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Saturday 25 July 2015

[C.L.I.T] Various Dance Music

Today's Currently Listening Intently To is going to be a slight cheat, with me linking more than one video. But what the hell, you tarts are always posting a bevy of videos, so I'm going to do the same! What bad influences you all are!

Friday 26 June 2015

[Currently Listening Intently To] FKA twigs -­ "Glass & Patron"

There has't been a C.L.I.T post in the longest time, it feels- so here it is! What are you lovely people currently listening to?

Friday 15 May 2015

[Currently Listening Intently To] D∆WN - "Calypso"

Dawn Richards (AKA D∆WN) is so absolutely slaying my existence with the releases from her critically acclaimed Blackheart that I'm thinking an album review might be a necessity- even though the LP has been out a while.

The track Calypso is not entirely representative of the album- featuring little singing and a structure/production that has managed to alienate some fans*. So don't make any rash judgements on the project off of that alone. But since Calypso is my C.L.I.T, it had to get the feature!

Friday 17 April 2015

[CLT] Tinashe - " Dreams Are Real"

Sure I had a status up recently touching on how much I'm enjoying Tinashe's newest mixtape, Amethyst.

Dreamy and ambient, it's been the thing I've been throwing on to unwind after a long day of #firstworldproblems. But since this is the "currently listening" to post, where we're supposed to showcase the one song that's been on repeat for us recently, I'll stick to the album opener, Dreams Are Real.

Take a listen and let me know what you've been currently listening to in the comments.

Saturday 11 October 2014

[Currently Listening To]

What are you guys currently listening to? You know, what's that ONE track that is, at this very moment, being digitally worn out by your repeated indulgence?

Me, I've been listening to an oldie: Björk's Oceania. Taken from the Diva's revolutionary album, Medulla, this single boasted magical vocals and a sparse, pulsing production. However, it was the track's lyrics that really caught a hold of my imagination, as Bjork provided a maternal voice to the world's oceans.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

[Currently Listening To]

New segment time: introducing the "Currently Listening To" post! (You better believe this is going to become a regular feature after I wasted time creating the opening pic!)

Here I (you/we/yo cat) post a song that is, at this very moment, consuming your very soul. It could be an old or new song, but it can only be ONE song, and you have to give a reason as to why you iz likin' it! Simple, right?