Saturday 5 April 2014

Kelly Price Uplifts With "It's My Time"

You ever get the feeling that things aren't going your way? Or that everyone else is moving on up, while you're still outside, in the cold, with tissue boxes for shoes? Well take a watch of Kelly Prices' new video, It's My Time, and have hope your time is a coming! (Also, try not to get too distracted by thoughts of why 'N Sync's Lance Bass is in the video- I'm sure there is a logical explanation.)

I'm aware the song consists of cliches and platitudes, but just suspend that cynicism for five minutes and try to resonate with the positivity that the song brings. You might feel better for it! And who knows, the universe could reward you for doing so. Or things might get worse. Who knows! But as a wise person once said: "Shut up! Some of us prefer illusions to despair"....(!)

* Runs out the door to buy a lottery ticket...*



  1. I haven't listened to their discography, but I have seen some youtube videos of them and have confirmed that they're all really talented individuals.

  2. LOL I too was ...puzzled.

  3. I don't get it. Ariana gets a lot of flack on this site lol.

  4. So after a week of listening to a few songs from her, I think my next Diva is gonna be Tori Amos. Being a teenager, obviously some of her more commercial material was a bit more appealing to start with, hence I have fallen in love with "Raspberry Swirl". Before anybody asks if I know what she's talking about in the song, I'll say right now, yes I do; and I have one word to say about the lyrical content...giggity.
    So, let the Tori Amos suggestions come a-flowing.

  5. "uplifted"? Tsk tsk tsk This is no time to be "uplifted"

  6. What can I's Dean Martin. Always a joy

  7. I dont get it either, I like her

  8. Yes, I have no idea whether that was a request, a suggestion because of amount of talk about Ariana or sarcasm for same reason or a seriously delusional experience of reality..

  9. Some Spanish "fuego"

  10. That's not why I said I didn't get it. The majority of the people who comment on this site have some gripes about Ariana. Some gripes being that she's a MC rip off and others questioning her vocal technique (see the article on her whitney houston cover at the white house).

    I just don't get why DD would be rename his/her blog after a singer so many people on this site criticize or don't even like.

  11. Idk. I think it was a request.

  12. Pardon! Portuguese "fogo"

  13. Lol. You won't be saying that when I win the lottery tonight !!


  15. Primo Uomo Assoluto5 April 2014 at 21:35

    Love, I don't hate Christina. What I hate is her mentally disturbed stans. I don't enjoy her singing as I prefer singers that make it sound easy. But I do like her in songs where she doesn't push her voice and sings within a safe range.

  16. Primo Uomo Assoluto5 April 2014 at 21:38

    "One moment in time" it is the Olympics of belting, which happens mostly in the middle low range, which can be really difficult if you are not a contralto.

  17. Primo Uomo Assoluto5 April 2014 at 21:42

    I never said I hated the song. In fact, I have that album and I learned to belt in middle-low voice by imitating Christina (when I was 12) before I got into Whitney.
    I was referring to the numerous posts about X this time.

  18. Primo Uomo Assoluto5 April 2014 at 21:45

    An ode to pro lapses. Which is when your butthole or vagina fall out of your body after rough sex.

  19. I don't know. How is a whole stan-base mentally disturbed? Most people seem to be well aware of her vocal shortcomings that are into "this." This being critiquing vocal execution.

    The thing is most of the people you talk to about laryngeal positions on youtube are not well-versed in this or simply do not care.

    It would be akin to asking a vocalist, who perhaps was trained bel canto style, to find their resonance peaks in a recording. Yes, it's related and beneficial--but it's overkill. Likewise, most "stans" of any singer/dancer are normally not equipped to traverse vocal pedagogy

    Also, a lot of us like her strained sound, even though it's quite unhealthy. But, moreover, how do you enjoy Lana Del Rey? She basically does what Xtina does without belting--but she can't do it live, so she either goes off key or sings in her natural mezzo.

  20. Primo Uomo Assoluto5 April 2014 at 22:57

    I think Tori might be too avant garde for me. I have her album "Beyond the pink", but her songwriting is perhaps too intimate and precious for my more pop taste.

  21. I wish I could sing opera. I'm a baritone (some have suggested "Dramatic Tenor," but I'm not trained--my "break" feels like F4--it's the last note I can get with no effort at all) and just cannot get how men can sing that high and loud for so long. I'm not sure if I should try baritone material or if training is the only way? I'm assuming (and hoping) its the latter.

