Monday 7 April 2014

[Watch] Shakira and Blake Shelton Duet On "Medicine" @ ACM 2014

Is duetting with a co-judge a clause in the contract of talent show The Voice? I'm starting to think so!

The latest judges to do the musical dirty with one another is Colombian Pop Princess Shakira and Country music legend* Blake Shelton, who hit the studio to record a new song for her latest album. It was the offspring of this magical encounter, Medicine, that the duo proudly presented at yesterday's 2014 Academy of Country Music Awards.

The verdict? It was an enjoyable performance, with Shakira noticeably gaining confidence as the song progressed and her backing track became more masking. I actually ended up liking the song a lot more than I thought I was going to. It's all sorts of catchy. Result!

*Inner monologue at the time: 'Wait, is he a legend? I have a feeling that's too strong a label. Maybe I should use "Country music star" to be safe. I know one thing though, I sure as hell ain't wasting my time looking it up. Oh what the heck, I'll just leave it! Someone will correct me...'


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