Thursday, 6 February 2014

[Music Video] Kylie Minogue Saves the Pennies With "Into The Blue" Visuals

Kylie Minogue, the Princess Of Pop, is back with a new song and a new video.

Now, I love Kylie, and I pretty much consider everything she does as genius, but Into the Blue has got to be the Diva's weakest lead single, ever. That's not to say it's bad, as it sure is catchy. However, the Mike Del Rio produced cut is all kinds of generic, which doesn't exactly instil confidence about her first album- entitled Kiss Me Once- under Roc Nation's management.

On the merits of the song alone, I just don't see Into The Blue being a hit for Kylie. Nor does it do her legacy as a musical trendsetter any favours. However, she has something else going for her at the moment, something that will definitely help the song chart- in the UK, anyway- and that thing comes with a big red chair that swivels 180 degrees on the touch of a button:



  1. I personally love the song, I don't expect it to be a HUGE radio hit, but it's fun and fresh and funky and I agree, I love everything that queen Aphrodite has to offer. But I think Kylie has established herself enough to have a little fun with herself, because I for one have already pumped my fist to this song on many a car ride.
    The production is lush and pulsing like the blue we are going into, the lyrics feel empowering and uplifting without being cheesy, the line "When I've got my back up against the wall / Don't need no one to rescue me" is the literal definition of fierce in both lyric and delivery.

  2. Primo Uomo Assoluto7 February 2014 at 05:45

    I love Kylie. She has never disappointed me. The video is forgettable but the song is HOT.

  3. Really? I like the video. The simplicity of the video is relaxing. The song; lyrically it's lovely but I don't really see myself listening to this in the long run.

  4. What I said about Whitney actually proves my consistent stance.
    Namely that though technique is important , tone and emotion are equally ,if not more so.
    Whitney covered two but failed imo enormously at one. Hence she doesn't make my list of Great singers. But I have always made it clear that indeed that was an entirely subjective opinion.
    I did not deny her technique nor her gorgeous tone.

    You on the other hand keep insisting it is some kind of law that technique is the ultimate standard of what is a great singer and nothing else matters. Like I said, the extremism is yours.

    And you have read what TheItFactor and anybody else who shares my point of view says, consistently from that point of view. Completely ignoring our view is a hell of a lot more nuanced than you read it and more importantly what you respond to in a often overly aggressive and insulting manner..

    Exactly like you did in this conversation again. Dragging in all kinds of things nothing to do with the original point.

    Now to get back to that original statement by claimed that out of ALL the contemporary (by which you meant non classical) music ever recorded, that very small list of singers ( who so happen coincidentally to be the same ones you always use and who clearly are your favorites) are the only ones who COULD have been opera singers (which clearly is to you the ultimate singing) IF the had followed the appropriate training.

    I challenge that claim because I think there are probably way more than that list who could have. I also think it is ridiculous to make such a claim because you base it on what you heard them record when actually most singers actually publicly only sang within their genre. Which means they might have been showing but a small part of their range.
    Your initial assessment of Anouk is a fine example of why your list is hampered.
    Had I not posted the other two vids, you would in fact still have stuck to your initial faulty assessment.

    My stance is that I am sure in that entire history of recorded non classical music, there are any number of Anouks who could fit the parameters you set in your INITIAL comment.
    Therefor imo your short list is ..nonsensical in both it's basic concept AND it's length.

    All of which I tried to get any reader of my INITIAL reply, to come to for themselves by posting the two short lines comment that I posted. Trusting that anybody who wants to think about it and follow the path that reply sets one on, will get to the same place. :-)

    My issue with your use of that Yoko Ono video as some kind of proof that one should not take tone and ability to emote as part of the judgment on what is a Great Singer, is that it is basically the same kind of argument as conservative folk use against gay marriage when they say ..." We can't have that! Next people will want to marry animals"

  5. What Charlie is trying to make clear to you is that it is fans who make a
    song a hit but that the Super Bowl audience is more random than a
    Shakira concert audience.
    Frankly, I for one, though I know the name
    and some bits of information regarding Shakira, doubt whether I'd
    recognize any of her songs. Certainly not by title anyway.
    I know, unfortunately, more American Football team names than Shakira song titles. ;-)

  6. I guess it all goes to expectations and what you consider "stellar vocals". :-)
    Clearly you and I have different expectations of Mariah and different views on what constitutes "stellar vocals". imo for instance there are more singers than those you mentioned that are able to deliver what I consider "stellar vocals".

