Saturday 11 October 2014

[Currently Listening To]

What are you guys currently listening to? You know, what's that ONE track that is, at this very moment, being digitally worn out by your repeated indulgence?

Me, I've been listening to an oldie: Björk's Oceania. Taken from the Diva's revolutionary album, Medulla, this single boasted magical vocals and a sparse, pulsing production. However, it was the track's lyrics that really caught a hold of my imagination, as Bjork provided a maternal voice to the world's oceans.

I mean, how often is it that you consider that all life on land descended from the ocean? Not often, right? But Bjork not only reminds us of that, but does so in a poetic way, writing from the perspective of a proud mother watching her children go forth:
"You have done
Good for yourselves
Since you left my wet embrace
And crawled ashore"
She also does a great job of creating scale with the most simplistic of language, illustrating how narrow the scope of our human experience is when compared to something as unchanging and vast as the ocean:
"You show me continents
I see the islands
You count the centuries
I blink my eyes"
If this hasn't caused an existential crisis in you, then well done, you are a well adjusted human being! I kid, but take a moment to read the lyrics and listen to the song- it's something a little special IMO.


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