Monday 13 October 2014

The Future Of Divas: Hatsune Miku

The future is here! Say hello to tomorrow's Diva, the computer generated Hatsune Miku.

Being billed as the world's first virtual pop star (The Gorillaz might have something to say about that), this anime-inspired monstrosity has already graced The Late Show stage with her holographic presence. And God help me, after a second listen, I'm actually getting into it....

To those wondering where this Diva's magical and enthralling voice (did I hear someone shout "vocal profile"?) comes from, let me fill you in. It is actually a real person, one Saki Fujita, who provides the raw voice. Those vocals are then, unsurprisingly, fed to a magical machine, which digests and poops it out as the beautiful modern art you behold below . Good luck imitating that voice in the showers, everyone!

So could this be the future awaiting our Divas? I can only imagine the ways record labels could, and would, monetise their holographic artists....*shudders*

I'm sure you happening kids are more educated on this "Diva" than I am! Fill me in!

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