've sadly given up on Mariah singing live. Depressing as it is.

  3. Well, if this is lipped it that her "lipping skills" have improved since this doesn't look nowhere near as comical as her BET Awards performance from last year... Maybe she got some tips from Bey... ;)

  4. But I wasn't talking about people from the Caucasus nor do I think anybody would think I was. It is therefor of no consequence what colors those people are.

    You are being a bit silly. Everybody uses and understands the term Caucasian when used in discussions on race.
    And anyway, I normally use white but since I was originally replying to Josh, I decided to use the same term he used. :-)

  5. I just think she's making herself look silly, especially so after watching the other Divas on the bill. Either be a singer, or a burlesque dancer. Or if you are going to lip, step up the choreography and do something which will make people take notice of your material, 'coz lipping in this lazy fashion just isn't doing it for anyone anymore.

  6. Britney is lipping the whole Vegas show but damn she dances and put on a show! Still love Mariah though :P. Can't wait for the album.

  7. At least she bothered pre-recording the song specially for this performance. Other artists (Britney) don't even bother pre-recording. They lip-sync to versions of their songs recorded 15 years before.

  8. LOL 4 people feel it is okay to discriminate overweight people I see. Or to discriminate people choosing to do things to themselves they wouldn't do.

  9. LOL!
    I too am mixed, in fact, much like you I'm actually part Jamaican haha. My Grandmother is Jamaican, fully, so yes I've spent time with around Carribean people and I've yet to pick up any views like that from them. Nothing really particular that I'm cognoscente of. I do understand what you're saying, that's just how it is. Infact, despite my views on it, when I was applying for college I actually filled in African American/Black regardless of my race. I only did that because African American people are minorities in Universities, so I pretty much capitalized on my Black side despite believing I'm just as White I am Black lol
    One thing I HAVE noticed is that Jamaican people do not consider themselves Black lol The very term comes as an insult to them, or the ones I've known. In a way I understand it, still funny though lol
    But again, the general western society lens should never be a view from which you see. To act according to that is pretty much feigning who you are. Me? I could care less what the hell people see as this or that. Screw the status quo. I'll be damned if I'd let the functions and norms of society corner me into a certain mindset, preference or whatever. I'll identify with whichever side I of my own volition not under circumstance, you know? That's how people lose themselves. That's why I steer clear of the wave...it can really pull you in if you pull you in. You simply can't succumb to it. Because of the way Society thinks people will continue harbour this seemingly on going ignorance. So sad =/

  10. Weight isn't always by choice. There are metabolic disorders, or simply poor metabolism.

  11. I have serious doubts that those upvotes are from actual people.

  12. LOL That possibility had crossed my mind as well.

  13. Certain medications can be another reason.

  14. LMAO. Wait, what? No, in all honesty (because I am shocked by that statement)... What? What deeply depressed, self-hating, Jamaicans have you come across - that don't consider themselves "Black"? I have never heard of such a thing in my entire life. Nevertheless, if you were speaking of people from the Hispaniola islands: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba etc. or the Francophone Islands - that is debatable however 95% of those who are from Jamaica are of predominantly West-African descent, so that is news to me. As a matter of fact, 70% of those who are from the Caribbean/West-Indies are of West-African descent.

    Anyway, well, considering you are too mixed, it's nice to know that somebody understands where I'm coming from and my point of view. So, what are you mixed with exactly and how Jamaican is your Grandmother? Does she still speak in strong patois? LOL.

  15. Starting yet another discussion on exactly how big a % of you is which color?
    Do you think those kind of discussion are really conducive to forming a society where all are equally accepted?
    Because it seems to me that focusing on that subject is only done by those who are racist and those who take particularly pride in being whichever race and those who view the world in skin colors.

    None of which, I would think,are views which will lead to that dream society.

  16. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:21

    Well love, it's not like the gays are all one big group, you know...You have the young kids who were/are picked in school that tend to gravitate towards Gaga, you have the more ditzy twinks who love Britney, the more classic queens that love Cher, Madonna, Bette, etc, the more glamour queens that love Kylie, etc.

  17. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:22

    Madonna has not reached out to the gay community the way Gaga has. She has done things for the gay community such as promote AIDS foundation and speak about gay rights (in recent years) though.

  18. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:28

    Opie my love, are you descending into the depths of basic bitchness and defending an artist based on commercial success? Please, don't. I'll act like I never saw this so I don't lose respect for you. In the future just show us how an artist has grown musically, because she has...She started doing very bubble gum, silly teen pop, then tried ghosting Gaga for a while, and now is doing something that I don't like but at least feels "different".

  19. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:31

    Sweetheart, please look up a dictionary before using certain words. You are using them incorrectly. Ignorance is not synonym with generalization or discrimination, ignorance is simply lacking knowledge about a subjective.
    And trashy refers to something of poor quality, again, not related to discriminating against someone because of their proud ignorance.

  20. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:33

    My angel, certain families, especially those of certain parts of Europe and middle east, still consider clans as something important. In fact, some families have gone as far as pay for genetically tracing their clan throughout the world and find all living branches of it.

