Friday 24 October 2014

[Music Video] Tamar Braxton - "Let Me Know"

Tamar Braxton is gearing up for album number three, and if its lead single is anything to go by, this Diva isn't playing with her sound or changing lanes on it. Brave woman!

Still unabashedly Rnb, Let Me Know is a smooth and warming love song built around a questionably used Aaliyah sample. Really, I'm not even sure why they included it since it's sped up to an unrecognisable pitch that effectively strips the sample of all character. It would have made more sense for them to have had Tamar sing a similar sentence, and then played with that. Still, the writers of the sample (The Isley Brothers) aren't credited on the song (according to Wiki), so perhaps the size and manipulation of it was done to avoid splitting royalties.

Tamar is sounding good as ever, though, clearly out to show her skills as a vocalist- with two slightly struggle whistle notes even making an appearance. However, Let Me Know just doesn't have the immediate gratification of previous album lead, Love And War, leaving me slightly concerned as to how this is going to fair commercially.

Oh well, I'm sure husband Vince will find a way to make it impact on Itunes, at the very least..... 

(Note: this was written when the song debuted a while back, but I forgot to post. Thus I repackaged it with the post for the video. Ain't no wastage around here!)


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