Sunday 23 February 2014

[Watch] Miley Cyrus Countryfies OutKast's "Hey Ya"

Amidst the shock visuals, protruding tongue and awful choice in leotards, Miley Cyrus occasionally likes to remind those too caught up in the image that she actually has an interesting set of pipes on her.

Anyone who has listened to Miley's music, ignoring the controversy (which let's be real, she courts), knows that this lady can sing- we're all agreed on that, right? But she once again demonstrated this, and some artistry (if we are to believe she had a hand in this reworking), by covering OutKast's Hey Ya during her 2014 Bangerz tour.

Take a listen! You may be surprised....



  1. the girl can really sing. aside from that, she's beautiful, clever, and original. sooner she will be a really big star if she continues being smart in her career. she'll probably reinvent herself like madonna. i also think her singing will be better if she will star in the live musical of peter pan

  2. Primo Uomo Assoluto23 February 2014 at 15:30

    I always detested that song, and now more than ever. But I must admit she sings it better than the original artist.
    I just find her whole shtick pathetic and try-hard. It would be one thing to be "shocking" with a purpose and a meaning other than trying to get attention, but she only does it to extend her infamy and nothing else, no artistic motivation, no creative purpose, just scandal for scandal sake. Sad.

  3. That closing comment was discussed somewhere else on the site and boy did it get messy. For what its worth, I was troubled with the way she went about this reinvention, as well as some of things she reportedly said when describing the direction she wanted to take with Bangerz. However, if I thought for one second she was racist, you better believe I wouldn't be wasting my time writing about her.

  4. originality can give you longevity and this girl has been in the industry for 7 years and we all know very well that her management is taking good care of her so there is a good chance she'll be in the media for a long time. Aside from that, miley is really trying to widen her audience because who wants kids as fans? lol. she has said multiple times that this album is to shake off her hannah montana so i bet in the next album it will be more mature and can really grab the attention of lonely, miserably fat jobless middle age person. i bet the gays are giving her a big consideration and i also think miley can cater to straight men because of her versatility.

  5. DD can we just confirm that you are not a caucasian? because i know you aren't as you said back then

  6. I agree. Her voice is special, you'll know it's Miley anywhere. Although, her voice is not suited for Pop. Her voice is more suited for Rock, I would almost like to think Hard Rock :P

  7. Versatile Listener23 February 2014 at 17:48

    I finally went through and listened to the albums I bought a few days ago and one of them happened to be Paloma Faith's Fall to Grace. I have always loved the singles Picking Up the Pieces and 30 Minute Love Affair but when I listened to the whole album there was one song that spoke to me. That song being When You're Gone, I just find this song so bittersweet and yet uplifting at the same time. I can relate to it and I imagine that many others can as well. Can't wait to see the full direction of her next album.

  8. I found one that's a bit more high quality. The issue I see with this is not the fact that she hit the notes. TBH, she hit those upper belts very well with ease and nice transition but they were off tempo and not intelligently timed but gurl is 21.... The fact that not many broads these days have stamina to sing Ds Es and Fs like that is one thing but for a medium to low mezzo to do it who's voice isn't even matured yet is kinda impressive to me.

    In other words, I will forever be a fan of Miley Cyrus and this giant chicken+ ranch coon't theme is kinda cool.

  9. As I recall, that was in response to my comment and he didn't say anything . He asked why I thought he is Caucasian.
    And frankly, I think he is wise to leave it "unknown".
    Just like he leaves much of himself unknown.
    Tbh I feel it is of absolutely no matter, consequence or importance to this blog what hue DD's skin is.

  10. Wrong again. I am one of her audience. Because like DD said in his review.." she has an interesting set of pipes on her".
    I simply am somewhat amused at her antics but more depressed about how those antics show ,especially American, society up.

    I do think she has longevity.

    But I agree not with gay teens as they are indeed fickle.
    To say they have "low self esteem and promiscuous tendencies" is but one of your usual prejudicial and extremely baseless statements.

  11. Just fyi 28 is not "middle age" ;-)

  12. i love this version

  13. I am happy to say..I am not surprised. ;-)

  14. Please, if you haven't watched the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, PLEASE. Watch it. The movie is phenomenal, heart-warming, and so very realistic. I cried. And I don't cry a lot lol, tears aren't my thing. Not too mention the score is gorgeous.

  15. Nope Madonna made her career on making popular tunes. She used media very well to get people to listen to her tunes.
    Madonna also had a definite personal point of view contained within her "shock".
    A point of view she clearly still stands by in word and deed.
    Those were not put on for pr sake. Like Gaga's.

    I think the same goes for Miley. Though her's are not socio criticism. Her "message" only seems to be that it is okay for young people to just have fun as long as you don't hurt others. I do think it is a view point which originates in Miley herself rather than a put upon "message".
    But that is understandable as her life was very privileged.Madonna's was not.

    Of course Gaga is a better singer. Imo her tunes are more forgettable than Madonna's though. I suspect you will find more random people on the street able to hum a Madonna tune than A Gaga tune. I think Gaga will be remembered for her meat dress more than for anything musical she has done thus far.
    But musicality wasn't the subject of my comment.

  16. I LOVED that film. They made us watch it back in middle school and it was amazing. Wasn't Christina Aguilera's "Soar" in the soundtrack? I love that song as well :)

  17. I just had to share this with you guys! It's so funny yet Whitney's abilities shine through yet again!

  18. When I say she ripped off the instrumental, I wasn't kidding or exaggerating lol Even the same "Hey TJ(not sure what the name is)", I mean...

  19. This song belongs in a Disney princess movie! This is the closest Christina has ever come to a Whitney level performance. I can see why she cites this one as her personal favorite from her career, but my favorite song of all time will always be "Fighter"!

  20. Primo Uomo Assoluto23 February 2014 at 21:52

    My assessment is based on observation and interaction with such creatures. That's all.
    And you will see that all the "Divas" in history have a large gay following, which has been the most loyal throughout their flop eras. And by "Diva" I don't mean any female that gets up on stage, I mean a Barbra, Aretha, Mina, Mylene, Cher, Kylie, Diana, etc.

  21. Primo Uomo Assoluto23 February 2014 at 21:56

    "miserably fat jobless middle age person.", LOL, if you say it for me...I'm gonna turn 26 this year and I am not fat, in fact, quite fit. And I am not joblss, and if I were, that would be not make a difference, because I have a wealthy bckground, so sit and spin.