  21. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:37

    But sweetheart, that's a logical fallacy. I am not the inventor of opera or opera's representative, I am simply somebody who enjoys it very much :) and opera is indeed an acquired taste for a variety of reasons; the language, the singing that is outside speaking range, the dynamics, the stories, the antiquity of it, etc. It's not something one "gets" immediately, many people get into it by listening to popera artists such as Sarah Brightman, and in the past to people like Julie Andrews.
    But my point is that opera is a great art form, perhaps the greatest in my opinion, and people should not completely dismiss it after listening to it once.

  22. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:44

    Your message makes literally no sense.
    Have I expressed myself using ebonics? No. But you did use vocabulary associated with aggressive feminists who love to complain about "patriarchy" and how it's oppressing their right to be sluts or whatever. That was my point, not that if you are supporting females, but that you are trying to talk like a group of people you are not part of.
    The feminazis I refer to constantly bash women who are traditionally attractive because "real women have curves" (because thin women are not real people) and "nobody looks like that in real life" (again, traditionally attractive women are imaginary). That's the part where the "nazi" comes in.

  23. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:53

    And exactly what about sex do you enjoy so much? just the feeling or rubbing nerves with someone else? Or is it the feeling desired by someone else? Or does it signify freedom, rebellion or something else?
    Does it give you a lasting "high" or sense of satisfacion? Is it a coping mechanism to deal with anxiety or loneliness? Or perhaps it's a cheap imitation/substitute for real love?

  24. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:56

    Look up your comment. Obviously it disturbed you enough to go on defense mode. Did you feel so identified with how I described SOME gay youths? I always say, bullying is like voodoo, an insult doesn't offend unless you believe that about yourself already.

  25. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 10:57

    Re read what you wrote. Full of contradictions.

  26. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:01

    Because my life's whole purpose is to please others, right?
    Actually, what I'm doing - and has been my primary activity in the past decade - has been my education, and right now I just started to work on a PhD. How about you love? What is so marvelous about your life?

  27. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:03

    Your lies and delusions are immense, love
    Where have you seen me post anything of mine here lately?

  28. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:05

    No darling, I have never said or thought there's a superior race - Though it would appear that anthropologically speaking the negroid race (scientific term) is better designed to live in this planet.
    There are superior species though.

  29. Yes I know dude, "certain families" do. The rest of us moved on into 2014. :-)

  30. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:09

    Well, when people say they want something to sound European I assume they refer to Europop trashiness a la Eurovision :P
    If someone says they want something that "sounds white", I would be more confused.

  31. Sweetie, as so often, you missed the point and went off topic. The subject jeremiah's comment was was being in the spotlight. Which is most certainly measured by commercial success and media interest.
    I simply pointed out the facts regarding Miley's "spotlight" pre 2013/2012.

    And dear, upvoting your own comments don't make them actually correct or of any value.

  32. Lacking knowledge: You have absolutely no knowledge about what the people here look like. Not to talk how you, as I said, throw arround psicological theories you know little to nothing about.

    And, for me, someone who has himself in such a high pedestal to think he can choose wether someone else is a person or not, is a trashy/bad quality human being. That kind of ideas don't differ too much than the ones from Hitler.

  33. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:13

    I treat others as they treat me and 10% worst. You will see that many people here who have treated me with kindness, I have treated with kindness. You can ask some people who have actually befriended me on facebook if I've ever been unkind to them :)
    And being monstrously fat is not innate, it's acquired. Same for stupidity. Most people are not born fat, and most people are born with normal intelligence. Some choose to eat till they are enormous and some choose to never cultivate their brains.

  34. Yes darling, THAT is what I said. Kudos! You repeated my statement. Well, at least that makes you correct for once eh? ;-0

  35. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:14

    And how many who are exceedingly overweight are so because of metabolic disorders?

  36. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:15

    I haven't been online in 24 hours, so it wasn't me. Perhaps there are other people who agree with some of the things I say and are not so pressed as some other people get.

  37. And once again doll, you comment completely beside the point. I would guess because once again you actually have not argument to counter what I really posted.
    "logical fallacy" ROFL Honey you are the champion of those!

  38. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:18

    I thought you meant Miley had not done for the gay community what Madonna/Gaga (as a package) have. I misread, sorry, been working on a huge marketing plan that is slowly driving me crazier.

  39. The sensation it gives down there is mostly what I like from it. That's why, when I don't have anybody to have sex with, I masturbate.

    Of course, I do like the feeling of being desired by someone, but I like myself enough to live without that. Opposite to what you think, I don't have low self-esteem at all. I also don't feel the need to do something to rebel or to free myself because I already consider myself free, despite having compromises with people arround me. It of course is great to deal with stress, but right now I'm not living any stressful situtation, and pretty much the only ones I've suffered this two last years have been my exams. And no, I don't use it as a substitue for real love. Even though I want to find it, I'm totally not in a hurry for it nor I feel desperate for that, I know it will arrive. If you're trying to make me question my self-steem, you're wasting your time.

  40. "trying to talk like a group you are no part off"
    You mean like you think you can talk about what it means to be black?

    Btw "slut shaming" is a very commonly used expression by many people. Fact that in your mind the term is associated with "aggressive feminist/feminazis" once gain goes to my earlier point, your "assessments" follow your dubious world views rather than facts.

  41. Hahaha great reply Leith.
    That was very interesting though don't you think? This "view" on sex the dude seems to have. Sooo many issues!

