Saturday 21 March 2015

[Review] Jennifer Lopez tackles Ballad, "Feel the Light", on American Idol

We're more used to Jennifer Lopez giving us choreography, with the singing being a side dish. In doing so, we often don't expect much from the Diva, vocally. As long as the show put on is enjoyable we give her a pat on the back and send her on her way. After all, JLo is known more for being an entertainer than a vocalist.

However, in promoting the Home soundtrack on American Idol, the Diva chose to sing the ballad Feel The Light. Not only did she pick a challenging song to sing, but, since she was literally static for the duration of the whole thing, she had no excuses when it came to the vocals. So, how did she fair?

In my opinion it was a slightly spotty vocal, which was pitchy in places. What did impress me was the lows, mid-range and the agreeable head notes. However, there was a lot of backing going on, and some weird electronic twang that made it hard to discern, at times, exactly what her live voice sounded like. The high belts were also tonally not to my taste.

Still, on the whole I have to applaud Jenny for putting her voice front and center- like the contestants of the show do every week- for everyone else to now judge. It must have been a terrifying prospect!


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