Saturday 13 September 2014

Beyonce Caught Lip-Syncing During "On The Run" Tour In Paris

Other Divas breath a sigh of relief! Beyonce isn't a machine sent from the future to destroy your careers and scalp you of your wig and weaves. She is HUMAN, after all! REJOICE!

Most of us have long suspected that Beyonce would lip-sync here and there during certain performances; but it was always more an inkling than a fully blown conclusion. However, proof has arrived in the form of this Instagram upload of Bey "singing" Partition during the On The Run tour's stop-off in France.

It's almost comical how blatant the lip-sync is. The period where her mouth isn't moving and the voice continues is so obvious that I actually wondered if this was a legit recording of the event, and not some Machiavellian scheme designed to discredit her! Having seen another video online, it does seem to be the real deal, though. ( Tell me if I'm wrong)

Now Stans are claiming that Bey used a backing track here to, you know, add a "layered effect" to the vocal. If this was true, then it would make sense for other performances, on the same tour of the same song, to have a layered effect at that part of the song. That isn't the case. Besides it's clear when she realises the mistake and starts "singing" that no doubling effect is heard.

So what does this mean for anything? Well, nothing. Beyonce is still a great vocalist and a brilliant performer. It just means she joins the list (which seems to be quite a large list) of confirmed Divas who lip-sync.

It is odd she chose such an easy part to mime to, mind. Could it be the strategy the Diva uses to preserve her voice for the big notes? Yeah, it must be that.....


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