  22. Interesting, she always been great singer, however I, lost respect foe her after she shaded Mariah, even though what she said may have been true, she should have kept it to herself considering Mariah gave her a the door into the industry.

  23. Ok, I’ll bite! I love too much of Tori to list It all, but I’ll give you a song from every album thus far. That’s not to say the picks are my favourite songs from each LP- because my opinion changes depending on mood! So here goes:

    Winter from Little Earthquakes. This is Tori at her most accessible (musically), talking about change, growing up and her relationship with her father. Some really touching lines contained within the song. “When you going to love you as much I do” is a lyric that still gets to me. I’m waiting for somebody to say that to me one day *sobs uncontrollably*

    Baker Baker from Under the Pink. I think this song is her using a baker as a metaphor for god, and speaking to him/her about a lover (both an ex and the yet to arrive true love)..I could be wrong. But there is some gorgeous piano playing and emotive vocals to be found here.

    Caught a light Sneeze from Boys For Pele. This is the song that made me fall in love with tori way back when. It was the follow up to the remix of Professional Widow, which I didn't like, but was reigning over the UK charts at the time. The beat and harpsichord combo was something I’d never heard before and it was one of those moments when my musical horizons changed forever. (Similar to the first time I heard AAliyah’s one in a million…but that’s a different story)

    Ieeee taken from From the Choirgirl Hotel. This is the album she went all NIN on us. Love the production on this track, and the lyric, melody and way she sings: “I know we're dying and there's no sign of a parachute. we scream in cathedrals, why can't it be beautiful’”

    Pancake from Scarlet's walk. Some brilliant lines in this, "Messiahs need people dying in their name" and “It seems in vogue to be a closet misogynist homophobe” are genius. I take this song to be Tori expressing her thoughts on Christianity, specifically about how its been changed and corrupted by those preaching it. The line "I changed course, not direction” I take to mean shes still spiritual, but not in the way she was taught by her religious upbringng.

    You guys should know by now that I love electronic tinged music, so it’s probably no surprise that I picked the title track from The Beekeeper. The rumbling bass at the start and the cadences between verse and chorus always leave me with a warm feeling. The song is about Death, as far as I can tell.

    American Doll Posse. Two quickies from this album. Devils and Gods tells humanity that there are no beings making you act good or bad- it’s all you, baby! And Yo George sees tori getting political with her thoughts on President Bush.

    I think that’s enough for now… I’m too lazy to do anymore…lol

  24. Great choices (including the ones below) but this song always gets me. It's so quietly beautiful, in all respects. I'm actually a big fan of Christina's back catalogue. I might have been the only person in the world who loved Bionic.

  25. No idea who this is...any back story to go with the vid?

  26. Bitter I didn't get any tickets. Like I said to Opie, can only hope for a taping of a night to go on sale.

  27. I just thought if everyone covered the same song it would make it easier to judge and compare.

  28. Clichés? Like well known songs everyone sings at contents like American idol/ x-factor?

  29. None of the videos loaded for me :*(

  30. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 00:47

    I don't even know Lance Bass, but his face and speaking voice, his expressions when he talks, etc...makes me want to strangle him in his sleep.

  31. I saw him/them live a few years back...remember nothing about the gig. I wasn't even drinking...make of that what you will.....

  32. Sure, ok. Anything for you "guest".

  33. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 01:16

    Many if not all X stans I've come in contact with have threatened me, stalked me, harassed me, etc. You included. (Once on YouTube, and once in this website. And you yourself confessed to have been following my whereabouts for the better part of 10 years).
    I haven't been to ALD in years, but a friend who goes there told me at some point they made 20+ page thread about me, posting pics of me, photoshopping them, posting recordings of me from when I was 13 years old before I learned how to sing, etc. All because I've criticized Christina's technique and vocal ability.

    That's what I refer to as mentally disturbed.

    You cannot possibly claim that is not true, because you yourself have given me further proof of their behavior. Twice. Once on YouTube and once in this website.

    I like Lana's music. I don't follow her because of her singing. There are much better vocalists. What I like about her is her style, her music, her aesthetics, her songs, etc.

    And yes, lots of people like things that are not particularly good. For example, I like Geri Halliwell's first album. I highly enjoy it, even though I know it's 100% shit. The problem is when doesn't know something is shit (even though one enjoys it) and gets murderously angry with someone else for pointing that out.

