Saturday, 27 September 2014

[Album Review] Kylie + Garibay - "Sleepwalker" EP

Kylie Minogue's last album, Kiss Me Once, didn't exactly set the world alight with its over-produced brand of pop. Though I enjoyed the LP- not as much as her previous releases, mind- something just didn't ring true with its direction or sound. It was as if the album was missing its heart, being a music by numbers creation, rather than a labor of love.

However, Kylie seems to have overcome this with her new EP, Sleepwalker.

Teaming up with music producer Garibay- who has worked with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears- the duo have crafted four tracks that sound so much more "Kylie" than anything found on Kiss Me Once.

From the Gary Numan-esque influence on  Break This Heartbreak to the reggae-infused Chasing Ghosts, the EP has the Diva experimenting, and taking risks, with her sound again. Sure, she's not rewriting any rule books, but Kylie's biggest asset has always been her ability to experiment within the confines of her own genre, innovating without alienating.

Whereas Kiss Me Once left me deflated and (sadly) uninterested about the future of the Diva's musical output, Sleepwalker has made her relevant again. Hopefully it'll have the same effect on others because I think the best is yet to come from Kween Kylie.

Rating: B

(Note: You can download the tracks, FOR FREEEEE, from Soundcloud)


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