Monday 14 April 2014

Rihanna And Eminem Perform "The Monster" @ MTV 2014 Awards

The pairing of Rihanna and Eminem has become one almost guaranteed to produce a hit record, so expect loads more to come from the duo. Their latest collaboration, The Monster, didn't do much for me, but it clearly did for others having battled to the top of Billboard and gone triple platinum.

Even though it was 2013 when the song hit the top of the charts, it took till this year's MTV Movie Awards for the Diva and rapper to deliver its first live performance. But you wouldn't have guessed that from watching this, as there were no blips or bumps present. (Though the fan video I found could hide a multitude of sins.)

It may have been their first rendition of the song, but I'm guessing they'll be a fair few more to come  as the pair embark on their combined tour in August. Stay tuned to YouTube around that time to see more. I shall be washing my hair.....

[I'll embed a clearer video when I find!]



  1. Its amazing how someone like Rihanna could improve like this. In fact its not amazing, its really unsettling.... I used to happily consider her talent-less years ago. But her tonality has improved and her sound production has vastly improved. She not only has stamina touching the 5th octave but tinges upon resonance too. You just don't improve like this... -_-

  2. I was reading on twitter that she did I whistle note in this performance. Should I contribute this to lack of musical knowledge?

  3. Albeit extremely subjective, I, for one, am such a fan of Rihanna's tone. If only she were to partake in vocal lessons in order to help strengthen her upper-mid/upper registers; she, largely, sings between D3 - D5 but I would love to hear what she sounds like above Eb5.


  4. a whistle note...gurl you sure ?.

  5. hmmm definite improvement but i will wait to hear a clearer audio before i judge, maybe her voice is maturing because i often forget how young she is since her career has been so long.

    still the only songs i like from her are diamonds and you da one.

  6. I like her tone too but she needs to go back to her island roots and give me a fucking reggae album..or soca or some shit!!! Not to say the type of music she sings is bad but... when she teases me like with No Love Allowed and Man Down, it makes me want to throw her down somewhere and smack some since into her. Gawd, I have such a love hate relationship with this girl.

  7. I have a "Love/Hate" relationship with Rihanna aswell. I, too, am waiting for her release a idiosyncratic Reggae- oriented album with elements of Traditional- Ska/Dub/Rocksteady & Modern- Soca/Dancehall/Reggaeton/Reggae-Fusion etc. I'm half Jamaican and my family back home are constantly pleading with her to do this. SMDH.

    This is my SONG right now nonetheless; if only Rihanna was singing the hook...