Thursday 8 January 2015

Is Sia Trying To Court Controversy With "Elastic Heart" Visuals?

Sia isn't done with last year's 1000 Forms of Fear- like I worried she was- having just released the visuals for its next single, Elastic Heart .

Undoubtedly a great song, it being picked as single number three does seem like an odd choice though. Already having been "released"- albeit featuring the The Weeknd- as a single to promote a Hunger Games Soundtrack back in 2013, one has to wonder if re-releasing it could ultimately impact sales.

But whatever. Teaming up with Chandelier's Maddie Ziegler again, this new video features a similar interpretive dance from the talented performer. But this time Maddie is joined by someone else: actor Shia LeBeouf. I tell you what, if you were uncomfortable watching the visuals to Chandelier, be prepared to have that feeling multiplied somefold. This video has her in similar costume, in a cage and with a grown man in flesh coloured, yeah.

I can't say this premise bothered me in the slightest, interpreting it as a battle between two sides of the singer's subconsciousness. However, reading comments on the net, and on the video's YouTube page, I'm apparently missing something, with people calling it "sick" and a "publicity stunt".

But what do you think?

Update: Sia has responded on Twitter:


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