  42. Dude most times when you tell people about a singer they should check out, you attach one of your own vocal profile vids. Which obviously lead to...your channel. Duh!
    Anna Netrebko to name one of the most recent.

    And anyone who gets to your channel can see it is a fact that your videos of yourself singing a whole song don't get all that many hits and all ratings have been turned off.

  43. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:29

    When have I ever talked about what people here look like except that if they choose to not show themselves they might not like what they look like?
    You choose who you want to be friends with or who you want to have sex with all the time, is that not discrimination? I make the choice of whom I consider fully realized people and whom I consider "potential" people.

  44. dude last time you mentioned your phd you were almost finished, now you are just about to start.
    It's gets harder, the longer you hang in the same place doesn't it? keeping the various fantasies straight.
    I would advice you to do some "after the response" editing again. :-)

  45. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:32

    Do you even read what you write? You wrote that Riri would be turned off about opera after I talked about it. That would indicate that someone has to assume I am the representative of opera somehow, and that is a logical fallacy.

  46. And another reply to something I didn't say.
    And yet more disturbing world view from you.
    Dude, do you seriously think claiming the "negroid race" is a "superior species" is any different than claiming "white" people are a "superior race"?

  47. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:39

    Please, show me an article written by a heterosexual male that complains about "slut shaming".

    I never talked about what it means to be black, did I? I talked about how reducing a "blackness" to ghetto behavior and such things is bad. The same would be reducing ALL of the gays to AIDS victims or something.

  48. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:42

    No, I'm trying to understand you and why you say you enjoy sex so much. I, for example, don't dislike it and I suppose I enjoy it, but I choose to be celibate for spiritual reasons.
    My point was that many people use sex as a substitute, stress reliever or coping mechanism.

  49. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:45

    No darling, I have a masters degree :) not a PhD. I'm working on the PhD, still have a year and a half left :)
    If you believe this is a contradiction, please find a post where I actually say I have a PhD to support your claim.

  50. Dude, you really ought to try reading more slowly. Perhaps move your lips along.
    I never said being over weight (which now suddenly has turned it seems into "monstrously fat" ) is innate.
    I said that you have used traits that ARE innate and that you imagined people to have , based on them liking a singer you dislike, in order to attempt to insult them.
    Your claim you never did that is simply a lie.

    I am not even going to try and explain anymore how immature as well as indicative of extreme low self esteem your "retaliation" politics are.

  51. And how would you know which ones are which while you go around insulting them and justifying discrimination against them?

  52. Not only do I not have the patience for that, you also probably already took my advice. :-)

  53. Please come with a better reply than requesting a internet search for random articles as they prove nothing about general use of a term.
    ROFL do you think am going to read a million articles and then go on a desperate search for the actual sex and sexual preference of the writer of an internet article???

  54. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 11:53

    I attach to videos I've made of certain singers because those are "approved" videos, if that makes sense. Meaning that they show the singers I want to showcase in their best light as I picked the different little samples. But recently when someone asked me about Renee Fleming, did I not refer them to a bunch of videos of her which were not in my channel (even though I have lots of videos of her in there)?

    In the last 2 months I've recorded 2 new songs for fun, have you seen me attach them here?

    If you want to know, I made the decision to turn off video voting on my clips because I have a group of X stans that constantly harass me on Youtube. And truly, as I've pointed out before, I'm not concerned with popularity :) if that were the case I could be turning out covers of flavor-of-the-week radio songs all the time, instead I do songs that I like and many people in USA don't even know.

  55. What I wrote was "maybe Riri would have looked into opera a bit further as well. Had it
    not been for your aggressive and insulting response likely turning her
    off for the moment."
    I am sorry you failed to understand that was in response to your self congratulatory remark about checking out a few Anouk videos.

    I said so to make the point that I did not respond with ridiculous insults when you gave your ignorant opinion regarding Anouk. And that maybe if I had responded to your opinion, the way you did to Riri's, you would not have bothered to be all that "open minded" about Anouk.

  56. Oh sweetie! We don't all have the problems with memory, you seem to have.
    But you know, you can go to your profile and reread your own comments, if you really want to know the exact occasions (again provided of course you didn't "edit" yet). :-)

  57. "crazIER" is the right word I'd say.

  58. And again! I never said you posted videos of yourself singing. I said you posted videos leading people to your own channel.

    Fact remains, whatever excuse you claim, ratings are disabled.

    My comment therefor contained therefor neither "lies" nor "delusions".

  59. Oops that was accidentally one "therefor" too many

  60. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 12:27

    I didn't say the negroid race is superior, I said it appears they are better designed for living in this planet. One has to define a criteria for what is considered "superior" before claiming something is superior.

  61. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 12:30

    What innate traits are you speaking off? sexual orientation and age?
    I did not use "gay" as an insult, and neither "teenager". The words I used as insult were "dumb" and "promiscuous", which are not innate traits.

  62. I am going to end this entire conversation with actual music. My no1 favorite singer and her androgynous/butch virago stage presence,
    Showing a whole lot of what nobody will ever accuse you off...empathy and love.


  63. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 12:33

    I simply asked to see statistics.
    I don't actively discriminate against overweight people, I have 3 overweight friends and girls in my class who are very overweight whom I have called "pretty" (because they have pretty faces). I discriminate when those who are overweight act as if being severely overweight is not something that should be corrected, and they bully traditionally attractive people because "they are not real".