    But it's all good, people differ. I am just representing my view on those matters. Not saying they are "The Law".

    And like I said, I think Mariah can deliver a great show lipped. And I'd be fine with such a show. It's the Super bowl after all. Not a regular concert.

    And like I also said in the past, if Mariah would accept the reality of her present vocal abilities and would work at doing great with those...she could still be wonderful.
    But like you say, problem is, she doesn't seem to care enough.

  7. I really want Christina to come on and lip sync on that job. But maybe lady gaga.....i mean shes theatrical right????. But Pink has to go on, shes consistent and she puts on a great show!!! I really wanna see some of my boys like FalloutBoy, Nickelback maybe Keith Urban come on also.

  8. Kylie... Princess of pop?? Really? I personally can't stand her choice of nasal singing. And her audience is mostly women over 30.. (in my country, that is) I read her profile and she may be a talented singer and she is very popular in Australia. But she will never, or was a pop princess :/
    And the fact that she releases a song DURING X-factor. Where she is supposed to help find the next big singer, but instead promotes herself, proves just how desperate/tragic she is. (yes christina did the same.. But that women is just.. a big DIVA, clinging to the fame she built from her younger days, when she made good song) This may look like a angry post. But I am in fact very calm :)

    BUT there are artist/albums who are much more deserved reviews/profiles...

  9. I personally like the song, though I'm not crazy about the video.
    I have to say that Kylie is still stunning at 45.

  10. This is still my favorite cover of the national anthem

  11. "And her audience is mostly women over 30..." AND gay men. Lets not forget the gay men please. At least not here. :p

  12. 'Kylie Minogue Saves the Pennies....' Oh lord! I laughed so hard at that.

    I am kind of on the fence with the song. Good vocals, decent lyrics but the production felt very cheap to me. Very un-original and tacky. Something that an amateur or small-time singer would put in their shitty 'original' pop song.

  13. What do you consider a good Kylie song (from her younger days)?

  14. Ok. Firstly your lack of knowledge about Kylie being the Princess of Pop speaks more to your ignorance than it does to her relevancy. Secondly the show is The Voice, come on man. Why else would a celebrity join that show? Sure they might get some jollys from harvesting the next crop of superstars, but ultimately its a career decision to further promote projects. Your post doesn't look angry, just misinformed :)

  15. I also ,btw, would not even presume to have heard every singer in
    history of recorded non classical music. Let alone enough of each singer
    to be able to dismiss them all as not eligible for your short list.

  16. No no, I meant Christina :) It's 12 years since stripped came, and non of the newer albums are close ... Back to basics had some good songs. Candyman, aint't no other man, save me from myself... But lotus and bionic where.. Yeah special, to say it nicely :)

  17. you are right, I know almost nothing about Kylie. Cause she is not big in my country. She hasn't been in the radio/Tv since "can't get you out of my head".. BUT I watch EVERY musicshow there is, idol uk/nor/us/aus, the voice uk/us/aus/nor, the x-factor us/uk/aus and there are a few judges who don't have selfish motives, and are just there to find good artist.

    AAANd yes, when I look at it now, my post looks a little angry :P

  18. Did I just get mistaken for a gay man?? Omg this is too good, I never dreamed I could reach this level of bitch haha. You do look like a man, a man who need to be introduced to a pair of tweezers.

  19. Aw you're so nice and friendly! I like how you didn't jump on the defence like most people on here (including myself woops). :)

  20. What? I meant it in a matter-of-factly's true, innit?? :)

  21. I'd pick Patrick Stump/Fall Out Boy and Pink and/or Rihanna, so it'd be a little more exotic. ;)

  22. For Mariah, I see only one rational solution to getting her voice to the consistent excellence that it had in the 1990s, and that is through voice nodule surgery. She doesn't use bad technique, at least never for more than a note or two per concert, so they're not going to be particularly difficult to get rid of. With some vocal rehabilitation to get her used to speaking and singing without nodes (which should be infinitely easier than with them), she would be back to the top of her vocal game.

    And if I'm being honest, there are absolutely STUNNING singers and performers out there who deserve the limelight a lot more, and work at equal or higher levels than the people at the top of the industry. However, the public seems to only allow people who have topped the charts on multiple occasions, so...great.

