Thursday 1 May 2014

[Discuss] Mariah Carey Reveals New Album Name And Cover Art

Scrapping original title The Art Of Letting Go, Mimi has finally confirmed the name of her first LP in four years. You ready for it? Well here it! The new album is called Me.I am Mariah.

I have a feeling the promotion is going to have a lot of "This album is the real me" moments - much like was the case with The Emancipation Of Mimi. The cover art also looks suspiciously familiar, and is, unsurprisingly, Photoshopped to the gawds.

At least we finally have some concrete info about her new project- even if it is hardly a groundbreaking reveal. I was worried for a moment the project was going to be pushed back into oblivion!


Update: Just found this rather cute explanation of the album name; an explanation given rather personally by the Diva herself. Awwww. Also, here's the tracklisting too. Looks like we are going to hear those Angels Advocate remixes after all!

01. Cry
02. Faded
03. Dedicated (feat. Nas)
04. #Beautiful (feat. Miguel)
05. Thirsty
06. Make It Look Good
07. You're Mine (Eternal)
08. You Don't Know What To Do (feat. Wale)
09. Supernatural
10. Meteorite
11. Camouflage
12. Money ($*/...) (feat. Fabulous)
13. One More Try
14. Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can't Give Up Now)
Deluxe Edition Tracks:
15. It's A Wrap (feat. Mary J Blige)
16. Betcha Gon' Know (feat. R. Kelly)
17. The Art Of Letting Go


  1. Now i'm also a bit bothered by that photoshopping but i realized, due to the background, maybe it was done not just primarily to accentuate mariah's parts but, i think, it was done pastel or paint style. Anyway I'am excited with this news. I really hated the album's previous title. Hopefully it will sound fresh, innovative, and authentic.

  2. 1) I hope that the music is even half as good as that Photo-shopped cover because Girl...

    2) This "new/revamped" album title [Me. I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse] is just...

  3. Wait, what?? Is that actually the wholE title!!? Please tell me you're joking

  4. Honey, I wish I was but I am not. I couldn't believe it myself.

    "Me. I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse" is what the Woman has decided to rename her damn album...

  5. Well we sure don't have no time for any easily found divas, right?

  6. I'll add my initial reaction into this somewhere...but yeah. I like the title. Don't see how its a crazy antic like some people are saying. I mean...its not a singular word title. Im excited for it ITS FINALLY HERE (even though I was expecting it in 4 days and not 26). I do wonder who Mariah goes to for her album covers because they are always terribly photoshopped. I mean you don't need it to look realistic because its not a portrait but at least look human for a change. I kinda like Chanteuse. Fits her much better than Diva. For those that don't know Chanteuse is just a fancy word for club singer... but yeah. Im stoked.

  7. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 May 2014 at 16:19

    I love it! It looks like "The emancipation of Mimi" pt 2

  8. I do like the second picture!!!

  9. so you bought it? hahahaha

  10. Im really fine with the title except for "ELUSIVE" like Mariah are you for real??!!! You're nautical miles away from elusive!!! The woman needs dictionary badly!!


  12. Exactly. LMAO.

    Mariah, "elusive"? Um....

  13. LOL.

    I can't...

  14. I thought the same thing, lets just hope the tracks are of same quality as 'Emancipation of Mimi'.

  15. Wow, Im surprised no one has said anything about the Mary J Blige colab, considering how rare it is for Mariah to colab with another female singer. She has only collaborated with Whitney. Nobody excited about a Mary J Blige for this?

  16. totally! It was one of the songs i was most upset about missing when the Angels Advocate album got pooped.

  17. I thought my Disqus was having a stroke and I was magically granted the ability to see your post as you typed it, live! You'll be glad to knw I didn't go mad with power but actually felt kinda uncomfortable! Let's hope mariah sees it and thinks twice before delaying the album .

