Monday 12 January 2015

Rihanna Ruins 2015 Already With "Vogue" Cover

I am aware enough to know I'm perhaps the only person on this site looking forward to Rihanna's new project, R8. However, just because I enjoy the Diva's schtick it does not mean I am blind to her limitations. Case in point, this newly surfaced, TERRIBLE cover of Madonna's Vogue.

Warning: before you listen, have another track lined up to wash this out of you ears- you'll thank me later. I actually made it to the end of the song- it gets worse the further along it goes- but I wouldn't advise anyone with a weak constitution to attempt such gallantry. #takingonefortheteam

I'm hoping someone will inform me in the comments that this is a leftover from her first album and I can get back to thinking progress is being made with her voice. (Call me deluded but I like it's warm, safe and cosy!)

To think, Madonna gets shaded for her vocal ability....(I still love you though, Ri!)


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