  34. LOL True, then I'd hope to be saying...

  35. I agree. it would make it easier and to me also more fun to see what different people would do with the same song.
    That is also why I suggested a similar system for that maybe one day to be competition to Black Robin. To have all contestants sing one song everybody sings and one they pick individually.

  36. Versatile Listener6 April 2014 at 01:43

    I have been listening to her song Winter for the longest time now.

  37. Bummer! Must be your settings or some such? Or did it say location?
    I wanted to download them so I checked on youtube and they weren't up there...yet (I hope).
    This is one of the songs they did...

    And the last video was a short interview.
    Here's an interview showing what these guys are about.

  38. I have a question. Have you ever entertained the idea that you might be a narcissist? I've repeatedly said I don't follow you; I happen to see you here (I just started posting about what 3 months ago?) and on nearly every Xtina video imaginable.

    You also assume people to be lower than you. For example, your idea that I knew nothing of music theory or pitch correction was easily stamped out. Then you posted something from a program, showing your harmonics/overtones as if I'm supposed to be impressed by a pre-made program.

    : A sample can never be proof, by the way. I can't be "more proof" as it can never be proven that you are as persecuted as you say. You can only suggest such; it's probablism, and quite frankly, noting your behavior, I can see why so much is aimed at you--even though it's really only maybe 0.00001% of her actual fanbase (again, most people aren't into music theory)

    You are very intelligent and informative, but the "I'm right; you are all wrong" is a bit much. Trust that it has little if any to do with Xtina, as many, many people echo the same thing--some of whom are actual tenured vocal coaches at Universities. But they don't obsesses over her. Once they chew, they spit her out, but she remains on your palette.

  39. Oh, no, you're not! I bought Bionic and while I was underwhelmed with certain songs ("Glam", "Prima Donna", "My Girls"), in retrospect, I saw an honest attempt to foray into electronic music. I think one of the biggest injustices she did for the album were
    1. Piano ballads
    -I think rather than her normal ballad format, she should have made some electronic ballads instead
    2. Not releasing "Lift Me Up" commercially, it is so much better than" You Lost Me"
    3. Keeping "Birds of Prey" off the standard edition as it is one of her best songs ever imo
    4. Cutting her Goldfrapp and M.I.A. collaborations out altogether (I have scavenged the internet looking for a leak of "Night Desires", the Goldfrapp collab, and found nothing)
    But you are most certainly not alone in liking Bionic (I'm just not a fan of the cover)

  40. I do think and hope that she corrects her voice and limits the wear on it in the future. And I do feel as though she's starting to realize how much damage she's done, although, damn has it held up for doing so much of it. I think as she moves on with her career she's finally content and doesn't feel so much of a need to prove herself anymore. I think we're gonna see a lot more of soft Christina in her coming years (or I could be completely wrong).

  41. Roger Miller's "King of the Road" was one of my favorite songs growing up when my great aunt and uncle would babysit me. That one and Eddie Rabbitt's "I Love a Rainy Night" were two of my favorites. Oh, innocent childhood. Long gone now!

  42. I only know the tune from Dean's cover. Gotta say, just listened to Roger and if that was the version I knew, I doubt I would have remembered it at all.
    Dean all the way as far as I am concerned when it comes to this song. :-)

  43. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 04:32

    I am a narcissist, that's not an insult. When someone is right and I am wrong, I have no problem admitting it. I just happen to be right most of the time.
    You said you do not follow me and yet on Youtube and here mentioned irrelevant things about from 10 years ago only a stalker would bother learning.
    And it's funny you act as if I'm fantasizing about her crazy stans stalking me, when you even knowing (or thinking you know) things about me, and the fact the idiots @ ALD still talk about me validates what I have said.

    I have a family, friends, grad school, my own music, performances, writing, businesses I'm developing, spiritual life, etc. All those things consume my time. I don't have time to obsesses over a celebrity, thus you have never seen me stalking her and threatening her life as your friends have done to me at different points. And God knows I don't bring up shit from when she was a kid as you have done with me.

    It's not even a matter of knowing about music or not. There's good, healthy singing and there's unhealthy, bad singing some happen to like. That's all. You can argue all day that I'm wrong, but without having to know about music many people would agree about the steady decline on Christina's vocal control, probably due to her unhealthy singing.