  64. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 12:38

    How many times do you click in the main page and subscribe to a channel after you see one video? I would go on a limb and say it's rare.

    I could show you recent comments to some of my singing videos that call them "expressive" and "emotional" while others say look at it from a negative perspective and call them "overdramatic". But I rather not, as I am not here for self promotion :) just entertainment, as fighting you amuses me immensely.

  65. And before your ego goes there..no, it's not now nor will a song like that ever be, about you.

  66. Bummer for you, I just decided to end this conversation. But I have no doubt you will find someone else to disagree with you soon enough. :-)

    Ps don't recall claiming anything about anybody subscribing. I DID state few seem to be interested enough, once on your channel, to listen to you sing a full song. But subscribing? Nope, didn't mention that the once.
    Also, my channel has many who seem to have subscribed after hearing only one video.

  67. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 12:44

    Actually, to confirm I had not actually said something stupid, I went through my messages and confirmed what I wrote. I found several instances in which I mentioned I just graduated with a masters degree and just started a PhD. Would you like to see captions?

    When I edit a message it is usually because of bad grammar that slipped through the first time or to soften up an insult that after I read it back, is way too harsh Tai. Not to backtrack a claim or statement already made :)

  68. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 12:49

    Just finding the perspective of a hetero sexual male on "slut shaming" would suffice, love. For example, this man talks about "slut shaming" and "rape culture" from a heterosexual male perspective, but he goes on to say that his views are "feminist". In other words, he admits that those concerns are not those of a regular guy. Though he is talking more in regards of rape and not simply calling someone out for being slutty.


  69. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 12:54

    Except Riri responded to ME, I did not respond to her. Actually, she did say something about Renee's vibrato, and I said vibrato is a by product of a well excercised voice. That was my reply to her. Then I made a general statement about people who immediately dismiss opera without giving it a second thought, and she responded to me in an aggressive manner. She also talked about my appearance a couple of times before I made a comment about her. And looking back at the comment, I didn't say anything particularly insulting about anybody until she attacked me, I said "Some of the comments in here are truly amazing. Obviously most people have not been expose to the fine art that is bel canto. But it's good they are at least exposed to it". How is that pretentious or pedantic?

  70. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 12:56

    I already read through them, love. And the times I talked about people's looks were in regards to Christina stans who talked about my looks. Then in regards to Riri not daring show herself (again, after she talked about my looks), etc.
    And also, I speculated about your appearance since you chose to not show what you look like.

    Does that contradict my statement?

  71. Primo Uomo Assoluto26 February 2014 at 13:08

    Again, how many people actually go to a channel's main page after listening to one video? No love, you are not making any sense.
    Even the number of people who bother thumbing up or down a video is not large. I have a video about Anna Netrebko that has 615,000 views and only 700 comments or thumb ups. I also have some videos of some amazing classical singers that have less than 200 videos. You would think having videos with half a million views would draw traffic to the other ones, I guess not, huh? People just watch/listen to whatever it is they like at the moment or is popular or they are familiar with.

  72. No, no contradiction there, it is still the same lie. :-)

  73. Well, I don't see celibate as a good thing but I respect your decision. Why, then, can't you respect that other people like it for other various reasons? Even if they're psycologicaly unhealthy, it's their problem, not yours.

    BTW, why is it bad to use sex as a stress reliever? It really was helpful to me during my exams.

  74. Not about the people here (in this post), but generalizations like these:

    "You have the young kids who were/are picked in school that
    tend to gravitate towards Gaga, you have the more ditzy twinks who love Britney, the more classic queens that love Cher, Madonna,Bette, etc, the more glamour queens that love Kylie, etc. And you have the musical theater queens who love Judy, Barbra, Liza, etc"

    "That was what I referred to. And my observation and
    interaction with such feminazis has shown me that they tend to be overweight and generally unkept"

    "when it comes to gay teenagers with low self esteem, low
    intelligence and high promiscuity, they tend to like young females who behave an a hyper-sexual manner"

    This is what I was talking about. You put all that people in the same psycological and phisical sack when you actually have no clue of how they really are/look like.

    I choose which people I want to have a relationship with, but I respect the people I don't choose and never treat them like an inferior being. You, however, degrade the people who aren't up to your own standar to the status of "no-person".

  75. If you're refering to his will to keep a celibate well, I don't underestand it and I don't think it's quite healthy (phisically and psycologically speaking), but it's his choice and I'm not gonna mess with it, it's not something that bothers me.

    However, if you're talking about his vision of other people wanting to have sex (which I guess that was what you actually meant) then yes, I do find it "interesting", although I feel like that word doesn't suit my exact opinion on the topic, but I can't find any better word (neither english nor spanish). I underestand (and agree with it) that he thinks that SOME people who are very sexually active have some psycological issues they try to solve by behaving in a hyper-sexualized way, but then again that's a rather small percentage. Enjoying sex is part of our nature, and I don't see why, if I'm not compromised, I can't have sex with whomever I like (unless, of course, that person is compromised with another one or doesn't want to have sex with me). That doesn't mean that I'm not gonna be able to restrain myself when I have a couple and I'm tempted by other people.