  22. Your interaction with such "creatures? Problem is Primo, your "observation and interaction" is not based on actual information but on you already having made your mind up regardless. When one thinks like that, everything is interpreted as confirmation.
    Like I said, I am a fan of Miley Cyrus and you have absolutely no information on my state of promiscuity. And my self esteem would by most here hardly be assessed as "low".

    Also the mere fact that certain divas have a large gay following, doesn't say much about gays as a genera;demographic. It says something about part of the demographic "diva fans". All those divas have an even larger group of loyal straight fans. Doesn't mean straights as a rule are loyal fans.
    You tend to reason backwards.

  23. There ya go...more assumption based merely on liking a particular singer.

    The funny thing is that you don't even realize how much the fact that you ascribe the same qualities to everybody who likes a singer you dislike, says so much more about your personality, than the sole fact of someone liking a certain singer says about their personality.

    I am sure your obsession with self esteem, physical beauty according to rather superficial standards and "power" has not escaped anybody who reads you comments. ;-)

  24. DD, could you please do a "Who Did 'Diamond' Better" Tamar did a cover of the song and I would like to see what the others thought of it.

    This is Tamar's version:

  25. Case in point re your personality right there! You assessed Josh to be stupid and 15 and yet you feel the need to "set the record straight" on such matters.
    And lol at you taking such pride always in coming from a wealthy background.
    THAT dude, is not on you but on whomever created that wealth.

  26. Me too! There's a performance that Christina did in a duet where her larynx was almost perfect, no coarse belts, just a beautiful voice. I'll try to find it on Youtube.

    PS: It's not "Say Something"

  27. woop woop country-inspired cover of Wrecking Ball by WIld Beasts

  28. She reminds me of the time when Christina became Xtina, I think she is at that phase in her career and if she'll be smart (I still see this whole twerking, no class thing as a carefully planned strategy to gather more recognition rather than an actual meltdown) she can surpass Xtina's attempt - Christina's biggest mistake is that when she changed images/sounds she didnt ease the transition and completely abandoned the fans that she made from her previous work (Stripped = Urban, B2B = Jazz, Bionic = whatever it was, lotus = huh?) thus the lack of Fan loyalty, unlike let's say Mariah who mixed her usual powerhouse songs with a bit of R&B in Daydream and then suddenly went full R&B in Butterfly = thus the fans expected it and embraced it more, thus the success.

    So if Miley will slowly but surely transition from one image (and sound) to another, it might work - She clearly succeeded in erasing the Hanna Montanah image she once had, now that is out of her system, I am sure she'll be showcasing a mature side of her (again, cause this isn't certainly a meltdown - Shania, Britney and Justin are the ones that really had a meltdown - I put Shania there cause there was a time that she cannot sing at all due to emotional stress)

    Plus, It is great that she focused on her young fans - because they can grow up together - thus she will definitely build a good loyal fan base that way if she will do it right.

    She seems to have a good management/marketing team working with her, so I bet she will have longevity.

  29. I don't recall Christina singing a song in the soundtrack, but if she did, then Kudos because nothing in the score was far from perfect XD Probably this movie, The Incredibles, and Freedom Writers are my all time favorites.

  30. It wasn't creative, though. The lyrics were very grade school, as were the concepts. I could find that album a million different times. As for her voice? It's okay. She's not a bad singer. In fact, she could definitely out sing a lot of these singers today. However, she's very self indulgent and arrogant and that to me is annoying. Why? Because whereas she's good her voice isn't anything near special or great. I don't appreciate her attitude and how she clearly puts herself over her family. Her disposition is very disdainful. She'll never truly be successful with that attitude. She's good but I don't find her to be "very impressive" although she can surprise you here and there.

  31. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 01:41

    What? did you just say "Back to Basics" was jazz? ..................
    Have you ever heard jazz in your whole entire life?
    No. It was not jazz, it was R&B/Hip-Hop that sampled old records
    The closest to jazz or blues in the whole album was "I got trouble".

    And why is it that Disney pop tarts think that maturing means developing a hood persona? LMAO.

  32. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 01:43

    Based on my observations of your musical taste I can assess that you tend to like females with androgynous if not "butch" stage persona/look, and who tend to sing in a "gritty" manner. Based on that, Miley fits well in your musical taste. So see? It's all marketing segmentation.

  33. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 01:46

    Did I mention anybody by name? No darling, that's your assumption :)
    But just in case he was trying to throw shade, I said my piece. That's all.

  34. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 01:50

    But who says I assigned qualities to anyone in particular? I'm talking about in general...for example the people on Youtube or Tumblr. You assume too much, dear.

    And yes, I am obsessed with power, wealth and beauty. Can't help it. It's part of my culture :) But lacking those things is not what makes someone trash in my opinion, as I called trash someone the other day here. What makes someone trash is being aggressively proud of one's ignorance, and refusal to acquire knowledge/culture beyond the little they have.

  35. Can I make a note never once did Miley explicitly say that she was "acting black"? I feel like the fact that you're assuming someone twerking around acting "ratchet" means they're acting like an African-American is a little troublesome in itself. Is it hard to believe that someone might just enjoy that type of behavior and maybe actually appreciate the talents of people who just happen to be black?

  36. Hi. Gay teen here. First of all, my self-esteem is pretty high and my promiscuous tendencies have nothing to do with my love for Miley, and was not affected by her at all, although I suddenly find your slut-shaming tendencies a little problematic.

    Second, although she might have outspoken haters, with one quick look at the gay community you'd probably be able to tell that she has a large following, but I'm sure you already knew that since you seem to be such a genius on observation and interaction.

  37. I've noticed more and more how much her country roots have influenced her voice. Even though her Nashville accent isn't as prevalent as it used to be, she has this subtle drawl in her voice that's a really nice touch. I think she did a great version of the song, and I'm hoping she does more covers on the tour, I wish all artist could do the Kelly Clarkson/Taylor Swift thing and sing a different cover on every show.

  38. Technically speaking, Primo is absolutely correct in his "assumptions" towards what he thinks Miley is doing is a negative appropriation of "African-American- Urban Culture". Prior to this record being released and this "new" faux- persona of which she has brought forth, Miley gallantly stated that she wanted to go into a musical/artistic direction that "sounded & felt Black" - ala. 'We Can't Stop' etc.


