Monday, 9 February 2015

Did Madonna Shade 2015 Grammy Attendees With Matador Theme

Madonna arrived at the 2015 Grammy Awards looking like a confused matador. It was not a pretty sight and made little to no sense for the occasion, or when viewed alongside the dress code taken by others at the event. It was only when it came time for her live showing of Living for Love that it became clear why she chose to dress as she did.

The human/bull hybrids and the spoken intro to the performance made obvious connections to the controversial role of a matador, and thus her get-up. But was there more going on here- a subtext, perhaps? I'm thinking her choice to wear that particular outfit down the red carpet- and not onstage- in combination with her commanding the audience to get up and sing a song that, let's be real, most didn't even know existed, spoke to something else.

So what far out conclusion have I reached by drawing these tenuous and sparse strings together? I have decided that Madonna was sending out a subtle message to everyone that she is still the showbiz matador and the rest are cattle she plays and manipulates for her own amusement! (I can hear you all gasping in shock!)

Was Madonna's whole Grammy showing an elaborate ploy to shade the industry? I'd like to think so. It certainly doesn't seem out of character- I can pretty much imagine her sitting at home today, with a glass of wine, cackling to herself thinking about how she got away it. On the other hand I am drugged up on account of my sore tooth so who even knows what I'm saying anymore....then again maybe it's this haze that has given me the power to see through the looking glass!!! #conflicted

(I should also add, I loved the performance, despite not being able to tell when Madonna was and wasn't singing, and I am still loving the song)


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