  44. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 04:39

    And also, still haven't shown you actually know music theory. In fact, you dismissed it entirely claiming only those who could not due science and math do music. And yet, art and not science is what most humans ultimately live for.

    You also assume that reading some articles about a subject makes you an expert at it, even if you lack the practical experience with something. It's like, I've read articles about a nuclear reactor works, could I be able to operate one now?

    That some people don't like my attitude, or actually, that they don't like to be told they are wrong, is kind of not my problem. Perhaps I should say things in a "nicer" way, but I assume I'm talking to adults, not children that get their feelings easily hurt.

  45. LOL well you seemed awfully interested in having a go at stalking me. Going to my facebook and obsessing about the fact that you couldn't "find" (as in see) a picture of me there.

    And seeing as you claim to indeed be a narcissist, any claims on your successful life need to be taken with extreme prejudice of course. ;-)

  46. The narcissism no doubt explains why you , much like with my remarks, are responding not to what TheItFactor actually stated but to what you, continue to mistakenly, think you have a valid response to.

  47. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 06:28

    Please love, at least do the decent thing and go to wikipedia and read the article about narcissistic personality disorder.
    I'm highly functional, but I fit the spectrum of both narcissism and sociopathy. Both are issues, and making fun of those things only makes you a bad person, just like making fun of someone who is disabled.
    My responses to you are more often than not very true. That your lap dogs happen to agree with you doesn't mean it's not true :)
    In spanish there's a saying. Actually, two. One is "meter la cuchara" or "dipping your spoon", meaning when someone jumps into other people's arguments. Also "Quien the dio vela en este entierro?" meaning "Who gave you a candle to hold in this funeral?".
    Considering your exceedingly high perception of yourself - Not backed up by actual facts - I'd say you are probably in the spectrum of narcissism. And considering your constant need to get into arguments, I'd say you are probably in the antisocial spectrum as well.

  48. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 06:35

    You mean like when you claimed to have an official recognition for your high IQ? Still waiting to see your MENSA membership.

    Wanting to know what you look like (because I'm superficial) is not even comparable to you going through my posts on Disqus, my channel on YouTube (videos I never liked to, so you cannot claim I linked you do them), and making things about me (that you were unable to prove, and when asked for screen caps, were unable to provide).

    And what "successful" anything have I claimed? Only an education, some experiences in some fields, some project I'm working on both musically and businesses. Certainly nothing like having a membership in MENSA or anything like that :)

    Do you see me jumping into your recent arguments here? No? Well, I must not find you very interesting. Why do you keep stalking MY arguments then?

  49. I am afraid you misunderstood. I wasn't "making fun" of you. I was pointing out the reason for your "defense" usually not being to what was actually said, for the benefit of those who were lucky enough not to have encountered a person with your disorder before.
    Having been in a relation ship with someone with the disorder..I am well aware of what it is and how it plays out.

    This is why , once I realized your personality (and you of course in true narcissist fashion, chose at the moment to forget I already told you I recognized your issue some time ago), I changed my responses to you and stopped bothering for the most part to get through to you.

    Of course you think your responses "are true". You are a narcissist after all.
    And sometimes they even are.

    But more often than not they are not responses to what was said in the comment you replied to with your standard defense.

    Your attempts to make me and others arguing your "credibility", feel denigrated are also completely in line with your disorder.
    Your assessments are btw incorrect. That is because your "read" of me is completely informed by your own narcissistic need.

    As is your completely self serving read on this (and every) situation.

    The reason I can jump into TheItFactor's argument are that A: this is an open forum and anybody therefor can jump into anything someone else posts (and you sure seem to understand you have that "right as well) and B: because you already a long time ago introduced your personality issues in conversation with me yourself. As well as the fact that you generally chose to engage with me in a narcissistic manner. :-)

  50. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 07:13

    Darling, you behave in a most narcissistic manner as well. And worst, you manipulate other, weaker personalities. Something I've never done, as I'm an elitist narcissist, not a malignant one.
    I must also mention even my friend Marc mentioned how "unusual" your behavior was when he, actually trying to defend you, mentioned your age, gender and sexual orientation. As a "black and white" view of people that changes at the drop of a dime due to a small issue or misunderstanding is very typical of people with borderline personality disorder as well as some forms of narcissism.