    Those words alone are a prime catalyst for almost anybody to think that the music she is currently creating is not because of her 'genuine love for Black- Urban music/culture' but indeed a calculated step towards moving onto a sound in which she believes will heighten her credibility amongst particular audiences as a means for sales purposes. In 2009, Miley expressed that "liked" the sound of Hip-Hop music but, overall, "it wasn't her thing". She also said that the first Jay-Z song she had ever heard was "Empire State Of Mind".

    Now, logically speaking, for a Girl of whom has claimed to never have been a "fan of Hip-Hop" and has had absolutely no relation to 'Urban- Culture' in the past, do you honestly not see where the 'appropriation' comes into place? You cannot be that naive. Miley knows EXACTLY what she is doing, as do her managerial team, and it's something that has been taking place within the industry for DECADES!!!

  39. Personally, I wanna hear her do a mashup of "No Love allowed" by Rihanna with her own song "FU" and I tend to hate mashups but still. I just think it'd be interesting nonetheless how she can balance the high energy of "FU" with the mellowness of "No Love allowed". And Miley has the versatility to pull off the song IMHO. But that's asking for quite a bit and I'm pretty sure the performance wouldn't receive a warm perception LOL.


    Besides me, is anyone else in love with Bo Bruce's vocal styling? It's quite magnificent, really.

  41. Christina Aguilera's- Back To Basics was not a 'Jazz' record.

    It is an 'Urban Contemporary'- based, Pop album that was 'influenced' by the sounds of 1940's- Blues, 1950's- Rhythm & Blues & 1960's- Motown Soul.

    She may have done many live performances during that era with a live 'Jazz' band but that was it.

  42. Based on the fact that everybody but you here knows Alison Krauss, Barbra Streisand and Kate Bush to be amongst my all time favorite singers, I think you just proven your assessments to be based on insufficient data entirely due to your preconceived notions of people. Because it's not like I kept that under wraps here. In fact I posted my "trinity" just two days ago and though there I chose Patsy Cline as third instead of Kate Bush, I think the point still stands. Seeing as Patsy Cline can hardly be described as androgynous/ butch stage presence singing in a "gritty manner".
    Btw another fave of mine Anouk hardly comes across "androgynous" either.

    Seeing as this conversation evolved from one of your blanket and prejudicial proclamations.."marketing segmentation' has little to do with it. We are talking the way you, Primo, "assess" people who don't share your taste.

    And dude, your dislike for Christina is showing! It seems to have stretched to include anybody who reminds you, in your perception of them, of her now.

  43. Dude, you implied that by using the reply button under Josh's comment. Don't play coy. it doesn't suit your arrogant persona.

  44. No dude, it's not "part of your culture", it's part of your personality.

    And I never said you called people who lack those things trash (though in fact I have seen you do just that. I just never responded to it).

    What I actually said was that you assign certain imaginary characteristics to people who like a singer you happen to dislike.
    And that they are always the same imaginary qualities.
    And that the qualities you imagine people whose taste you don't share to have, says more about you than your imaginations say about them.

  45. You are putting an awful lot of analysis on the only words actually known to have been said by her on this...namely that she "wanted the album to sound black".

    I remain firm in my view that this talk of "appropriation" is a whole lot of hooey from people with either a chip on their back or a boatload of misguided guilt.

  46. I'm not "putting an awful lot of analysis" onto anything but arguing my point with objective facts.

    I am in now way disregarding Mikey's sentiments towards the matter but merely expressing another view of which he may understand and look upon things differently perhaps.

    All in all, I shall continue to "remain firm in my view" also.

  47. Taking basically two words "sound black" and putting loads of supposed emotions on it is not arguing with "objective fact".
    "objective fact" in this matter would be that she was talking sound/style.
    "objective fact" would also be to realize that people's taste change enormously and often drastically in their teens.
    In 2009 Miley was 17, when she talked about Bangerz it was 3 years later.

    At that age, any psychologist can tell you, it is very common for a teen to change tastes and interests. It's not "objective fact" to presume normal teen behavior is all "marketing strategy". Nor that a developing taste means the sentiments are not genuine.

    Also, considering it was mostly black people writing and in many cases being featured on the songs, I find the call for "appropriation" even more farfetched.
    One might as well claim those black artists are "appropriating" Miley's Nashville connection to expand their sales into the predominantly white Country market.
    I mean, especially since they all speak very positively suddenly of a girl hailing from Nashville Country scene. haven't heard all that many hip hoppers do that before. ;-)

  48. Who listens to Mariah for emotion though? Anyone can have emotion. Mariah IMO, is more for the technical prowess and overall excellent voice.

  49. Same producer. It's not Tamar's fault he's into recycling. Same w/ 'Halo' and 'Already Gone'.

  50. Well, as I simply stated before, you have your opinion and I have mine (as do dozens of other articles relating to this topic across the web) & mine was in response to Mikey's. Let's agree to disagree. That's all. ;-)

  51. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 03:55

    Actually, you've mentioned you like Pink, Melissa Etheridge and Anouk (who, from what I've seen, I do find rather "virago").
    Of course we can like lots of different kinds of artists, that was not the point. I like not only glamorous divas but also some rather avant garde bands/musicians, and even some trashy europop. That was not the point. The point is that we tend to have a certain criteria of artists we like, and they all share certain characteristics that go beyond the music. How else do you think websites such as Amazon can develop an algorithm that suggests things you may like?

  52. Are tastes and behaviors not allowed to change? As a child I hated pop music, I was a snob and I blew it off as generic and commercial. But I suddenly had a change of mind in middle school and within a day I was a complete devoted fan of Britney Spears. Who knows, Miley had three years in between the time that Can't Be Tamed and Bangerz came out. She could've easily been introduced to urban music and fell in love with it, that was the same time when Nicki Minaj blew up and brought hip-hop to the forefront of a pop audience's view. Artists are constantly experimenting with new sounds and looks. Your reasoning sounds like it's wrong for black and white to mix, and that we should stay in our neat little segregated lines.

  53. I like mashups when they're classy and make sense. I think she could most likely pull it off, but I feel like of all songs in the universe she wouldn't pick that one, but I agree, it'd make an interesting combo and I think it could work if executed well.

  54. I'm well aware, and never said it was her fault.
    However, maybe it would be smart to not pick such a lazy producer, just saying.

    When I say "she" I mean her/her team, btw.

