Thursday 19 June 2014

[Watch] Sam Smith Duets With Mary J.Blige @ The Apollo

Could Sam Smith be the next British export to reach Adele superstar status? Well, maybe not the "next" one because Adele is going to come back this year and slay everyone, but her male equivalent?

As far as the UK goes, I could totally see him enjoying the same success she has. If he's to replicate that globally, though, it's going to be a different story, and he's going to need a breakout song like Adele had with Rolling In the Deep. His team up with Naughty Boy (La La La) should have been that, but unfortunately he didn't feature in the video, so not many clocked him as the singer.

Pondering aside, it seems his label are keen for him to crack America as soon as possible, and have him out there promoting. Which is how he found himself at The Apollo singing with established Diva Mary J Blige on Stay With Me.

But how are you lot feeling about Sam in general? You liking? I'll attach a few more videos for those not familiar with him. Let me know in the comments what you think of his music and his voice.


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