Monday 28 April 2014

[Vocal Profile] Sia Furler

Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 octaves( BB2-Bb6)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: Chameleon-like voice that skirts styles and genres depending on what is required. Sia can deliver a vocal that is "commercial" and mainstream, with her vocal mannerisms toned down- something most prominently heard on her demos. However, her natural style is one that is characterful, emotive and steeped in jazzy inflections unique to her. This individuality is further bolstered by the singer's, at times, slack annunciation and quick vibrato.

With an ability to manipulate the texture of her voice, the Diva produces interesting and varied harmonies. Being able to smooth out the texture of the voice, she can layer the vocals to produce a sound that is unobtrusive, light and contemporary [The Bully]. However, if the texture and timbre is played with, Sia can create harmonies that are sonically dramatic [ Lea Michelle's Battlefield].

The Diva's mid-range is comfortable, easy and connects without issue to the darker (limited) lower-range [Breath Me], but she is capable of lightening the timbre, making it breathier and softer [Sunday]. The upper-part of her mid-range can be sweet and feminine, with a warmth that contrasts the lower range [The Bully]. However, she often solidifies the tone, giving it a cutting, nasal ring that matches closer to her preferred style of belting. [The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (Live)].

Sia's chest voice (her "belt") can be throaty and full, with a "pulled" quality that imparts a rawness to the vocal [ Chandelier]. This is the style in which she has become accustomed to belting with, and is in keeping with the organic and earthy style of the Diva's overall singing style. It is also possible for the Diva to sing complex melisma while belting this way, despite the cumbersome weight [Climax of Kill And Run]. However the Diva has a deft understanding of her voice, so can alter her mix, and change her  placement, to create numerous variations of timbre and tone not just in her belt, but throughout the range. (Often the more nasal the placement, the clearer the quality of the note produced [The Fight ] ).

Vocal Negatives: The chest voice, when placed in the throat, could cause problems for the Diva if overused. She also refrains from using her head-voice, despite being capable [Hear: Chandelier].


  1. This was actually the only song I was looking forward to. Idk why she didn't release it at all.

  2. Far too much happening in this song. I appreciate an attempt at tempo changes and melody but it was too much.

  3. I LOVE IT! So glad you did a vocal profit for her. Hers is well deserved. She's an amazing vocalist in my opinion. She really knows her voice very well, is an incredible live singer, and really is a pro at emotive ability. One thing though, didn't Sia belt a F5 in "Chandelier"?

  4. Great! Do you think you'll do a Tori Amos profile? Her range is something like G2-Bb5

  5. Since I heard the entire song... I actually like it... The rapid verses give me life... It takes me back to my childhood like all the way... Its above average but it isn't wowing. Its better than some of her that song for that Epic movie...that song was attrocious.

  6. Great to see a new vocal profile but it seems to employ the term "diva" rather abundantly. ;-)
    And IS Sia really a "diva"? Isn't she way more known as a songwriter than as a singer?

  7. Complete upgrade (U) from the original demo leak, with some possibly rerecorded vocals and harmonies, so maybe there was a time when she was seriously considering releasing this and going with that direction of the album along with the fierce Grown Woman. While we got two really great songs from this project, I feel like Bey's covered enough ground with this sound and I really don't wanna hear an ENTIRE album with nothing but summery beats with tribal drums.

  8. In case anyone needed just one more example of how creative she can be with her melodies, as well as the fact that there's no range of human emotion that she can't envoke with her all-knowing voice and music, here's a mix of Perfume that someone did with Sia's original demo vocals, in the style of an acoustic duet. Her part comes in at 2:30.
    You can also really see how addictive her voice is in the way that all the singers she writes for gets "Sia-syndrome" in where they try to imitate her voice, whether intentional or not. (See also: Diamonds, Loved Me Back to Life, Cannonball)

  9. I'm sure by now we've settled that "diva" on this site only means "talented female singer."

  10. LOL Did "we" now? ;-)
    But I say again...isn't Sia more known as a song writer? I mean, I looked up her discography on Wikipedia and as far as I can tell, though I am surprised at her having several albums to her name, only the one actually achieved Gold status and then only in Australia.
    But then again, info on those albums is minimal, Do you know how they sold?