  55. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:14

    Hi "gay teen". From other comments of yours I can see your taste level is at the bottom of the ocean.
    Slut shaming? LOL, is there a reason why you're speaking like a hairy armpit overweight feminizi? sorry darling, as much as you'd like, you don't have a vagina.
    When I speak of longevity I don't speak about commercial success, because that comes and goes. I speak of actual artistic legacy, something that grows and develops and influences the world of the arts for generations to come, so speaking to me about this and that record of popularity is worthless. Popularity does not equal Quality. If that were the case, "Gangnam Style" would be the greatest song ever written.
    And finally, my assessment of certain gays aggressively "stanning" for their "divas" still stands.

  56. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:16

    Darling, when I am truly attacking someone, I don't do it in a stealth manner. I think you know that by now. I don't throw shade, I throw battery acid.

  57. That would be a point completely unrelated to the subject.

    And indeed I also like those artists (and I mentioned already...Anouk can hardly be described as having an androgynous persona)
    but they are not my favorites. Seeing as I also like Tom Waits and Vince Gill I think it only proves my point which DOES go to the is ridiculous to assign all kinds of personality traits to someone based on 1 artist they like.
    And doing so says something about you.
    Which characteristics exactly your imagination assigns also says a lot. Especially when you always pick the same for everybody who likes someone you dislike.

    And especially the need to enormously diminish someone as a person by assigning those characteristics you despise most, only because and based only upon them liking some singer you dislike says an awful lot. Combine it with calling fellow human beings "creatures'' enhances what it says about you.

    In light of that btw I find your concern about supposed "racism" rather disingenuous.

  58. Darling again that is beside the point. You weren't attacking someone, you were defending yourself.

  59. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:23

    Actually, the other day that I called your female friend trash was because of her chosen nickname which suggests low education and taste (I mean, Riri? Is that slang for ridiculous of for retarded?), for her attempt at attacking my appearance when she doesn't even dare show what she looks like, and more than anything for her aggressively proud stance of disliking something she is unfamiliar with and behaving as if investigating higher art forms is pedantic and pretentious. That is what I mean by trash.

  60. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:27

    Love, my original comment about low intelligence, promiscuous, confused gay teens was a general statement to refer to how many gay teens are in a "bad taste" period in their lives, making bad decisions.
    And my comment about dumb kids who defend their "Divas" was also a general statement, and if you notice I replied to you, not to him.

  61. And there is is opinion not shared by you "obviously" is one usually uttered by, to superficial standards, unattractive people. *Rolls eyes*

    As well as the ill logic. One doesn't need a vagina to be able to recognize slut shaming dear.

    And you really could have left off the insulting first two paragraphs and simply explained to Mikey what you mean when you say longevity.

  62. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:32

    And may I mention her VMA's performance and videos where she slaps a black woman's butt and simulates licking it? Objectifying and reducing a person to a single physical characteristic, which racists have used for generations to oppress black women as nothing more than a "big ass".

  63. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:33

    Then what did she mean by "sounding black" then? The color black? What, did she consult people with synesthesia to ask them how the color black sounds like? I am not convinced.

  64. LOL As if that was the only time you called people trash.
    By my definition you behave more like trash than Riri ever did. And I speak as one who has had longer and fiercer arguments with Riri than I had with you.

    I also have to laugh at you and your double standards. Complaining about other people "attacking" someone's looks and their "aggressively proud stance of disliking something she is unfamiliar with". Do I really have to remind you again of your reactions to Anouk when I mentioned her?

    And I am afraid you might have misunderstood Riri. I think maybe she wasn't calling investigating "higher" art forms pedantic and pretentious. Just you. :-)

  65. You do realize, I hope, mr "overweight" what you just said about yourself?

  66. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:45

    Well sugar, I am not a racist but I am an elitist, I have never hidden that fact :)
    I discriminate based on what I perceive as weakness/strength.
    But just so you understand how I think...
    I don't think anyone's life is precious, I think everybody has potential, but potentiality is not actuality. In that manner, someone who lacks certain things such as a strong sense of self, inner strength, logical analysis, determination, focus, survival instinct, worth ethic, spirituality, etc (and many other things), I don't see them as "people".

    In a similar manner, some people believe that babies are little people and life is precious, while some scientists believe that a child cannot be considered "alive" until it shows it possesses a sense of self, which happens at around 1 month after birth, and some scientists believe children cannot be considered people till they develop a theory of mind, which happens at around 5 years old.

    And finally, as I said, based on what I saw, from my perspective, I did find Anouk "virago".

  67. LOL she probably meant the same kind of thing black people mean when they talk about "black history month", "black music", "black culture" and "white racism" or "white oppression".
    "African-American Music Appreciation Month is a celebration for African American Music every year in the month of June in the United States. It was originally started as Black Music Month by President Jimmy Carter,
    who on June 7, 1979, decreed that June would be the month of black
    music. Since then, presidents have announced to Americans to celebrate
    Black Music Month. For each year of his term, President Barack Obama has announced the observance under a new title, African-American Music Appreciation Month."

    Sorry if Miley wasn't as up to speed with the latest pc term as that puppet of the white 1%.

  68. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:49

    Sweetheart, if I'm attacked I am in all my right to defend myself.
    "Slut shaming" is vocabulary commonly found amongst feminazi websites such as - That was what I referred to.
    I, and many psychologists, think that promiscuity goes hand in hand with low self-esteem.

  69. And I bet you think that actually sounds different from a racist talking about a race he considers not "people"?
    Wow honey. Just....WOW!!!

    And rofl there isn't a serious scientist in the world who doesn't consider a 2 year old or a day old baby "people''.
    What the fuck kind of people do you hang with or read about? I am guessing Tea party members and people with the "potential" of wearing white sheets.

  70. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:54

    When you showed me Anouk I actually went and listened to 5 different performances by her, and in those particular performances I didn't hear anything that stood out as different than certain artists I mention. And yet, when you showed me something that showcased more of her vocal ability, did I not admit it?

    Pedantic and pretentious...why? for liking opera and being rather annoyed at people complaining at vibrato because they are unfamiliar with its use - being a byproduct of a well exercised voice?.

  71. Doll, just because you have a "right" to do something, doesn't mean it shows the best of taste nor any sign of maturity or class to do so in any manner.

    And once again you drag something off topic in as some kind of argument. And some more backwards reasoning.

  72. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 04:58

    Now, why would you refer to me as overweight? No darling, I don't do overweight.

    It's one thing to be born with a certain skin color or physical aspect, either ethnicity or height or disability, etc. Which are not choices but simply the hand fate dealt you. Another thing is eating till you are a nasty wide mess. Which is 100% choice.

