Sunday 25 January 2015

Rihanna changes Lanes With New Music, "FourFiveSeconds"

Was anyone else expecting a guitar-led, acoustic-ey return from Rihanna? I sure wasn't! And let's be honest, neither were you!

Joined on the indie-influenced FourFiveSeconds by rapper Kanye West and rock royalty Paul Mckartney, the Diva not only surprises with the genre, but more so with the sympathetic and effective vocals she brings to it. She may not have the most universally liked tone, but this is one singer who consistently shows a chameleon-like vocal ability, being able to bend her pipes to whatever is thrown at them.

Whether FourFiveSeconds is an actual single or just a buzz track, I have no idea. Whatever the case, I have to admire Rihanna for her willingness to take risks with her sound and, ultimately, her livelihood. It makes her all the more thrilling to follow.


[Note: The video has the audio slowed down. Will update with the legit song as soon as it's made available]

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