    Having said that, I personally enjoyed the few vids I saw of her singing to be sure. :-)

  11. Anyway, I was also talking about the writing itself. It felt a bit like every sentence said "the diva".

  12. Primo Uomo Assoluto29 April 2014 at 05:44

    Maybe it's a personal taste, but I don't consider her a particularly good vocalist. She is ok for what she does, but if we talk about "vocal chameleons" there are better examples such as Monica Naranjo, who can change vocal color/style/weight/tessitura at the drop of a dime. Or Vanessa Amorosi who can go from rough Janis Japlin style vocals to Lara Fabian smoothness, or Mina who can give you light soprano, rough contralto, Tina/Janis rough rock belter, Barbra/Ella smooth silky jazz.

  13. Primo Uomo Assoluto29 April 2014 at 05:46

    And just to compare it in terms of vocal's Sarah Brightman singing Sia's breakout hit "Breathe Me". Not as emotional, but much more tender and in my opinion more beautiful.

  14. Primo Uomo Assoluto29 April 2014 at 05:54

    I demand a vocal profile of Ciara, Paris Hilton, Keri Hilson, Kreayshawn, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, Ashlee Simpson and Cicciolina

  15. I never said "successful female singer" haha. But she does sing the demo vocals and background vocals on a lot of songs she writes for others, meaning she has to have at least some vocal chops. And regarding success, she's really only broken into mainstream success past the era of her last album, after features on David Guetta and Flo Rida songs, and getting more and more opportunities to write for A-list stars.

  16. Do you ever look at what you wrote and think to yourself "Hey, maybe if I wasn't a pretentious fuck people might actually take me seriously."?

  17. Matheus Dias Lee29 April 2014 at 07:03


  18. Matheus Dias Lee29 April 2014 at 07:06

    actually sir, if I may call you that, dunno if you noticed but there are already vocal profiles for Ciara, Keri Hilson, Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj on this website so maybe you should've checked since you demanded it... Well no worries though I'm sure he'll get around to the other ones you mentioned too ^ ^

  19. FINALLY A PROFILE!!! not the one i am looking for but seriously i commend DD for taking the time to do all of these ;-). Now in the negative, you can also include she has a very thin voice

  20. Actually Nicki, Ciara, and Ke$ha have vocal profiles here so........ Anyway Primo since you are good in this, why don't you make a profile to those who truly deserve the title Diva but knowing you are busy, you might not do it. Still i think you should contribute ;-)

  21. LOL spot on but calm down. just enjoy this cute little ducklings ;-)
    better yet why not these men

  22. I thoroughly agree.

  23. Personally speaking, I cannot stand her voice. My favorite singers/vocalists are, generally, those with 'unique/unconventional' timbre's but her vocal style/technique is one that am just not a fan of nor do I consider her to be an adept vocalist also.

    I will agree that she is a decent singer however as well as a great Pop- songwriter.

  24. Irony is a fine art. Few understand.

  25. Point wasn't whether she was successful nor chops really. Point is, again,...can she really be called a singer if she mostly is known for her songwriting? Can you be called a diva if you are known for your songwriting rather than your singing?

    Anyway, I also posted this in response to DD rather than as a general comment on the profile because I didn't want to give the impression I feel a Sia profile is out of place. I do not feel that way.
    I was just curious about his view on "the issue". :-)

  26. Primo Uomo Assoluto29 April 2014 at 18:11

    1- Get yourself a sense of humor.
    2- Not my fault you stan for basic bitches
    3- Accept you stan for basic bitches
    4- Enjoy your your basic bitches don't get mad because others don't like it
    5- I don't need to be taken "seriously" by you, as your opinion about me is completely irrelevant to my happiness, well being or peace of mind.

  27. Primo Uomo Assoluto29 April 2014 at 18:13

    Actually, I've made 3 profile for "classic" diva vocalists such as Mina, Caterina Valente and Maureen McGovern. I submitted them a year ago, and I guess whoever runs the site didn't appreciate those singers the way I do.