    So you see, I don't discriminate against that which is innate, but that which is a choice...why not? speaks immensely about the person's psychology. Choices are what make us what we are.

  73. No for talking down at people and implying you are better because you like opera and those who don't are lesser or not "people" at all.

    Fact is that you disliked her because you were unfamiliar with her. You just now admitted that in fact.

  74. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 05:06

    Angel, nothing I've said is off topic. I've simply given you further background in how and why I think the way I think. That my morality might be blue/orange doesn't mean it is without logic or reason.

  75. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 05:11

    No, actually fairly common scientists who investigate what it means to be "alive".
    You can look the documentary series "Through the wormhole", episode "When does life begin?" for beginning references.

  76. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 05:16

    I was unfamiliar with Anouk's larger repertoire, but I did give it a BIG try, and I did check out more of her that Opie showed me. How is that for closed minded?

    No, I never implied people who dislike opera are lesser people. I flat out stated that those who are aggressively proud of their ignorance (and by ignorance I mean its actual meaning - lack of knowledge) are lesser people.

  77. Primo Uomo Assoluto24 February 2014 at 05:21

    By the way, why are you showing up as Devonte as well? How strange. System must be malfunctioning.

  78. ROFL "discovery Science" channel production! Or as the VP of production described it "We wanted to merge our 'Rock Stars of Science' ... with the superstars of pop culture."
    And you confuse that with science?
    And no doubt you became interested at episode two of season three "Is there a superior race"
    That whole season is not about science anyway but about philosophy.

    And I am sure I will find that once again your interpretation of what those scientist say is no more than YOUR interpretation fueled by your obviously dubious ideas regarding your fellow human beings. And very far from what they actually meant.

    YOUR words however are very clear and very very dubious to most people with a knowledge of history.

  79. If you don't realize honey bun that you are constantly off topic( and that seems to happen especially when you have no counter to actual arguments), your definition of logic is a very, shall we say "elitist" one?

    And you can dispense with the superfluous explanations of the views behind your insults. I'd say you have managed to make those very clear now, a bit further down in this thread.
    Not that that was really needed . The more observant reader was already aware.

  80. Yes it does that sometimes. But I'd say it is clear which comments are made by who anyway.

  81. And maybe Riri would have looked into opera a bit further as well. Had it not been for your aggressive and insulting response likely turning her off for the moment.

    And yes you did imply, often and in response to many people.

  82. That is why I respond and argue you when you go around quoting famous opera singers. You make it sound like they think and talk like you do. But when you actually watch interviews with those very people themselves..they do not sound as arrogant and pretentious as you do at all.
    Here's one you admire as well. I am sure you will hear something very different than what many others will hear when she speak about art, her art,audiences and introducing people to opera and classical music.
    If they take the time to listen that is. Something I think is more likely to happen if I just post this than if I post it after first telling potential viewers how they are trash and ignorant and without taste and "overweight".

  83. Nope, Josh posted the comment 14 hours ago to which you responded and in which you basically called people who take Miley musically serious all kinds of names. Everything followed from that.

    "general comments" are "general" because they aren't in direct response and containing both direct and implied insults to the one you respond to.

  84. I watched in those interview where Miley said she didnt listen to Jay Z, she was clearly rebelling against her producers. In many of her Party In USA videos she hinted or outright said that she was just given the song, and she had to sing it to promote her line and she wasn't pleased with it.

    If you asked me when I was 17 if I liked country music I would probably say no especially if it was a interview lest someone asked me what my fav. song was. But now I would tell I have a soft spot for country & list songs I remember from my childhood.

    Americans have this very awkward relationship with the word "black". Sometimes it's ok to acknowledge black culture & other times it rubs ppl wrong. I don't think it's fair to impose racism on to someone who did not intend for it to viewed in that way.

  85. I put it in between quotation marks. Meaning to refer to your proclivity for calling those you want to deride "overweight".

    "choices are what make us who we are"
    Yes they are. Such as your choice to view and treat people the way you do. My whole point exactly.

    And how soon you always forget your own words.
    Because you have used people's innate physical aspects (albeit usually only in your imagination of them) or other genetic, or other factors beyond their control, plenty as well.
    But that dear, would make the nickname way too long, if I had to use all your favorite insults.

  86. I'm going to ignore all the insults you said about her gay fans and just say that I don't think Miley goes out of her way to reach out to the gay community/fans in the way that Gaga, Madonna, & Britney do..

  87. " Americans have this very awkward relationship with the word "black".
    Sometimes it's ok to acknowledge black culture & other times it rubs
    ppl wrong. I don't think it's fair to impose racism on to someone who
    did not intend for it to viewed in that way."

    Very well put Milia!:-)

  88. Well, firstly, I am 'Mixed-Race': My Mother is 'White- Swedish American' and my Father is Black- Afro Caribbean' therefore I couldn't possibly believe that it is wrong for "Black & White" to mix seeing that I am a product of Racial/Ethnic mixing myself so let us do away with that notion completely. I do understand your point (and you expressed it very well) but what I was referring to, in particular, was primarily about her "negative appropriation" of Black/African American- Urban culture and the stereotypes of which she is adhering to through her new 'image/persona'.

    1) You say that artists are "constantly experimenting with new sounds & looks" - well, in that case, I wonder how it would fare if a "Black" artist per say, of whom has an extensive background within 'Urban- music/culture' were to one day find him/herself in absolute awe of 'Country & Western' music and then decides that for his/her next album, he/she wants to adhere to a new musical artistic/musical that "sounds White" of which he/she then begins to appropriate every negative stereotype there possibly is about that culture in order to feel as if he/she is a part of 'that community'.

    Now, I won't even relegate this question to a Black artist per say. What if he/she were somebody of Asian background? Arab/Middle-Eastern background? Native-American background etc. Do you think that we would EVER be welcomed so easily?

  89. i totally agree with this...
    she has not reached out to the LGBT community in the way gaga and madonna have.... so i dont really get this obsession - and some branding her the new queen of the gays

  90. shes been in the industry for 7 years but shes only been in the spotlight for 1 year (2013), maybe 2 if you want to really count her party in the USA days...

