Monday 3 February 2014

[Say What?!] Queen Latifah SINGS "America The Beautiful" @ Super Bowl XLVIII.

Queen Latifah Sings America The Beautiful

What was Queen Latifah doing attempting America the Beautiful? Since when did she become a singer? Perhaps I'm just out of the loop and she's (successfully) reinvented herself as one- I do vaguely remember her releasing an album of cover songs.

Even still, why would they choose her to sing at as big an event as Super Bowl XLVIII. I get the impression everyone picked for this year's line-up was done so with the express intention of not courting any controversy- especially in light of it being ten years since the country nearly imploded at the sight of Janet Jackson's bejeweled boob.

The performance itself wasn't anything amazing, vocally. The Diva has a nice, soulful tone to her voice, but this rendition gives the impression she has a limited range- which isn't something you want when singing the patriotic anthem. The choir did their best to support her, often overshadowing her, but that still didn't disguise the fact that royal rapper isn't a vocalist.

Still, more power to Queen Latifah: She's sung at the Super Bowl. That's a gig most would give an octave of their range for. Perhaps that's just what she did....



  1. Personally speaking, I was astounded; I thought she sounded wonderful. Of course Queen Latifah isn't a "vocalist", she's much more than that; an Emmy/Golden Globe Award- Winning & Oscar- nominated actress, one of the influential Hip-Hop artists/rappers of all-time and host of a talk show that is currently the third most viewed in the entire U.S after Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. I don't think she should've been chosen to sing at the Superbowl, per say, but she did her very best. Anyway, the GREATEST version of 'America the Beautiful' goes too:

  2. "since the country nearly imploded at the sight of Janet Jackson's bejeweled boob." LOL. That is so true! American's are pretty sensitive towards their citizen's tits. Especially if they belongs to their pop idols. I still recall that time. I was in 9th grade and everyone was giggling and talking about it the next morning. Can't believe this made front page news in the papers. Janet Jackson's left boob is now national heritage.

  3. The woman may not be a vocalist but she is a very successful and well known woman at least here in the states. Her career spans over several art forms and though she's known more for rapping, the woman did a good job. I was actually at the edge of my seat because I was surprised she was doing so well. Queen Latifa got the soul.

  4. I think it's funny that the performance started out with this "Unknown artist" and next thing you know they're calling her the queen.

  5. Not a vocalist? Haha, she's a great vocalist. The song doesn't require someone with a huge range to sing it - but her voice probably spans around 2.5 octaves from what I've heard from her, maybe she wanted to keep it simple? She's just a good a singer as she is a rapper and actress - all three rolled into one, a rare multitalented woman these days and the only other lady I can think of who is just as equally talented across the same board is Lauryn Hill.