  23. Primo Uomo Assoluto8 February 2014 at 21:48

    Your country is not the center of the world. People can make big careers without ever needing to sell in your country. You should be aware of that.

  24. Primo Uomo Assoluto8 February 2014 at 21:48

    You like the dry screaming of someone who is often flat, so there goes your taste :)

  25. Primo Uomo Assoluto8 February 2014 at 21:51

    If you were an actual biological woman, that would also explain a lot. You see, it has been proven scientifically that women with average looks tend to prefer feminine looking males as they tend to be more passive and faithful in a relationship. More attractive women usually prefer men with hypermasculine features such as body hair, large jaw, wide nose, strong brow, close set eyes, etc. as these are signs of aggression, health and high levels of other words, a beautiful woman can take a risk, an ugly woman cannot.

  26. Primo Uomo Assoluto8 February 2014 at 22:09

    But what logic do you speak of? That's what I'm criticizing, the fact you jump to conclusions and assume things, which shows you lack logic. I specifically told you I mentioned those singers because their sound is already even and well supported throughout 2 octaves. What more do you need? Of course they would need to work a lot in order to sing a full opera. Hell, even opera singers who have been doing it for 20 years still have to work a lot at singing opera consistently well.

    A lot of people claimed Tebaldi's voice was beautiful, sure, if taken subjectively one could claim that. And what many refer to her "beautiful voice" is that her sound was even throughout 2 octaves without any changes of color, placement or support. But those 2 octaves were better suited for a lyric mezzo than soprano (A3-A5) as she lacked the top notes and often cracked and went flat. Also, she sang roles such as Cleopatra (Giulio Cesare) and Leonora (Trovatore) as well as Violetta (La Traviata) that showcased both her lack of top notes and of agility. And when she sang arias from Norma and I Puritani, that truly showcased the flaws in her technique.

  27. Primo Uomo Assoluto8 February 2014 at 22:12

    I was speaking from MY perspective, that is OBVIOUS. I was not speaking for every singer that is and has ever been. I'm sure there are singers I've never heard of that could surely be just as good as those I know. That's besides the point. My point is that based on MY observation, those I mentioned are the ones I (as in MY personal opinion, and we all know you like to go on and on about opinions) feel could produce an operatic sound of quality.

  28. Primo Uomo Assoluto8 February 2014 at 22:14

    Handel, Mozart and Bellini are my top favorites. I do enjoy Verdi, Wagner, Strauss, etc...but I have to be in a particular mood. I prefer "lighter" classical music in that sense, as well as medieval and renaissance.

  29. And that was all I was pointing out since your wording did not make that clear at all in your initial claim.
    Nor did you bother to rectify it in your response. Instead you started with the personal insult and the adjusting of your claim.
    Like you are adjusting again now.
    Because after I pointed out this is simply a list of your favorites and a standard YOU set which fits those favorites , you started first claiming I misconstrued your words and now you are admitting I was in fact correct.

  30. Talking about jumping to conclusions...actually not having studied music does not at all mean one sees music only a entertainment. I actually see music as one of the Arts. And the arts are to me not "mere entertainment".

    Aside from that your original claim was worded like this "Unlike with pop music, an operatic voice must be perfectly even and FULLY SUPPORTED through at least 2 full octaves and delivered with warm as well as resonant tones. Only a handful of contemporary vocalists could ever have careers in the operatic field (with further training)"

    Which means you are talking about not "having an operatic voice" but having an opera career.
    It also doesn't talk about pop stars who already have shown that ability. It talks about pop stars you think could ACHIEVE that ability IF the followed the right training.
    You then added a short list of people you claimed COULD HAVE had that career "in the operatic field" IF.

    I pointed out some of those are dead or very old. You then specified you were speaking of amongst singers of all ever recorded non classical music.

    I am quite logically arguing you can neither logically make such a claim nor , even if you could make that claim, would that list you mention really be the "ONLY" singers who could have had a "career in the operatic field (with further training)"

    I say logically because it is obvious that you could not possibly have heard every damn singer in the history of recorded non classical music.
    And not enough of their work to know whether they already had displayed that ability you initially claimed to be able to achieve and then later adjusted to having to have already achieved, in "pop" music.

    That is what happened until today.
    But I see you now admit my arguments are correct. I guess we got a resolution.

    -You made an extremely worded claim which came across as some factual claim.

