Tuesday 3 June 2014

[New Music] Amerie Samples "Apache (Jump On It)" For New Single "What I Want"

Amerie has returned and is still rocking that percussive-heavy sound like it's 2005!

But whatever, I don't have a problem with that. I'll always appreciate the power it has to get me off of my seat. The issue I do have is with the Sugar Hill Gang sample new song What I Want is built upon. That classic will always and forever be associated with the Carlton dance [here] in my mind, and thus I'll have a tough time taking anything using it seriously- as is the case here.

I'll sit this particular song out, but it's great to have Amerie back on the scene.



  1. Ah thats mad lol I just literally sent you the e-mail with Amerie's updated profile when I clicked in here!

    Anywhere where the music is concerned I am just glad to be hearing fresh stuff from her (the new material seems to have been millenia in the making). At first listen I wasn't sold on this but on number two I was hooked! I just love how she strays from the norm.

  2. I don't care for the song but I do like her voice on it.

  3. A little obnoxious correction but I have to do it for comedic reasons, it's Ameriie*.


  4. I read on wiki.that both spellings are used - I checked after noticing I'd spelt it Amerie elsewhere on the blog. However I do look like an idiot when the name is spelt with two 'I's on the video still! Will spell it that way from now on.

  5. The music and the vocals sound so disconnected, it's giving me a headache...

  6. Matheus Dias Lee5 June 2014 at 17:54

    I missed you Noona

  7. I had a hard time in my life pulling away from my family even though they were abusive because I sent want to make them feel left out so for mariah to push like that I know she had to SHOVE. she was the youngest. So she was the baby.and I am certain although the world may not have been able to live without her for her family it was rough. life ain't that simple is it Alison? The world has room
    Enough in it for mariah then it has room in it for YOU, handjobs and all.

  8. LOL Now let's hear Mariah filmed under the same circumstances with the same equipment sing the same song today. Wonder if she is really going to do much better than her sister.

  9. Yeah well, that is neither under same circumstances nor filmed with similar equipment.
    I am sure if you throw that kind of technology at Alison, she also sounds very different. That IS my point here Joshy. Let's hear how Mariah sounds these days for real singing a song which is not from one of her own albums. THEN we can compare. And my money is on Mariah not doing all that great under those circumstances either.
    And also I'd put big bucks on LeAnn Rimes easily doing way better.
    Nope, Mariah has been ,for me, firmly relegated to being a mere shadow of her former great self and these days being surpassed by a great many other singers.


  10. Still i think without those equipment Mariah can still circle around her sis because even though you have all those equipmet, your voice is pretty much the biggest contributor of how you sound. Here is Mariah doing some other songs and improvisation. i have no other comment in what you said because id like to stick with the main topic. but yeah i like leann but she doesnt also sounds as good as she used to.


  11. Thing is Joshy, you have your believe but nothing to prove it. Because 2 to 10 second snippets are not proving anything. If you'd cut the right 2 to 10 second snippets from that Alison video, she also sounds better than if you'd watch the whole video.

    As for Leann..point was not how the singer sounds compared to their best but compared to other singers today and without the aid of 3 takes mixed together, autotune, lipping, backtracks etc etc etc

    Anyway, I was stating my conclusion. You are free to believe otherwise.

  12. LOL i didn't read any mean comments toward her so what are you babbling about? And honestly i think these kind of people should do their best to move on and let the pain away. But a lot of them let it linger on...

  13. I think she'll still knock her sis out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhdzaT2lFU8

  14. it must really have sucked to end up on the tail end of Mariah's career. Period. For everyone, including her supporters. It always hurts to be a part of something with someone and then when they make it you are just a shadow. That must be really hard.

  15. you people aren't being very nice. No way with mariah in the picture that girl had a chance. She ha to go lie with her father. please show compassion, she definitely has talent and also is natural and I can see why she is in pain. Why can't anyone ever be honest?? People are so harsh... Sorry for your pain Alison. Next lifetime it'll be you. You deserve a huge kiss for having the guts to sing at all knowing what people are going to say...