Thursday, 7 August 2014

Azealia Banks Returns with "Heavy Metal And Reflective"

While everyone stays fighting on who the better female rapper is- Nicki Minaj or the ghost of Christmas past (AKA Iggy Azalea)- I have quietly been waiting for Azealia Banks to make her return. Sure, this Diva has a stinky attitude, and says some stupid stuff on Twitter, but her EPs have shown that this lady has the smarts and the originality to really shake things up.

Finally free from a label that has been holding her first album hostage, Azealia has swiftly resaddled her magical musical horse, bolted the stable and hit us with a new song, Heavy Metal And Reflective.

 "Heavy" isn't as immediately catchy as some of the rapper's other songs-  Liquorice/Luxury, anyone?- but it still drips with authenticity and freshness that Nicki and Iggy just can't muster.

Bring on that LP, Azelia,


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