  28. Primo Uomo Assoluto29 April 2014 at 18:17

    The thing though is that the truth is still the truth no matter who disagrees. The truth is still the truth no matter who states it. Some people simply don't like when others point out that whoever they like is shitty, and we should own up to the shitty stuff we like and enjoy it instead of getting all defensive and "stannish". I mean, there are people here who have said they dislike Monica Naranjo's singing, who is one of my favorite vocalists ever, and yet I haven't jumped on their throats for it. And, for example, I love Britney Spears even thought I can say she is pretty shitty. Some people need to develop a sense of humor and get out there and live life instead of get so emotionally involved with someone they don't really know.

  29. DD i think this deserves news LOL

  30. primo please resubmit it. In DD's defense, he is very busy and kinda lazy. Still if he saw those he might have posted those already :)) and as mikey said this site doesn't necessarily take who is "deserving." Because this site is for light reading. Besides it is his site after all.

  31. I kinda understood now how you communicate primo, you are being honest all the time and at some cases, "humorous". But i think you should know that your "image" here (or maybe the net) for being brutally honest is not helping you to communicate with the rest of people. I mean one day, just months ago or year, you just popped out of the blue and were saying too "honest" remarks. SO naturally people here would be like "who is this arrogant f*cktard?". I Know, I Know, I Know you are just saying the truth and im not asking you to change drastically but rather to try adapting with people here so may i suggest you keep it light? and that means, refraining from unnecessary adjectives, read through what we are actually trying to say and not putting words in our mouth, know that people you have history with are not going to take you easily. That's all i think. i think people here knows humor but when they heard it from someone who comes off as "arrogant" "mean" or alike, it can be received differently

  32. Yes Miss Piggy has returned...

  33. LOL Thank heavens Mariah isn't using trashy looks to get attention. ;-)

  34. LOL, IKR...

  35. LOL I'd say that response qualifies as "The thing though is that the truth is still the truth no matter who
    disagrees. The truth is still the truth no matter who states it. Some
    people simply don't like when others point out that.."
    Now simply substitute "whoever they like" for "way you comment" and you might get how you come across.

    Things is dude, you are always real big on dishing out what you call "truth" but respond rather poorly when you are at the receiving end of it.

    And who do you think is going to believe you are not commenting here in the hopes of being taken seriously? Or that you don't care what people think when every time you respond this "basic"?

    How's about you try relax a bit and demonstrate that sense of "humor" you expect of others?

  36. I agree with Joshy, you should resubmit. Very likely he simply missed your message. Dude does seem to be busy and I am sure he also gets lots of mail related to the blog.
    I doubt very it has much to do with his personal taste because he also asked me to write an entry on Americana. Not really his speed either.
    DD is a very open minded and relaxed individual.

    You adding this insult to the person whose blog you evidently like to engage in, was uncalled for and exactly the kind of "pretentious fuck" kinda of remark MikeyPop was referring to.

  37. What can you expect from a photo shoot that Terry Richardson is behind? ;)

  38. LOL Don't blame the photographer. Pretty sure Mariah doesn't need to do what Mariah doesn't want to do.
    And tbh I have seen her more often in similar pictures. Hell, I even posted them for dear you know who.
    Anyway, just joking with that same you know who in mind. ;-)

  39. I don't see how this is trashy. The clothing used is very revealing yes but is also floral with a touch of "Class" aka the jacket and the pearls. I mean...I like it. Its not like Miley Cyrus or Xtina Dirrty. Its minimalist clothing while still holding back instead of looking desperate and trashy.

  40. LOL actually Brian, those were my words, not Joshy's and...nope, the jacket and especially the pearls actually accentuate the "trashy"
    Here's why the look is trashy...

    Anybody who would go around dressed liked that in public would not be considered behaving "decent or proper". Hence using this as a publicity still i.e. in public, falls under the header "trashy".
    Liking it has little to do with that. Obviously Mariah likes it as well. As would indeed Miley and Christina. ;-)
    I would say, posing for such pictures and using them for publicity would fall under the header "desperate" as well.

  41. And I see this isn't even a case of press attaching that pic to that announcement. She did so herself on her facebook.