  91. i totally agree
    and it makes me laugh when miley stans bash people like gaga for trying too hard to get attention when the only reason miley did well in 2013 was because of controversy
    no doubt the girl has pipes thoooo

  92. the original is better
    but i dont think anyone doubts the girl can sing....
    i just question her sincerity and her vocals here aren't anything spectacular when compared to the original vocals

    that note at 1:45 tho was impressive it seemed so effortless for her

  93. And there you have it. Exactly.

  94. Thank you. Isn't saying that she wants to go forth into a musical direction of which "sounds Black" not a connotation/expression, with prejudicial undertones, in itself?

    I'm Bi- racial but how it would come across to a White person if I, or another Black person, were to say that I/they want to create something of which "sounds White"? Something that "sounds European"?

  95. I, most definitely, agree with your last paragraph. As a whole, it is okay for 'other' races/ethnicities to acknowledge 'Black- music/culture' and other times it isn't. However, I think that comes down to the actual artist, per say, and if his/her/their 'love' for Black- music/culture is genuine or not and I fail to believe that Miley's is genuine.

    'Teena Marie, Jon. B, Hall & Oates, UB40, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin, Michael Bolton, Simply Red, Phil Collins, George Michael, Michael McDonald & The Average White Band' etc. are Popular- White 'R&B/Soul/Rock & Roll' artists/purists of whom are loved and revered by many Black people across the diaspora (Whether African, African-American or Afro-Caribbean etc.) because their love of 'Black- music' came across as genuine and is the sound of which they primarily stood by throughout their careers. Even today, Jojo & Robin Thicke are very well received by Black people also. However, from experience - and I can attest to this - it is the Justin Timberlake's, Miley Cyrus' & Justin Biebers etc. that many Black people seem to have a problem with.

    I, for one, DO NOT and WILL NEVER believe that Miley is racist or has a "racist- hidden agenda" but I do think she is naive and may not see the numerous stereotypes of which she is highlighting.

  96. Also, tonally what does your lower register sound like? One thing I hate about having a voice that changes so much is that every time I record a song on my EP and its been months before I record the next one, my voice has changed slightly and its very noticeable from track to track which pisses me off. LOL. Its been a while since I recorded my song "Take me down" and it had a tessitura of Bb2-A4 but my Bb2s sound different now than then and I feel pressed to re record. But my problem is that I don't have time to re-record and it is one of the most vocally challenging songs on the entire EP so my voice will have been destroyed by the time I get finished. Last night I re-recorded half of my first track for the EP to notice my lower register has different tonality. But that song is ridiculously easy to sing and has no hard passages at all so I recorded the first half in less than 2 hours. "Take me down" is a song that requires 6 hours or more to fully record properly. (Just think of what that does to your vocal chords and I'm not that good of a singer to be able to sing it that good on one go).

  97. Attention everyone Primo new name is "HONEY BUN" so when you ever you get into a argument you will refer to him by that name. When responding to his comments you will start your sentence like: Excuse me honeybun....(be sure to throw some shade and always remember when he goes wayy off topic stop responding)

  98. LOL i wasnt taking a shot on you. dont worry i got no time hating on you unless you are very morally wrong or whatsoever because getting in an argument with you gets nowhere because you lack the skill to "listen" and "understand" what others say :)) i wont even expect you to listen and understand what im trying to say here LOL.

  99. no i wasnt throwing a shade. i just find you last sentence to be funny so i thought i should retort with the same technique

  100. OMG you're an elitist? i mean you're not even successful in what you're doing, commercially nor critically....... id rather say you're a social climber :)

  101. Yep, like I said...Tea Party members and potential white sheet wearers.

  102. Gaga and Madonna didn't reach out to the gay community in the same way.
    And I doubt anybody with half a mind calls Miley "the new queen of the gays"

  103. Honey, you are about as subtle as an elephant in a porcelain cupboard.
    The reason Miley did well is because she delivered a good album.

    Difference between Miley and Gaga is Miley draws attention by being unabashedly herself, Gaga by putting on an act. (She says so herself btw).
    To some "Miley stans" that is a significant difference. Some Gaga stans don't even register that difference.

  104. As I see it, it is hip hop which perpetuates negative stereotypes. It's just more noticeable when a white girl starts using the "language" of hip hop culture, how negative those stereotypes used in that genre are.
    That doesn't mean it's the white girl who is appropriating "every negative stereotype". The white girl is appropriating Hip hop, But it is Hip hop which is appropriating every negative stereotype.

    Btw fact that you are "mixed race" does not mean you cannot be against mixing withe and black culture necessarily.
    You could be identifying with only one side of your heritage and despise the other for instance.
    Not saying you do, just saying in and by itself being mixed race doesn't say anything re your views on certain matters.

  105. It would sound like you were going for either English Folk or Brit pop or Classical music or traditional music from a particular region in Europe.
    If you then got several main artists in one of those genres to work on that album and delivered an album which in actuality turned out to be a mix of that "white" or "European" music and your own would sound like you were an actual artist.

  106. btw yes, K-pop is welcomed very easily by "white" people.

  107. Primo, seriously, do you always have to be so damn rude? There's many polite ways to express your opinion which won't make it lose any weight (actually, the opposite). I don't see the point of it.

    BTW, although some promiscuous tendencies can be explained by a lack a self-esteem, not every promicous person has to dislike him/herself. Some people (like me, although I'm not too promiscuous either) just enjoy having sex. However, insulting and degrading people for no valid reason IS a sign of low self-steem.

  108. yes, and let's not forget her objectifying Football fans by using that foam finger the way she did.

  109. Dude she made over a 100 million dollars by 17 (2009).

    Her world tour in 2009 was commercially successful, selling out all European tour dates in ten minutes and a censored version aired on ABC in 2010. Drawing over 2.6 million viewers.
    In 2010 she ranked 13th on Forbes' celebrity 100.

    If all that is not being "in the spotlight" maybe you need to get some lighter sunglasses.

  110. Well, Opie, in regards to my racial background, that is a different story. I may be half- White (Mother) and half- Black (Father) but western society (systemically & institutionally speaking) will always look upon me as a "Black Male" thus, both socially & culturally, I do identify with my 'Black heritage' moreso but that doesn't define me. I'm 21 years old and, throughout my life, I have had numerous conversations with both of them that relate to my being 'mixed-race' and one thing my mother has forever, fluently, said to me is that although I may be half- White and a part of her, per say, I will never be seen as a member of the Caucasian race (even though I was birthed by a White Woman) and that is a fact. I ADORE my Swedish/European heritage but will Sweden & Europe ever see me as truly part of them when I am also mixed with African/Negroid (ancestral) blood? No. My Grandfather, on my Mothers side, and his family are actually Dutch; given their history of colonialism etc. will Holland ever see me as a part of them? No, they will not, but Black people will always and have always embraced me and my 'Whiteness'. White people will not embrace my 'Blackness'? Do you understand?