  76. I meant his first comment starting "And what do you....real love" .
    He can dress up his "choice" to be celibate all he wants but it smacks to me like one who has some issues with sexual activity.

    Also..note he does not list "expressing your love" amongst all the reasons he thinks people enjoy sex. But he does talk about it being a "substitute" for "real love".
    But then this IS a male obsessed with unicorns we are talking about. ;-)

    As for his celibacy...none of my business indeed what kind of sex or non sex he chooses. That is his life.
    I was just talking about the psychology behind his comments. How this view of sexual activity sheds more light on that.

  77. I also think so, but I can't judge him for that considering that I criticized him first for judging people before knowing them (and, of course, not only because I'd look like an hypocrite, but because I really feel like I'm in no position to do that). Maybe he's got valid reasons. I'd need to know him and his life more to really say whether he's got a problem with sex or not. However, we were talking about promiscuity and having sex with people you don't know or know very little, not people you are in love with, so it's understandable why he didn't list "expressing one's love" as a reason.

    I think, though, that the unicorn thing is a joke that doesn't go much far as my pokemon jokes go.

  78. Sure sure, blame it on "a group of X stans". :)

  79. I don't think that his interest in Unicorns is of the same kind as your interest in pokemon. Not from what I have seen him say.

    Anyway, I am not talking any conclusions here re his psychology. I am just saying all those little things together do paint a bigger picture.
    I do tend to question what he claims his motives for his behavior and views are.

    Also you specified you enjoyed sex but weren't all that promiscuous. That is when he replied with the comment I referred to. So it wasn't about promiscuity or how well you know your sexual partner but about why YOU enjoyed it.
    Not why you think promiscuous people enjoy promiscuity.
    Least, that is how it read to me.

    (btw I will put money on him referring to what you replied in a out of context way next time you criticize him on something actually not related ;-D Call me a cynic but I think that was the true purpose of his "interest" in your feelings)

  80. No, I haven't seen you post those two songs directly. But seeing as you linked several times to videos on your channel, I did listen to them. Those are already two views, I can tell you, which should not be confused with "likes".

  81. Oh, I didn't see it that way, but I guess it could be true, I supose we'd need a clarification by him. I, however, just thought he was referring to my "promiscuous" tendencies, that's why I didn't list "expressing my love" as a reason.

    I know what little things you are talking about, I've noticed them because I usually pay attention to this kind of stuff, but then again I'd rather not make any conclusion before I get to know the person better.

    I don't think that was the true purpose of his interest, but I do feel like he may try to use my answer against myself in the future, I just can't figure out how since I don't feel like I said anything wrong. I only hope that if he does so, at least he does it in a related topic.

  82. Oh I didn't say he'd use it successfully. ;-)

    And yes, he is the only one who could clarify. Unfortunately, he is imo not a reliable source LOL
    Not after the kind of editing he has done in the past and the lies he has posted.

    He has said several things but not all here. Enough to make me doubt it is as much a joke to him as Pokemon is to you.
    But tbh can't really recall exact words. I find such things hard to remember...what I consider "spiritual" inanity.

  83. RIGHT???? haha. I don't get it either. I mean, yes and no. I can board the notion they seem to live when it comes to that. But still, some of 'em aren't aware that more than 80% of their genes that make "Jamaican" is Nigerian LOL! The other percentage is Indian and there's one more but I forgot. Anyway, taking the stats into consideration, yes, they are "Black" but then again you need to think about what is black and why it came to be the brand of the "African" decent. Now, I'm not trying to start any conspiracy theories or anything but I find it AWFULLY convenient that "African" Americans are Black. Just think, the word Nigga/Nigger is Spanish....or so people believe. See, Africa way back when wasn't Africa. It was Khemit, untilit was overthrown by an Arab man by the name of Africanis. But anyway, in Khemit, Nigga/Niger was a Khemit KING.
    Now, let's go into later history. In Spanish the word was adapted and to the form of Negro, which Hispanics associate with the colour "Black" right? So now, let's go to America and its definition. What were "Africans" called in the slavery days? NIGGER, Negro, right? Now, if you look up the official definition of Nigger, it's not Black person. In fact, Nigger is defined as an Ignorant Person (not exclusive to Black people, but anyone who so happens to be ignorant) They swear that's the official definition and the official definition holds no regards to black people. So now, think again back into the Slavery Era. "Africans" weren't allowed to read or write or learn. They knew very little and had no education what so ever. Being so educationally deficient, that makes them IGNORANT. And what is the official definition of the word "nigger" today that holds no regard to the African race???? IGNORANT. I find that VERY convenient. Now think to Black...Negro, in Spanish it's Black. So Black links to Negro/Nigger which is ignorant. So the term BLACK was invented by RACIST Americans and holds no link to the true meaning as Nigga/Niger is a Khemit King. So in a way I do agree with Jamaicans when they say they are not "Black" because in all honesty they aren't if you think about it. That's intrinsically (for the most part) American...to call them Black is spitting on their very essence. So I understand why they disagree. But after that, do you see why I find it awfully convenient that we're branded as Black? Interesting lol
    I'm Afro-Eurasian. To the normal eye I'm just white lol Sometimes people can tell I'm "Black" when they pay close attention to my hair and my lips LOL! And those 2 displays in conjunction with my middle name it's relative to say I'm Black LOL! Unlike you, that was given to me by my father, who's as White as Wonder Bread Lol! Anyway, My Grandmother is fully Jamaican and yes she can speak the Language but she doesn't. She does however incorporate some of the native Jamaican words into her speech here and there. It's funny, she says Pickney (however the hell you spell it lol), bot see-yuh, kara kara, and some pretty much weird ass crap. Is it strong? Can't say. She doesn't sound Jamaican, she sounds English although sometimes the accent comes out lol

  84. The word "negro" is English via Spanish from Latin and referred originally to the skin color.
    The connotations with the word changes through history. But due to colonization and slave trade "black" became a negative term. Obviously no people with any pride want to be called by a derogatory term their former oppressors used.

