Monday, 30 June 2014

[Watch] Ellie Goulding Sets Glastonbury 2014 Alight With Live Show

Ellie Goulding 2014 GlastonburyEllie Goulding and her trusty drums took to the stage on the closing night of Glastonbury 2014 to perform a plethora of songs- a few of which I didn't even recognise!

Starting with Figure 8, the Diva showed from the outset that she was on it, vocally. Obviously, that's not to say she was belting like Whitney, but she was giving us vocals that were comparable to those laid down in the studio- which is what we want, right?

Check out the Gouldster's set, below! Points to anyone who catches the giant peen in the audience...that alone should give some of y'all more thirsty readers a reason to watch.


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