    When my Mother and I are walking down the street, hand-in-hand, people do not automatically assume that I'm her son - all they see is a tall, very well-built, light-skinned, afro-haired, Black man walking with a short, blonde-haired, White Woman and jump to their own conclusions about our situation. When I'm walking with my 'Black' Father, nobody bats an eyelid.

  111. Oh God, this never gets old!

  112. LOL Be fair now, we don't know how "critically" successful he is. Neither does he. Seeing as he disabled the like function on his videos. We do know the videos of him singing a whole tune...not really drawing all that much attention.
    In spite of him certainly plugging his own channel plenty.

  113. Uhmm like I said, the fact of your being "mixed" doesn't necessarily say what your view on racial issues is.
    I never said it has no effect on how the world views you though.

    But since you haven't lived in Holland, perhaps you should refrain from assuming how accepted you would be here?
    Dutch society is very different from American society when it comes to racial issues.

    Frankly it strikes me your mother did you a disservice putting that view in your head.

  114. "clan" lol darling it is 2014!

  115. Well said Man, well said,,,

  116. I've never really liked her attitude although it's growing on me. It's just the fact that she doesn't realize she's doing it and not self-conscious. I guess it's because of years of self abuse and low self-esteem. As for her voice, I do think it's one of the best voices in Mainstream music today. I really agree with Whitney Houston on Tamar's voice, "One of the best I've heard in a long time."

  117. More than anything it was sexist as it was objectifying women as that at which you saw it: a piece of ass. The person just happened to be Black, it wasn't racist, not intentionally anyway. Do you truly believe Miley's a covert racist? o_0

  118. I can see why, your name is Devonte after all lol (kidding) Well here's what I say, that's a very Americanized mind set that you need to relinquish right away. In fact, Europeans' perception of things aren't so black & white the way it is in the U.S. You're more so accepted there than in the U.S. If you're 50% black and 50% and you're just "black" then you're technically JUST AS WHITE as you are Black. Thanks to Jim crow and his perpetuated ass ignorance, people will forever see a mixed Black person as just black. But remember, those were his SUBJECTIVE and carried on conceptions. Western society in general tend to perceive it that way but that's only to the very ignorant, one dimensional population. Not everyone, remember that. Europeans as I've said are not as superficial as most Americans are; they will EASILY accept you. Why? Because it's not so much the skin colour that matters but that fact that you are a people. It's the same in a Frat. Colour is virtually the last thing on their minds. Forget what the GENERAL PERCEPTION is and go by what the HELL IT ACTUALLY IS. If you are Black, then you're factually speaking WHITE as well.
    It's not fair that you say Black people will always and have always accepted you and your whiteness because you're now insinuating that White people in general are vain and uninviting, which honestly isn't true.

  119. Maybe but genuine at a superficial level.The biggest difference btw Jojo/Thicke & Timberlake/Miley is latter gained popular with generic pop music which established mostly white fans. And when they crossed over into more urban-R&B music, they brought with them their mostly white fans. With all their whites fans, it is, because of the way American society is, be harder for them to appeal to black fans. And anything they do, purposefully or not, that would attract more black fans is met with suspicion.
    It's kind of like Eminem and he didn't even have to switch genres. It was just the amount of white fans he gained made many people in a black community raise a eyebrow... do we accept him or not?

  120. I would add that I generally agree with what you said.

  121. Yes. I can't think of a single colored person who has been criticized for "acting white" as much as Miley and some other white artists have been for "acting black".
    There are black people who sing pop, and white people who are singing jazz and R&B, and a large Korean music community covering pop songs by white pop stars. Culture and influences can mix all the time, and it doesn't mean it's for attention. Like Opie said, K-Pop is becoming more and more popular today, and the origins of the genre originated from American western culture. I don't see anyone making accusations of "appropriation" there.

  122. I've gotten to the point now that I just want Miley to cover every song I like. LOL, I'll just let my wishes blow free at this point...

    But since Miley is on that "freaky deaky (bringing back 90s slang)" shit, I wanna hear her cover "one night stand" by Jazmine Sullivan because I relate to that song soooo much. The song is timeless, has very nice harmonies and is just funny!!!!!

  123. People are just stuck with the status's sickening -__-

  124. I apologize, I didn't realize I needed a vagina in order to support females. But if you look like anything like your picture, I don't think you're black, so by your reasoning I don't see why you seem so avid about appropriation of black culture. And I'm not even going to comment on "hairy armpit overweight feminazi" (by the way, for someone who seems so avid about racism, nazi doesn't seem to be the smartest choice of word to use here.)
    But thank for giving your definition of longevity in the nicest way possible, the quality you expect from artists really reflects through the quality of comments you provide for us.

  125. And sweetheart, no one actually gives enough of a shit to "attack" you. When you make a comment, we have the complete freedom to comment back. It's as easy as that.

  126. LMFAO. Yes, you better believe that it was my Father's (Jamaican) side of the family of whom gave me this name; ironically, they call me & pronounce my name as "Devon-tay" whereas my Mother's (Swedish/Dutch) side of the family call & pronounce my name as "Devon-t". A DAMN MESS.

    Now, in terms of my 'mindset', you could be right. Although I have spent time in Sweden, Holland & Jamaica for a number of years, I was born here in the U.S and have resided here my entire life. However, I think my mindset is moreso that of an Afro-Caribbean one, (my Jamaican influences are strong) with Americanized overtones, one as opposed to an outright 'Americanized' one because neither of my parents were born here - though my Mother and her Swedish side moved here when she was 4 years old. Are you Black, White, Mixed or etc.? If you are Black/Mixed, per say, and have spent time amongst Black people of the Caribbean, you will know that they do have a particular way of thinking in terms of relations towards racial socio-politics and that has influenced my trail of thought greatly. Personally speaking, I am in no way disregarding my 'White/European' side; I LOVE IT - I wouldn't be me without it - but as somebody who is also 'Half- Black' and living in the United States of America, sadly, MANY mixed people (not all) will generally share the same views that I have. Also, unlike Jamaica and with many Black people, it is in Sweden & Holland where my family have received the most discrimination & prejudicial remarks; my Mother, Father & I are embraced in certain parts & disgraced in others. All in all, it does not bother me but, as I previously stated, the reason why I identify with my Black side (moreso socially & culturally) is because Western society (systemically & institutionally) sees me as a "Black Male" and automatically ignore the fact that I am half- White.