    Your "theory" is a lot of rambling. In which you confuse actual historical fact with metaphysical nonsense by one "dr" Alim Bey.

  85. Your use of "nazi" is still offensive, trivializing an event that resulted in the murders of countless innocent people. I'm sure you'd be smart to realize that. And I was point out your hypocrisy here, if you're so aware of how a pop star acting "hood" is negatively affecting so many people, I'm sure you'd be smart enough to recognize the meaning behind the language you use.
    Your view on general feminists are also childish. Real feminists are people who support other women no matter what. It's people like you who can't seem to scratch the surface and see beyond radicals. I could say that all fans of an artist are rabid stans that can't handle a differing opinion, but we both know that's not true.

  86. I think you may have overthought this. I'm not sure how many Jamaican can give you that explanation of why they don't like to be called "black".

  87. Maybe it isn't in the USA, but the term "feminazi" is quite extended in Europe to define extremely radical feminists which, instead of seeking for genre equality, chase for woman superiority in society. I know it may sound disrespectful, but the term appeals more to the autoritative and dictatorial meaning of the word rather than the etnichal discrimination of it.

  88. Yes; Afro-Eurasian is a term that I could apply to myself also, racially/ethnically speaking. Similarly to you, anybody I come across (especially Black people) can tell that I'm 'mixed'. I may have extremely fair skin with bright- green eyes (I'm, more or less, Mariah's 'mixed' complexion) but my hair is atypically 'Black' and, aesthetically speaking, I have dominant Black features in the lips, nose and such. Well, my full name is:

    "Devonte' Freese- Liefsson- Perkins".

    I have a triple-barreled surname as you can see: Freese (Dutch) & Liefsson (Swedish) - that's my Mothers surname - and Perkins (Jamaican/English) - that's my Fathers surname. However, sometimes my name is stated as "Devonte' Freese- Lieffson" or
    "Devonte' Perkins'. I don't mind which one. LOL. What about you?

    Notwithstanding, YES... You better give me a history lesson. LOL. Still, I know he story behind, exactly, what you wrote - I've studied that before during a part-time African studies course I did. I'm currently on the third year of my Law Degree. Are you studying?

  89. What kind of queen am I if i love Mariah Carey?

  90. Opie you start a lot of flames too!

    You're just jealous someone is better at it now than you...

  91. A few months ago a few of this people were giving me sheeeet about a few grammar errors...

    So glad you called her/him out.

    Karma is a beeetch...

  92. Omg you are making something too big of something so small.

    Behing his comment there was a bit of humor, I don't understand why that is a negative generalization when many gay teens do admire certain singers that match their personality..

    He is not claiming a matter of fact, but a general observation to a few group of gay teenagers. It's not like he saying "everyone who listens to Miley are all bottom gay boys who are suicidal."

    I think many of you just got offended by previous post of his and now take all his post as a means to get back at him for personal vendettas regarding his past comments...

    Many of you have said and started fights on here worst than he has. And have attacked people equally as offensive, lets get off the high horse..

  93. The use and meaning is the same in the US and Europe Leith. And it is on both continents considered offensive by many for the exact reason Mikeypop gave.

    Because .....no, most of the feminists who get called "feminazi" by no means call for females to be placed in a superior position the way Nazi desired to be in a superior position. Nor do said women seek for a final solution which includes the extermination of all men.

    To compare Nazis to radical feminists is trivializing Nazi crimes as well as feminism.

    The term was invented/popularized by Rush Limbaugh and his fans. Which in itself should already give you an indication what kind of women it was used for. But here are some of the women Rush defined as feminazis...Gloria Steinem, Susan Sarandon, Christine Lahti.

    But originally he was referring to women who were fervent proponents of abortion rights.

    Another example of the kind of man Rush is..." In 2012, Limbaugh blamed "feminazis" as the cause of a decades-long trend of penis shrinking"

  94. Uhmmm..Nope. On everything you said there.

  95. When you comment negatively about fans who like xtina, and start flame wars because of their strong devotion to her.

    You are giving your opinion, and you have told countless people you have every right to your opinion about her voice. Correct?

    So why can't he give his opinions about the music and comment postive or negative on peoples voices or have an opposing opinion about some singers as you have xtina? You are trying him for the same things you have done.

    One word comes to mind,


  96. It's spelled biiiiitch.

  97. I did not know i could cuss in the spelling, but you got the point queen...

  98. Oh really? Coming from you???

    You're telling me you have not attacked a person here, and started flame wars with a disagreement of opinions??? With this screen name and your other old screen names? beech bye...