  42. LMAO this reminds me of a recent tumblr post i saw. DD will be so delighted when he sees this.

  43. Yes i agree Brian, i dont think this is trashy. I think of is as naughty and just mariah fooling around. My definition of trashy is when it looks pornish and to me this doesn't resemble that at all. As Leith said, Mariah is a middle aged woman trying to look like a little girl. Anyway i heard Alessandra Ambrosio and Tyra said that to not look too "sexy" (pornish) give it a smile. and i think mariah gave a smile that doesnt seem too suggestive.

  44. Primo Uomo Assoluto30 April 2014 at 10:34

    I love Mariah but this looks like a cover of an early 90's/late 80's VHS porn tape

  45. Primo Uomo Assoluto30 April 2014 at 10:47

    I didn't meant it as an insult though. I think I just exude "bitch" without even trying, LOL.
    The thing is, people have different tastes. Like, I don't see what's the fuzz about Sia, but I'm sure she has some wonderful music somewhere.

  46. Primo Uomo Assoluto30 April 2014 at 10:50

    And did I comment though? I thought it was absolutely obvious my post was sarcastic/funny, if they didn't get that, well, I don't know what to do about it.

    And I don't know about you, but I don't think anyone needs other person's opinion in order to ensure their happiness, well being or peace of mind unless that person is offering you the job of a lifetime or is the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with.

  47. Primo Uomo Assoluto30 April 2014 at 10:58

    Thanks love, I think the thing I don't understand is it pretentious to want/expect/only stan for quality divas though. I guess that's where personal taste comes into play.
    Either way, people should learn to not get upset when someone dislikes their favorite performers.

  48. I am sure you don't mean to insult primo. It just your world view..which happens to come across a certain way to most people.
    I think MikeyPop's and Joshy and my point is, that maybe you should realize this and not get all bent out of shape when people experience it like that. Just stay you are doing now. :-)

  49. Yes, we all know that is how you say you feel. My point was, your responses are often not in line with such a sentiment. because if you truly don't care about a persons opinion, you'd also not feel insulted when they express a negative opinion.And let's face often do respond as if you felt a need to defend yourself from a perceived attack.

    But I agree, your post seemed, to me, obviously sarcasm.

  50. LOL Both of you confuse liking trashy with something not being trashy.
    Also I am not sure either of you has seen enough straight porn to judge whether this look is "pornish".

    Words Joshy, generally have an established meaning so as to be able to communicate with each other. Though those definitions can change over time, it does not mean one can simply go around refusing to accept "official" definition and make up your own. ;-)

    I am pretty sure that if you come to a birthday party at your aunt's house tomorrow and one or more of the women guests would show up dressed like that, you would wonder about her/them having lost her mind or sense of "decency".

    Yes this look is "naughty" but "naughty" outside certain situations is considered...trashy.

  51. I have seen enough straight porn, though not as abundant as a straight man or maybe lesbian LOL. Still my definition of trashy is real close to its definition in Miriam Webster Dictionary. The word trashy, i think, is as subjective as beautiful and ugly. Also I don't think this was out of the line since Wonderland Magazine approved of this and i think this is not really the first woman in lingerie on the cover of a magazine

  52. So you're saying because this look is inapropriate in all occasions it is inevitably downright trashy...

  53. For something to be trashy it would have to insight public opinion of desperation and inferiority which yet again I say I do not have this kind of opinion towards this photo. Mariah is one to love showing off her body yes, and I do agree she has done some "trashy" moments in the past but I wouldnt put this under the category. I'm more than certain she didn't conceptualize the photoshoot. She isn't one to focus on anything but her music...but anyways. If you see it as Trashy thats fine, but seeing as the term is subjective I don't consider this trashy. I just consider it being half ass naked. ;D

  54. Matheus Dias Lee30 April 2014 at 18:12

    How do I submit an analysis/vocal profile?

  55. No Joshy, lingerie is not "supposed to be empowering". Where the F did you get that idea??? I am guessing "feminists" like Beyonce and her ilk? ;-)
    Also your definition is not "real close to" as trashy can be associated with way more than the sexual.

    You guys just need to stop and think for a second. And realize that you both take the word trashy to be a negative one. Hence you saying something like "I don't think it's out of line".
    I sure didn't attach any personal moral objection to my remark. I am simply saying, by the official definition that outlook is considered trashy.

