Wednesday 18 June 2014

Cheryl Cole Hits Britain's Got Talent With "Crazy Stupid Love" Performance

We never did get a chance to talk about Cheryl Cole's Crazy Stupid Love, did we.

Having returned to the X-Factor (UK) this year, it's no shocker the Diva decided now was the right time to put out new music. Truthfully, she'd have been a total idiot to not capitalise on the opportunity- especially considering how her music career did post X-Factor.

So to new single Crazy Stupid Love. Like a crisp bottle of Zinfandel, the song has a floral, fruity and fun scent about it- yes, I need a drink. The only real problem I had with it, on first listen, was the trumping horns of the chorus. However, as is the case with most things, time and familiarity has normalised their comic nature somewhat.

To publicise her new wears, Cheryl has already gone live with the song, taking it to the Britain's Got Talent final last week. Check out that choreography-packed performance, below.


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