    -I argued it was extreme and therefor nonsensical and it was very much prejudiced to your personal preference, an opinion.
    NOT a factual statement based on music theory.
    - You admit that is true.

  31. I like a lot of classical music until about the late 19th century but aside from Handel by top, all time favorite is definitely Beethoven.

  32. Talk about extreme jumping to extreme conclusion. You have no idea what Riri looks like.
    Also nope... body hair, large jaws, wide noses are not "signs of" aggression nor health. They are only "signs of" high levels of testosterone.
    Nor are they 'signs of" infidelity. Anymore so than "feminine males tend to be more faithful".

  33. Ahahahhaha, your attempts at insults are actually comical, and not in the way you were probably hoping. I hate to break this to you but according to your picture there is nothing 'hypermasculine' about you. You look like a scrawny queen with a veranda for an eyebrow. I highly doubt you know anything about what we find attractive in men, stick to what you know hun ;)

  34. Haha thank you Opie. This conversation has taken a very strange turn into a strange evangelistic biology lesson.

  35. LOL I just couldn't resist. Seeing as he keeps accusing me of lacking the ability to reason logically.


  37. Primo Uomo Assoluto9 February 2014 at 08:47

    I doubt any actually attractive man would find you attractive. But most likely you still get laid, not by good looking men of course. There's always a market for easy chicks.

  38. Primo Uomo Assoluto9 February 2014 at 08:52

    You were saying?
    I doubt a lesbian knows what is attractive on a man.

  39. Primo Uomo Assoluto9 February 2014 at 08:56

    I just provided you with links that prove you wrong. So...

  40. Primo Uomo Assoluto9 February 2014 at 09:05

    If anyone has ever made claims trying to pass them as fact, it has been you. Always. Must I recall past incidents? For you claimed art could basically mean anything other than cultivated skill just depending on how every person defines art (as opposed to its actual meaning). Or how you claimed one of the greatest vocalists to ever live was not great because according to you she sang with no emotion.

    I claimed in MY observation, those are the singers that in MY opinion could have had an operatic career - Based on the fact they displayed a 2 octave range resonant, even and equally supported.

  41. Primo Uomo Assoluto9 February 2014 at 09:08

    No. Actually those standards have been mentioned by people such as Renee Fleming in her book "The Inner Voice". She talks about operatic singing being different than pop singing because an opera singer needs 2 octaves (I think she actually says 2 and a half octaves) of solid, resonant, even, equally supported sound. While in pop music someone can sing however they damn well please without needing to make it warm and beautiful in quality, or even resonant or well supported, as the microphone will take care of it.

  42. Primo Uomo Assoluto9 February 2014 at 09:10

    Someone who prefers to use an icon instead of their pic cannot be particularly attractive. I mean, if you looked like Doutzen Kroes, would you hide that? I don't think so.

  43. There you go with some more poor logic. I never said anything about what any group finds attractive in any other group.
    You are once again responding to me in regards to a remark I never made.
    And seeing as you are not a woman, you are in much the same position as this lesbian anyway.
    Again poor logic to think that you are in the position to use that argument.

    I would also advice you to read what the articles actually say because sadly dude, your links support my statement.

  44. Of course YOU don't think so. That's because your arrogance knows no bounds.
    Btw dude, while your giant ego is so busily compensating for your underlying insecurity, it seems to have passed you by that I actually made no comments about your looks at all.

  45. Not a response to anything point I made. Feel free to try again. :-)

  46. If you are going to "recall past incidents", try recalling what I actually said. Not an extremely free interpretation of something you misread.
    Or outright lies.
    Thanks! :-)

  47. Dude, you have the unethical habit of editing your comments AFTER a person replied already. And even worse, you do so without even noting you edited your comment.

  48. Is the overly aggressive gif your way of proving how "masculine" you are?
    Or just demonstrating your frustration at your inability to successfully argue me?

  49. shes stunning at 45
    i do agree though about the song but i appreciate her not trying to outdo todays pop stars like madonna tried with MDNA - the video is nothing too vulgar and it just shows that shes a classy lady

  50. HAHAHAH omg you changed your picture! I cant.. I just can't hahaha

  51. Lmao Opie, this guy is just too much! Do you think he's setting himself up for humiliation on purpose for some sort of sadistic pleasure? Because honestly he's just making it too easy. Remember the days we used to argue like this, at least we were a challenge for each other haha :)

  52. Renee in my opinion is one of the finest sopranos to come from the opera world in generations. Her tone and ability to infuse a song with genuine emotion is rare in a world where vocal beauty is often stifled by vocal pyrotechnics.