  56. I am saying by the official definition of the word trashy..that look is considered trashy when worn in public.

  57. No, not of "desperation and inferiority".
    That would be YOUR definition I guess. Not that of the dictionary. The dictionary speaks of not proper/ not respectable.
    It is not subjective as such. it is only subjective depending on public morality.
    And I am making the case that whether you like it or present "public morality" is such that this outfit would not be considered proper or respectable for a woman to wear in public. Any woman who does will not generally be seen as "half naked" or "naughty" and definitely not as respectable or classy. She will be deemed...trashy.

    If you guys don't believe me, you can hold your own little poll amongst your families etc. Or you can just consider the question and answer it truthfully...if you saw a woman dressed like that in your own surroundings in public and she wasn't a famous pop star...what would you think and feel about that woman?

    Though tbh I question whether you are capable of answering that question truthfully as long as you know it is an outfit Mariah wore. Because for real Brian...Mariah has abundantly demonstrated her focus is in fact way more on visual imagery and personal pleasure than it is on music.
    And I am not saying that as a moral judgment or accusation. It's Mariah's life and she should live it as she wants to. But I am not going to close my eyes to reality.

    And she may not have ''conceptualized" the photo shoot (though seeing as this is not the first photo shoot she did with similar concept, I am not as convinced as you are)but she damn well gave it her okay..obviously.
    She also herself chose that picture to accompany her announcement on her facebook.

    To be absolutely clear, I fail to see the point of such a picture as promo for one's singing myself but I don't mind it either. I simply pointed out it is a trashy look and I was reminded of a certain Mariah stan who tried to claim she never did trashy the way certain other pop stars did and noted the funny in that.

  58. sorry that should have been *that look is considered*

  59. Hey, I recently really started to get into Mina and I wondered if you could suggest some songs of her, I only know about the most famous ones.

  60. Gabby Met Mariah Carey? Cool!!!!!

  61. Primo Uomo Assoluto30 April 2014 at 23:26

    Well, from her studio recordings I think "Brava" showcases her voice the best, the way she could pull off a near 3 octave range within a single phrase equal supported at both ends, crazy stuff.
    Albums wise I suggest you check out the concept albums "Singolare" (Songs about loneliness) and "Plurale" (An album in which every song is full of layers and layers of harmonies, which is said to have inspired Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody", also "Mina con Bigne" for some beautiful music a la 70's Barbra Streisand, "Mazzini canto Battisti" for some of the greatest italian love songs of the 70's, etc. For individual songs I recommend "Sweet Transvestite" and "Bambola gonfiabile" is you are into some serious rock, and if you are into vocal jazz I think her live performances really show her vocal ability, such as when she sang the vocalise from "Sette uomini d'oro"

  62. Why is Beyonce always having the weird shit happen to her?

  63. Primo Uomo Assoluto30 April 2014 at 23:32

    Check out these performances

    Sette uomini d'oro (Seven golden men)

    Lluby in Birdland (oh, and check out her 3 octave cadenza at the end, from C3 to C6)

    In the mood (check out the HUGE coloratura up to D6 at the end)

  64. Primo Uomo Assoluto30 April 2014 at 23:35

    But in this case I feel it was MickeyPop who got all "excited" at my comment, which was intended as humorous and sarcastic :)

    I didn't even get to use this gif I had looked up especially for him

  65. Primo Uomo Assoluto30 April 2014 at 23:39

    But it's not about my taste, it's about objective facts, I mean, if we compare someone like Nicki Minaj next to someone like Caterina Valente as vocalists and musicians, one of them is gonna end up gargantuanly humiliated, and that's not a matter of taste but facts.
    Same with Sia. I don't think her vocal ability is up there with the divas I stan for, not because they are "my" divas, but because they are good, and if needed, I would put side to side comparisons to illustrate my point.

  66. I wouldn't say he got "excited". Rather more he made one "bitchy" remark. But he did that very calmly. And it was a truthful and factual remark at that. ;-)

  67. Do we have to go there again?
    Your perception of "quality" being confined to a specific level of technical prowess is yours. It is a subjective definition of "quality".

    I doubt Caterina would do as much justice to a Minaj lyric as Nicky does. She'd be enormously "humiliated" next to Minaj if she'd perform those.

