Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sia Belts Out "Chandelier" Live @ The Ellen Show

Sia took her new single, Chandelier, to the Ellen Show last week, with creepy video dancer in tow.

Well truthfully, I can't actually tell if it's the same girl, but the routine, costume and wig are pretty close to that of the video. (Oh, Ellen confirms it's the same girl at the end. Good thing I watched it again, and to its conclusion the second time!) But whatever, we aren't here for that. We're here to hear Sia belt out those big notes! 

Truthfully, there were issues with the transitions between chest and head, and there were parts where her voice frayed. But I didn't feel they detracted from the vocal. In fact, I think they added to the performance, mirroring the damaged and reckless persona of the lyrics.

The standing in the corner, even after finishing, now that was slightly distracting!


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