Sunday 1 February 2015

Mariah Carey Performs At The Jazz and Blues Festival, Jamaica

Looks like Mariah Carey can still bring in the crowds, having just performed to a sold-out audience at the Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica.

Appearing less polished than usual, the Diva went on to deliver her first live showing of 2015 in a similar fashion. With clearly lipped parts, some more embarrassingly executed than others, Mariah was not on her best form that night. She did look like she was enjoying herself, which is nice to see, but you expect a certain level of professionalism from a veteran like Carey. Her voice did sound better in parts, but the whole performance was in no way near the standard her Vegas residency will require.

Still, sample a taster of what the Elusive Chanteuse brought to Jamaica, below.

Fantasy/ Touch my Body

Always Be My Baby

"Best Moments"

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