Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Ellie Goulding Gives A Visually stunning Rendition Of "How Long Will I Love You" @ Royal Variety Show

Ellie Goulding was another Diva (in addition to Demi Lovato and Dame Shirley Bassey) roped into singing at this year's Royal Variety Show.

The staging for the performance of How Long Will I Love You was undoubtedly beautiful from the outset. However the song- which isn't one of my favorites- didn't pick up until the backing vocals kicked in at the two minute mark. It was at this point that Ellie did a complete U-turn for me, changing gear and imbuing the vocal with a much needed increase in emotion and skill.

This performance won't be converting any Elliephobes out there, but I can definitely see improvements from the Diva, vocally. 


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