    If anything my disorder makes me especially prone to feel deeply hurt by attack of people and to lash out accordingly to how I felt.
    Narcissism is a defense mechanism for people who are extremely delicate on the inside, and for one reason or another had to build layers of armor around them.

  51. Again a demonstration of that typically narcissistic reaction of ignoring what is actually said, in preference of an "defense" based on trying to denigrate the other.
    Even if it involves repeating your incorrect and imaginary "read" of things said or done. In other words, lying about what I said or claimed.

    I actually stated my iQ had been tested and was therefor a proven fact.
    You seem to think that can only be done by MENSA and therefor assumed incorrectly that I stated some claim involving that organization.
    You are wrong on both counts.

    Your claims involved education you first claimed you "almost finished" and a few months later claimed you "just started".
    They also included you claiming to work as a producer on specific projects but when I took the trouble to check, your name was not on that work in any capacity. ( you then quickly changed it to having "assisted" )

    How "recent" were you thinking? Because in actual's you just 8 days ago jumping into a conversation I was having with Joshy in the thread " Mariah Carey sings Happy Birthday..." :-)

    Primo Uomo Assoluto

    8 days ago

    Well, there are some studies that have shown that transgender people
    do have a feminized/masculinized brain, they are literally "trapped in
    the wrong body".
    That said, I find most transsexuals kinda gross,
    unless they are very beautiful like Andrej Pejic, who might be just
    queer instead of transgender. "

    And that's enough attention from me to you today. Have a blessed Sunday dude! :-)

  52. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 07:17

    Trailer for film release of Mylene Farmer's TIMELESS tour :)

    Kylie's and Mylene's tours (as well as Sarah Brightman's and Cher's) tours are the best as far as showmanship goes :)

  53. No dear Narcissism is the personality disorder which leads people who are psychologically weak to build a fake personality of strength as a means of avoidance. The lashing out is not out of hurt but out of fear of that fake personality toppling, leaving them, in their thinking,defenseless.

    Either way, your equally faked acceptance of your diagnoses is not a good excuse. If it was real acceptance, you'd be demonstrating a little more control of your "lashing out" rather than merely using said diagnoses as an means of excusing your behavior away. Even in the midst of "lashing out".
    The only slight control you exhibit is when it is self serving like you did now.

  54. She might, if she would. But personally, I don't think she has enough personality on her own.
    But hey, she might one day prove me wrong. :-)

  55. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 07:56

    Your lack of understanding of these issues is very dangerous. Many if not most personality disorders develop in early childhood. I think it's fair to say all children are psychologically weak as they are not "real" people yet, not being fully realized or in control of themselves. And children deal with trauma in different ways.
    I lash out because I think it is fair to do so if I'm being attacked. I don't feel the need of controlling that. How harshly I lash out is the issue. And I must mention, rather often I've gone back to edit my posts when I've read it back and I was too harsh.

    My questions stands. Why is it you choose to engage in arguments with me? Especially in things that have nothing to do with musical matters.

  56. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 08:13

    You brought up those things in the past already. I graduated with a masters degree and recently started a PhD. I asked you to look for screen caps showing contradictions, you were unable to or chose not to.

    As far as producing goes, you looked up a website that goes as far as to state the principal engineer's name incorrectly, calling him Roy instead of Troy. Not a very reliable source.

    But if you are curious, you can hear my vocals in the background towards the end of the intro track from that album I had mentioned.

    Of course, that's only one of the things I've done :) and you keep making the mistake to assume that the whole extent of my music related activities is to be found on YouTube.

  57. TBH, it looks more like the kind of porn the girls from "2 girls 1 cup" would watch...

  58. Actually, I think that if you are really an adult talking to other adults, you could do without the insults. I think that, besides not getting his/her feelings hurt by a critic, another trait of a mature person is to be able to express an opinion politely (which also helps that opinion to be better received by the person).

  59. Kelly Who???

  60. Aside from my love to music, I am a very big fan of film. I am just so enthralled of movies, they give me so many lessons. But lately i can't find a good film, care to suggest any?
    here are my fave movies (in no particular order except 1 and 2):
    1. The Godfather trilogy
    2. Silence of the Lambs
    3. Kill Bill
    4. Pulp Fiction
    5. Batman Trilogy
    7. 12 Years A Slave
    8. Inglorious Basterds
    9. Brokeback Mountain
    10. Curious Case of Benjamin Botton
    11. Glitter???????????????????? (sorry i just have to include this, i saw it a while ago. it was bad as hell but i love me some mimi so yeah)
    There are more but i cant recall, this would suffice though.

