Sunday 22 March 2015

[Not Again Beyonce!] "Deju Vu" Demo Leaks

The demo for Beyonce's Deju Vu has leaked! And guess what, it's pretty much identical, melodically and lyrically, to the version recorded for the Diva's second solo album, B'day.

This leaked version features Makeba Riddick on vocals- she also had a hand in writing the track- and was brought to Bey's attention by her father, Matthew Knowles. Makeba expanded further on this life changing moment in an interview with, where she reminisced fondly about working with the singer:

Hello Beautiful: What was it like working with Beyonce?

Makeba Riddick: A friend of mine called me out of the clear blue sky and said ‘Hey Makeba, I’m AandRing Beyonce’s new album and I’m working with Mathew Knowles.
We got this record that you did “Deja Vu” that she wants to cut.’ I was like no way! I was stoked. And then he went onto say that she wants to fly me to New York to work together. I flew to New York and all the while walking up to the door of the studio it was so surreal to me because I’m thinking to myself ‘This is not happening. I’m about to be in the studio with Beyonce’ Then a little bit of doubt set in. But just walking into that door, meeting her, shaking her hand for the first time was so surreal. Then it was like I woke up from a dream three weeks later.
We wrote the whole “B-Day” album. I co-wrote seven songs with her. It was just a magical experience how those songs came together. Shortly there after “Deja Vu” shot straight to number one and I said to myself if I’m not doing this I’m not doing nothing in this life.

Even though Beyonce gained the lead writing credit on the song- despite adding little- Makeba seems happy with the whole arrangement, so I can't even hate. Working with the Diva resulted in the opening of a lot of doors for the writer, who has since penned hits for Rihanna and Tamar Braxton. So it seems, in the long-term, handing over some royalties ended up being a smart investment for the now established writer.


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