Thursday, 24 April 2014

JoJo and B.o.B Deliver An Accoustic Rendition of "John Doe"

I just fumbled upon this acoustic performance by JoJo and B.o.B for a song called John Doe. Going through B.o.B's videos to sniff out the studio version, I discovered the album version featured a singer called Priscilla and was actually released way back in January- so you guys have probably already heard the song.

Still, since we're waiting on the newly emancipated  JoJo to release an album, I thought I'd post this tale of substance abuse. Just don't expect any bells and whistles from JoJo's vocals, as she keeps the embellishments in check and refrains from any range-y flights of fancy here.

Yeah, it's not the greatest of songs- and I actually prefer the original's vocal- but it does show those who think JoJo can't help but overdo the singing that she can tone it down when she wants.



  1. i think it was amazing! Jojo has a great ability into keeping people's attention by playing with the sound. she doesn't need to oversing or explode into insane belts.
    i enjoyed both version but jojo's one was more intriguing because her low/mid range is darker and rich. she kept the song simple but interesting. such a shame the song (the original) isn't more popular.
    she has proved enough she can sing her butt off: it's time for new material.

    now you go girl: go back in the studio and work hard with that damn talent!!

  2. Primo Uomo Assoluto25 April 2014 at 03:32

    Well, I started doubting the totality of Demi's experience when she made the talk show rounds some years ago, it seemed like too much. Though it's possible she indeed suffered from eating disorders and got over it, as she has gained a good 20 lbs since.
    The publicity of her version of "Let it go" concentrated on her past issues, so I found that exploitative and tasteless.

  3. I haven't followed her career in live performance as much as others here have I'm sure, but I feel like almost all of it was lipped, even in the beginning parts I felt like I could hear very very subtle vocal filters that enhances resonance and a "cleaner" tone, which became even more apparent in the bridge. When the song picked up, I was more and more doubtful, as she was very energetic in her movements, but you could hear barely any heavy breathing or bits of sound in the mic that indicate what was going on around it. One live performance I'm somewhat familiar with of hers is "Ante de la Seis" and it's on her YouTube, her voice wasn't bad and she sounded strong, but when you hear it it was obviously live and you can hear her breathing and certain strains on notes that she seemed to hit with ease here.
    I agree with Dallas tho. I'm consistently impressed with Shakira's very self-aware stage presence and high energy, and the fantastic staging/effects. But as a judge/coach on a live talent competition, it's inappropriate and disrespectful to the contestants and audience that they would lip any part of the song. Even using a backing track would be considered wrong here.

  4. I love Priscilla Renea, she's actually a pretty underrated songwriter in the business. Like a Bonnie McKee of sorts. The song is fantastic, with a great clever hook, and stunning lyrics, and a fantastic video to accompany.
    I think what got JoJo here is that she tripped a little on the tongue tying first few lines. But she her voice did shine like always as it picked up.
    If anyone else wants another nice clean JoJo performance (save for one or two riffs tacked on the end of a line), here's a video of her covering "Borderline" by Madonna at professional pop goblin Perez Hilton's birthday party.


  6. But then she proved herself again at the Billboard Awards and the iHeart Radio performance! 100% live and her vocals were on-POINT. Take that, haters.

  7. At least she's more discreet about it, nowadays

  8. Here is the original version live.
    The arrangement and melody is better on the original version, but I prefer JoJo's richer and thicker tone with the song.