    Same way I am pretty sure if it comes to trying to write hits for
    today's pop market...Caterina would be "humiliated" in comparison with

    If you'd be arguing for the factual and measurable factor of "technical prowess", your statement WOULD be "factual". But you were not. You were arguing for the term "quality".

    That term is defined as "how good or bad something is" , "a high level of value or excellence".
    You apply that only to the technique of a singer but others will find value in more/different aspects of singing. The pretentiousness lies in your insistence yours is the only "correct" valuation of a singer.
    And THAT is your taste you are arguing for, not "fact" as value of a performance lies in the eye of the beholder, is highly personal.
    To some the value of a performance lies in how technical correct it was, to others it lies in how emotionally captivating they found it and to yet others the value lies in how many $$ it put in their bank account.
    Each value is only factual to the individual, not objectively measurable.

  68. To me that seems to pretty much devalue the term to the point of meaninglessness.
    I mean, what then to call those who fell in the category "Diva" back when it was used to distinguish certain kind of female singer from the next?

    Think I will just continue to use it as a distinguishing term rather than a generalized one. :-)
    Damn the ensuing confusion! I love to argue anyway. LOL

  69. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 May 2014 at 02:42

    It is 100% porn. And dated porn at that. The pearl necklace and champagne glass add to the "class" of it. It reminds me of the covers of old VHS porn tapes from the late 80's

  70. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 May 2014 at 03:08

    Couldn't resist it

  71. Love, love, love her. Liked all the songs she wrote- Blank Page, Diamonds, etc.- but Chandelier took the cake.

  72. Ahahahaa~!

  73. Yes, I had a good laugh when you drew that comparison earlier. :-)
    I do agree Joshy that the look she gives with it somewhat lessens the effect but for sure the outfit/picture is very reminiscent of porn..i.e. "trashy".
    But, to be absolutely clear... I have no issue with or objection to porn.

  74. Scathing porn comments aside... how much photoshop I don't even...

  75. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 May 2014 at 03:17

    Me neither, but I don't think nudity or violence are necessary for good art or expression. Like, I feel implying is more effective than showing.

  76. I agree nudity or violence aren't necessary. But if you go for nudity, there are imo classier shots than the Mariah one. Nudity doesn't equal trashy necessarily.
    I think these are examples of more suggestive than trashy photographs

  77. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 May 2014 at 06:16

    Oh I love Dita! I saw her recently when she was in Houston earlier in April
    I also have her DVD at Crazy Horse de Paris

  78. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 May 2014 at 06:17

  79. I like her too. She "gets'' sexy v. trashy. Also like her whole image generally. Classy look!

  80. LOL I just saw this. What a laugh! No way did a 3 1/2 year old draw and write that. In fact, I don't even believe she wrote that little speech herself.
    Had a good laugh with a couple of fellow posters regarding that title "elusive chanteuse".
    Several theories on what the hell that was supposed to elude to where floated. Mine was that the elusive went to a fully live performance by this "chanteuse" being elusive.

    I guess she witnessed Gaga's pretentious "mission statements" and thought...two can play that game.

  81. Weiiiiiiiird...

  82. Yet again Opie your are relating your own local standards apply to the rest of the world...there are plenty of places that I have been to where this look is the social norm... at least during the warmer months...minus the jacket and pearls. Though I find it highly unpractical. And yes desperation and Inferiority IS part of the definition of Trashy as I found it in my college edition dictionary. "Resembling or containing trash; cheap or worthless." "Something of such low quality that it insights a opinion of Cheapness, Desperation, or Inferiority." No single look is appropriate for all public appearances and she is NOT walking around like this in public. Therefor its a conceptualized image that isn't physically being represented in real time in a public area. Its just a photo on the cover of a magazine. Though thats not me saying photos cannot be trashy. Just that because this isnt an appropriate look for walking down the side of a new york street during early spring doesnt make it instantaneously trashy. Just that you find it highly insulting to the extent of thinking of it as trashy. Trashy IS a subjective term because for it to be that way it would have to be true of ALL occasions, cultures, and opinions. My opinion differs from yours because it is an opinionated term. Its subjective, it changes with who uses it. Thats like saying the word "Ugly" isnt subjective or the word "Sexy" isnt subjective. They are subjective adjectives used to describe YOUR opinion of something.

