Wednesday 1 April 2015

[Peep the Opulence] Azealia Banks - "Ice Princess"

The word "problematic" is one that is thrown about an awful lot when it comes to Azealia Banks. That may be true, and warranted, when it comes to her outspoken, real world views. However, it's not the case when it comes to her musical output. That is anything but problematic.

The latest video taken from the excellent Broke With Expensive taste is the sublime Ice Princess.

Lord knows knows if it's this Diva's love of rich, old, white men that is keeping an essentially independent artist affording such extravagant looking visuals. But how ever she is funding her art, Azealia needs to be praised for continuing to push her craft forward despite all of the negativity that surrounds her.

Missy Elliot be proud. This kind of creativity is your influence manifesting in today's generation.


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