  18. I can only like that once! DARN IT

  19. ERm, the album yes. THe mag,


  21. Gabby slick looks like she's thinking, "When they put this camera down, I'm gonna throw her ass in a tub of grease and it's gonna be own..."

    I know I'd do it...that's some high dollar pork...

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    But I ain't gonna lie. The little acronym thot has permanently been embedded into my vocabulary and it's really hard not to say it in certain situations LOL. It's such a habit to call a trashy lookin' person a thot LOL.

  23. Literally laughed out loud when I saw this bullshit on twitter. Also, the fuck calls her "the elusive chanteuse" ? Nick Cannon? Like no srsly who? No one. Over it, her, the album, her bad lipsyncs, and her attempt to be relevant, just bye.

  24. I love Mariah but let's keep it ALL THE WAY REAL; she has been doing nothing but the absolute most lately!!!!!!!

    Anyway, you better go THE FAWK in... LMAO.

  25. @Diva Devotee, disqus is being weird again... The comment section keeps saying I need your approval LOL.

  26. God damn, listened to everything today (because what else are you supposed to do on a lazy day like this DUH). I love love LOVE her scat-singing! I love her rock songs (I was shocked at Sweet transvestite, she sounded like a legitimate dude!) and Plurale is the bomb!
    I also love the minute waltz, I think she is subpar with Barbra there...

  27. Literally laughed out loud when I read this bullshit in the comments section. Also, who the fuck makes general statements? I'll just start calling her that to invalidate it ;)

    Over you, your over-inflated sense of self, and your poorly justified dismissal of a 90's icon/legend that will probably be more relevant than you, your idol, and all of your asses will ever be.

  28. Except she's baring even more skin this time around so you know it's an upgrade.

  29. Classic Mimi, whipping out a new nickname for herself. This era is such a shoddy re-do of her Emancipation era it isn't funny. Marketing herself as 'the elusive chanteuse' now I see. Remember back in the emancipation era when her promo team kept calling her album "the return of The Voice"? I mean, who called her that?

  30. Cher is the only idol, icon, and goddess tbh.

  31. Maybe you weren't here that decade? Cher wasn't the one to have a #1 single every year, upstage and outsell Whitney Houston, etc. etc. I could go on and on.

    I mean, if you're talking about icon of the 'campy' variety then sure. But Mariah represented the 90's about a zillion more times than Cher did.

  32. I'm with you on this dude! :-)

  33. Daily Mail jumped on these pictures eh? "Nuff said. ;-)

  34. I like the idea about naming the album after her picture. But "the Elusive chanteuse" is just embarrassing.

    The album artwork looks gorgeous though albeit photoshopped (which everyone does). I like it.

  35. Cant wait to here it, I dout we will ever see all live performance of it. Though I have not heard I would release it as single because there names together will get a respectful amount of radio play.

  36. "after her picture" LOL JustEric..please don't tell me you actually believe she drew that picture? At 3 1/2.
    Or any other part of that "mission statement" speech.

  37. Well I really don't have any artistic ability nor am I interested in drawing. So I didn't really question when she said she made this. I would only pay attention to famous artists like Dali etc. I don't really pay attention to kids art so I'm not sure how capable they are artistically.

  38. Interesting link btw.

  39. Tbh I'm more excited for the super deluxe edition: Me. Mimi. The Imperfect Adventures of an Emancipated Mariah Carey's Elusive Glittery #Beautiful Charmbracelet.

  40. LOL well at 3 1/2...not that capable.(and frankly, having seen Mariah throwing a baseball and generally speaking, it is not my impression she is particularly gifted when it comes to eye-hand coordination)
    Love Dali btw. :-)

  41. Yes, and im over her always having champagne with her. Rathers its photos or interviews she's always got a glass in her hand. SMH

  42. Vinicius Ferreira Mendes2 May 2014 at 05:47

    So much photoshop...