    I am open for anything as long as it is not chick flick thank you!!

  61. Primo Uomo Assoluto6 April 2014 at 10:40

    I don't get hurt by "critics", as the only opinion I ultimately value is my own, for I am my own harshest critic. Also, I don't trust "critics" of music that cannot tell Verdi's Nabucco from an osso buco.
    I guess you must not be an adult, as you are one of the people who got butt hurt because I pointed out you were wrong about something at some point :)
    As I've said before, I don't deal on opinions, I deal on facts, and facts don't depend on how much you like or dislike whoever is stating them.

  62. I know you don't get hurt by critics, all I said is that an adult should not only be able to not get hurt by critics (and you don't get hurt by them, that's great) but also to express his opinion politely (something you don't).

    And when did I get butthurt by something you said to me? I just got annoyed (which is far from butthurt) by how you constantly make up other people's lives and physical appeareances.

  63. She shaded Mariah? When?

  64. She's a part of Fifth Harmony, and girl group created in the X-Factor and mentored by Simon. And they were couched by...

  65. when she didn't exist, well she still doesn't #poorkelly

  66. she talks about Mariah and the tweet, here [] . She was definitely shading Mariah, else she would have just denied it straight out. Also doesn't seem like they parted company very amicably, which is a shame because they sounded good together :

  67. i'll just continue what wendy said in the end where she got cut off "now kelly, why dont you exist?"

  68. Yes dude, I am well aware you back edit your comments. Narcissist ..manipulation is thy name. ;-)

    I engage everybody I disagree with and often also when I agree with them.
    You do not hold any special place in my heart. Sorry! :-)
    Much like you engage me and everybody else you agree or disagree with.

    I do not subscribe to the notion this forum of expressing opinions only exist to express them and not to argue them. And by all accounts, neither do you.

    Of course you feel no need to control your lashing out. That's're a narcissist.
    Of course you feel anything done by you is perfectly long as YOU do it. That is are a narcissist.
    An explanation is not automatically a good reason or excuse dear.

    And I understand these matters well enough to know psychology actually doesn't know the exact reason for Narcissism.

    What you are expressing is just one of the several going theories. Naturally, as a narcissist, you will ascribe to the one which you think sets you in the most advantageous light.
    No bigger Diva in need of the Best Possible Lighting than the narcissist.

    What is funny here is your attempt to use your disorder in one breath as an excuse for you and an accusation towards me. :-)

  69. Yes, your back editing often comes in handy for you. What a convenient..."accident".

    Since when are back ground singers considered "producers" ?

  70. And I hope you don't seriously think I A: listened enough to your singing to be able to pick you out in situations where one has to listen "carefully"?
    Because your singing to me really wasn't good or interesting enough to reach that point I am afraid.
    B: I am going to bother listening when it has no bearing on the matter.

    Probably one of your own videos again anyway and you are just trying to drum up "fake" views ( as in not there to listen because one wants to hear the video) in order to keep your fantasy life afloat.

  71. Always loved Kelly's voice. Boy this song is good but I really felt that her music was actually good in the 90s but where is she now? Don't get me wrong girl can SAAAANG but what I want from her is more t.v. appearances. U know acting. Maybe she could get a better stand in music. Nd she probably needs to get rid of the attitude also. Cuz it does seem kinda not her all the way. Other than that

  72. I hate Lance Bass with a fucking passion. UGGH

  73. "Why is Lance Bass in it?"
    Because hes the baby daddy of half of america's young adults.
    The amount of people my age who still to this day fantasizes about N'sync doesn't really surprise me as much as it should.
    Maybe someday...

  74. She tweeted after seeing a Mariah performance asking "What happened to your voice?". She later said in a group interview with Wendy Williams that she will leave the subject of the comment to herself but that she felt the "gimmick" was ruining said persons voice.

  75. Mariah, Celine, and Whitney. Im guilty of doing those covers myself but I would rather not have a bunch of people going at it like an army of divas...

  76. Nebraska is great. Pretty slow but the movie has a lot of meaning to it and packs a very heavy emotional punch. I recommend it. :)

  77. what gimmick exactly is this imbecile woman talking about?

