Thursday 29 May 2014

Rita Ora Covers Her Boss's Wife's Track. Voluntarily, I'm sure....

What happens when you can't be bothered to promote your own material? Get your record label owning husband to make one of his employees do it, of course! Genius!

And that, people, is why Rita Ora is on some random European show performing Beyonce's Drunk In Love, despite having a single of her own- I Will Never Let You Down - currently out. The mind boggles. It might go some way to explaining the half-hearted rendition, too.

(Note, I be joking....put the daggers away)



  1. Trust me we don't got daggers. No one likes her....

  2. Oops, I kinda like Rita. Haha, I think it's actually a smart marketing move on Rita's team's part tho. Because let's be real, does Bey really need to promote this song after the Grammys and a #2 Billboard Hot 100 peak? I think when people see Rita covering it, even if they don't know her, they'll think "Oh, who's this pretty blond girl covering Bey?" and decide to check it out, and if they're impressed by her cover (and let's be real, people are easily impressed nowadays, especially if the singer's pretty) they'll check out her discography.
    TL;DR - Bey's name attracts people.

    I don't think she did a terrible job tho, but it does sound a little rigid and half-hearted in her voice.

  3. shes a more talented less exotic version of riri and i think that is what is holding her back, and because most of the songs she's released aren't amazing
    but she has potential and a great voice as well - plus i really like her personality she seems very down to earth

  4. maybe they thought she was Beyonce....BECAUSE THEY TRIED TO MAKE HER THE NEXT GOD DAMNED BEYONCE SOOOO MUCH !. shade aside i didnt think it was that bad.

    pretty sure this is a gif of rita before they singed her lol.