  83. Primo Uomo Assoluto1 May 2014 at 16:31

    I specifically said "vocalist and musician". Someone like Nicki cannot execute the (yes, technical) vocal feats of someone like Caterina Valente, so thus she is not up to her vocal level. And as a musician Caterina played several instruments as well as singing with a virtuosity that could give Ella a run for her money.
    Let's take as a given that when I'm talking about the quality of a vocalist I'm not talking about writing pop hits or how much money one has in the account or how popular one is or how emotional the performance was, but about how well one can actually sing at a high technical, virtuosic level.

  84. LOL Brian, first off all is my "local standard" worldwide known to be a hell of a lot less sexually repressed than your local standard.

    Second of all, you should check out the comments under Miley Cyrus vids and articles and get an idea of today's standards on this.

    Please enlighten me though, which places outside of one's bedroom,pop pr , nightclubs and porn flics is this outfit the "social norm"?
    (I will get to the other occasion further down).
    And even there it is most of the time called the trashy look.

    "Just that you find it highly insulting to the extent of thinking of it
    as trashy."

    Where did I ever say I find it "highly insulting"? You and Joshy are the ones who think trashy by definition is an insult. Which no doubt is why you are so desperately trying to convince me that is not the correct term for that outfit.
    To me it's like accusing me of moral indignation over the sky when I on a rainy day call the sky grey. And you then come in and argue that really grey is a beautiful color.
    That might indeed be the case, but it still will be correct to call it grey.

    "Trashy IS a subjective term because for it to be that way it would have to be true of ALL occasions, cultures, and opinions"

    Trashy is a word in the English language, it is therefor relevant to the culture of nations to whom this is the native language. The dictionary is quite clear and it relates to that standards on what that Englsih speaking culture deems appropriate and decent or inappropriate or indecent. It is subjective only to the morals of the time. And I say public morals of this time , even more so in your culture than in mine, is that this look is called "trashy".
    I bet if any woman this Halloween goes into any costume store and says.."hi, I would like to go "trashy""...THIS is the kind of outfit they will hand you. Because it is OUR culture's present concept of a "trashy" look Brian.

    The words sexy and ugly are not defined in the same manner trashy is. They are defined as relating to indeed individual taste. Trashy however is defined in relationship to public morality.

    Btw that definition in your college dictionary...I think they need to add some user manual for college students today. When you write something this way " insights a opinion of Cheapness, Desperation, or Inferiority."
    It means Brian, it could be Cheapness OR desperation OR inferiority OR a combination. (aside from the fact that your dictionary needs to employ spell check before it's next publication. ;-) I think it meant "incites" actually? jk)
    And that is my point ..this look incites that public opinion. The only people it does not incite that opinion in? Fans of the particular individual in that outfit. They however are not representative of "public opinion".
    Now once again, I am just saying that public opinion is calling this outfit trashy. I personally do not think this says much about Mariah but it does about public morality.

    Seeing as it would no doubt lead to another lengthy discussion..I am not going to give my full thoughts on whether one can judge a person on their public persona. Suffice it to say...I think you can.

    Your remark on Miley is actually self contradictory seeing as you use trashy to morally judge her and do so in spite of not knowing her personally, which you in the same breath claim is a requirement for you to judge an individual's morality.

  85. Money and fame attracts the crazies! One day soon- when the EP drops, perhaps!- you'll experience it yourself! :) Also, where/when are you releasing it?

  86. Are they that low, though? I need to give it another listen.

  87. I have no time frame due to my crazy schedule and perfectionism but I have 6 of the 8 songs recorded. After I recorded everything I'm gonna spend a few months mastering them then possibly...just possibly release them if I don't get self concious... I'm really dissapointed with myself because this has now turned from an EP to a frickin set of test tracks to see how high I can carry my belts. Well that's what it feels like. LOL.

  88. Voice is raspier now and I dig that. But the lyrics are vapid and pretentious, the tune is catchy but not really that good, and the vocals are about as impressive as Taylor Swift's fart jokes of music.

  89. What's so pretentious about the lyrics?
    And lol @ the Taylor Swift comparison. I hope that for the sake of your ears you aren't serious.

  90. It's called hyperbole.