Saturday, 11 October 2014

[Miracles Can Happen] Katy Perry Booked For Super Bowl Halftime show

Looks like someone has found Aladdin's lamp- quite possibly Katy Perry herself. Why, you ask? Because it's been announced that the Diva has been booked to play one of the biggest gigs on American television: The 2015 Super Bowl halftime show!!

Ok, in fairness to her, she has had some good award show performances over the years. Nothing fantastic, mind. But as she does tend to shine when there are big sets and lots of theatrics occurring on stage, distracting from the voice the halftime show could actually work to Ms.Perry's strengths.

In her possession is also a collection of well liked and well known frothy hits to fill the allotted time, which is must for getting the crowd onside. (This isn't looking so doomed after all!) Now if only she could do something about that live voice....perhaps that could be wish number 2?

While we wait for this monumental and iconic day to descend upon us, here is 10 minutes of Katy's "best live moments", according to a fan.......................... Enjoy(!)


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