Sunday 23 November 2014

[Watch] X-Factor Does Whitney Houston

The X-Factor isn't something I usually watch. However, with this being the Whitney Houston Vs Elton John week (an odd pairing, no?) I thought I'd give it a go.

Thankfully, after watching the show, I wasn't in tears, flogging myself for not giving up my weekends to the alter of X-Factor anymore. Instead, I felt more secure in my decision, realising just how average most of the contestants were when there was no sympathetic backstory clouding judgment.

Still, let me share with you guys the performances that did feature a Whitney song- ain't nobody got time for Elton. 

Andrea Faustini sings I Have Nothing

Now I have to confess, I saw this guy's audition a few weeks back and was subsequently blown away. This rendition of Whitney's classic I Have Nothing didn't have the same affect. It was kind of sloppy in places and lacked the emotional complexity of the original. The midi production was also a travesty.

Lauren Platt sings How Will I Know

The arrangement was really nice at the beginning, actually allowing me to appreciate the lyrics in a different light. However, once the tempo increased, Lauren's voice faltered, failing to muster any of the energy needed to carry the song.

Fleur East sings I'm Every Woman

I could practically see the nerves emanating from Fleur during the trying intro. By half a minute in, I'd already come to the conclusion her voice would be too weighty and husky for the high belts. By  the end this proved to be the case. Wasn't great, but wasn't bad either.

Ben Haenow sings I Will Always Love You

Out of all the Whitney songs, this was probably the easiest to sing. However, Ben's version was closer to the Dolly Parton rendition than Whitney's, which was a cop out if you ask me. I also didn't like the nasal, thin texture of his voice. The key change was the final nail in the coffin, killing it for me...argh! Damn you X-Factor and your incessant need for manipulative key changes!

But what did you all think? I know some of you actually watch the show, so you'd probably have a more rounded and informed opinion of the contestants. Educate me!


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