Saturday 22 November 2014

[Music Video] Beyonce - "7/11"

Beyonce is cranking up the hype for the November 24th re-release date of her self-titled, and critically acclaimed, fifth LP.

Yesterday the diva offered up previews of the two new cuts that grace the set- no doubt pushed to do so by both slipping through Bey’s previously impenetrable force field and leaking. Pretty much off the bat 7/11 was universally panned with many decrying it “beneath” the Diva- that’s a great sign that I’ll end up loving it. The second leak, Ring Off, was more warmly received, speaking on mama Tina Knowles' divorce from love rat husband, Matthew. This track, while lyrically interesting, I actually found musically boring.

But it’s the former track that we see getting the video treatment today, with an aesthetic that's sure to get tongues wagging- not necessarily for the right reasons, though. Let's just call it a 3 minute vine and move on.

Check it out!

*The line about the alcohol just shook a memory free about my last night weird the things you forget when intoxicated....*


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