  127. But may I just say that I did like your analogy/reference towards "that Man" of whom put legal segregation into practice (the name alone sickens me) - you made a very strong point and I do agree with you.

  128. Moreso on longevity, we've had writers from USA Today and other publications call her a "post-Madonna Madonna", and yet she still has an approachable charisma both on and offstage that Madonna never had. She also clearly sings live in performances that we've seen her in, and aside from her, and does so well in the general public's opinion aside from a few blunders (such as the VMAs last year), and she does have an arguably uniquely recognizable voice.
    I don't think anyone really sets out to be the new Madonna when they begin their career, but I don't think she's doing a lot of bad for her artistic legacy. I can't make arguments on how long her career or legacy will last because who really knows, but I don't think she's going away soon.

    As for that last ignorant comment. In no way am I stanning for her, I didn't appreciate the way she handled the Sinead O'Conner open letters, and I'm not afraid to say that. But I will point out when annoying and thoughtless insults on an artist is problematic and bullshit. In no way is Miley my idol or diva or anything, but I enjoy her, and I think she's an adult that can make her own choices regarding her career and public behavior. Aside from the Sinead controversy, she hasn't done much to tarnish my view of her, why shouldn't I call out some guy on the internet on his bullshit?

  129. Vinicius Ferreira Mendes25 February 2014 at 04:29

    There's a brazilian proverb that translated to English says "Don't clap to make crazy people dance". Primo Uomo obviously has a lot of issues and his opinions shouldn't receive much more recognization than the ones by a drunk 3 years old. This kind of people deserves pity, not bashing.

    There, there big boy, take a cookie! Are we happy now? :D

  130. My thoughts on all of this

  131. hold the fuck up, did you really just refer to Miley fucking Cyrus as "androgynous", or "butch"? Are you fucking kidding me? She is literally hyper feminine and has NEVER looked even close to a man. The use of the word "ghetto" as an adjective show's you're intelligence level btw.

  132. How, seriously, HOW can you call others "trashy" when you're talking about not considering someone as "person" if he/she doesn't meet a standar you yourself set? HOW can you call others "aggresive" when you're the first one harshly attacking everyone that doesn't share your opinion? HOW can you call others "ignorants" when those attacks consist in a list of attributes to those other people which are completely baseless and when you go throwing arround invented psycological theories?

    Absolutely NOBODY in this forum thinks that exploring "higher" art forms is pedantic and pretentious, but conceiting about that and disqualify with the use of insults people who don't explore said "higher" art forms IS pedantic and pretentious.

  133. Excellent recap Leith! :-)

  134. But...seeing as all that escaped your notice (as it did mine tbh) I guess that proves her right...these days you have to really go full out before people notice you.
    Just being a hugely successful singer alone, doesn't seem be big enough for that "spotlight" to find you.
    In pop music I am talking of course.

  135. lolwut. it's an expression of sexuality that has nothing overtly to do with race or ethnicity. my friend when he's drunk likes slapping and biting other people's asses regardless of their gender or ethnicity.

    and what many would label as sexist is not actually sexist. in the gay community, 'many' slap and bite each other's asses. i am not generalising. it's a thing that happens. it's a form of sexual objectification but in no way is this act 'fundamentally' racist or sexist.

  136. The answer to that question depends on yours to mine right now. I think I may have been using my lower badly this time. I truy to do this thing you told me of mixing my chest voice and my vocal fry and my lows are really easily accesible like that. By using that technique, they sound really dark and quite heavy, I'd dare to say baritonal, and the amount of volume is great. However, for some reason I feel like I'm placing the sound in my throat. My larynx is always neutral while doing that and it doesn't hurt when I sing a whole song like this, but then again I feel like something wrong, and also, when I touch my Adam's apple I feel a lot of vibration there. The fact that my larynx is neutral and that it doesn't hurt leads me to think that I'm just being paranoid, but it still feels weird. I think that I'm just not used to my voice sounding so heavy considering how light it naturally is.

  137. woah,she's sounding different from her usual self

  138. Christina looks so freakin' gorgeous in that video!

  139. She doesn't lower her larynx in here as much as she usually does, that's why she sounds different. Also, Shakira's never been the kind of singer that shows off too much by hitting big notes, which she does here. I have to say that I like the vocal style she displayed in this song, a pitty that I don't like the lyrics :S

  140. Its like I've been hitting the notes the same way but they sound darker now. For me, there's no stark contrast in how heavy my voice is from high to low and IMHO, my lower register is quite underwhelming, tonally speaking and is not pretty. LOL. And I don't like going below E2 anymore because it doesn't darken past that point, naturally anyways, and all the sound produced is fry dominated beyond that. Also, and I should have told you this before LOL... This is a way I came up with to access my lower register because it didn't feel the least bit strenuous and I thought it was the right way to do it because of the ease in projection I get. Singing that way allows me to nearly belt D3 and above.

    I also found a weird way to access head voice that I cannot explain becuase of my lack of knowledge but I don't have the time to practice anymore so I can't strengthen it...Yesterday I was toying with it and did a vocal slide up to F#6. In disbelief, I tried again from as low a pitch possible (G#4) and managed to carry staccato up to Eb6. Don't get me wrong, it probably sounded like shit but I could feel the resonance through my forehead despite that fact that I carried the volume of an angry mouse. Also, the staccato lacked any type of agility or precision having a false start then turning in a ringing head voice.

    All I have to say is that the human voice is ridiculously stupid because its too hard to control LOL. I'm just gonna stick to belting because that is my calling from the Juju Gawds.

  141. :D Yeah. Christina, whether you like it or not can definitely SANG!


  143. Trip-hop kind of day

  144. Ooh LOVE that song, love Massive Attack!

    Though not as much as Faithless.

  145. Big fan of Faithless as well! If I did have to pick between M.A and Faithless, I'd probably chose Faithless as well. I see Massive Attack as the face of trip-hop, though I wouldn't consider them the best artist within their niche.
    Time to put on some Faithless records as well :)

  146. The whole time I was listening to this I thought to myself, "Gosh, I would have loved to hear Amy Winehouse behind this track" and now my day has shifted from trip-hop to the Back to Black record on loop