  99. You don't contradict yourself they do. they are a bunch of hypocritical queens who feel they can have an opinion but you can't?

    First of they are even worst at attacking people, you never directed it to anyone. So the fact they are trying you for things they have done on a far worst level, is beyond me...

    Beetch gone, bye... #sashayaway...

  100. Nope sweetie. Not only did I not treat people the way Primo treats people, I also never advocated it is okay to treat people badly and call them "creatures" for having liking say a Gaga.
    Also for me to be jealous, I would have to aspire to be a person like Primo. I do not.
    Whenever I argued people it was on the words they post here.
    That is why I am friends with people who like artists I don't like. It is also why I don't jump down the throat of say every Rihanna fan posting here. Or gaga fan. Only if they make incorrect or ridiculous claims. And then I argue their statements. I don't go around starting off my reply with insults towards their appearance, socio economic status or sexuality based on say...their tagname.

  101. Lady Gaga calls her fans little monsters...

    Creature was the worst thing you can come up with to start sheet with him??? Try again..

    You are in you're 40's and your here arguing with teens and young adults under 25... You obviously don't aspire to be anything...

    He can have an opinion about anyone or any artist. I like Christina he does not, but I still like him because I do get his comments... It aint that serial boo...

  102. LOL as usual, that goes nicely to how observant you are while you read and respond to comments.
    And if we are a queen dear, please address us in the plural. Thank you! :-)

    btw Primo may be able to tango with us but you darling....you need a couple of years practice at least before you can enter this league.
    So be wise, stop hurting yourself.

  103. LOL Sweetie you are saying all this in defense of a 26/8 year old arguing with 15 year olds as well. Or rather not arguing but calling them names and trying to denigrate them into "not people".

    And how many times have we told you not to attempt logic?
    Us arguing here with younger people by no means leads to the logical conclusion we do not have aspirations.

  104. And you are way past your prime to be in your 40's belittling the intelligence of people 20 plus years younger than you...

    It's called commonsense, your old and you should be wiser, but i really don't see this wise old wizard you think you are...

    Sorry but not sorry...

  105. LOL Sweetie you need to look up the definition of "queen". It's not used for women unless they are in fact monarchs.

  106. I see nothing wrong with what he said... sorry that you're a dramatic old queen...

    When has he ever

    A- singled out someone( not including flame wars)?
    B- offended anyone by addressing them?
    C- said anything offensive that particularly pertains to you?

    Queens, Twinks, Faries are all part of a campy humor put upon by gay people themselves.

    Why are you all of a sudden so offended with these terms because primo said it??

  107. Doll, you are severely confused. We have never commented negatively about fans of Christina. The dude you are so vehemently sticking up for here is the one who "gives his opinion" on Christina fans. His opinion being that they are all "fat trannies" with "low self esteem".

    We also never said Primo couldn't comment on music or voices or singers. What we said was that he doesn't need to insult and denigrate people (based on his imaginations around their tagname and favorite artist) while he does so.
    Have you ever seen us complain when he was just talking about voices or his favorites or having a normal respectful conversation? No, you have not.

    Even though he believes he "has every right to defend himself", we in fact do not respond in kind and 9 out of 10 times simply ignore his attempted insult at our person.

  108. Madonna has supported many GLBT related causes from foundation, to politics to benefit concerts.

    Including and freely talking about gay love and sex in many of her videos.

    All since the late 80's..

    I do believe she has done more for the gays than Gaga, more importantly in a time gays were not as accepted as today...

    Just saying..

  109. Oh my.PLEASE stop hurting yourself!!!
    First off, you have not as yet displayed any personal knowledge of what constitutes '' common sense".

    Second you have such a poor memory. (you might want to look into that. It is supposed to be an "old people'' thing )
    We are in fact in our early fifties.

    Third..that isn't considered "old" but middle aged.

    Fourth wizard is a term applied to males.

    Fifth when did we ever state we think of ourselves as a "wise old wizard"

    What we do think our self of being is an ornery menopausal female.
    And that's why we lack patience with teenagers when they are annoying or think they know it all and just generally with silly girls such as your good self.

  110. Your ignorance is astounding us. And that in spite of us having already seen it displayed by you in so many comments.

    If you really want to know the answer to your questions, we would advice you to click on his name and see in his profile all the comments he has made. And to read them in the context he made them.

    We btw are not "offendend" by the terms Queen, twink or Fairy. We are simply educating you to the fact that those terms are used for gay males.
    And we,as we have informed you in at least three separate conversations, we are not a gay male.

    Those are also not the terms Primo used or we complained about.

  111. TBH I didn't know the history behind the term. I've always seen it used in social media more as a joke than something serious, that's why I never thought of it as something (too) disrespectful. And I, of course, know that many people who are called feminazi (And, specially the ones Primo mentiones) are not that autoritative, but it's exactly those women in particular which I feel shouldn't be called that (I don't think I explained this last part too well, so let's say I think that the term feminazi is used as lightly as the diva term). However, I've unfortanely came across some women who really do deserve that term.

  112. I invite you to read all his posts and tell me whether he has been offensive or not. I also invite to re-read your discussions with him about Christina Aguilera and the kind of language he used on them. I don't see any trace of humor, specially when he's talking about no consider someone else a person just because he/she doesn't meet his standar.