  78. she's dinah jane from fifth harmony,contestant of x factor season 2:) so do you like her?

  79. Maybe there are people that really appreciate this idea but are way too shy because of people like Brian, Black Robin, the guy who sang Vision of love etc. ?

    But I'd love that just for the sake of listening to all of the different voices !

  80. You can't go wrong with the classics Joshy!

    And my favorite comedy...

    Three days of the Condor (great thriller)
    The China Syndrome
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Paris, Texas
    To Have and Have Not
    Once Upon A Time In The West
    The Birds
    Annie hall
    Roman Holiday
    2001; A space Odessey
    Dr Strangelove: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

  81. Another great one of course would be All About Eve with Bette Davis
    In the Name Of The Father

    Twelve Monkeys
    Slumdog Millionaire

    Garbo's Mata Hari, Anna Karenina and Camille

    And on the theme of "Eve"..this one is really good too

  82. You shouldn't let that stop you. If everybody did that, nobody would have stepped up to a microphone since Streisand 1964. ;-)
    There are many wonderful singers in many different styles and voices.

  83. Imagine Janis would have heard Streisand and Judy and Callas and would have said..I couldn't do that. I better stay quietly in my room. We would never had had this brilliant performance to enjoy (45 years later!!!)

  84. Or something like this. Which I personally find myself getting back to regularly since it was posted 4 years ago.

  85. I'm a big fan of Fight Club (obviously).
    The Heathers is a good film if you like cult classics, and a bit of dark humor. (this might be a chick flick?)

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favorite films of all time (Again, this might be a chick flick? not sure)

    Paris is Burning is an important piece of film that I think most people in the LGBT community should watch, especially those of color.

    Two good films, if you don't mind watching subtitled films are The Wave (Die Welle) and The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen).
    My friends have been urging me to watch a film called "Three Idiots", apparently it is a great piece of cinema, so I'll suggest that as well.

  86. I tried to watch The Lives Of Others as well but found it too boring. Couldn't get into it.

    But speaking of subtitled movies (for the native English speaking crowd that is LOL). Two great ones are Le Dernier Metro With Catherine Deneuve and Una Giornata Particolare with Sophia Loren.

  87. Its funny some people say Mariah's voice was never that powerful when she can clearly be heard over all three of the vocalist who all have very full dramatic voices. Mariah was great during her prime and yes there voices blended great together. Mariah knows her ability to match any voice need be rather sound like Whitney as she did in her debut or heavier fuller sound like Kelly off her Butterfly album track "The Roof." Its a shame there was some falling out. Kelly and Mariah even recorded the "Through The Rain" remix together in 2003.

  88. I resonate with this 100% on a spiritual level.

  89. Yes, and didnt want to own up to it. As a singer she should be humble and take that as a sign that anyone can loose there vocal ability. No one is exempt if greats like Mariah and Whitney did.

  90. Excluding rappers, I hate when performers wear sunglasses. It just gives off an "I don't give a fuck vibe" and it bothers me so much. I do think her voice is mostly on point, sounding resonant all the way through Dope, from the low to highs. GUY was okay but nothing showstopping like her early career shows.

  91. Primo Uomo Assoluto7 April 2014 at 03:41

    Malaysia didn't need another tragedy in less than 2 months :(

  92. Primo Uomo Assoluto7 April 2014 at 03:46

    I profile based on prior experience, that's all. And so far I don't think I've been wrong, or have I? when I speak of gay teens stanning for basic bitches, they don't seem to disappoint. When I speak of many Christina fans being effeminate gays of color living vicariously through her, her craziest stans shows up to prove my theory right.

  93. Primo Uomo Assoluto7 April 2014 at 03:48

    You keep talking about me manipulating and yet it is you who has all these lap dogs you manipulate to defend you :)

  94. Primo Uomo Assoluto7 April 2014 at 03:56

    Your imagination is immense. You should seriously write a novel :)

    You accuse me of making up things about those I consider my enemies, and yet here you are, as you've done before, making up stories about me :) How fabulous.

