Wednesday 6 August 2014

[Watch] Mariah Carey Performs "Meteroite" @ The 2014 World Music Awards..Yawn

Meteorite is one of my jams from Me. I Am Mariah, so I was excited to hear the Diva was giving it a live bash at The 2014 World Music Awards. I was also a little confused- isn't You Don't Know What to Do her current single?- but whatever, we know this campaign is an assortment of random foolery. We have to live with that.

I was, however, left unimpressed after viewing this stale showing. Seriously Mimi, go hard or go home. This standing on a stage while others try and David Copperfield everyone into thinking they're actually watching something exciting and dynamic is getting boring.

Please go back to your local Shaman and ask for another spirit animal. A sloth just isn't cut out for show business. ...well, unless you're this gropey charismatic sloth.


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