Saturday 27 September 2014

[Watch] Lady Gaga Covers "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)", Live

Lady Gaga has a new album to promote, didn't cha know?! Well, it's not strictly just a Gaga affair. In tow is legendary crooner Tony Bennett, with who she has collaborated on said album, Cheek to Cheek (is it wrong that that title makes me smirk?).

Anyway, part of the promotion includes the taping of a PBS concert where songs from Cheek to Cheek have been recreated with an orchestra, live and unadulterated. That (already taped) show will hit our screen at the end of October, but to promote that promotional vehicle, the video for Bang Bang (a Nancy Sinatra cover, not the Jessi and Ari song) is now up on YouTube. (Either that or it's been leaked, because the embedded video sure ain't from the official Gaga channel...)

Check out the Diva try some new vocal tricks- particularly at the end, with her timbre- and let me know if this cover did anything for ya! Please also find enclosed the original Nancy Sinatra classic.

Update: Have been informed in the comments that this was actually a Cher original. I won't be changing the post, as I never claimed Nancy made the song first. However, I thought it's only fair to have Cher's version posted too.


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