Monday, 17 February 2014

Kylie Minogue Releases Album Sampler For "Kiss Me Once"

Kylie Minogue has released an album teaser for her next LP Kiss Me Once, which is due March 14.

Despite signing to Roc Nation, it doesn't look like the new album has Kylie changing lanes for an urban one- like most expected. Instead, the album sounds to be pretty accurately represented by its lead single Into The Blue, being electro-pop in genre and heavy on the synths. The tracks that immediately caught my attention, after previewing these 50 second teasers, were Million Miles, If Only, Beautiful and Fine, but I'm sure the list will expand when I hear the songs in their fullness.

I can't see Ms. Minogue winning any new fans with Kiss Me Once, but that's no concern of mine. I'm just happy to hear that the album, though not groundbreaking, is still sounding solid.


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