Monday 14 April 2014

Jennifer Hudson Unites With Timbaland For "Walk It Out"

Jennifer Hudson gave us a throwback to the Disco era with the infectious I Can't Describe. And it sounds like she's not quite done looking to the past for inspiration if new song Walk It Out is any indication.

This time the Diva is giving us 90's Rnb with a hard Timbo beat reminiscent of those he was serving up when he first started out with Aaliyah and Ginuwine. The vocal and melody aren't immediately catchy though, but I feel that's nothing a few listens won't remedy.

Do the spicy lyrics, swears and sort-of rapping indicate a change is coming for the Diva's next album? Only time, or someone better informed than me, will tell!



  1. I feel in love with the song as soon as the dude start talking about you must have the right producer and shit.... I had to comment!!! This song is just...I have to download it!!!!! And her voice sounds so good here. Has it changed any... Her tone was never this pleasant. And she's never been this dirty!!!!! I'm loving her right now!!!!!! J-Hud don't do any shit to make me mad in the future.

  2. Hope that this will be a hit for her.