Saturday, 25 October 2014

[Music Video] Kiesza - "No Enemiesz"

The video for single number three from Kiesza's December-due album has hit Vevo! Welcome No Enemiesz to the third dimension!

Watch as the Diva strips off in preparation for (what looks like) a very cold shower, stopping only for a quick jig with each piece removed as it magically gains sentience. (I suppose that's only the polite thing to do in that situation!) It's a novel concept and allows Kiesza to further showcase her skills as a dancer- something she's done in previous videos Hideaway and (a song I'm still bumping to) Giant In My Heart- in a way more thoughtful than a straight out performance video.

Oh, while you watch- waiting for the shower scene no doubt (I know you pervs!)- listen out for her Shakira impression. It's pretty darn good!


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