  43. Primo Uomo Assoluto2 May 2014 at 06:01

    She was letting her ass hang out from hot pants back in 1999 with the video of "Heartbreaker Remix" :P

  44. DruncanDonuts2 May 2014 at 06:21

    Cher has had a number one hit in the last six decades. Pariah has a long way to go.

  45. IT'S A WRAP! I've been waiting for the remix of that song since Jesus came. I hope she delivers it nicely, though. The album has been pushed back waaay too many times.

  46. My favorite song from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Ooh. *shrieks and squeaks*

  47. I see what you did there xD *giggling like a maniac*

  48. That gif is the cutest one from a cat that I've EVER SEEN. Sadly DD didn't use it as his Free For All Fridays xD


  50. 2 possibilities then:

    1.It's based of an actual picture she drew but she had people make it look better.

    2. It's completely made up.

  51. Or it is drawn by her but at 7 1/2 rather than 3 1/2?
    But tbh if I had to put any money on it, I would put it on your option 2.

  52. What YOU are talking about when you say "quality" was not the subject under discussion.
    The point was that other people might be talking about other aspects and that we are not about to "take it as a given" that yours is the only valid view. And more specifically, the pretentiousness of acting as if it IS and SHOULD BE the only valid view.
    For yourself...fine.
    For the rest of the We can have different and equally valid views on what constitutes a "quality singer"

  53. im sorry but it looks like a tacky 90s R'n'B album cover....

  54. The picture on the album is touched up, but she actually drew essentially the same thing when she was younger (some scribbles were edited out). There's a picture of it framed and all floating on the internet, a while before the album release became known. I'll try to find it and link it to you.

  55. Is it really that out the league of a 3 year-old?

    I mean I drew this piece of crap (see attached image) when I was 3-4, and it shows a knowledge of values (ignore the random colored flowers, a friend said that flowers weren't those colors, so I made them that to prove a point LOL.) and developed hand-eye coordination. I will admit that I've always been artistically inclined, but I don't see this image out of the realm of a 3 year old's.

  56. I believe the "Elusive Chanteuse" bit is a nod to all the delays the album went through.

  57. I just knew from when I heard it in 06 that Betcha Gon Know' was going to turn into a R&B sequel. Nice to see.

  58. with R Kely that is.

  59. LOL It is out of the realm of the average 3 year old's eye-hand coordination. And it is impossible to verify for us whether you indeed drew that at 3. ;-)
    But no doubt there are exceptions. However, seeing as this ability to draw for instance the shoelaces in that MC picture very much goes to hand-eye coordination, I am still left with the image of her pitching that baseball and a consequent grave doubt any adult who shows this much inability to throw a baseball,did possess that kind of coordination at 3 1/2.
    I trust you can throw a baseball? And at least a few more meters than the 3, at best, Mariah managed?

  60. I just had a thought. They call her "elusive" because of all her pushbacks.

    You can thank me later guys.

  61. I literally just commented this above a minute ago.

  62. I figured it was touched up.

  63. LOL there is no "actual" in that claim Seren. Just because she came with the same lie before doesn't make it true.
    Don't bother with the link. I believe you when you say this is not the first time she claimed she drew this at 3 1/2.
    Not even getting into her claim it was her "one and only ever self portrait" or the other crap she was trying to sell in that speech.
    I am with Adrian that this all sounds very much like the kind of PR bullshit Gaga and Beyonce throw in the media when promoting a new album. Combine with the trashy photographs as well and it seeming therefor very much like her PR people trying to be as "fresh" and "relevant" (heavy heavy sarcasm implied there) as the other pop "queens".

    Frankly I used to have a higher opinion of Mariah but since I started frequenting this blog and following her "work" more closely..I became quite disenchanted.

  64. btw on unrelated subject and in case you don't visit facebook very often, I posed a question to you there about a Russian song. Hoping you can help me out. :-)

  65. I Really don't like stoking these stan wars (I don't know what else to cal them sorry lol). But Mariah pretty much has longevity so long as christmas is around. I heard like 4 christmas songs of hers on the radio last year. Just thought it was worth pointing out.