    Excuse me love, but so far I think I've only seen 1 single artist worth her salt as one of your favorites. The rest are as basic as basic gets, so your opinion about me not being good enough, well, you already know. When your fave can execute the vocal acrobatics I can execute, give me call. And don't even bother trying to attribute them to "production", because if that were the case, your faves would have been able to "produce" their way to a 5+ octave range with agility and power at both extremes. But they haven't.
    And don't bother mentioning my current lack of fame, because then you'll really show how basic you are equating fame with quality or artistry. And if I were after fame I wouldn't bother with the world of classical music :)

  95. She didn't go into detail so no one really knows. I don't even know what performance she was talking about.

  96. Well dude, if I have any "lapdogs", they came to me without me manipulating them to me. ;-)
    They definitely did NOT come to me due to my back editing.

    But who exactly are you referring to with that term "lapdogs"?

  97. Sweetie, I made up no stories, That would be you engaging in that practice. I am just showing you up to do so. :-)

    As I will do so once again by, in response to your butt hurt reaction to my stating to personally not finding your singing very interesting, posting this quote of your words posted just 20 hours earlier..."I don't get hurt by "critics", as the only opinion I ultimately value is my own, for I am my own harshest critic."

    And you can go around trashing my faves all you want, still won't make your singing more interesting to me.

  98. And in the meantime, your supposed singing back ground in that video still does not validate your claim you "produced" said album.
    Best of luck scrolling through your comments so you can find that claim and back edit it. :-)

  99. You are missing my point. I was just telling you to, please, use a nicer vocabullary when expressing an opinion or a fact. But well, I guess it is my fault since I had promised to myself to not to try to discuss with you again. Don't bother to respond this message because I won't respond either, but I just want to to think of two things:

    1- Besides you superior knowledge of music, what sets your behaviour apart from those stans? You are as unnecesary aggresive as them, and by attacking that way, you're just lowering yourself to their level

    2- Would those Divas you love attack someone that way? TBH, I doubt they would lower to that level. If you really are superior to them, show it the same way they show to others.

    So, from now on, I'm done trying to ask you to be nicer. I'd ask you to, please, not respond to any of my comments unless you express whatever you have to say in a nice way. Otherwise I'll just ignore you, I'm sick of fighting over the internet, it's just useless.

  100. can we just appreciate this :

    sure the runs at the end weren't perfect but man this woman has a voice

    too bad she didn't win :( its sad how much better the voice UK is compared to the voice here in the US

    check out her other vids too:

  101. Apparently, she was talking about Mariah's Emancipation of Mimi Tour video.
    I'm saying apparently because the lambs scoured the television guides that day and found that Mariah's concert was the only one on around that time.

  102. Wow, she's great ! I'd love to hear some really stripped down, melodic sing though where she doesn't do all these crazy acrobatics, it's not like she needs them...

  103. They are a resourceful bunch....

  104. I didn't win....guess I'll be listening to the first video!!

  105. but how and why does he know Kelly Price!? Not knowing is still causing confliction in my mind!

  106. He's a californian millionare with a very large list of celebrity friends who he's met through his years as a musician and on his Radio Show. He also still attends music events and industry parties even though he no longer makes music. I'm guessing they could have met at some point when they were both in studio or trying to make connections. A lot of people seem to like him. He never really fights with anyone. He seems to be a people person.

  107. Bummer!!! :-(
    But you could find out who did win and crash that party.

  108. Oh i do think she's dancing quite lazily these days and she lost that "star feeling" on her stage presence, in lack of better terms, she's lacking swag.

  109. I love Gaga, and I wish I could refute the yawn statement, but I can't.

    She needs a reinvention. She is carrying this persona wayy too much to be shocking anymore, which was how she garnered most of her views from the casual pop listener.

    She has the voice, the piano skill, but she seems not to know what to do outside of this "Gaga" persona. I bet if she came out with a stripped, Fiona Apple-esque vocal/lyrical delivery, she'd be well-received.

  110. Few care anymore it seems. Look how little traffic this thread attracts.
    Maybe I should start an argument with one of the fans and "drum up a little business" for Gaga? ;-D
    Except, I too find it hard to muster much care at the moment.
    She became just...yawn.

  111. * I still need to hear more of her catalogue, so this list is prone to changing, except for the top two

    Top Ten Kylie Songs
    1. Confide in Me
    2. Can't Get You Out of My Head
    3. Your Disco Needs You
    4. All the Lovers
    5. Whistle w/ múm
    6. Into the Blue
    7. Flower
    8. On a Night Like This
    9. Spinning Around
    10. Time bomb ( Long Version)