    I could happily listen to her all day to be honest!

  53. LOL No, I think his arrogance is such , he is blissfully unaware of it all.

    And yes, I do remember and I agree. :-)

  54. Hahaha I also thought that was too funny.

  55. Right On Stuey!

  56. Btw I think this is one of the most attractive men in the public eye. I will leave it to the readers to judge whether that indicates I know what's attractive in a man or not.

    But it just so happens..he has everything described in those links of yours. Including the scar! ;-)

  57. Can you mail him to me please???

  58. LOL He's taken Stuey. Unless you meant just the picture? ;-)

  59. That is disappointing... :( I guess I will have to play Marina on this one! Although breaking up a happy partnership is not something I would ever condone I have my needs haha

  60. LOL unfortunately he is not only taken, he's also straight.
    But I approve of any excuse to post Marina. :-)

  61. Oh well!! I guess I will have to go back to living vicariously through other peoples love lives! :D

  62. Primo Uomo Assoluto12 February 2014 at 07:18

    I just bought "The Art of Renee Fleming", I already had most of the tracks in it, as it is a compilation of her "best of" from Decca. But it includes 4 bonus tracks, one "negro spiritual" (rather bluesy influenced) version of Amazing Grace, 2 broadway tunes and 1 pop song (a more stripped down mix of "Hallelujah" from her alternative rock album Dark Hope). The album is overwhelmingly beautiful, and the selection of music is middle of the road enough that could appeal to people who are not used to opera or are not so interested into the more heavy and long numbers.

  63. Bionic was amazing LOTUS WAS SHIT. Stripped will always be the best album Christina

  64. LOL. At first I was like.. hey that's not funny... then
    I started laughing. What you said IS true! lmfao.

  65. Had to edit my post, didn't know I put Body instead of Boy. lol

  66. I'm going with Pink.

  67. Robin Thicke's old stuff is great though, a lot of soul and less sex, but was unfortunately never really commercially successful.

  68. Exactly how many songs do they usually get to perform? I'm sure they only get like half an hour anyway and I can name about 10 hits Shakira's had that she could do, but then what suffices as a hit, especially in the US? - I guess people have different ideas: could it be singles that made top 10/20 or biggest-selling or those are recognised worldwide and not confined to popularity in the States?

    And I wonder what Pink would do instead of acrobatics on stage though? ;)

  69. Ahh i absolutely admire kylie. she is so talented and kind. ive seen her personally when she went here. she was so down to earth and just graceful. it was just so nice to see her

  70. There are a few performances where Mariah really did surprise me greatly - the Christmas Special in 2010 (undubbed, of course), Joy to the World last December, 'I Stay in Love' in 2008, and a few more here and there where she does in fact deliver a stellar vocal. Her voice is not where it was in the 1990s - and I doubt it ever will get back to that point unless she gets surgical nodule removal. However, that does not discredit her as a live singer. She can still out-sing basically everyone but Beyonce and P!nk, and even that is arguable sometimes. When she really preps for a concert, she can in fact deliver a stellar vocal. I doubt she gives a shit, but she can do it.

  71. Primo Uomo Assoluto7 June 2014 at 01:12

    Kylie can do whatever she damn well pleases at this point. She has more vocal ability and artistry than Madonna and others of that time ever displayed, and she can deliver super commercial albums like "Fever" or "Aphrodite" as well as more alternative sounds like "Kylie 94", "Impossible Princess" or "X". She can do no wrong.

  72. Primo Uomo Assoluto7 June 2014 at 01:12

    His arguments with me have always been about how tone and emotion are the most important things. That was my point. And for the most part, they have also been with you to some level. That was what I was referring to, but of course, you had to join a discussion about something you either didn't bother learning what was about or simply assumed, as you assumed something entirely wrong. I already explained my point. But since you missed it the first time, the point is that basing standards of singing on something so subjective as beauty of tone and emotion can mean that any piece of shit can be great singing if one arguments it was done with emotion and a tone that one finds beautiful based on personal taste.

    And actually, you are contradicting yourself once again. Because you did say that Whitney Houston (someone whose vocal ability surpassed 99% of female vocalists) was not one of the greats because according to you she didn't sing with emotion.

    Pick one and stick with it please.