  66. But are sports coordinations the same as artistic coordination? I'm neither sports inclined or artistically inclined so I have no idea.

  67. I actually really like the album cover here.

  68. I didn't see your comment because I only skim the comments section..?

  69. I'll check it out :)

  70. Oh I wasn't mad at you. hahaha sorry about that. I was just amazed that we posted the same thought within minutes of each other.

  71. Did some more research and although your picture is good/artistically gifted for a 3 year old, I gather it is also within the "normal" developmental stage of that age in the shapes and amount and type of detail added.

  72. Generally not really but I do think the simple act of throwing a hand sized ball would correlate somewhat when it comes to hand/finger control? (found out that this particular skill is one used to test motor development in children and at 3 years a child "Throws a ball overhand; aim and distance are limited."

    The issue I have with the ascribed age is not the "artistic" insight but the hand/finger control needed to for instance draw those laces. Though come to think of it, a 3 1/2 year old having enough of an eye to even think of drawing shoelaces and draw them in that manner is also quite questionable.

    If you image Google "self portrait 4 years old" you will find many images and see that most drawings ont the level of Mariah's picture does resemble the level of a 7 year old rather than a 3 year old. Though even the talented 7 year old's pictures miss certain type of detail Mariah's does display.

    More I look at the picture and research, the more it looks to me like some adult artist drew this trying to make it look like it was made by a toddler.

    Anyway, i think enough on this PR nonsense. let's wait to hear her doing her actual supposed job for this new album...singing. ;-)

  73. Interesting. I'm looking forward to the music as well. Also LIVE singing :)

  74. Primo Uomo Assoluto3 May 2014 at 00:56

    Also check out her rock song "Bambola gonfiabile", she gets so rough in it, but keeps an open throat, and belts out A5's over and over.
    I think Mina is superior than Barbra in many aspects such as agility, range, versatility, etc, but Barbra has far more elegance and sophistication in her singing.

  75. Primo Uomo Assoluto3 May 2014 at 00:59

    No no no, I'm not saying quality is technical prowess, I'm saying that FOR ME, it is. Know what I mean?

    And a vocalist, someone like Ella Fitzgerald or Barbra, etc are known more for their technical prowess, while someone like Billie Holiday is known more for her interpretation.


  77. Yeah, you showed me. I love her rock stuff. Probably gonna listen to all of her material, I am obsessed

  78. LOL so hilarious., I am Mariah … The Elegant Trumpeter

    Me, I am Mariah … The Aggressive Progressive

    Me, I am Mariah … The Crinoline Shadow

    Me, I am Mariah … The Richtig Frauline

    Me, I am Mariah … The Gripping Tour de Force

    Me, I am Mariah … The Vile Betrayer

    Me, I am Mariah … The Wayward Flaneur

    Me, I am Mariah … The Chunky Monkey

    Me, I am Mariah … The Ostentatious Armadillo

    Me, I am Mariah … The Strained Trainer

    Me, I am Mariah … The Plastic Jesus

    Me, I am Mariah … The Rakish Crake

    Me, I am Mariah … The Toned Tony Tory

    Me, I am Mariah … The Pronounced Difference

    Me, I am Mariah … The Selfish Gene

    Me, I am Mariah … The star of Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire

    Me, I am Mariah … The Adjunct Professor

    Me, I am Mariah … The Orwellian Aristocrat

    Me, I am Mariah … The Urban Peasant

    Me, I am Mariah … The Hungry, Hungry Hipster

    Me, I am Mariah … The Brain Drain

    Me, I am Mariah … The Hostess with the Mostess

    Me, I am Mariah … The Orderly Orderly

    Me, I am Mariah … The Unkempt Hemp

    Me, I am Mariah … The Ambling Alp

    Me, I am Mariah … The Weak in Revue

    Me, I am Mariah … The Goblin Queen

    Me, I am Mariah … The Aggrieved Party

    Me, I am Mariah … The Flemish Flash

    Me, I am Mariah … The Bat Man


  79. I thought I might be able help here being a nursery teacher. ;-) Swinging a bat is classified as gross motor skills, using a pencil is classified as fine motor skills and they're not really comparable as they develop independently of each other. The drawing in question isn't unusual for an artistic child. If they're good at drawing, they tend to be good at other creative activities, too, such as moulding, creating repeated rhythms (a precursor to music making!) and so on, and these skills ARE connected. We do see work like that at our school so I never questioned Mariah's picture, I'd say it was perfectly legitimate.

  80. Sorry but no you cannot talk as if you are more in the know. You likely are a fan of Mariah and personal experience is not a solid argument as we have only your word. This does not stack up to professionals in Child development and years of peer reviewed research I am afraid.

    Actually overhand ball throwing, especially when it goes to direction and distance requires a very different motor skill than swinging a bat.
    And experts in Child development as well as a Google image search (and believe you me, any parent whose 3 1/2 year old draws like that would likely these days throw that effort on the net to show off) of children drawings will show that even the most talented 3 year old doesn't show that kind of skill. It is however very much in line with a more than averagely talented 7 year old.

    As for Mariah's creativity and creative talents, I am guessing you are a fan because seriously...I personally fail to see anything particularly spectacular about Mariah's creativity in general.
    Seems to be pretty confined to singing and songwriting.
    Songwriting which she does with a pianist but she actually doesn't read sheet music and only plays a little piano?
    Certainly her commitment to creative activities seems to be of a superficial nature compared to most artists I know.
    In fact it has been noted by reviewers from the start that though talented, she seems more commited to being a Star than to being a musician.
    As seems also evident from the way she doesn't really take care of her one instrument very conscientiously nor does she show much musical talent in handling her vocal limitations over the past 10 years. Her solution to those lies in electronic tricks rather than much musical adaption to them.

    I remain in the belief that the drawing in question is done by some hired artist asked to make a "self portrait" of a girl child of about 3 with huge drawing talent. (who then I guess totally dropped drawing from her activities at 4?).
    I'd have to see at least a couple of other pictures she drew as a child before believing this PR bullshit story. (not even mentioning the thought processes this woman attaches to her 3 1/2 year old self.)

  81. ps did you seriously just upvote your own comment?

  82. There was no need to be so confrontational, I was being friendly! You clearly don't like Mariah, and that's fine, but your dislike for her renders your 'research' questionable. You only looked for stuff that suited your biased opinion and twisted it to make it fit. I'm a qualified nursery teacher; with all due respect, I think I know better than you do. Now, I'm sure you're going to respond, but I won't as I can't stand petty internet fighting.

  83. Kinda irrelevant when Reiko was just talking about the 90's.

  84. "confrontational"? LOL I merely argued your claim.
    My motivation may be judged "questionable" seeing as it is not informed by fandom but realism instead, However my "research'' isn't mine but like I said, professional peer reviewed research. I am not speaking personal experience. I did mention a Google image search but I mentioned that because it can be done by anybody who cares to check whether I spoke the truth on what such a search reveals.
    I looked for the facts and found them and didn't need to twist anything. Especially not into such claims as " I see drawings like this by 3 1/2 year olds all the time"

    You know nothing about presentation of an argument if you think personal experience (claimed anonymously on the internet to boot) qualifies as solid argument or proof for anything.

    And please , if you didn't like "petty internet fighting" or as others might call it, a discussion exchanging arguments, you shouldn't jump into those with merely personal experience and facts beside the point. (bat swinging)

    And in fact, if you think I was being "confrontational" by arguing my case with rational argument and without any name calling or what have you,, I would stick to exchanges with the little humans in your supposed charge. Adult world seems a tad too much for your sensibilities.