  113. LOL Sorry to hear that Leith. I think I met , in person that is, only one so far.
    But I just went with "obnoxious fanatic with issues" at the time.

    I got that part you worried about not explaining right btw I think. I think you meant the women Primo would call feminazi in your opinion are not the kind of women deserving of that slur?

  114. Exactly. I meant that I'm not against the term when it is used properly, but unfortunately that's not Primo's case.

  115. Sweetie pie, I only ever used the name Opie Ever. Don't start lying now. Your misguided throwing of my style of arguing and Primo's on one heap I am willing to laugh away That's just how you experience things.
    But lies are lies hon.

  116. ps yet another term you need to look up.."flame war"

  117. I cannot but agree with the latter part. But I remain in disagreement over the former. :-)

  118. I underestand that these kind of terms are not everyody's cup of tea, so I try to avoid using them, specially when in a serious context.

  119. That would be greatly appreciated Leith. :-)
    And as an added bonus, you won't be confused with guys like primo and Rush that way either. ;-)

  120. I only "gave you sheeeet" for excusing your grammar mistakes by pretending your mother tongue is spanish, which in our discussion was clear it wasn't because you needed to use Google Translator.

  121. I stand corrected you just said they were superior to others when it comes to living on this planet. /s

  122. ps I will have you know that according to The Muppet test I am "Sweetums. ;-)

  123. I just saw the comment count and (guessing what it's about) swiftly reacted like:

    I hope you're all being civil. I cant seem to log on to the part of Disqus which shows me the flagged comments, but I assumed there are a fair few.

  124. colour me surprised! There's nothing to moderate!! Good on you guys!

  125. he did all of that and more. did you read the whole thing and previous posts?

  126. lol really? what study says that? can you link us that

  127. girl i think opie is not hypocritical actually, far from it. what's wrong putting a fan out of delusion? at least she has been putting her opinions in the nicest way by using appropriate words. i cant recall a time when she used derogatory words or something off the belt. and Opie never said Primo or you can't have an opinion, disagreeing doesn't mean you cant say what you want to say even though it is a bit "dumb." there were a lot of times that Opie and I disagreed in the past and i think because Opinions can have a low reasoning and vice versa therefore i admit that i had a poor opinion before and she just simply disagreed, but never told me to shut up. Also she has respected my opinions even though it was not into her liking or belief so what are you ranting on?

  128. http://mashable.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/excited-baby.gif

  129. Thank you Josh :-)

  130. Eeeerm... when has Opie critizied Christina's fans? It's actually been Primo who has done that. Plus, it's not their opinion but rather the way they express it. While Opie expresses it in a critical yet polite way, Primo swiftly starts to use denigratives against the people he is arguing with (something, in case you don't remember, he has done to you as well). Opie's not complaining at Primo's opinion but at how he expresses it.

  131. There is no confusion of facts in what I thought. All I said is that I personally thought it was convenient that the official definition of the word is Ignorant, and how slaves back then somewhat link to it as they had no education which by every standard of the word makes them Ignorant. Didn't say it's true but I find it interesting. Negro and Nigger are derivatives...given their history one can't help but speculate. Like I said, it's not a conspiracy theory, at all. I just thought it was interesting and in the even that it's true, clever. That's all.

  132. Over thought? Hm, maybe. Like I said earlier, it's interesting. But still, Black carries a negative connotation, invented by Americans. In a sense, calling Jamaicans "Black" is calling them American. Jamaicans aren't American. So in that sense I could POSSIBLY see why they don't consider themselves Black. Like I said earlier, I don't completely agree with it but in some way I THINK I can understand why it is that they think that way. Not a sure thing.

  133. Right??? Especially Black people. Normally, form what I've noticed, more Black people can tell I'm mixed moreso than others I've encountered. Mariah's complexion? That's not too bad, I'm somewhat paler than she is. That being said, it's fairly understandable why some people are blind to it lol
    Wow, lucky you haha. Well my name pretty much holds no connection my ancestry what so ever. It's very 'American' for lack of better words lol I mean, taking into account my "full name" (what my Father's Parents call me) there's one which would be Russic (pronounced Roo-sij) which is SERBIAN, and we're not Serbian lol But yes, I've a normal 'American' name. Just know that I've the initials (excluding my middle name and the hyphen with Russic) of a famous Canadian singer and of the two initials I have his first name LOL!
    Majour? Don't have one yet. I'm on the fence. 6 main things for me:
    Can't do them all. But those are my favourites. I can't make a decision =/

  134. Exactly!
    And the funny thing is,I started criticizing him...when he denigrated Christina fans.

  135. I was actually referring to the "Khetim" and King of Africa story when I meant those are not facts.

    Who's "official definition" are you actually talking about? Because there is no definition relating to ignorance in Merriam-Webster or Cambridge or the Oxford dictionary of the word "black".
    I think you are confusing the definition of "dark" with that of "black".
    But "dark" is not a term used for people other than when talking about emotions. Except possibly in places like South Africa I think. But seeing as we were talking Jamaicans who don't like to call themselves "black" that is not relevant.
    And either way "dark" is not used for individuals who are uneducated but in relation to "unenlightened".

    Negro and nigger are like I said, derivatives of the Latin word for the color black.

    I am sure you find your imagination interesting though. Would be a sad thing if one found his own fantasy boring. ;-)